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    Disclaimer: Well the bottom line is I won t be making any money from this. A couple of the characters are mine, but Marvel and FOX entertainment own Sabretooth
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2002
      Disclaimer: Well the bottom line is I won't be making any money from
      A couple of the characters are mine, but Marvel and FOX entertainment
      own Sabretooth and the other members of the brotherhood.

      SUMMERY: It's all pretty silly and just for soem laughs.
      I mean, com'on who in their right mind would let Sabretooth baby-
      RATING: PG13 adult language
      FEEDBACK: My ego thives on it! adnilnosnhoj@y...
      ARCHIEVE: Just let me know so I can tell my friends.
      Victor's eyes never left the screen. "The creator died b'fore he
      named it." It took a moment for Roy to respond, his brain wasn't used
      to taking in so much detail all at once. His eyes never left the
      screen either. "How did he die?" he innocently inquired. "Quick." was
      all Creed said. "How did you end up with it? Did he leave it to you?"
      Sabre chuckled. "Yeah. He left it to me." His tone of voice quickly
      changed. "Shuddup now. Can't ya I'm in the middle of a fight." A few
      moments went by when Roy finally got the courage to ask one more
      question. "Sir? May I play?" "No." "Ummm...yes, sir."
      Roy was beginning to tire of watching Creed play his game. He began
      to wander around the room, looking at all the "big boy" toys, most of
      which he was too small to manipulate by himself.
      Then he found the television. "Sir, can I watch TV? ┬ůSir?" A moment
      or two went by before Sabretooth finally replied by shaking his
      Roy found the remote turned on the set, and began to flip through the
      channels. All 210 channels. Nothing. Then he noticed the box of video
      tapes and DVDs by the television set. He went over and began to look
      through the titles for something fun to watch. Pokemon, Power
      Rangers, everyone had those movies right? But all the titles he found
      he had never heard of before. "Buffy, The Vampire Slut", "Bi Biker
      Babes of BumBay Beach", "Jail Bait" and "Viking Vixens Vamp The Venus
      Penis". All of which had pictures of girls on the front of their
      boxes. *YUCK. BORING!* Roy thought. Then he found a video out of its
      box. Obviously, another sissy movie but at least he recognized the
      title or so he thought. He went over the VRC and was about to put in
      the tape.
      About then Sabretooth finally was able to break his concentration
      from his game long enough to see what Roy was getting into. "Hey!" He
      barked like a drill sergeant. "Whaddya doin'?" Roy turned around in
      surprise. "I'm going to watch a disney movie, sir." "What?" Creed
      knew that the last kind of movie you could find in the brotherhood's
      liar was a Disney movie. "Yer sure `bout that? What's it
      called?" "Oh." Roy picked up the cassette and read off the
      title. "Um...Snow White and the Seven Escaped Convicts." It wasn't
      easy, but Sabre managed to keep from laughing. It was nearly
      impossible for him to even manage to keep a straight face. "Boy, ya
      know anything `bout the birds and the bees?" "Do you mean..." Roy
      gulped hard before saying the word. "...sex?" "Well I ain't
      talkin' `bout gardening, squirt. Yeah, sex." He said plainly.
      The timid boy just shook his head. Creed then smiled a twisted
      smile. "Well, I promise ya kid, you put THAT movie in and you will."
      Roy looked innocently down at the cassette he was holding in
      disbelief. "Hell runt, ya gotta learn some time right?" "I...I don't
      think that's a good idea sir." The boy said shyly. Creed shrugged his
      shoulders, and put the control pad down. He stood up and stretched to
      his full height, an impressive display of sheer manliness, and yawned
      a lion like roar. Then suddenly, another creature gave a roar of her
      own. Apparently, Sabretooth's yawn had disturbed Hannah's peaceful
      slumber. Vic dropped his arms to his sides, and went over to attend
      to the baby's needs. He was just beginning to reach for her, but then
      suddenly stopped. "Hey, boy, come here. You do the honors." "But,
      sir..." Roy obiedently walked over toward his sitter. "My mother
      doesn't let me touch Hannah. She's afraid I'll give her germs."
      Sabretooth, growled a bit in frustration. Then as if one of the
      concrete walls surrounding his being, came crashing down, he
      spoke, "Look. Every time I get even NEAR a baby," he lowered his body
      down far enough for Roy to look him in the eye. He stretched out his
      hand exposing his deadly claws, shaking them in the boy's
      face. "...somebody starts screamin' `Get away from the baby! You'll
      hurt the baby!' Even if all I wanna do is just hold the damn baby!"
      Then his voice softened. "But no body wants ta take the chance.
      Well," He took a deep cleansing breath. "Maybe they're right. Maybe I
      am too dangerous with these. I tried to explain it to yer dad's
      friend, my boss, an' he wouldn't hear me. Are you?"
      Roy had never had an adult use such a `matter of fact' tone of voice
      before, and he loved it. Sure, the child in him wanted to run and
      hide under a chair, but there was something about this mutant, as
      terrifying as he may have been, that Roy liked and even admired. He'd
      never met ANYBODY like this Sabretooth before, and was hoping that
      they would become friends. God knows Roy had none, and somehow he
      felt that maybe the same could be said about this giant too.
      Hannah was well on her way to total `melt down', when Roy carefully
      for the first time, picked her up out of the carrier. She was still
      crying and would not take her bottle. She fussed and cried and
      screamed for the next fifteen minutes, as Roy tried rocking his baby
      sister back to sleep. It felt so weird, to hold his baby sister but
      nice, even if she was screaming the whole time.
      Vic looked on helplessly at the situation at hand. His ultra-
      sensitive ears were about to burst. He then realized the boy was
      showing more courage than he and Sabretooth hung his head in shame.
      He put his hands on his hips, took another deep breath and finally
      reached out for Hannah. "If she ends up in several small pieces,
      don't say I didn't warn ya."

      Hannah stopped crying the moment Sabretooth carefully brought her to
      his chest. He gently patted her back and sat down cradling the tiny
      buddle close to his chest. "This is how I used to hold my girls; a
      long time ago." Sabretooth whispered softly intending for only Hannah
      to hear.
      Roy began looking around the room; he was sure he was hearing a
      strange and unfamiliar sound. It wasn't a frightening noise, rather
      there was a kind of soothing, almost hypnotic quality to the sound
      coming from somewhere in the room. `whrrrrwhrrrrwhrrrrwhrrrr' "Sir?
      Do you hear that?" Then as suddenly as it started, the sound
      stopped. "It's nothin' kid. Don't worry `bout it." A few moments
      later, Roy heard it again. "There! There it is again!" In a very low
      quiet but threatening tone Sabretooth slowly spoke through clinched
      teeth. "I...said...`just...drop it'."
      A moment or so went by and it started
      again. `whrrrrwhrrrrwhrrrrwhrrrr' Roy wasn't going to rest until he
      found out what that sound was and where it was coming from. "But I
      know that sound...it's...it's a cat purring. Oh my God!! It's you!"
      Roy blurted out and busted out laughing.
      Quickly the purr changed into a horrific growl. "Grrrrrrrr! Boy; you
      ever wonder what heaven's like? Well keep up that laughin' and you'll
      find out real quick!" Roy stopped, but was having trouble fighting
      back the snickers. Once more Sabretooth's animalistic nature awoke
      Hannah with a high pitched cry.
      "Grrrr, now look at what you started! Make yerself useful an' hand me
      that bottle!" Roy handed him the bottle and sat down next to him.
      Sabretooth gingerly put the bottle to her mouth hoping this was the
      reason Hannah was crying. She took it into her mouth for only a
      second, and started screaming again.
      "Shit! I was afraid of this. *sigh* I take it you ain't never changed
      a diaper in yer whole life have ya, runt?"
      It was times like this that Sabretooth prayed there were no hidden
      cameras recording his every move. Otherwise, the annual Brotherhood
      Member Appreciation Picnic and Barbeque would most likely be
      especially embarrassing for him this year.
      Taking the diaper off wasn't all that difficult; thank heavens there
      was no solid waste inside, but putting a clean one on was hell. It
      took Sabretooth several tries and he wasted two good diapers just
      messing with the tape. Roy helped by holding Hannah down, something
      she hated, but unless Sabretooth wanted to hand their father a baby
      with several large gapping wounds, then this was the only way to do
      Both males were stressed out and very glad the whole ugly ordeal was
      over. For the moment, the baby lay happily cooing on the couch
      between them. Sabretooth pointed his long, large index finger at her
      face. "That diaper better stay clean for the rest of the night. Got
      that!" Hannah's answer to the felinoid's command was a happy squeal
      that was quickly followed by a loud discharge of gas. Roy looked up
      at Sabretooth's face expecting him to look totally pissed but
      instead, Roy was sure he saw the corners of the mutant's mouth quiver
      as he fought to keep from laughing out loud.
      "Ahh hell. Nobody else listens to me why should you be any
      different?" His voice was calm and surprising light hearted. "Whadda
      ya say we get some grub, four eyes."
      "Don't call me that, sir." Roy said with hurt feelings. Sabretooth
      was a little shocked that the boy had actually spoke up for
      himself. "Is that how you ended up with that shiner? Somebody call
      you somethin' you didn't like?"
      Roy quietly shook his head. "Well, first off, I didn't mean nothin'
      by it, squirt. That's just my shtick. I have trouble rememberin'
      names sometimes, so I just come up with somethin' I can remember. So
      tell me, R-o-y, how bad does the other kid look?" Roy hung his head
      in shame. "I never even got a good punch in, sir. It was a couple of
      guys who ganged up on me at school. One held my arms behind me, while
      the other hit me in the face. They took my good glasses and stepped
      on them and now I have to wear these. Then they stuffed me in the
      hallway trash can. I was late for class and I was too scared to
      tattle." Sabretooth just shook his head while he listened to Roy. It
      may have looked like he was sympathizing with the young child, when
      in fact he was sitting there shaking his head in disbelief. `What did
      I do to deserve this?'
      Then Roy had a brilliant idea. "Hey, umm; maybe you could come to my
      school sometime and be my body guard!"
      "Ha!" Sabretooth lost control and a snicker slipped out. "You can't
      afford me, four eyes. Tell you what; I'll teach you some ways to get
      over on them other frails though. That is if you think you can handle
      a little trainin'." Roy's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. "YES

      "First I want to head to the kitchen for somethin' to eat.
      Com'on." Sabretooth gingerly put the sleeping baby down in her
      carrier, all the while hoping she would not notice he was no longer
      holding her.
      Unfortunately, just as he thought all was well, "WAAAAAH!!!"
      The sound of Hannah's screaming was like having hot pokers gabbed
      into his super sensitive ears.
      `I'd rather take a beatin' from Logan than hear this much longer.'
      Sabretooth sighed to him self just before he had an idea.
      "Here's the plan." He informed the boy as he picked up the carrier
      with the screaming baby still inside, and headed out of the rec-room,
      back into the hallway which was actually an underground tunnel.
      "Com'on kid; I got an idea how to shut yer sister up but we hafta go
      outside. We'll pass the kitchen on our way out; so you go in and pick
      up some snick-snacks before meetin' us outside; Got that?"
      Roy nodded his head.
      Once again, the three began their journey through the cave's
      Since he wasn't boggled down with the oversized diaper bag this time,
      Roy almost kept up with the 7' mutant.
      As Sabretooth passed the kitchen door, he reached inside and flipped
      the light switch. He turned around and gave Roy his instructions.
      "There's a leather pouch in the cupboard next to the sink; get it.
      Then go inside the frig and grab a bottle of Molsom. Make sure you
      take one of the bottles from the back. Me and yer sis will be down at
      the end of this tunnel. Just walk down this hall and go on outside to
      the courtyard, ya can't miss it."
      Just as Roy as about to enter the kitchen Sabretooth gave him some
      helpful advice. "Hey, squirt, if you see any fresh fruit, stay away
      from it. Don't even touch it. It belongs to a very mean lady named
      "Mystique? Who's that?"
      "One rough and tough blue bitch, who don't like her stuff gettin'
      messed with." Sabretooth then thought to add. "If you mess with her
      stuff she'll take it out on me; and then I would have to track you
      down and hurt you. Understand? Anything else you find, have at it. Go
      Roy went inside, anxious to show Sabretooth he could be trusted.
      Once inside the kitchen, Roy looked around for something he could eat.
      He found the fresh fruit quickly enough, but then quite be accident,
      he opened a cupboard that was full of junk food. The worst of his
      mother's taboos.
      Chips, candy, cookies. Oh God, were those twinkies? And Ho-Hos! Roy
      was in junk food heaven.
      He grabbed a Ho-Ho, then another. He found a bag of oreo's and tried
      carrying them out too. He wanted everything. He had to have them.
      This might be the only time he'll ever have then chance.
      But what if his dad caught him outside with all this junk food? No,
      he couldn't risk losing his treasure. He would have to eat his fill
      right now.
      He had never even had so much as a bite of chocolate before. Roy
      gently tore open the bag of oreos and pulled out a cookie. He first
      took just a nibble, then another. Soon the cookie was gone and he was
      taking out another one out of the bag. Then another. He moved onto
      the ho-hos, and then the next he tried a twinkie. Soon his hands were
      shaking and Roy felt like the room was spinning. He wanted to run,
      jump up and down a hundred times and scream at the top of his lungs.
      He never felt so good in a weird sort of way before. -TO BE CONTINUED
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