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Fic: "Cuts" R (1/1) [Rogue/Logan, Scott, Kitty/Magneto]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Hi all, This is the sequel to “Scars”; part 3 of “Apocalypse”. Follows immediately after it. You need to read “Wounds” followed by “Scars” in
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 29, 2002
      Hi all,

      This is the sequel to “Scars”; part 3 of “Apocalypse”. Follows immediately after it. You need to read “Wounds” followed by “Scars” in order to understand this.
      You can read "Wounds" and "Scars" here:

      Thanks to Estelle who's interest in this story made me finally finish it. Thanks


      By Nadja Lee 3/06/02

      English is not my native language. Please forgive me my mistakes.

      Disclaimer: “X-men” and all the characters here belong to Marvel, 20 Century Fox and I intend no infringement, this is a piece of amateur fan fiction, and I make no money of it.

      Disclaimer: “Mutant X” and all the characters here belong to Marvel, 20 Century Fox and I intend no infringement, this is a piece of amateur fan fiction, and I make no money of it.

      Only the original idea contained within this work is the property of the author. Please do not copy this story to any website or archive without permission of the author.

      Timeline: Set in the movie universe/AU. After the movie.

      Universe: Set in the movie universe/AU.

      Romance: Logan/Rogue, Kitty/Magneto, Sabretooth/Blink

      Summary: Scott fights for his life while Magneto is faced with the real possibility that the rebels might lose a leader.

      Archiving: Want, ASK, take, have.

      Feedback: Yes, please. My e-mail address is nadjalee2000@...

      Rating: R.

      Warning: Mention of torture and rape.

      Sequel/series: Sequel to “Scars”; part 3 of “Apocalypse”. Follows immediately after it. You need to read “Wounds” followed by “Scars” in order to understand this.

      Dedicated to Estelle who got me to finish this after weeks of inactivity. Thanks, lov!

      Thanks to Estelle for the Beta.

      Note: Victor is Sabretooth’s real name. Also note that Erik is an old fashioned man; he calls his wife by her full name Katherine and not simply Kitty and so on. Also, this world is make belief; I mean no disrespect to the countries that I’ve written in here has having joined forces against the Rebellion.

      * * *

      Part 1:

      “How is he?” Erik asked worried as he stopped outside the hospital tent, stopping Ororo as soon as he saw her leave the tent to get some air. After he had led the successful rescue of Scott he had been unable to find rest. Old memories and nightmares from his years in a KZ-camp during WW2 had resurfaced and not even Katherine’s gentle touch could help him find peace. He had tried to sleep, knowing he needed the strength, knowing everyone now more than ever looked to him for guidance and advice but the memories had been so real; every time he closed his eyes he saw the guards again, the camp, the walking skeletons that made up the prisoners, broken, humiliated….lost. So strong had the image been that he would have sworn he could smell the fresh rain, the sickening sweet aroma of burning human flesh from the crematorium…hear the agonizing screams from the dying in the gas chambers, the yells of pain from the doctors' barrack as they used all their medical knowledge to generate pain to the prisoners; not cure them……could see the tears mothers cried when their babies where taken from them to be killed because they were too young to work and therefore had no value at all…..Gods, it had been so real.

      He had thought he should die; the memories strangle him. He had needed to get out, he felt trapped in the barrack that he shared with his family even though Katherine had done her best to make it into a good home for them and their children. So he had spent the night walking around the compound, talking to the guards and casting glances towards the medical tent, foolishly hoping to see his friend and co-leader walk out of there as if nothing had happened. But something had happened…since his experiences during the war he had always felt unease near hospitals and doctors but tonight he had sent kind thoughts their way for them to help Scott.

      “It’s hard to say,” Ororo said sadly and wiped blood covered hands on her already stained pants.

      “Will he live?” Erik asked grimly, mentally preparing for a no. He had lost his parents, his first family, friends and loved ones…….should he lose another? Was death all he would ever see? Suddenly he felt very tired and very old.

      “He has been severely and brutally tortured. It’s not possible to say if he was raped or some human’s sick form of humour with a sharp object and…..” she noticed Erik’s face turn pale at the depth of what she was saying got to him. She understood completely; she had had to throw up several times during the night when she had been working with the human doctor to heal and bandage Scott. Humans were often used as doctors due to their greater vulnerability in battle and Dr. Martin was one of their best.

      Ororo had seen many rape cases during the war; rape was an often used method to try and break a prisoner no matter sex but this…and the extensive torture as well……maybe they had known how valuable he truly was to the Rebellion though she doubted. If so it had been too easy to get him out. "It’s too early to say but…,” she cast a worried look into the tent, her angle in front of him preventing Erik from seeing Scott inside.

      “But what?” his worry made his tone sharp.

      “It’s…it’s like he has given up. I believe his body can recover in time but I’m not sure about his mind,” she explained and gratefully took the cup of water Erik handed from the table nearly.

      “He’s strong. He’ll pull through,” Erik wasn’t sure whom he was trying to reassure, himself or Ororo.

      “Maybe,” she sounded tired and Erik noticed lines under her eyes which hadn’t been there before. After Remy’s death she had seemed to age several years and Erik feared she was slipping away before his eyes but right now he knew no words with which to calm her.

      “’Ro, we need a new empath,” Rogue called from within the tent and Ororo entered, Erik close behind her. This was only one of many hospital wings they had here in the compound but it was full none the less. The smell of blood, vomit and death was overwhelming and in that moment Erik decided that it was about time Ororo got to fly free again; she needed the sky, the stars and the wind. He would see she was replaced as soon as possible.

      “How soon?” Ororo asked of Rogue as she went towards her. Rogue sat beside Scott who lay emotionless in bed, his face pale, and his eyes closed. He seemed dead or dying. Beside him sat one of five empaths who worked in this hospital wing. Medicine was rare and hard to come by so when operating and to calm patients they used empaths. However the emotional stress on them was enormous as they felt and shared the pain and agony they adsorbed from their patients. Empaths was highly valued members of the Rebellion, not only because of their skill but also because of their ability to sense and share others' emotions those gifted with empathy were always kind and giving people who wouldn’t and maybe couldn’t hurt anyone. Sometimes the strain on the empaths was so great they died from pain and agony not their own but adsorbed from their patients.

      Erik looked at the empath tending to Scott; it was a young man of some eighteen years. His right hand rested on Scott’s sweat covered brow, his eyes were closed but his face was twisted in agony, sweat running down his face.

      “Has he given signal for the bond to be broken?” Erik asked Rogue, knowing that it was very dangerous to remove an empath from his or her patient if they weren’t ready to break their bond with the patient.

      “Not yet,” Rogue answered, her hand moving towards the empath's to take it away from Scott and break their bond.

      “No. Don’t break the bond until he gives word,” Erik said as his hand shut out and held Rogue’s away.

      “He could die,” she protested. Erik looked at the young man, pain in his eyes.

      “It’s his call, his life and his decision,” Erik said softly, something in him wondering if he wanted the boy to give his life if that meant Scott would live.

      “Scott could never live with himself if living meant someone so young and innocent had to die,” Ororo warned from where she was tending to a woman in the bed next to Scott’s.

      “No one is innocent anymore,” Erik whispered but just as he was to consider how to handle the situation the empath sent the signal; a wave of brief burning pain in his mind hit Erik and then disappeared. “He has sent the signal. Break the bond,” Erik ordered and Rogue removed the boy’s hand from Scott’s brow. The empath took deep breaths before he opened his eyes. Then he blinked for a few minutes as if trying to remember where he was. As he looked up at Erik standing next to him tears ran from his eyes and down his cheeks. One of many side effects to empathy was being very emotional, as everyone’s hurts and pain lay bare to them.

      “Those are for me?” Erik asked softly and with his right hand indicated the boy’s tears.

      “Some of them; many are for him,” he nodded to Scott lying still as death in the bed.

      “What can you tell me about his condition?” Erik asked.

      “My lady…Rogue! Logan has returned from his mission in town; Angel has been wounded in his right wing, it looks broken,” Bobby yelled to her, standing at the tent entrance. The soldiers on duty were denied entrance to the hospitals unless called in or it was an emergency. It was a rule Scott and Erik had made as they had become aware of the drop in morale and courage visits to the hospital gave the soldiers. Seeing torn and bloodied bodies, friends, comrades, soldiers whose bodies were held together by mere pieces of flesh, soldiers who held on to a torn off arm or leg, their eyes hazy and clouded with agony…mad in their pain, trapped in their own world…..seeing that side of war and battle just before going out on a mission wasn’t a good idea. Every soldier knew the risk but it wasn’t spoken of; it was better that way.

      Erik turned towards Bobby who gave a quick salute. Erik noticed the blood running from a wound in his right arm; a piece of clothing trying to stop the blood but the bandage was already red in blood. His clothes were dirty and torn; it had been a hard battle. “Commander, the in tell was right; they were moving several prisoners. We got them but Angel is wounded; Logan took several shots…”

      “Is he hurt?” Rogue asked worried as she ran towards Bobby to go to her husband.

      “He’ll heal, it’s not bad,” Bobby reassured her.

      “I’m not familiar with Warren’s DNA, his wings must be like a bird’s. We need someone….” Rogue began as she gathered some medic equipment in a bag.

      “Logan is finding John, the human educated as a vet. He must know what to do with wings,” Bobby said as she turned towards him and nodded that she was ready. They turned around to run towards the wounded who had just come in.

      “Robert, get someone to check on your wound,” Erik yelled after them.

      “Yes, sir,” he yelled back.

      “Will you take over here?” Rogue yelled over her shoulder at him. Erik nodded.

      “I will,” he answered but she and Bobby had already disappeared from view. Erik turned back to the empath.

      “So, you were saying about Scott?”

      The young man frowned.

      “His mind is a tortured mess and not just from the torture,” he began.

      “He has been taken once before but with Logan’s help I got him out quickly,” Erik explained.

      “It’s not just that. He has great pain, from his childhood…..he suffers from severe traumas never talked about or cured. To me it’s a wonder how he managed to act sane at all,” the man shook his head sadly.

      “And this means what exactly?” Erik wanted to know.

      “That maybe……he can’t work through this. He walked a very fine line before…..I’m not sure he can find it again.”

      “He can…he has too,” Erik moved to sit beside Scott in the chair just occupied by Rogue and stroked Scott’s damp hair away from his face.

      “I’m not a telepath so I don’t know in images what he went through but there was so much blood, pain, agony, humiliation…and shame. Old and new mixed together.”

      For a while neither spoke, both deep in thoughts.

      “I’ve granted him sleep. It’ll hold him about four hours. I suggest a more skilled empath help him then because my defences aren’t strong enough to hold so much agony down,” the empath said as he stood, running a tired hand over his face.

      “How long has it been since you last slept?”

      “A few days…I can’t remember,” the young man admitted, running a hand through his hair. “There has been much activity. I miss the quieter times we had last season.”

      “Don’t we all,” Erik mumbled. Then he turned to the empath. “Go get some sleep,” he saw he was about to protest. “That’s an order. Now go. We can manage for a few hours.”
      ”As you wish, Commander,” the empath took his right hand to his lips, kissed it and spread it to the side in the traditional greeting empaths gave. Erik nodded his acknowledgement of the greeting and the man left.

      “Scott……how strange life can be,” Erik mumbled as he kept stroking his hair. He still looked dead and was it him or was his hands cold? Fearful he drew back the blanket covering him and opened the long hospital dress he wore. He wasn’t shocked to see all the marks on his chest, he had seen them many times before, had seen it fresh when he saved him and not newly washed and bandaged as it was now, he himself had felt such pain, such torture but the clear evidence of Scott’s suffering made pain come to his heart. “Such bastards!” he swore as he laid his right hand on Scott’s chest, feeling for a heartbeat. He held his breath until he felt a weak beat.

      “That’s it; fight. You can do it,” Erik encouraged as he rebuttoned Scott’s dress with the gentleness of a father. “You did a great job fighting both when we were enemies and when we joined forces. Even before we fought on the same side I always admired your strength, cunning and brilliant mind. You never let them take you down then; don’t let them win now,” he urged, wondering if Scott could even hear him on some level.

      “Erik? Erik? Love?” a sweet but worried voice called.

      “In here, Katherine,” Erik answered and his mood instantly brightened as Kitty appeared in the entrance to the hospital.

      “There you are,” she lit up in a big smile and ran to him and embraced him and kissed him. He laid his arms around her and drew her down to sit on his lap.

      “Sorry if I worried you,” he whispered in her ear, holding her close, finding her nearness smoothing. This was why he fought; for Katherine and their children, this was why the dream had to stay alive. Tonight when they went to bed he would show her just how precious she was to him and how she kept him going, kept him fighting.

      “It’s okay. How’s Scott doing?” she asked worried and caressed his cheek before she took his hand in hers and held it tight.

      “He’ll be alright,” Erik reassured, not wanting her to worry.

      “Mags!” a voice yelled from outside the hospital entrance. Erik recognised the voice at once and also knew that the owner of that voice would never enter a hospital voluntary unless it was his beloved wife laying in there.

      “What is it, Logan?”

      “You’re needed at hospital wing 8. Ororo is fighting with a heart attack and trying CPR. She needs your magnetic powers to try and control the iron in the patient’s blood…” Logan explained but Erik was already on his feet, kissed Kitty on the lips and went towards him and they ran towards hospital 8.

      “...to try and revive him,” Erik ended. It was very hard to do and demanded much concentration. So far he had only had success with this once but in desperate times with no other option….suddenly a thought came to him. “Is Brannan in at the moment?”

      Brannan was a man around the 30 with the mutant ability to shot lighting from his fingertips. Though it was hard and demanded much concentration Brannan could use his abilities with great precision and therefore use his powers to revive people with much greater success than Erik could.

      “I don’t….”Logan began but stopped in mid sentence and sniffed the air. “I have his scent, he must just have returned. I smell blood, he has been hurt,” Logan turned on his heels and ran towards the source of the smell. Within seconds they stood beside Brannan and his team. Erik was relieved to find Brannan’s wound wasn’t serious but a milder leg wound.

      “Magnus, the southern perimeter is safe. We….” Brannan began but Erik held up a hand and stopped him. Brannan had been an outlaw and criminal before the war had broken out and therefore shared Logan’s dislike in authority but Erik knew Brannan’s loyalty, like Logan’s, was unquestionable.

      “That can wait. We have a heart attack in hospital wing 8, go there at once. Logan, get him there. Oh, and I insist you get a doctor to look at that wound no matter how much you share Logan’s general dislike in them,” Erik yelled after him as Logan all but carried the other man towards hospital 8 and they disappeared inside. Erik looked after them for a while before turning and walking back towards the main hospital wing where Scott lay.

      “Commander, remember you have a meeting with the council now,” one of his helpers and aides, a young woman at some fourteen years old, reminded him.

      “Oh, yes. That’s right. Take me there.”

      The aide followed him to the war tent or debriefing tent, depending on who was talking. The former X-men called it the former after the war room Xavier had had within which he made all major decisions while all others used the latter. The aide closed the canvas after Erik had entered and two guards moved to stand before the entrance.

      Inside around a round table sat six people who all rose as he entered. When the entire council was gathered they were twelve but Logan, Ororo, Rogue and Kitty was often missing at these meetings; the first because he found them a waste of time and the others because their time frame was often too tight to allow them to come. Instead Erik had an aide go to them and tell a summary of the meeting if they so wished or he thought there was something they should know. If it was big news, Scott usually said it to the entire camp through the speakers.

      “Sit,” Erik said as he walked around the table and sat in his chair. Scott’s chair stood painfully empty. “First of all I know you all want to hear about Scott. He’s alive and…there’s hope and that’s the important thing,” cheers and nods followed around the table.

      “Okay, settle down. Let me hear today’s news. Jesse, you begin,” Erik said and nodded to a young man to his left; Scott used to sit to his right. Jesse was a mutant with powers which combined Peter’s and Kitty’s; he could phase himself, but never objects and thereby go through walls and floors and he could turn his body into stone so many weapons, like normal guns, wouldn’t hurt him.

      “I’ve had contact with the Underground in England; we’re winning Europe. As you know many European countries claimed neutral in the human-mutant war and many others took our side. Furthermore as you know, all our European operations go through London as England never fell to the Human Front and after we won Paris back many have gone through there as well. However I was told that the front has moved again; we’re nearing Germany.”

      A collective sigh of relief and happiness went around the table.

      “And Russia? Where do they stand in all this?” Erik wanted to know.

      “Russia has been in chaos for a very long time; its people torn between their old and new form of government. Their inside struggles have been so great that the mutant issue has pretty much passed them by,” Simon, an old Jewish human from Israel, another country who had fought on the side of the Rebellion since the war started, told them. He was the only human who sat in the council but though many had been suspicious at first about having humans in their midst all soon found great respect for Simon and his wisdom.

      “True but things have stabilized somewhat now,” Peter said, a Russian mutant himself.

      “Yes, that’s true. They recently got a new leader ….”

      “And they haven’t killed him yet? Shock,” Elizabeth, their English telepath mumbled.

      “He proclaimed himself Tsar and is making fast pace with trying to get the country back on track,” Simon ended.

      “Where does he stand on mutant issues? That’s all I want to know,” Erik broke in.

      “To have peace within he needs an outer enemy. The question is; us or them?” Ling said, a Chinese mutant with the power of flight.

      “Simon, what’s your opinion on this?” Erik asked.

      “He’ll choose to if not join us then at least not fight us.”
      ”Why?” Elizabeth asked suspiciously.

      “It’s rumoured his army is made up largely of mutants.”
      ”Which would explain the speed with which he can remake order,” Jesse nodded.

      “So…Russia is a possible ally but in any case no worry at present,” Erik summed up. “Anything else? The Middle and Far East?”

      “No change. India remains neutral in fear of a reaction from its neighbours but she is definitely more mutant friendly than not which might be natural considering its old bond to England,” Jesse said and Erik nodded.

      “Very well. Peter, I want someone sent to India to talk about unofficial help like weapons, staff…medicine. Anything at all.”
      ”I’ll get right on it,” he promised.

      “Good. If that was all…..” everyone indicated they had no more news. “Then this meeting is adjourned.”

      Everyone stood up but didn’t start to leave.

      “You can leave,” Erik said and the room became empty.

      He leaned forward and buried his head in his hands. It had been a long night and until he was sure Scott would be okay it would still be a long night no matter if it were the sun or the moon that was shinning.

      Scott……wake up. You can do it…..you can do it…you have to

      Wake up……..

      The End or to be continued? Up to you
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