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Fic: "Wine And Kisses" PG (1/1) [Remy/Jubilee]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Wine And Kisses By Nadja Lee 19/8/2002 English is not my native language. Please forgive me my mistakes. Disclaimer: “X-men” and all the characters
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      Wine And Kisses

      By Nadja Lee 19/8/2002

      English is not my native language. Please forgive me my mistakes.
      Disclaimer: “X-men” and all the characters here belong to Marvel, 20 Century Fox and I intend no infringement, this is a piece of amateur fan fiction, and I make no money of it.
      Only the original idea contained within this work is the property of the author. Please do not copy this story to any website or archive without permission of the author.
      Timeline: Set after the X-men movie.
      Universe: Movie. ONLY movie!
      Romance: Remy/Jubilee
      Summary: Jubilee and Remy go for a walk in town and talk about their relationship.
      Archiving: Want, ASK, take, have.
      Feedback: Yes, please. My e-mail address is nadjalee@...
      Rating: PG
      Sequel/series: Sequel to “Sunshine And Beauty”

      For Nadine because she asked for this and I never could say no to an angel *smiles*

      Author’s notes: Scott really is a black belt in the comics though in Judo and not karate.

      Thanks to Estelle for the Beta and help with the French.

      * * *

      Jubilee walked down the mansion stairs and scanned the area for Rogue, Kitty or anyone else to talk to until next period. She had just had a survival class with Logan that had been pure torture. Well, not for Rogue who he constantly fussed over and never yelled at. Everyone else however got a taste of his hot temper. Today they had practiced yoga and should stand as a tree; something about finding a centre. She sighed deeply. She was so not a tree. Then Logan had howled Scott into class to teach them that everyone could learn karate and Jubilee had been surprised to see that Scott’s skill almost matched Logan’s, sometimes even surpassed him when they battled without powers as Scott’s cunning and military mind won over Logan’s instincts. Afterwards he had also had to admit that Scott was a black belt, which had earned some ‘wows’ from around the class.

      Jubilee’s thoughts returned to the present when she still couldn’t spot Rogue or Kitty and figured that Rogue was probably talking with Logan somewhere, most likely trying to make him stop acting so defensive around her and growling at every male within a ten foot radius of her while Kitty was probably at her beloved computer or talking with Scott about something or another.

      She sat down on the mansion stairs and admired the view over the gigantic mansion area. What should she have for next period anyway? She thought for a while. Oh, yeah. Biology….with Dr. Grey. Oh, joy. She hated biology, it was so boring and especially now when they had about earth, mountains and stuff like that.

      A sudden motion caught her eye and she lifted her head to see a car speed towards the mansion stairs. The car came closer and she could see it was an open red sports car with….it was Remy! Oh, yeah…he hadn’t been in school today. He waved to her and she stood up as he came closer and smiled and waved back to him. How are my clothes? Does these shoes even go with this outfit? How’s my hair? All those panicked thoughts ran through her head and she quickly tried to smoothen her clothes and put some lose hair away from her face.

      Remy stopped the car next to her. It was autumn and he was dressed in blue cowboy pants, a tight back t-shirt, a long black coat, long black boots and black sunglasses. His half long brown hair was flying to all sides and he looked so handsome that he took her breath away. He took off his sunglasses and smiled at her. She was in tight fitting pants, matching shoes, a yellow blouse, her trademark yellow coat and sunglasses pushed up in her hair as the sun wasn’t hidden behind clouds.

      “Hey, ma belle [French for ‘my beautiful’]. You look amazing,” he said with a smile, his accent making the words sound like a statement of love.

      “Thanks,” she said and tried to hide a blush. Damn that man’s ability to make her act like a girl with her first crush!

      “For you,” with fingers moving quicker than her eyes could follow he suddenly held a single red rose in his right hand and held it out to her. He had the quickest reflexes she had ever seen and was very fast on his fingers; more so than anyone she had ever met.

      She smiled warmly and accepted the rose, held it to her nose and smelled its sweetness.

      “It’s beautiful. Thank you,” she said warmly and leaned over and kissed him on the lips. He grinned happily to her and took the rose from her hand and put it into her hair. She half turned around to show him how she looked with the rose in her black hair.

      “Beautiful, ma belle,” he smiled and she smiled back, trying not to blush. The rumour about Frenchmen giving amazing compliments was most definitely true.


      “Welcome. So….Wanna go for a ride?” he asked and pattered the seat next to him. She hesitated. “Come on, belle.”

      “Okay,” she grinned and got in. She didn’t want to hear Jean’s lecture on dirt anyway. They speeded away and towards town.

      “Where were you today?” she asked, trying to be heard over the wind. With his hands Remy indicated she should wait until they stopped before talking. She nodded and they drove the rest of the way in comfortable silence. It had been a week since their meeting in the kitchen and Jubilee still wasn’t quite sure what to make of all this. She loved Remy but sometimes he seemed very distant. She wished he would trust her and open up. He didn’t have to tell her anything if he didn’t want to; just show he trusted her.

      “So, what was it you wanted to ask me?” Remy asked as he had parked the car and they walked down the street, Remy’s hand around her shoulders as he drew her close and kissed her forehead. She leaned in closer. This was one of the reasons why she loved him so much; all those small, sweet things he did. She smiled up at him, her reflection showing in his sunglasses.

      “I was just curious where you were today,” she began and felt him tense. “It’s okay. You don’t need to answer that,” she quickly added. Fool, she cursed herself; you’re upsetting him and ruining everything!

      Remy forced himself to relax.

      “No, it’s okay. You have a right to know. I’m just…I’m used to be alone; not to trust anyone,” his voice held a pained edge that made her heart ache and she tightened her arms around him.

      “I’ll never hurt you or betray you,” she vowed.

      “But you might despise me,” he whispered lowly, agony in his voice and lines of worry in his face.

      “No! Never,” she denied hotly. He looked away, didn’t meet her eyes. “Look at me,” she asked. When he didn’t she took her hands to his face and turned him around to face her. “I know you’re a thief, I know that car we just drove in was stolen. I know already. It’s not a big deal. You are who you are, it’s a part of you and I would never try and change that.”

      He smiled softly and caressed her cheek.

      “You’re an unusual woman, ma belle,” he said softly, love in his voice as he bent down and kissed her on the lips. She drew close to him and deepened the kiss before they drew apart for breath.

      “You’re a special guy, sunshine,” she grinned back at him and they began to walk hand in hand down the streets, smiling and happy in their love.

      “I stole that car today,” Remy suddenly said.

      “You don’t need to…”

      “I want to,” he said seriously and took her right hand to her lips and kissed it. “I’m a thief, I’m the son of a thief. It’s all I know. Being a thief and a mutant doesn’t make a good basis for trust but I trust you; with my secrets and my life. Ask me anything and I will answer,” he vowed.

      “Some things are best kept hidden. I’m not your interrogator and I never will be. I know what kind of man you are, I know you don’t kill, I know you would never hurt anyone on purpose and I know you would never do drugs or anything of that kind. That is enough for me,” she said and he smiled, amazed.

      “You’re wonderful. What did I ever do to deserve you?”

      “You didn’t but here I am anyway,” she teased and gave him a quick kiss before they walked on. Remy noticed her frown.

      “Are you alright?” he asked worried. What if she wasn’t alright with his way of life anyway? What if she had changed her mind? He wasn’t sure if he could take losing her now that he had just found her.

      “I’m just worried for you. You should have been in Logan’s class today. What if something happens?”

      He smiled in relief.

      “I can take care of myself. See,” he showed her a fluent series of kicks and punches, graceful as a dancer, deadly as an assassin.

      “Something tells me you’ve had training in this,” she grinned, relieved to see he had such skill.

      “Maybe,” he grinned and kissed her again. Something in the back of his head warned him of danger a flicker of a second before a gang of six young men suddenly stood before them. They quickly drew apart and Remy instantly pushed Jubilee behind him.

      “Aren’t you from that strange Xavier school or somethin’?” one of them asked. They seemed to be around 17 years old and probably nice alone but running in packs give strength, especially to restless young men.

      “Yeah. What of it?” Jubilee wanted to know, trying to get around Remy but his hand shoot out and held her back. Something in her found his protectiveness endlessly sweet while another was annoyed that he apparently wouldn’t let her fight for herself.

      “Uh, fightsy. Maybe we should escort this one back, hey guys?” another said and they all laughed.

      “Oh, please!” Jubilee shook her head. Men!

      “Don’t talk about my girl that way!” Remy said hotly. And there’s that male thing again, Jubilee thought though again she found his protectiveness sweet…in a way.

      “Remy, it’s not…..” she began to whisper in his ear but he pulled away from her.

      “And why not? Afraid she’ll like some real men better than a freak like you?” the apparent leader of the group demanded and when he saw the look of surprise on their faces added “Yeah, we’ve heard stories about Xavier’s school.”

      “What’s up with the shades anyway? It’s clouded, no sun at all,” someone said suspiciously.

      “That’s my business. We have things to do,” Remy answered angrily and tried to push his way through the group, holding Jubilee’s hand as he dragged her with him.

      “Now, let’s just see about that,” the leader said and quickly tore Remy’s glasses off him as he tried to pass him. A loud gash went through the group as they saw his eyes; not natural eyes but red on black eyes, softly glowing.

      “He IS a freak!” one yelled shocked.

      “UGH. A demon more like it,” another spat.

      “Get lost!” Remy yelled, panic and anger having entered his voice. Something in his fearful voice made Jubilee believe he had experienced something like this before just much worse.

      “Look. Little devil is angry. Why don’t you yell for father Satan?” the leader spat.

      “Shut the fuck up!” Remy yelled and slashing out and hit the leader in the face, sending him to the ground. The boy took a shaking hand to his bleeding nose. Serves him right for saying that to Remy, Jubilee thought satisfied. She knew Remy was a faithful Catholic and such comments had to be very hurtful.

      “You…hit me. AUCH. I think you broke my nose!” he all but wailed.

      “It’ll heal,” Remy said coldly. The other boys weren’t sure what to do as they helped their friend up.

      “What are you waiting for, fools? Get him,” the leader demanded, holding a hand to his bleeding nose. Fearful of what a mutant could do two of the boys drew knives.

      “Okay, that’s enough. No one hurts my boyfriend!” Jubilee yelled and stepped in front of Remy, making fireworks appear from her hands.

      “She’s one of them too!” one yelled. Remy took out a playing card from his coat and lit it with his powers, making it glow red-hot.

      “Uh...we’re out of here!” one said and they all ran away, their leader close by, not so brave after the power play he had just send.

      “That’ll show them,” Jubilee said satisfied as she withdrew her powers and Remy threw his card into the air so it exploded harmlessly in midair.

      “We sure did,” Remy agreed and she turned around and kissed him but as they drew apart a thought occurred to her.

      “You’re okay with this?” she asked worried.

      “With what?” he asked, puzzlement written on his face. She turned away from him and picked up his fallen sunglasses and handed them to him.

      “Me defending you,” she said quietly.

      “Of course. Only next time I want you beside me from the beginning,” he grinned and she smiled happily. He opened his arms and she went into his embrace. She took her hands to his face and looked into his eyes. He began to put his sunglasses back on but she stopped the motion.

      “Don’t. You have beautiful eyes.”
      ”No, I don’t,” he turned his head away from her.

      “You do. They’re not devil’s eyes but the red color of courage,” she said softly and he turned back towards her and smiled happily.

      “I love you,” he said as he kissed her.

      “I love you too,” she said as they drew apart. He quickly scanned the street and was happy to find it empty; no one had seen them use their powers.

      “Come. I wanted to show you something,” he said and took her hand and guided her down the street. He put his glasses back on in case they met anyone. Jubilee embraced him and held him close. He drew to a stop outside a nice restaurant and showed her a window looking in on the place. She saw a table set for two; all held in yellow…totally not matching the rest of the restaurant.

      “For me?” she whispered happily.

      “Everything I do from now on will be for you, ma bien aimée [French for ‘my beloved’],” Remy promised and she smiled happily and kissed him.

      “And I swear I’ll make you happy and always love you; forever,” she whispered and kissed him.

      “Amen to that,” he said huskily as they drew apart and he put a lose hair behind her ear.” Come,” he took her hand and guided her inside.

      When they were seated she smiled at him and held his hand across the table.

      “So, what shall we order?”

      “Wine and kisses, mon amour [French for ‘lov’],” Remy said softly and she grinned.

      “The first you’ll have to arrange with the waiter. The latter I can do something about…” she mumbled as she leant forward and their lips met; promising love, promising forever.

      The End
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