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FIC: "When Logan Met Sally" [PG-13] *Trailer Fic*

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  • Diebin
    Title: When Logan Met Sally Author: Diebin Rating: PG-13 Summary: Rogue screams. Archive: Trailer Fic http://www.tapfer.org/xmen/trailer/trailerfic/
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      Title: When Logan Met Sally

      Author: Diebin

      Rating: PG-13

      Summary: Rogue screams.

      Archive: Trailer Fic http://www.tapfer.org/xmen/trailer/trailerfic/

      Disclaimer: I own not. You sue not.

      Notes: Beware. Fake orgasms ahead. And everyone should write trailer fic.
      It's great fun. *eg* As we're learning.


      "Bet you can't."

      "Bet I can."

      "Bet you can't."

      "Bet I can."

      "What on earth would /you/ know about faking orgasms?"

      Jubilee paused as she walked by the common room, not completely sure she
      could reconcile that statement with Logan's voice.

      And it /had/ been Logan's voice. There wasn't any mistaking that.

      Peering around the corner provided the youngster with no answers. Rogue sat
      on one side of the couch, sprawled out with her feet up on the table. Logan
      sat on the other end, chewing on an unlit cigar.

      As Jubilee watched, Rogue turned to face Logan with an overly sweet smile.
      "Wouldn't /you/ like to know?"

      Logan snorted. "Bullshit."

      "Awfully confident in yourself, aren't you?" Rogue drawled.

      "Damn straight. You haven't faked anything."

      "Bet I could."

      "Bet you couldn't."

      "How much you willing to bet."

      Logan raised one eyebrow, his attitude still supremely confident. "Whatever
      you want. Because I bet you can't."

      "Fine." Rogue stood up, and Jubilee quickly pressed herself back against
      the hallway wall, not wanting to be spotted. There was no way she was going
      to miss this.

      The lights in the room went out, and the noises started.

      They were impressive, Jubilee would give her that. In fact, they sounded
      not unlike noises that sometimes came from Rogue's room. This fact alone
      made Jubilee peek back around the door fame, wanting to see Logan's

      And to double check that Rogue wasn't, well, getting any assistance.

      Rogue stood in the middle of the room--doubly impressive--and Logan was
      sitting on the couch, his hand frozen half way to his mouth. The slightest
      hint of doubt crossed across his face. As Rogue worked her way up to her
      stunning conclusion, the hint of doubt blossomed into outright alarm.

      As the final shriek echoed down the hallway, Rogue flipped the lights back
      on and settled back onto the couch, looking very pleased with herself.


      Logan said nothing for a long moment. Then he continued to say nothing.
      After a while, he said nothing for a while longer.

      Rogue laughed. "I don't do that all the time, you know."

      "All the time?" The Wolverine's voice was low and dangerous. Rogue didn't
      seem worried. Standing in the hallway, Jubilee wondered at this, because
      she felt the need to be far, far away.

      Finally taking pity on him, Rogue reached out to pat him on the cheek with
      one gloved hand. "Don't worry. I think it's something women are born

      Jubilee couldn't quite stifle the laughter. And then, when Logan turned to
      look towards the doorway, she conceded that there was no shame in
      retreating as the infuriated and slightly embarrassed Logan pushed himself
      to his feet.

      Jubilee ran like hell.



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