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Poem: When an Evil Wind Appears

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  • poison_ivy_penguin
    Title: When an Evil Wind Appears Author: Autumn e-mail: dyslexic_crisco_penguin_fiend@hotmail.com Rating: R-ish, applied content Thanks to: The fabulous
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 21, 2002
      Title: When an Evil Wind Appears

      Author: Autumn

      e-mail: dyslexic_crisco_penguin_fiend@...

      Rating: R-ish, applied content

      Thanks to: The fabulous trio, my friend David for writing grand
      lyrics and all that.

      Notes: Inspired by \Faucet's: Forgotten Water, in part anyway

      Pairing: open to interpritation.
      All flaws are my own property.


      Gorgeous harmonies have surrounded the landscape
      a happiness, lightness of heart unparrlelled
      Unviolated by impurities and misery
      alas, nothing good lasts forever.

      I can hide the history of our life
      in boxes, bags, and battered tupperware
      Inconsequential ends to what was indeed, cherished, special, alone
      you never died, in spirit and mind

      'Twas the heart that was our undoing
      it proved false, to us both
      Kindess confused for passion
      so easily shifted amidst the breeze

      Reconstruction is easy to undertake
      when compared to the deconstruction we caused
      Yes both, I am no more innocent than you
      fruitless to pretend otherwisse

      Your words can wound, they cannot break
      yet venum still flows from your lips
      I cannot stop the flood, stirring of the current
      surely, the twists will be our downfall

      Graceless and clumbsy
      so endeth this serenity
      Replaced by storms and blizzards
      unquenchable and malicious

      I love to hate you
      you love to blame me
      Twisted emotions broken by invisibility
      how hard it is to let go

      They turn by us
      in pairs and singles
      Unable to watch us destroy eachother
      perhaps the most addictive of all

      Brief interludes fill the void
      quickly vacummed clean to be replayed
      Renewed knives and flames rekindled
      nothing rests for long between us

      Waiting for the space to turn
      and impale us upon our own spears
      A suicidal-murderous combination
      bloodshed versus donation

      How I live to pierce your heart
      only to be bitten harder
      You disgust me
      my facinating obsession

      Drifting further apart, to be pulled close
      we are the same, you and I
      Spite and vengence is what remains
      so sought in alterations

      I refuse to play this game
      yet, it's to fantastic to end
      We dance, upon glass and shrapnel
      licking wounds with salted lemons

      It hurts so good
      who really wants it to end
      I'll be waiting
      with fould wind and renewed furry

      Until then,

      I bid unto you

      Glad tidings

      Fuck Off
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