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Full Circle 1/1

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  • Kelsey Adelson
    Author: Kelsey Rating: PG Disclaimer: None of these characters, places, etc. are mine. Not thatI wouldn t take them if offered! Archiving: Ask first, I ll say
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 20, 2002
      Author: Kelsey
      Rating: PG
      Disclaimer: None of these characters, places, etc. are mine. Not thatI
      wouldn't take them if offered!
      Archiving: Ask first, I'll say yes!
      Feedback: Um, no thanks, not interested. Kidding, just kidding! Send it! Why
      is this even a category anyway?
      Summary:"It wasn't the way she had pictured life after high school."
      Notes: Several. 1) Wow, I've been quite productive lately. This ca't be
      good! 2) This fic is quasi-semi-somewhat related to the comics. You don't
      have to know them, but Excalibur is refered to. 3) My site is up and
      running, go there http://www.hometown.aol.com/purestarwater/index.html 4) I
      know there are sentence fragments etc. They're supposed to be there. 5)

      Full Circle:
      It wasn't the way she had pictured life after high school, not at all.
      She thought college would be like high school, only less and more. She
      thought that when they'd all said "friends forever" they'd meant it.
      It wasn't the way she'd pictured spending a Saturday night. With a
      carton of Ben and Jerry's on her lap, waiting for someone to e-mail her.
      She'd thought if they didn't actually call every night, she could count on
      e-mail. Any idiot could e-mail.
      Her roomate said to move on, and invited her to parties. She didn't want
      to move on. Her old life had been good, what did she need with a new life?
      What was wrong with her old one? So she sat, staring at the screen, waiting
      for her buddylist to announce that roguewocause, or yellojubes was online,
      and eager to talk. But the buddylist remained blank.
      After awhile she got tired of ignored e-mails, and blank Saturday nights.
      She studied at first. Passing the time by writting papers well in advance,
      grades had always come easy to her. After awhile, there wasn't much more she
      could do in advance, and one night she accepted her roomate's invitation to
      go out. After awhile it was summer, but Xavier's didn't feel much like home.
      After awhile the years flowed together and she graduated from college.
      Xavier came, and Jean. They invited her home, but she didn't know where home
      was anymore. The announcement came, inviting her to study at Oxford in
      England. She didn't know where home was, and why couldn't home be England?
      After awhile, Oxford was over too. Kitty was twenty six and young, so
      young, but old, so old. Well educated and aimless, she wasn't surprised when
      the call came from the Professor. Friend...Moira...Scotland...New team...no
      pressure...until you decide what you want to do...Kurt. She would have
      turned the Proffesor down if she could think of another option. She
      couldn't. She arrived at a lighthouse on the moors. Strangers mostly, eager
      and open. Like that first day at Xaviers. Home, she knew. Felt it as
      strongly as she had then. Home and safety and friends, a wayward seed blown
      full circle.

      Feedback please!

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