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FIC Ujamaa - From Battery Park (everyone) Ororo, Remy (friendship), Remy/Rogue implied 100 word challenge

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  • Tarchannon
    FIC Ujamaa - From Battery Park Remy been around 100 word challenge from Logan_Remy I m posting it here because it goes with the other 2020 stuff, just a
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 19, 2002
      FIC Ujamaa - From Battery Park "Remy been around" 100 word challenge from Logan_Remy
      I'm posting it here because it goes with the other 2020 stuff, just a little in the future.

      Ujamaa � From Battery Park (August 2024)

      RATING: everyone
      CHARACTERS/PAIRING: Aurora, Remy (friendship), Remy/Rogue implied.
      ARCHIVING: List archive yes, others let me know where it�s going.
      FEEDBACK: Yes, I will beg! Please, please! Tarchannon@...
      DISCLAIMER: All recognizable X-Men belong to the people at Marvel and 20th Century Fox. This is just for fun and academic exercise, absolutely no money will be generated.
      SERIES/SEQUEL: Yes, the 2020 Universe. Ujamaa is a series of scenes from Aurora�s point of view, usually detailing her relationships with the men in her life.
      SUMMARY: Remy seeks out his oldest friend at the Academy in a time of need.
      NOTES: 1) This is an AU. Aurora is Ororo�s chosen English name.
      2) Ujamaa is the Swahili word for �family, fellowship, or kin�.
      3) �_� contains spoken dialog, /_/ contains thoughts, *_* contains mental communication
      ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: The Kamusi Project � the Internet Living Swahili Dictionary
      (http://www.yale.edu/swahili/). Just a superior reference, with great links to other relevant sites. Great job guys!
      DEDICATION: To� well, you�ll understand.
      COMPLETED: 8/17/02

      �Remy never be good enough for her.�

      �Why?� she asked softly, bewildered.

      �Remy�s been around, chere,� he said softly. Voice breaking, he added, �And around.�

      Holding him in her arms, she witnessed the breaking of a heart. It was both magnificent and horrific, like watching beautiful skyscrapers crash to the ground.

      After a time, he slid down, sprawling across her bed to gently lay his head in her lap. Almost absently, she ran her pearly manicured nails through his long coppery hair as he sobbed almost silently.

      Powerless, Aurora simply held him and watched her rain stream down the windows.

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