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Fic: Fabulous Fatal Felines

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    Title: Fabulous Fatal Felines Part: 15/? By Natalia It was late at night, but, Professor Charles Xavier couldn t sleep. His mind was reeling from what had
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 18, 2002
      Title: Fabulous Fatal Felines
      Part: 15/? By Natalia

      It was late at night, but, Professor Charles Xavier couldn't sleep.

      His mind was reeling from what had happened earlier at dinner. His favored
      student, Scott, had two cats who seemed to understand what he was capable of
      doing... and had communicated with him.

      The grey kitten, Bella, had announced her distaste for Logan.

      It was odd. Perplexing, really.

      He'd tried afterwards to intercept either of the cats thoughts, but was
      unable to do so. He figured it had to do with the cats themselves projecting
      their thoughts.

      It would explain why at his youth, his mind hadn't been filled with his
      animals thoughts.

      Or, perhaps humans weren't the only ones who could have "super-powers". The
      thought of animal mutants amused him so, he feel asleep when the sun began to
      rose with thoughts of spandex-clad animals in his mind.


      Fluffy lay nestled in the small of Logan's back as she slept peacefully. "All
      animosities can be forgotten if she es given a comfy place to sleep," Bella
      couldn't help but think with a small smile.

      She herself had just woke from her spot by the hairy mans head on a pillow.
      She stretched, yawning a bit, before carefully raking her nails along the
      headboard. A nice pile of curled shavings was beginning to form under her
      when Fluffy woke, rushing over to join her.

      "Bon jour Bella!" She cried happily. "I 'ad ze mos' wonderful dream zat we
      were 'ero's! We 'ad costumes and everything!"

      "Really?" Bella giggled, strutting to the edge of the bed before diving off.

      "Oui. An' we fought zis bad homme... I forget what his name was... he wore a
      cape an' 'ad white 'air an' wore a cape. He was frightening, mais, we beat
      'im with out powers!" Fluffy continued excitedly, hopping down to join her
      sister. "An' all ze people zat live here... zey had powers aussi!"

      "Like ze girl who's 'ands you fell through?"

      "Oui! An' ze white-haired femme zat made it rain. An' everyone else. One
      could make fire, an' another ice." Fluffy stopped, her face losing it's
      bright excitement. "Do you supposed zey are something like zat? 'Eros, I

      "I don't know, Fluffy." Bella said before they looked up to see Logan glaring
      down at them.
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