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FIC Dark Legends: Chapter 6 (adult - explicit slash) Remy/Logan, Jean

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  • Tarchannon
    At long last, I fininshed Chapter Six! Whew! I hope you enjoy. Dark Legend Chapter 6 X-Men AU – Dark Legend Universe RATING: adult (sex, swearing,
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      At long last, I fininshed Chapter Six! Whew! I hope you enjoy.

      Dark Legend Chapter 6
      X-Men AU � Dark Legend Universe

      RATING: adult (sex, swearing, BDSM references)
      PAIRING: Remy POV (Remy/Logan, hints of Logan/Jean/Scott).
      ARCHIVING: Yes to the list archives and the challenge archive.
      FEEDBACK: Yes, please! Feed me Seymour, feed me all night long! Tarchannon@...
      DISCLAIMER: None of the characters are mine � they belong to the people at Marvel. I�ll only use and
      abuse them a bit � probably less than my muses did!
      SERIES/SEQUEL: Yes, the Dark Legend AU. This is a core story of the Dark Legend Challenge Series
      (challenge #4, Remy/Logan first time)
      SUMMARY: A plague visits the House of Xavier bringing death and dark changes. Remy contacts Hank, then forms an even more dangerous liaison as a cover.
      NOTES: 1) �_� contains spoken dialog, /_/ contains thoughts, *_* contains mental communication
      2) Remy note � this is movieverse AU, so this Gambit is not the traditional comic
      character. This Remy is a modern prince of thieves, educated, worldly, more sophisticated. And yes, still screwed up. <g>
      COMPLETED: 8/18/02

      * * *
      The Xavier Academy � September 7, 2027

      It was late and the night was strangely dark despite the full moon. Remy LeBeau was ready to prowl.

      The Cajun had escaped to his room after his confrontation with Dr. Gray, needing time to rest and think about the strange people and even stranger behaviors of the inhabitants of this shadowed manse. The long night, filled with strange sounds and thunder, was followed by an even longer morning of waiting for retribution. Finally, driven by hunger, he was forced to venture out to the dining room. Summers had pretty much ignored him, and Wolverine had given him the eye more than once, but no one had seemed overtly hostile. Remy had grinned inside � knowing that he had successfully penetrated the X-Men.

      The Danger Room training session that afternoon was brutal, and Logan was a tough taskmaster. Regardless of the effects of the virus, Logan was still a fighting machine, powerful and deadly. Remy had had difficulty paying attention to the training exercises � the hot throbbing that surfaced whenever the Canadian was near echoed in his head. Akasha had proven a highly trained fighter, but her mutant powers were very undeveloped. Marco, however, had little fighting skills, but with his mutant ability, he was truly difficult to damage. Remy had been the only one to wrest anything close to praise from Wolverine, and he knew his training was exceptional. They had all left tired and bruised.

      Dinner had been more comfortable, and he had met some of the other, younger residents. From what he could tell, Drake, Allerdyce, and Lee had changed a bit, but their personalities were still recognizable from the briefs. Apparently, not everyone had been affected similarly, and that gave him some confidence. From some of the comments made, he could tell that they were deeply disturbed at the behavior of their commanders, a fact that could come in handy.

      That night, he had waited until it was late, after the lightning had stopped and the clouds cleared, after the shrieks and groans had subsided, then slipped from his room into the velvety darkness.


      The sound of knuckles on wood echoed softly through the lab.

      Though it was quite dark in the basement room, Remy had no trouble seeing the lab was empty. A pale glow came from the doorway in the back. He silently passed along the delicate glass devices that seemed to be everywhere, stopping just short of the doorway.

      ��Ello,� he said softly. In the back of his mind, he could feel the pulse of Logan growing nearer. Before descending, Remy had spotted him patrolling the grounds. �Dr. McCoy?�

      He didn�t want to scare the man.. He could feel that they were alone in the lab, and now that he was close, he thought his target might just be asleep.

      �Docteur McCoy?� he said a bit louder, stepping through the doorway.

      �Snnnkaaaht� eh� huh?� a deep voice rumbled. Click.

      There was a faint click and the lights flashed on. Remy�s vision went white. The Cajun stood his ground, throwing one hand up to cover his flash blind eyes.

      �Who, may I ask, are you, and why are you bothering me?� the deep voice rumbled grumpily.

      Remy could feel the determination and the weariness and the hint of despair in the man. No cruelty, just defensiveness. Henry McCoy was unaltered. Even blind, Remy relaxed a bit, an unstoppable grin spread across his face. He stuck his free hand out in the general direction of the scientist.

      �M� name�s Remy LeBeau, an I was sent t� help you.�

      Hank McCoy had been asleep at his computer, mid sentence in his lab notes. He looked blearily at the tall, lean, copper-haired man in the doorway for his office. �Excuse me, but you are going to have to explain that more clearly.�

      Remy, his eyes finally beginning to adjust to the light, saw a huge blue and white blur sitting in a chair in front of him. Since no hand was forthcoming, he dropped his extended hand.

      �I was sent by Nat�aniel Essex�� Remy began, to be cut off by the snnickttt of metal behind him.

      �Sinister!� The word was spit a him in a low voice filled with anger and disgust. �You�re one of Essex�s fucking toadies?!�


      Remy turned to see Logan glowering at him from the shadows, eyes almost glowing in fury. His adamantium claws glinted eerily in the gloom. The cold prickle of fear danced on the nape of his neck and the hot throb of the man�s proximity made him visibly shiver. Obviously, the X-Men were aware of Essex�s Sinister activities. Logan took a menacing step toward him.

      �Wait, Remy can explain, he�s here t� help!� the Cajun sputtered, glancing about for an escape route. There wasn�t one unless he wanted to seriously hurt someone. Since that step was premature, he raised his hands, palms up, to show he meant no harm.

      Logan took another step, claws coming up, when Hank snapped at him. �Logan! I think we should let Remy explain.�

      The Canadian stopped at the order, but looked like he was struggling not to follow through on his initial instincts. It took him a moment before the claws retracted, and the powerful man did not move, keeping the Cajun firmly trapped between them.

      �Now I think you should enlighten us, and I would be careful not to leave anything out,� the blue man suggested mildly, letting just the slight hint of a threat color his voice. Remy glanced back at him, surprised at the obvious size and strength of the blue furred man. Despite the leonine face, Remy could see the kindness in his eyes., but he could feel that his heart was resolute.

      Remy caught McCoy�s eye, looking pleadingly at him for a second before sliding his eyes to toward Wolverine. He repeated the telling glance, then looked at him questioningly.

      �Logan�s a friend, Mr. LeBeau. You can speak freely.�

      Remy chose to relax, forcing an air of casualness. He fumbled in his trench for his gitanes, pulling a few cards to the top of a pack with two fingers as he extracted the cigarette from an open pack with another two. He turned, leaning back against a tall filing cabinet so he could more easily see both men, and touched the end of the rolled paper to one finger before sliding it into his mouth. The tip blossomed into flame for just an instant, and he took a drag.

      �M� name is Remy LeBeau, of the N�Awlins LeBeaus. I am� a free agent. Nat�aniel Essex is occasionally a client. He helped me in the past, and I did some jobs f� him.�

      Logan leaned menacingly toward him.

      Hurriedly, Remy continued defensively, �Nothing bad. Remy not a bad homme.�

      Hank noticed the curious slip into the third-person.

      The Cajun looked hard at the Canadian, daring to challenge the man to underscore his sincerity. Logan glowered back, but backed off.

      �I thought dat homme was a good guy until a few weeks ago. He called me f� a job, and he sent me t� find you.� Remy nodded to Dr. McCoy, then took another drag and exhaled another lungful of clove-scented smoke into the air. He felt the throb again from the shorter man, stronger than before. Glancing over, he caught the fluttering of Logan�s eyes that accompanied his scenting of the air. He obviously liked cloves.

      Remy made a mental note, /Mutant nose./

      �But why would he do that?� McCoy asked patiently.

      �L�homme�s sick. He got the virus, but it�s not like everybody else. Essex� is getting sick, but very slowly - he must have some way to slow the virus, an he sent me here to find out if you were alive. L�homme needs help, and he says you de expert. Nat�aniel sent some data��

      A data disk appeared in his hand as if my magic, and he handed it to the scientist. Hank McCoy raised an eyebrow at the man, but accepted the disk. He then motioned for him to continue.

      �Nat�aniel thought it would help. He also sent Remy, since dis soul�s immune.�

      Hank looked past Remy to Logan, exchanging glances with the gruff man.

      �Before he briefed me on the mission, exposed me t� some powdered virus.�

      �Sinsiter can isolate the virus?� McCoy asked, clearly interested now.

      Remy nodded. �When I didn�t get sick, he told me the story � what happened, what will happen if you don�t succeed. He said that the humans don�t have a chance without you.�

      Hank looked thoughtful, but Remy could feel Logan�s distrust.

      �Know it�s hard t� believe, but Remy didn�t know Essex was a bad homme. Gambit jus� thought he was a mutant doctor doin research. Remy could tell from your reaction y�all must have some bad blood with Sinister. He didn�t know any of dat until after he told me of this place. No doctor, mutant or non, would have that kind of information. After Remy left to come here, he checked him out and found out he�s a bad, bad homme.�

      �Then why ya stll working for him, bub?� Logan growled.

      �Remy not working for him, he�ll never work f� dat monster again. He�s working for the people that are going to die!� the Cajun sputtered as loud as he dared. Logan could smell the truth.

      Remy took a last drag, dropped the butt, and ground it out with his toe.

      �Blood and agony,� he muttered.

      * * *
      Quietly, Remy and Logan snuck back down the hallway toward the stairwell.

      Hank�s lab was far from Xavier�s office in an almost unvisited corner of the large building. It was unlikely that they would be seen, but they were being as cautious as possible.

      �Logan, Remy�s gonna need t� go to town soon t� place a call,� he whispered, though there was no tangible reason for it. The hallway was partially illuminated this late, providing plenty of light for his sharp eyes, but the gloom that surrounded the Academy seemed thicker here in the shadows. �Xavier�s got the com system bugged. Find a reason for me t� go. Maybe an errand for someone?�

      The Cajun could feel the man beside him, his lust, his anger, his fear. He could feel his physical warmth, even this far away, and he could feel the fire in his mind that surged and ebbed with his heartbeat. It made his blood burn, distracting in this close proximity.

      �Lemme think. I�m sure I can figure something out. For some reason, no one seems to want to leave this God-forsaken place,� Logan grumbled.

      Remy reached out to touch the older man on the shoulder. �God not gone, cher. Jus� leaving us t� our own devices for a bit.�

      Logan had started to reply when Remy made first contact. The touch rocked him and he turned to look at the Cajun as the friendly gesture had an electrifying effect. Logan had been noticing an odd feeling for the last few days that came and went. It felt warm and erotic, longing and lust, a tiny pulsing like a heartbeat in the back of his mind. He had suspected that Jean or Xavier was messing with his mind, but when Remy touched him, the feelings flared like the sun. His heart shuddered in his chest at it shifted to match the thudding in his mind. �What the..�

      Remy gasped, and snatched his fingers back. He simply stared at the shorter man, face burning with embarrassment and arousal. The connection left him breathless and he struggled to explain. �I�m sorry, Logan. I can�t help it��

      �What _was _ that?� Logan sputtered louder than he should have, face hardening. Almost as instantly, he suddenly stopped and he cocked his head toward the stairway, sniffing.

      Remy watched the Canadian�s eyes widen in panic. He feel his fear as Logan whispered to him almost soundlessly.

      �Jean. Coming down the stairs.�

      The hairs stood up on the back of his neck, but rather than fear or panic, Remy was surprised that he felt nothing but anger at the mention of the woman for what she had done to Logan and a strange new possessiveness that was unsettling. Training become habit, he refocused and glanced around for a hiding spot. He didn�t want Jean to connect him with Hank, and there wasn�t much of a reason for he or Logan to be in the basement other than to see Dr. McCoy.

      There wasn�t even so much as a broom closet to hide in. but Remy consoled himself that it was likely she�d feel Logan�s presence anyway.

      Gambit could hear her on the steps now - there was no time. He needed a diversion, and did the first thing that came into his mind.

      �Logan gonna have to trust Remy,� he whispered to the older man.

      Remy caught Logan�s eyes and held them. The Cajun took a deep breath and let it out. �I only ask once.�

      He waited for the answer. Logan looked thoughtful, catching the change in person, then he closed his eyes, breathing deeply through his nose. After what seemed like and eternity, the Canadian opened his deep brown eyes and looked back intently, probing before he nodded his assent.

      Without hesitation, the Cajun grabbed the shorter man by the shoulders, turning him so they were face to face and backed him hard up against the wall. The strange link between them flared, stronger then ever before, as Remy molded himself to the other man�s frame. He could feel the warmth of Logan�s flesh and the overwhelming heat in his mind blossomed between them.

      The Cajun slid his left thigh between Logan�s legs and firmly up to his crotch. His left hand slid around one side to grab a handful of hard ass, while the other slid up his massive chest to cradle his hard furred jaw line and corded neck. Remy�s eyes locked into the other man�s brown ones and he could see the fear and lust there. Those emotions seemed to provoke Logan�s wild side and the burlap and buzzsaw edge to his emotions both disturbed and intrigued Remy.

      Logan opened his mouth to speak, and Remy promptly took the opportunity to shove his tongue deep into the other man�s warm, wet mouth.

      �Unggh� uh� ummm� ohhh� mmmmmm.�

      Remy had been able to feel the emotions of other lovers in the past, but the connection that he felt with Wolverine was something entirely different and far more intense. He felt like they were merging in a strange way, and he resisted, concerned about the strangeness. As the kiss continued and deepened, he could feel Logan�s surprise and confusion, then his attraction and, oddly, respect. Almost instantaneously, Remy made the decision to see where this went.

      It might have been unsettling if it didn�t feel so right, so hot and perfect.

      The Cajun sighed as Logan relaxed, giving in to the rush. Tongues entwined, he felt the other man lean into him, hands tentatively touching then grasping. Remy could feel the heat of his burgeoning erection against his thigh. The air was thick with the sounds of their grappling.

      Head spinning, Remy broke the kiss and leaned back from the older man, needing air but not wanting to relinquish the contact. He watched Logan�s head turn just a bit, reluctant to look away from him, and he knew he was checking for Jean. After an instant, his brown eyes met his, then flicked to the stairwell. She was there, watching.

      Remy leaned back in and whispered, �Time for a lil� show.�

      * * *
      Jean had been returning from the medical bay, where she had just finished doing some preliminary testing on Akasha and Marco when she had felt Logan�s presence.

      /Strange� why would Logan be in the basement?/ Not feeling the presence of anyone else, she smiled wickedly to herself. /Time for a treat!/

      With a sway that would put a supermodel to shame, Jean strutted over to the stairwell. Disappointed that there wasn�t anyone there to appreciate it, she sighed, but consoled herself with the fact that Logan would appreciate her attention. She wasn�t sure Scott was very happy with their quality time as of late, but that was another matter. She pushed that thought out of her mind, and started to think about what she was going to do with her pet when she found him. He was most assuredly a bad dog.

      She descended toward the basement level, not terribly far from Hank�s domain. She proceeded a bit more carefully, not wishing to get distracted from her fun by running afoul of the big blue lion. The paneled stairwell and the wooden treads tended to muffle noise, and she listened closely before she reached the bottom. She could make out some soft noises from below, whispering and scuffling, but she couldn�t make out who. Sending her thoughts, she discovered Logan very nearby, but Hank some distance away in his lab. She didn�t feel anyone else, but it didn�t sound like Logan was alone. Jean flattened herself along the wall at the bottom of the steps, listening.

      �Y� good at following directions, mon ami? Good. You gonna do exactly what Remy says, and he�ll make it worth your while.�

      /LeBeau!? LeBeau�s going to fuck with MY Logan!?/

      Logan was HER pet. The red hot flush of rage flooded her mind, overwhelming nearly everything else, and she literally saw red. Instinctively, she prepared to fire a psionic bolt at the Cajun.

      �No claws, no hands. Remy wouldn�t want to leave any marks on you f� Jean to see. Don�t want to see her hurt herself again, non?�

      A cold rush of fear beat down the fire in her mind. If it wasn�t for Charles� �always up� shield training, she would have fried her own mind two days ago. The Cajun somehow reflected the attack back on her. She hadn�t known about his mental powers; he hadn�t divulged them to Xavier before he arrived, at least according to his file. Fortunately, no one else had figured out what happened that afternoon, but now Remy had told Logan. Now he knew that she had been weak. Logan didn�t respect weakness. She started to get angry again.

      �No. I�ll be good. Just don�t hurt Jeannie. I�ll be good,� Logan almost whined in the lowest, rumbling voice she had ever heard him make. The words and the sounds sent a shiver down her spine to her groin, leaving her afraid and amazingly aroused. The Canadian still cared for her.

      �Unnnmph�. unnnnh�. ohhhh� mmmmm,� the deep voice resonated, the wet sounds of lips and tongues echoed through her brain, partly from her ears and partly from Logan�s mind.

      Jean wasn�t sure if she wanted to scream or peek around the corner and watch. After listening for another minute, she decided on the latter.

      * * *
      He met Logan�s eyes. They reflected his lust and worry and fear. Jean was just around the corner, and Remy had to do something to calm Wolverine. He needed Logan.

      �No claws, no hands. Remy wouldn�t want to leave any marks on you f� Jean to see. Don�t want to see her hurt herself again, non?� Remy looked hard at the older man, eyes flinty to emphasize the last part, though nothing was given away by his tone. The Cajun took the man�s wrists one at a time, crossing them above his head and against the wall. He held them there, pressing slightly to indicate that they should remain where they were placed.

      Logan looked confused, so he nuzzled the man, nipping at his throat before pulling back to look at him pleadingly. Remy thought as loud as he could, /Play along./

      After a seconds, he saw Logan�s eyes clear. There was a sparkle in his eye as he added a whine to a rumble. �No. I�ll be good. Just don�t hurt Jeannie. I�ll be good.�

      Remy could feel the man�s voice in his chest, and he pressed his mouth to the Canadian�s to muffle his gasp at the sensation. The link pulsed with a burning ache.

      �Unnnmph�. unnnnh�. ohhhh� mmmmm.�

      Remy was beginning to lose himself. He tore himself away from the wet mouth. He had to take control, of himself and the situation. He stepped back from the Canadian, then moved back in, lightning fast, when he saw the man begin to move toward him. A hard, heavy thunk rang down the hall as Remy slammed Logan�s wrists back against the wall. Nose to nose, the Cajun looked hard at the rough face of his new partner.

      �Remy didn�t say y� could move those, cher. He�s in charge now.�

      Logan looked like he was about to bolt, so Remy pressed the heel of his palm against the bulge in the shorter man�s denims, pressing hard along the hot length. Logan gasped, and Remy moved close enough that he knew the other man could feel his breath, noses almost touching. Logan closed his eyes and groaned, but the wrists stayed in place. Remy traced the planes of Logan�s face with his nose, not quite touching. Logan shuddered all the same.

      Remy watched the first drop of sweat slide down the side of the Canadian�s face. Unable to resist, he lapped it up with an agile, pointed tongue. They both groaned at the contact, and Logan struggled to resist reaching out to him.

      �It�s a little too warm in here, non?�

      Logan wasn�t much for buttons apparently, because his flannel shirt was already open halfway. Remy thought halfway was not nearly far enough, and brushed a fingertip over the threads on the remaining buttons. The threads glowed brightly for a moment before they disintegrated and the buttons fell to the floor with a tiny, clear ping. Remy couldn�t take his eyes from the expanse of dense hair that covered Logan's chest and stomach. As the last button fell, he leaned forward and rubbed his face between those incredible pecs.

      �Ohhhhhhh!� the shorter man groaned.

      Remy nuzzled the flannel out of the way, nipping and lapping to the nipple. Finding it, he licked in small circles until it was erect. Then Remy reached down with his hand and simultaneously squeezed Logan�s cock and clamped the Canadian�s nipple between his teeth. The rumble in the man�s chest exploded in a ecstatic shout as Remy leaned back, tugging on the nipple and milking his dick downward along the length.

      Remy almost came as he watched the dark-haired man react to his ministrations, his arms visibly shaking with the strain of not moving. His hands flexed uncontrollably, when he repeated the act on the other side. Logan was leaking through his jeans when he lapped back up to reclaim his mouth.

      The kissed for just a moment, then Remy started worrying his neck, shoulders, and collarbone with his teeth while unfastening Logan�s jeans. Logan went commando, so it only took a few seconds before Remy has his hand on that magnificent derriere. He squeezed and pinched until Logan was hypersensitive, flinching with pleasure at each assault. He slowly worked his way downward until he was exactly where he wanted to be.

      Using the tip of his tongue, Remy slowly and delicately ran his tongue over the Canadian�s testicles, first one then the other. He could feel the man�s thighs quiver, and between the scent of the man and the throbbing in his head, he was nearly out of his mind. He could hear continuous groaning, but he really couldn�t tell if it was him or the other man. He tried and failed to draw both balls into his mouth, and had to settle for bathing one at a time.

      Satisfied that Logan was his, he ran his fingernails down the back of the short man�s thighs and watched him buckle. He reveled in leaning forward to press him back to the wall, supporting him.

      �Don�t worry, cher. Remy never let you fall,� he whispered. He felt the fire in his heart like he was going to explode.

      Remy simply clutched the man�s massive thighs for a moment, marveling at his incredible legs. Logan was well trained � his wrists were still crossed above his head.

      Remy started nuzzling the thigh in front of him, rubbing stubble and leaving faint tracks. Logan�s groans were evidence of his appreciation. He worked his way up to the man�s groin, moving up and around, but never really stimulating the man�s beautiful erection. By the time he made it to the other side, Logan was shaking his hips desperately, trying to get some contact. Remy smiled a wicked grin.

      �Non, cher. Not yet. You been good, but you have t� be better,� Remy crooned. Logan whimpered like a puppy, incoherent. He literally gasped as Remy broke contact and stepped away. �Keep your hands where dey are.�

      Remy grabbed Logan at the waist and spun him around, the shorter man shuffling with his jeans binding his ankles. He reached up, pulling his crossed hands down the wall a bit, then tugging his hips back. Finally, he tapped the inside of his ankles until Logan spread his black leather shod feet as far as they could go.

      Logan closed his eyes and whimpered as he heard Remy�s shirt come off. From the second he saw the man, he wanted to see him naked in his bed, and now he was naked, and he couldn�t see.

      �Now be good, cher, and Remy�ll give you a treat.�

      Remy extracted a black velvet glove from his jeans and slipped it over his left hand. He touched the older man along the side with his bare right hand, sliding it down to cup his muscular ass. He whispered, �Magnifique.�

      With a sharp crack, Remy drew his right hand back and slapped it back down. Not hard, mostly noise, but the effect was amazing. Logan physically pulsed. In rhythm, Remy stroked his back with his left hand. Logan, silent during the paddle, flexed and groaned at the touch of the glove.

      Slap, stroke, slap, stroke. Remy continued the rhythm, alternating sides. Logan quivered beneath him, his pleasure literally flowing directly into the Cajun�s brain. He had know that part of Logan had enjoyed this with Jean, but now he knew it was him not her. The Cajun watched the glint of light off the threads of pre-come dripping to the floor.

      After twelve strokes, Logan was quivering and groaning uncontrollably. Remy made soothing sounds and stroked his back, gentling him. He pressed his denim covered hips to the reddened ass, then wrapped his arms around the older man. He kissed and nipped and licked until Logan�s quivering stopped.

      Remy chuckled a bit then slid his gloved hand around to brush, erect nipples, down the belly, then finally to the base of Logan�s aching cock. �Don�t come, cher. You need your treat.�

      A second later he gave only a single long slow, strong pull. He knew Logan was on the very precipice, and he teetered the entire time, but he didn�t come. Remy was so very close, he had to do something. Moving the gloved hand to the other man�s hip, Remy began a slow slide down.

      �Mmmmmm,� the Cajun ran his tongue down Logan�s spine, counting the vertebrae. Logan�s high rectangular glutes were pressed against his chest. He laved across the small of his back and down. Logan having calmed a little began to squirm, astonished and amazed at the sensations the Cajun was producing.

      Remy scraped his fingernails back up the man�s thighs, while gently blowing to cool the saliva he left on the man�s lower back. He chuckled as he watched Logan shiver, then stood to press his denim clad erection to that incredible ass. Shifting his hips to drag the hardness across the globes, he felt his discomfort grow. Grinning, he pulled just away from the man and slowly unzipped his fly, letting his jeans fall. With a quick toe and tug, the Cajun stood in the hallway in only his socks and a single velvet glove.

      Feeling mischievous, he asked, �Now, you ready for some more, cher. You want Remy to make you come?�

      He waited, feeling the rush of power and lust as he simply watched the heaving of Wolverine�s chest as he struggled to hold his body in position and his mind from going wild. The throb in the Cajun�s mind had gone deeper, and he could feel the ebb and flow of the blood in Logan�s veins. It made him feel strong and powerful.

      �Remy, make me come,� the older man finally ground out between clenched teeth.

      �What do we say, cher?� Remy ran a single gloved finger down the man�s spine.

      �Please�� Logan whimpered.

      * * *
      Jean was so close.

      Almost laying back on the stairs, Jean was half naked and disheveled, working her body in time with the men below.

      Her power allowed her to tap into Logan�s mind, just enough to give her an idea of Logan�s thoughts, few as they were at the moment. Combined with the sounds and scents from below, she had gotten carried away in their lust.

      Rubbing and tweaking one breast and fingering and rubbing herself under her skirt, she was as close to coming as she knew Logan was. His whimper almost drove her over the edge.

      She knew this was a dangerous game � Logan was dangerous enough, but the Cajun was probably just as deadly and an unknown factor. She knew she had to be very careful, but she was so very close.

      * * *
      Remy stepped closer, allowing his aching cock to ride along the furrow of Logan�s ass, pressing just slightly so that abdomen was against glutes. He felt Logan�s begin to panic.

      /Logan�s afraid of being fucked? Hmmmm, interestin�. Not going there anyway�/

      Remy used the glove to reach up and stroke Logan�s neck, and whispered to him, �Remy not goin� dere. He got other plans.�

      He gripped the other man and tugged, drawing him upright. Using his other hand, he drew Logan�s arms down. �Keep em crossed until he says.�

      The Canadian almost collapsed in relief. Logan, accepting that Remy wasn�t going to try to penetrate him, relaxed back into the rhythm of the heartbeat.

      Remy pulled him backward, tight against his chest and crotch, and reached under his arms to ghost his hands over cut muscle and through the dense hair. He ground his hips slowly into the other man, tweaking Logan�s nipples until his head lolled back onto Remy�s shoulder with a low groan of acquiescence.

      �On your back, on de floor, hands crossed over your head and on de floor,� the Cajun whispered.

      Reluctantly, the Canadian extracted himself from the Cajun�s grip and moved to the floor in the required position.

      Remy watched the man, animal grace in motion, muscle and sinew responding with a grace that left him breathless. Logan�s cock was deep red, almost purple from the stimulation, and he knew that he was responsible. It was his turn to groan, and the fire made his member pulse and weep.

      One in place, Remy quickly straddled the older man�s waist, pinning him down. Logan looked up at him, eyes filled with a pleading that was almost foreign to the man. He caught the other man�s eyes and grinned. He watched Logan scan his face, then down, across his well defined chest, following the narrow trail of copper-colored hair that ran across ripped abs and down. He felt the pulse as his eyes fell all the way to his groin, and the Canadian�s erection stirred against the small of his back. The Cajun rested his hands on the other man�s chest and he leaned back flexing to loosen his back, rejoicing in the spontaneous groan from the man under him. Remy quickly bent down and claimed a deep, sweet kiss, breaking away and smiling sweetly and winking at the older man for just an instant.

      �You�ve been a good boy. Now, Remy�s gonna make you come.� Almost too quick to follow, Remy pulled a tiny tube from a pocket on the back of the glove and squeezed some fluid on his right hand. Reaching behind, he quickly slicked his ass, using long dextrous fingers to prepare the way. Unable to resist, Remy undulated to the heartbeat, sliding his length along the deep furrow of Logan�s abs. Remy nearly came at the intense sensation, and finished quickly.

      With another squeeze of lube, he looked back at Logan, who�s eyes were wide with lust. Hands behind his head, the older man�s chest and arm muscles were pulled into relief, and Remy nearly lost his train of thought. �Remy know you�re close, cher. Don�t� come yet.�

      He wasn�t sure if he was instructing Logan or himself at that point, but he reached behind him to grasp that truly impressive erection. Slowly sliding his hand up and down a few times, he slicked the other man, then grasped him firmly at the base of his cock. Logan gasped.

      After a moment, the Cajun whispered, �Ready?� He waited until the other man nodded.

      Quickly, Remy lifted himself up and back positioning himself, gloved hand on Logan�s chest and the other directing the Canadian�s cock. Remy stopped for just a second, just long enough to lock eyes with the other man, then he lowered himself onto the hardness. Logan threw his head back against the concrete as he was enveloped, and Remy whimpered just a bit at the fullness. Halfway he paused for a few seconds allowing himself to adjust.

      Both men were sweating freely and the air smelled of sex. The throb that was present in both minds virtually eliminated coherent thought. With a groan, Remy pulled himself up a little, then plunged down until Logan was in all the way. The sensation was indescribable, and they rested, so close to the edge.

      The rhythm intensified, and Remy stared to move, small and gentle at first, throwing in an occasional deep grind of the hips, then harder and higher, his cock thrumming between sets of abs. Logan whimpered, hands flexing, desperate to touch the Cajun, but he restrained himself when he felt the whisper of Remy�s disproval. Remy shifted up onto his feet for more height and Logan drew his knees up to thrust with more power. They moved and shifted, groaning, so hot, hearts beating as one.

      �Remy, I�ve got ta�� Logan begged between a growl and a whimper.

      Remy leaned back slightly, bracing his right hand on Logan�s knee, and reached behind him. �Come, cher,� he whispered, then rolled the other man�s balls in the glove. Their bodies shuddered and thrust one last time.

      Logan howled at the top of his lungs as he came, and Remy exploded, untouched, between them.

      The world faded for a time, and when they came back to themselves, Remy wasn�t the only one with a smile on his face. The Cajun leaned forward and took Logan�s mouth roughly as he pulled himself off the other man, moving his weight off to the side but settling comfortably on Logan�s heaving chest.

      Together, still connected, they drifted off to sleep.

      * * *
      Jean came hard as the joined orgasm of the men ripped through her eavesdropping brain. Fingers still inside herself, she came in wave after wave, jerking as Logan howled and Remy prayed in French.

      She slumped back onto the stairs, spent for the moment, panting.

      /That was incredible,/ she whimpered to herself. She hadn�t known whether she wanted to be Remy or Logan, or both, but she knew she wouldn�t mind doing it again.

      She couldn�t read Remy, but when he was with Logan she could feel his presence, amplifying Logan, steadying him. She hadn�t known it was possible.

      Still dazed from the orgasm, but recalling her precarious position, Jean quickly scrambled to get dressed. She tugged her long, red skirt back into place, then realized that her red panties were still hanging around her ankle. She tugged her bra back into position, then fastened her blouse, smoothing everything back down. Hearing no movement from the hallway below and sensing that Logan was too blissed to move, Jean casually kicked back, bringing the ankle bearing the panties up so she could easily tug them off her leg. Still flying, she twirled the thong on her finger, then balled them up in her hand.

      /Logan�s spent. I wonder what Scott is doing.../she thought wickedly, a devastating smile appearing. Nearly silently despite four inch heels, she turned and climbed the steps with a feline gait, mind already racing to decide what she was going to do when she found her husband.

      /Apparently LeBeau has his uses,/ she thought as she went. /I don�t really have to kill him right away./

      She threw a single glance at the bottom of the stairs as she turned the landing, biting her lip just hard enough to taste a hint of blood.

      /He�d be a delicious plaything. Dangerous, but delicious�/

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