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Light My Fire 3/3

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  • Kelsey Adelson
    Disclaimer in Part 1 Part 3: Kitty woke up smiling. She felt St. John’s arm pressed against her waist, and hoped last night hadn’t been a mistake. St. John
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 18, 2002
      Disclaimer in Part 1

      Part 3:
      Kitty woke up smiling. She felt St. John�s arm pressed against her waist,
      and hoped last night hadn�t been a mistake.
      St. John opened his eyes moments later to find Kitty watching him. �Hey
      there,� He grinned rubbing her bare back. She breathed a sigh of relief.
      �Hi.� She relaxed and rested her head against his upper arm.
      �Kit, you weren�t thinking that, last night wasn�t a mistake. You know that
      don�t you?� John asked firmly.
      �I was scared. I know now,� She assured him. John leaned over to kiss her.
      �I told you last night, I�m not going anywhere Kitten. Not again. I�m never
      going to leave you alone, never,� he assured her as he brushed the hair off
      her face. �I just wish I knew what to do now. About the Dream, I mean. I
      wish I knew how to help the cause, without compromising myself.�
      �Johnny!� Kitty exclaimed, �I have to show you something!� Kitty got up
      quickly and walked across te apartment to her desk. St. John couldn�t help
      grinning at the view. She fumbled through a desk drawer. �I�ve been saving
      this, trying to figure out what to do,� she explained as she handed St. John
      an opened letter and snuggled back down next to him.

      Dear Ms. Pryde,
      As you may be aware, The Massachucetts Acadamy is undergoing some
      renovations in policy. It is my wish to separate the Dream from our young
      students. The world is hard enough without the additional burden to save the
      In speaking with Proffesor Xavier, your name was mentioned as a young mutant
      who may be interested in a different brand of mutant education. Please
      consider my offer of a job as a computer/math teacher as well as faculty
      Emma G. Frost
      P.S- Katherine, I�m aware that there may be bad blood between us, but I
      truly respect you and would love to have you at Mass. Acad. No Preassure.

      The letter was dated a week earlier.
      �Interesting,� St. John commented.
      �Isn�t it? Anyway, I�ve been seriously considering it, and, I bet Emma could
      find a place for you too.� Kitty smiled at her lover.
      �If anyone knows how hard it is to be on Xavier�s side, but not actually
      with Xavier, it�d be Emma,� St. John agreed.
      �Yeah. So? Should I call her and tell her we�re interested?� Kitty asked,
      reassured by St. John�s earlier promises of commitment.
      �I guess so. I mean, we can always change our minds,� St. John agreed.

      Voila! Finished. If you want to see a sequel e-mail me and tell me you liked
      this one!

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