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Light My Fire 1/3

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  • Kelsey Adelson
    Author: Kelsey Rating:R Disclaimer: None of this is mine. Heck, the computer I m using isn t even mine! Feedback:Um, pretty please with X-Men on top?
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 17, 2002
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      Author: Kelsey
      Disclaimer: None of this is mine. Heck, the computer I'm using isn't even
      Feedback:Um, pretty please with X-Men on top?
      Archiving: Black Queen Phoeix. Others ask please, I'll say yes.
      Notes: Okay, it's been awhile since I've posted, and this story has weird
      story to it, so bear with me for a sec. This is a sequel to stories by
      Natalia called "All I Want" and "All I Wanted", which can be found here:
      http://www.geocities.com/blackqueenphoenix/index.html Anyway, Natalia wrote
      a rough draft of this first part, and I fell in love with it and started
      playing, and then she gave it to me. So here it is!

      It had been two years since St. John had switched sides. Two years since
      The Mutant Registration Act was passed by the President, then swatted back
      down by Congress.
      Life for the X-Men had been relatively quiet. Magneto's mind had been
      wiped clean by Professor Xavier after a particularly brutal attack. He'd
      been put into a mental hospital shortly after that.
      Mystique picked up the torch, and tried to lead the Brotherhood. She had
      managed to mangle Magneto's goals, in a neverending riegn of violence and
      brutality. Still, many followed her. St. John had too, for a time, until he
      got sick of the violence, the blood, and Mystique's near insane quest to
      kill all of humanity.
      John returned to New York unsure of what to do now that he had become a
      free agent, of sorts. He was at a small diner in the heart of the city,
      where to his surprise Kitty and Jubilee showed up. The owner, a man named
      Harry, seemed to know them.
      "Hey... quiet down you two... you're scaring my customers away!" He joked
      after an elderly couple left.
      Jubilee rolled her eyes. "If it wasn't for us, or at least her," Jubilee
      pointed at Kitty, "... you'd be outta business."
      "I'll be right back." Kitty said getting up.
      John panicked as she headed straight towards him. He shrank into the
      booth... wondering how she'd seen him.
      "John?" She questioned, glancing behind her to make sure Jubilee wasn't
      watching her. He looked up and smiled.
      "In the flesh?" Kitty sat down next to him.
      "It's good to see you." She hugged him tightly. "I've worried about you."
      "Yeah?.. It's good to see you, too." He said, disengaging her arms from
      around his neck. "How is everything?"
      "Okay, different." She said. "We all miss you, you know. You didn't have
      to leave."
      "Maybe I did... to grow up." He laughed. "I'd never have seen half the
      things I've seen if I hadn't gone with Magneto."
      Kitty shook her head. "We saw things too, bad things." She shuddered. "You
      could have gone to the Professor, could have talked to him."
      "Don't worry about it Kit-Kat. It's in the past," John shrugged, trying to
      slight her concern, her wisdom.
      "Are you going back to the mansion?"
      "I don't know. I thought about it." He took a better look at Kitty. She
      didn't look like the same girl he'd last seen. She looked much more mature,
      in some ways even as old as St. John himself felt. She was prettier than he
      remembered her, she'd filled out, the angles about her were softer. "You got
      a boyfriend, Kitty?"
      She laughed, and John almost wondered if there was a bitter edge to her
      chuckle. "Nah."
      "Why not?"
      "I had a few... none worked out." Kity said dismissively.
      "I bet you went out with Bobby, huh?" St. John was surprised at how
      jealous he was at the thought.
      She laughed again. "He was pretty hard to turn down... but, that was a
      long, long time ago. What about you, John? Anyone special in your life?"
      "Mystique for a while... until Sabretooth decided he didn't want to share
      his woman anymore."
      "Mystique, huh?" Kitty laughed. "I guess, there are worse choices."
      "How is everyone?" John asked, deciding to change the subject. Something
      about the way Kitty had phrased her last remark made St. John want to avoid
      further talk of relationships.
      "Good. Most of us aren't living at the mansion anymore." She said. "The
      school was moved to Massachusetts, and the X-Men are kind of taking a
      breather. You should go back though.The Professor knows you're in town, and
      I'm sure he'd like to talk to you.
      "Kitty? What're you doing over here?" Jubilee asked, running over. She
      didn't even look at John.
      Kitty waved a hand towards John.
      "Oh my god!" Jubilee exclaimed, hugging him.
      "Good to see you too, Jubes." John greeted her with a laugh.
      "What are you doing here?" She exclaimed. St. John shrugged.
      "Didn�t know what to do after I defected. I just sort of ended-up here."
      "Same ole Johnny!" Jubilee declared, though St. John couldn�t see what
      she based that statement on. "So you�re comin� home right? I mean, you felt
      drawn to this area. That�s where you belong. With us. At home." Jubilee
      emphasized the �at home� as if it was a point of contention.
      "Jubes, the mansion isn�t home for everyone," Kitty chided.
      "Yes. It is. You�re just too stubborn to admit that you need anyone."
      "Not true. I freely admit that I need the Professor, and the others. But
      the mansion is not, nor will it ever be, home." Kitty spoke defiantly,
      before turning to St. John, "Don�t mind Jubilee, she has trouble seeing the
      world as it is, instead of through the Professor�s rose colored glasses."
      John laughed heartily, understanding exactly what she meant. He stopped
      laughing suddenly, �How would Kitty know what that feels like?�
      "What�s wrong J-man?" Jubilee asked. "Did Kitty scare you? She does
      "Did I scare you John? I�m sorry, I didn�t mean too," Kitty apologized
      sheepishly, staring at her hands.
      "No, Kitty didn�t scare me. I just, thought of something."
      "So, what are you girls doing in this rather sleazy part of town?" John
      asked, trying to change the awkward subject.
      "Sleazy and cheap are synonymous in New York City," Kitty explained.
      "Kitty refuses to live at the mansion, or take the Professor�s money.
      So an apartment up the street is all she can afford," Jubilee explained.
      "You make it sound like I�m poverty-stricken," Kitty complained.
      "You practically are. Look around at your life." Jubilee snapped.
      "Is this gonna turn into another fight about whether or not I live at
      the mansion? �Cause if it is, stop right now. I like my life Jubes, I like
      being self-sufficent, and I like my privacy," Kitty explained.
      "See? Privacy. You�re refusing to live at the mansion so you can
      isolate your self from the world!" Jubilee exclaimed.
      "Jubes?" Kitty said gently, "I know you do this �cause you care. But
      I�m alright, I�m doing okay on my own. And, for the record, I�m not
      isolating myself from the world. I�m living in it. You guys are the ones who
      stay as far from the world as you can," Kitty�s voice was still gentle.
      "That isn�t what I meant by �the world�," Jubilee pouted.
      "I know it wasn�t, but maybe that�s part of the problem. Let�s stop
      this now. We�re completely boring John."
      "Yeah. Some friends we are. We run into a long-lost friend, and what do
      we do? Completely ignore him, and wallow in our own problems!" Jubilee
      exclaimed in exasperation.
      "Your problems, Jubes. But you are right, sorry Johnny," Kitty
      "It�s cool, really. I�m just totally lost. I feel like I missed a
      really big part of the puzzle," John explained.
      "You kinda did," Jubilee observed.
      "Where ya staying John?" Kitty asked.
      "Nowhere. Warm doorways," John admitted.
      "Not anymore. You�re staying with me," Kitty insisted.
      "At least until you get up the nerve to come back-"
      "Jubes," Kitty said warningly. "No arguing. You�re coming home with
      "You really thought I was gonna pass up a chance at a shower, and a
      legal place to sleep?" John grinned. "If you insist."
      "We insist!" Jubilee exclaimed.

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