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Fic: "Fellowship Of Heroes" PG (8/?) [Logan/Rogue, Legolas/Ororo, Scott]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Hi all, This continues Fellowship Of Heroes ; my LOTR/X-men crossover. Earlier parts can be read here: http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=526128
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 14, 2002
      Hi all,

      This continues "Fellowship Of Heroes"; my LOTR/X-men crossover.
      Earlier parts can be read here:


      Part 8:

      They had been taken before the Elven Queen and her husband and she had spoken with them in their mind; warning them of unseen danger and urged them to be true to each other and their mission. Aragorn was raised among and by Elves and held great respect for them. It was in the strength of men, especially himself, he had doubts. The warning the Queen had whispered worried Aragorn. Was it the newcomers who were the threat? He didn’t trust any of them fully but the white haired, unusual coloured woman they called Ororo was so like the Elven people he admired that it was hard not to like her. The other woman, Rogue, reminded him a little of his own love, Arwen. No, the women didn’t worry him. It was the two men who were the key problem. Scott was a leader but reasonable. Logan on the other hand seemed to take great pleasure in being rude, annoying and very dangerous. Aragorn trusted him the least.

      "You should rest. We are safe here. No evil can enter the Golden Wood. You’ll need all your strength when we move on tomorrow," Aragorn said to Boromir and sat down beside him.

      "I will find no rest here," Boromir said softly, his voice shaky. He had heard her, the Queen, inside his mind. She had told him there was hope still but he couldn’t see it. His city would fall and his people fail. He couldn’t let that happen. They all trusted him, believed in him.

      "Why not?"

      "The Queen spoke of hope yet I see none. I fear my city shall fall to ruins, its glory forgotten," Boromir voiced his fears, forgetting he was speaking to the man who claimed to have right of leadership over Gondor instead of himself.

      "Surely not. As long as we stay true to each other we still have a chance," Aragorn said softly, following Boromir’s gaze out over the darkening wood. Even in the darkness the Golden Wood still seemed to sparkle with goodness, peace and beauty beyond words. It was so elfish and reminded Aragorn of his childhood in Rivendell that he had at once felt at home here.

      "Have you ever been to the White City? Seen its beauty;, its glory? The white spears glowing in the evening sun?" There was real love and passion in his voice as Boromir spoke of his home.

      "I’ve seen it," Aragorn said softly. He didn’t have Boromir’s strong feelings for Gondor and because of that, a part of him wondered if the other man, because of his passion and love for his country, would not be a better ruler than himself. Aragorn had never held any wish to rule and that was why he had never claimed the throne though the war seemed to have forced him into a decision.

      "One day, our paths will lead us there and the tower guard shall take up the call: The Lords of Gondor have returned," Boromir told him, a smile and a dreamy look coming over his face.

      They sat in comfortable silence for a while, feeling more connected than ever before.

      "Lord Elrond raised you?" Boromir suddenly asked and Aragorn nodded, taken back by his question though happy for the chance to explain.

      "Yes. He’s my father in every way but blood."
      "As Legolas is your brother?" Boromir asked insightfully. Aragorn nodded.

      "He cares deeply for you," Boromir said, remembering Legolas’ repeated defense of the young King. "For the thousands of years old Elven Prince of Mirkwood to think so highly of you…….you must be a great warrior…..and friend," Boromir finally said and Aragorn nodded, accepting the words in the manner they were given; respect and with a new understanding.

      "Why did the Steward allow his oldest son to take this dangerous journey?" Aragorn asked him.

      "I’ve been haunted by dreams of Gondor and my own destruction and I sought answers. And then……I had recently lost my love and I needed to get away from the memories," Boromir admitted, his voice clouded with grief.

      "I’m sorry. I didn’t know," Aragorn said sympathetically. No wonder he was so closed off.

      "She was killed when Sauron’s forces attacked our lands," Boromir explained, pain and grief written on his face and in his voice. Aragorn was painfully reminded of Boromir’s speech at Lord Elrond’s council about how the blood of his people kept the other lands safe. The death of his love was probably the reason for the strong grief and deep of emotions Aragorn had heard in his voice when he had spoken those words. Aragorn loved Arwen with all his being and always had. He couldn’t imagine what kind of agony it would be to be forced to live without the one you love.

      "We will avenge her," Aragorn vowed and Boromir smiled though he fought tears.

      "Thank you," he said ever so softly and Aragorn smiled back.

      "Welcome," he answered, feeling they had created a strong bond here tonight that nothing could break.

      Scott felt very alone in the beautiful and peaceful forest. Logan and Rogue had gone to their tent, Ororo and Legolas were talking together and he was telling her of his teachings and way of life. The Hobbits were sleeping, eating or playing like small children while Gimli had gone to his tent for privacy. Aragorn and Boromir sat off together and seemed in deep conversation.

      They had been in Queen Galadriel’s realm for several hours now and Scott had loved it here since he had first seen the land. It was beautiful beyond words; rich with sculptures, statures and carvings in woodwork…everything was so bright, light and elegant…so fitting the Elves.

      Scott had been unsure of what to expect of the Queen but when he had seen her all his doubts had been laid to rest, if only for a moment. She was stunning like an angel; kind, soft, gentle and compassionate yet strong and powerful…she was magical. She almost seemed to glow. She hadn’t spoken in words, but like a telepath, within their minds. She had warned him of coming danger, showed images in his mind of the pure horror and evil that was Sauron, and she had told him to believe in a dream; told him to stay true because that was the only way they could win. Logan, Ororo and Rogue had heard the same as him and while the two women thought she spoke true, Logan had his doubts. He hadn’t liked what he had been unable to smell anything on her; he called her a ghost and didn‘t trust her but, since the people Logan trusted could be counted on one hand, Scott didn‘t let his warning control his own decision though he paid attention to it; Logan‘s instincts were often right. Scott had seen into her eyes and found great power and wisdom there. He was sure she believed in what she had told them but his logical side still had doubts if all this magic was really happening.

      He had noticed that Aragorn had made a special greeting to the Queen; taking his folded right hand to his lips, kissing it, taking it to his bow and then putting his hand by his side. Legolas had made a similar greeting to the Queen that Ororo had been able to copy to the letter. What had amazed him had not been the nod of acknowledgement the Queen had given Aragorn and Legolas but the small hand gesture of a greeting and nod of her head that she had given Ororo. The Queen had amazed him further by addressing Ororo by the name given her when she had been worshipped as a Goddess; beautiful Windrider…and she had said this name in Ororo’s native Swahili. She had said that Ororo was the bridge that would connect and unite the two parties within the Fellowship and that new hope would be found within her. Scott still wondered about the deeper meaning of those words but it was clear to him that the Queen was as powerful as she was beautiful and he knew the Fellowship was lucky to have her with them, as she would pose a formidable adversary.

      He sighed as the night drew long and he was still without answers. He would have to rest now; they had a long way to travel tomorrow and if their future trip proved to be just half as dangerous as the one they had already traveled then they all needed all of their strength. He went to his tent and got ready to rest. Out of habit he searched for Jean only to remember she wasn’t with him. He missed her warmth and her smile. He missed holding her close at night but more than anything he missed her words of encouragement and her advice. He was more or less traveling on faith alone here and he had no one to voice his concerns to. The others looked to him and trusted his judgment; Logan’s defense of him as a leader after they had lost Gandalf bore evidence to the great faith his friends had in him. He prayed he wasn’t betraying that trust in his faith in Aragorn’s abilities to led them but he saw no other way. He couldn’t lead them. Aragorn wouldn’t allow it and he knew Legolas would stand with his friend. Gimli would take the King’s side as well and so would the Hobbits though he might be able to get Boromir on his side and through him Merry and Pippin as well but that was all. If he had insisted on leading them he would only succeed in breaking the Fellowship and the Queen’s words had strengthened him in the belief that they needed the safety of numbers. Besides he didn’t know this land, he wouldn’t know where to go. He didn’t know how to get back home, Rivendell was under attack itself so that just left traveling to Mt. Doom like they were doing now and for that trip Aragorn was a better choice as leader…just like Ororo had seen.

      He turned in bed, trying to find rest, but thoughts of Jean kept him up. He missed her terribly and more so with each passing day. He didn’t know why she hadn’t come along or for that matter why not all the X-Men had. They all had great powers and would have been a great help on their journey. Especially why Jean was left out troubled him. She had been in a strange car accident a month before he had been transported here. A meteor had hit her car and she had been taken to the hospital. To everyone’s surprise she had escaped with only a light concussion, but the accident seemed to have enhanced her powers tremendously. Her powers seemed to grow with each passing day and when she had found she could fly with the help of her strengthened telekinesis she had taken the name of Phoenix. Scott worried about her though she claimed she was fine. As a man of logic, he wanted and needed to know the cause of her boost in power as they grew to be seemingly limitless. Was there no limit to them? Such a thought was unheard of; everything had its limits and its price and it was the price he was afraid of because such great powers had to be paid with an equally great price.

      Why would someone so powerful be left behind? That thought kept haunting him. She would be a great ally to the Fellowship. A dark thought crossed his mind. Such power as great as hers would make a great ally…or a great foe. No, he shook his head in denial. Jean would never harm anyone…at least not the Jean he knew. No, such thoughts brought him nowhere. Facts were that she wasn’t here and so she was no help or threat to the Fellowship in any way.

      Thinking of Jean also made him think of who or what had brought them here. After having seen the Queen today and seeing how powerful she was, he thought that maybe she had brought them, though she hadn’t said anything. It would explain her knowledge of them but then, since she had spoken in their minds, Scott figured she was a telepath and as such she could have read everything in their minds without any beforehand knowledge. Another candidate to bringing them here was the Lord Elrond but he had seemed genuinely surprised to see them so Scott doubted it unless the Lord of Rivendell was a very good actor and he had a feeling that Elves didn’t lie. Then there was Gandalf but he had seemed as surprised as Lord Elrond but, unlike the Elven Lord, Gandalf was human and therefore quite capable of deceit and lies. He was a possibility though with his death that option didn’t please Scott, as that would mean it would be impossible for them to travel home. Thinking of going back also made him consider just where they were in the first place. Lord Elrond had called it Middle-Earth and Logan had thought they were on another planet, but Scott wasn’t sure of that. There were too many similarities for this to be another planet; no, he was sure Middle-Earth was what he simply called Earth. However, it was obvious this wasn‘t the Earth he knew. He considered two options; either they had time traveled so they were either in the past or the future, and since there were no modern facilities and the race of Elves and others didn’t exist in his time, then the past was the best guess though way, way back in the past. The other option was a parallel universe where Earth had evolved differently. The letter seemed almost too surreal, even for him, but he knew that time travel was possible; for starters his own son, Nathan, had the ability to travel in time and had returned to his father when he had been over forty about a year ago while Scott was only 27. Yes, he was pretty sure they had time traveled here but since none of them had the ability they sure hadn’t done it on their own. If one of the Elves, or Gandalf hadn't done it then maybe someone he knew had. Nathan wouldn’t have separated him from Jean nor time traveled him without telling them first…however, the Mother Askani, who had looked after Nathan in the future, had time traveled Jean and him before without telling them or explaining their mission. She was the only other option he could think of besides the Elves and Gandalf, but again she always time traveled him with Jean and she had never time traveled Ororo, Rogue or Logan before. Scott lay awake trying to think of clues to solve the mystery but had to give up. He knew too little of this new place and the true strength and powers that rested within the Elves and Gandalf because something in him warned him of discarding the old man totally. Scott knew somehow that he was far more than he seemed though he wasn’t sure what.

      Sleep began to claim him and heavy thoughts gave way to the simple longing he bore for Jean. He didn’t know if he would ever see her again and that pained him the most. His thoughts on Jean, he looked to the stars that were visible through the strong Elven tent material. Suddenly he swore he saw a Phoenix shape in the stars and it blinked down to him like diamonds, but when he looked again it was gone. Must have been my imagination. It is dark and with my red shades it is hard to see shadows clearly. The shapes must have played tricks on me, Scott decided, but still wondered. As the night drew away everyone went to bed and Scott dreamt of Jean, a bird made of fire and a Phoenix. No one noticed the Elven Queen walk through the camp nor that Frodo was awoken by it and followed her.


      Author’s notes:

      Once again, LOTR fans please stay calm. Yes, I know Boromir doesn’t have a love life in the books/films but too many of these characters were alone. I also know that Gandalf isn’t human but it was Scott’s thoughts and as far as he knew Gandalf IS human. Call it author’s privilege and try and accept it…it’s not like Tolkien put the X-Men in his books anyway so that alone should have warned you that I wouldn’t follow the books/films to the letter.

      Also, this IS a crossover between the X-Men movie, I know that but I needed to borrow from the comics to make this crossover believable. For those who haven’t read the comics here‘s some help:

      Ororo was worshipped as a Goddess in Africa before she joined the X-Men

      Scott and Jean have a son; Nathan. He was taken to the future by the Mother Askani as a baby and raised there because he had a deadly virus that could only be cured in the future. While in the future he was taken care of by the Mother Askani and the Askani Clan.

      The Mother Askani can time travel and have time traveled Scott and Jean twice; one time to the past and one time to the future. Both times their mission was to save the world (more or less).

      I choose to include this here because if not Scott and the others knew something of time travel and things like that then they should have been more or less hysterical and sure they were dreaming or mad after their arrival and I needed them sane so they could fight.

      Phoenix was in the comics, a cosmic energy that possessed Jean and gave her great powers. In the end however, her powers went wild and Jean became evil. The short version is that the energy was more or less lost and Jean returned and was good again. I’ll only use some elements of the Phoenix saga here as someone requested to see Jean in this story which I see is turning into a whole epic, even my author’s notes are long *LOL*

      So in short, just think of these comic elements as what could happen in the future X-Men films and try and accept it.

      Anyway, hope you enjoyed anyway.

      A great thanks goes out to Estelle for kind suggestions and beta of the first draft.

      Thanks to Jonas for in deep knowledge of the Tolkien world and great suggestions as to how I can tie all this together in the end.

      Special thanks to J. Marie T. for the final read through and Beta. I hope you enjoyed seeing Nathan mentioned, lov *G*

      Also thanks to the many suggestions concerning the meeting with Galadriel; I tried to fulfill as many of your wishes, requests and suggestions as I could (some I couldn’t fulfill as they contradicted each other and some I didn’t because I have a plan for the end of this story which wouldn’t match with the idea given).

      And yes, Jean/Phoenix is finally mentioned. Those of you who asked for her I hope you like.

      Thanks again. Your kind words keeps me writing.



      P.S. I know this part raises a lot of questions but this is a WIP so stay calm; they'll all be answered in due time.
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