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Fw: FIC Doors of Durin (Scott/Logan, Scott POV), adult (sexuality)

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      From: Tarchannon
      To: x-fiction@yahoogroups.com ; RedShades2@yahoogroups.com ; x-menmoviefanfic@yahoogroups.com ; x-movieslash@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sunday, August 04, 2002 11:06 PM
      Subject: FIC Doors of Durin (Scott/Logan, Scott POV), adult (sexuality)

      OK, just 'cause I'm so damn happy to be back, here's a scene from a longer piece I'm working on. I hope you enjoy. No sex - it's romantic, guy style. Thanks especially to XT and EiI and perch, and also to all the kind people that send the feedback that keeps me going.

      X-Men AU � 2020 Universe

      Doors of Durin (April 2021)

      RATING: adult (sexuality)
      PAIRING: Scott/Logan (Scott POV)
      ARCHIVING: List archive yes, others let me know where it�s going.
      FEEDBACK: Yes, yes, yes, yes! Please, please! Tarchannon@...
      DISCLAIMER: Scott and Logan belong to the people at Marvel and 20th Century Fox. This is just for fun and academic exercise, absolutely no money will be generated. I�ll only use and abuse them a bit � probably less than my muses did!
      SERIES/SEQUEL: Yes, the 2020 Universe. It occurs after Tantrum (not yet complete), and before Moonlight. Part of the
      Scott/Logan arc.
      SUMMARY: Scott is working through some issues from his past, and finds Logan willing to help.
      NOTES: 1) This story refers to events that occur in previous stories in the arc. Contact the author for reference to the other works if you are interested.
      2) The title refers to a creation of the esteemed J.R.R. Tolkien � the enchanted gates to Moria, where the true path is revealed only under the moonlight.
      3) �_� contains spoken dialog, /_/ contains thoughts, *_* contains mental communication
      COMPLETED: 7/20/02

      * * *
      It was twilight, and Logan had cajoled me into walking in the woods with him.

      We�d wandered deep into the woods, the setting sun painting a red-orange sky that just faintly backlit the leaves and twigs above us and cast the world beneath the branches into a shadowy, magical place where little seemed the same as it had during the day.

      He walked through the forest just ahead of me, passing between the trees and through the underbrush like a forest creature, nearly silent and surefooted. His grace was stunning, moving with a comfort that seemed to make him one with our surroundings. He occasionally looked back, reassuring me in the growing darkness. Like an aura, I could feel his anima, his shining eyes were filled with wonder and pleasure, his expression peaceful tinged with wildness. Even in the growing shadows I could see his massive chest heaving and his face flushed with excitement.

      I was a hard as I could remember ever being.

      Logan, a few steps ahead, suddenly motioned me to stop. The last rays of the sun touched the uppermost leaves of the trees then faded and we stood, frozen in silence, for a few long, mystical moments. Slowly, he motioned me forward to the side of a great oak while he continued to peer intently at something in the distance. As quietly as I could manage, I crept up to the tree until I was touching the rough, damp bark with my fingers. I followed Logan�s gaze into the darkness.

      At first, I didn�t see anything. Logan moved forward like a ghost to stand behind me, looking over my shoulder, his body almost touching mine. I glanced back and saw the anticipation and fierce joy in his eyes. He raised his finger to his lips and nodded. As my eyes adjusted to the deepening darkness, I could just make out a faint trail ahead. I could feel the other man�s warmth behind me and his scent filled my nose. A bird quietly called in the branches overhead, as I saw it.

      A huge twelve-point buck emerged from the darkness, gracefully moving down the path toward an opening in the trees. He was huge and powerful, with a sleek, silent grace that invoked awe. My blood sang at his beauty, and when I felt Logan�s arms about my waist, I had to force my eyes away from the buck to glance back at the man, grinning in the near darkness because I was unable to contain my appreciation. Quietly he pulled me back into him, and I relaxed � really relaxed � back into his arms and watched the magnificent creature stop in a pool of pale, silvery moonlight.

      For a moment everything was still, the last of the fading blues and magentas of the sky fading to black and pale silver. There was just enough illumination to see the glimmer of hooves and tail and eyes. He stood still, the embodiment of nature and everything was quiet. Everything was perfect.

      He must have caught out scent then, because suddenly he looked directly at us, his luminous eyes filled with wisdom and eternity, and it made me feel small and humbled.

      A instant later he was gone.

      Awestruck and flying, I slid my hands over Logan�s arms wrapped around my waist and squeezed, pressing back into his warmth. His mouth was warm and wet as he kissed the junction of my neck and shoulder in a slow, lazy open-mouthed kiss. I sighed aloud, and he gently licked the same area, then nibbled across the nape. I shuddered at the tickle, pulling away from him slightly. Logan chuckled and loosened his grip a little. I turned, taking half a step away until we both stood facing one another under the ancient oak.

      The first untainted glimmer of the pale moon glimmered in his eyes, revealing his love and lust and something more, ancient and wonderful. I leaned forward that half step, and molded my body to his, feeding the growing primal fire, but never losing sight of that glimmer.

      He drew a breath as if to speak, and I stopped his words with my fingers. I held his gaze, catching just a faint reflection of garnet there as I traced his lips, then chin, then throat. Without a second thought, I kissed him, my lips pressing into his. At first gentle, then rougher, then tongues dueling deep then shallow, teeth nipping, soft sucking, the scraping of tongues on canines. It seemed to go one forever, and then it was over.

      I stepped back, still unable to look away from him, still feeling shades of that awe. In the pale light, he seemed shy, unsure. I grinned, then reached to take his hand, so strangely large and strong in my grip. I turned, tugging him along toward the new trail.

      �Coming?� I asked, nodding to the trail.

      I didn�t need to see his expression to know his answer.

      ********** End - Doors of Durin (1/1) - Feedback requested - Tarchannon@... ***********

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