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Fic: Fabulous Fatal Felines 11/?

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    Title: Fabulous Fatal Felines Part: 11/? By Natalia Previous parts can be found can be found:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 20, 2002
      Title: Fabulous Fatal Felines
      Part: 11/? By Natalia
      Previous parts can be found can be found: <A HREF="www.geocities.com/blackqueenphoenix">blackqueenphoenix</A> or <A HREF="http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=853687">Fan

      Fluffy glanced over at Bella, who was eating her dinner slowly. Sneering with
      each bite she took. She glanced down at the now empty can of cat food in
      front of her, pouting. Her stomach was making noises.

      "Bella." Fluffy grinned. Tormenting her sister was almost as much fun as
      tormenting the hairy man had been. She sauntered over to sit in front of
      Bella. "What do you suppose is in ze food?"

      Bella looked up, bits of meaty goodness on her whiskers. Fluffy's stomach
      rumbled a bit. She hoped Bella didn't notice. That would ruin the plan. "'Ow
      should I know? All I know is zat it is tre disgusting!"

      "Mine tasted funny. Like, maybe it was... I dunno ... perhaps something
      cheep. Like dog meat, perhaps."

      Bella spit out what she'd been eating. "Zey would not feed us... dog? Would

      "Ze master fed us yummy tuna. Fresh and all. Zat's because he loves us. Mais,
      ze hairy one, 'e 'ates us." Fluffy acted indifferent, walking over at a tall
      scratching post and running her claws over it... waiting for Bella to walk
      away from her food.

      All the while, Bella was looking at her food, horrified. Face turning all
      shades of green. How could their master leave them with such a monster that'd
      feed them dog? The worst creature on the entire earth?

      Then she heard it. Ever so slight... Fluffy's stomach. Bella noticed the can
      Fluffy'd been eating from was licked clean.

      Glaring at Fluffy's back, Bella eyed the food. Despite the taste of it, she
      swallowed hard before eating the rest hurriedly. She saw Fluffy glaring da
      ggers at her out of the corner of her eye and grinned.

      "Ze dog meat was very, very good... once you get used to ze taste, non?"
      Bella asked Fluffy.

      The white cat just stabbed the scratching post angrily with her claws.

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