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Fic: Fabulous Fatal Felines 10/?

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    Title: Fabulous Fatal Felines Part: 10/? By Kelsey (shadowcatfan@hotmail.com) Previous parts can be found can be found:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 20, 2002
      Title: Fabulous Fatal Felines
      Part: 10/? By Kelsey (shadowcatfan@...)
      Previous parts can be found can be found: <A HREF="www.geocities.com/blackqueenphoenix">blackqueenphoenix</A> or <A HREF="http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=853687">Fan

      Logan stood in the doorway, holding a drenched cat in each hand.

      "Logan?" The Professor asked, wheeling in to dinner, "What are you doing to
      those poor creatures?"

      Poor creatures? Poor creatures! First, they attacked me, then they made me
      look bad in front of Jean, then I had to chase them through the whole school,
      then after all that, I got rained on!" Logan was indignant.

      "Oh, I see. Well take those poor creatures up to you room and feed them, then
      why don't you take a break and join us for dinner?" The Professor suggested,
      turning away before Logan could see his smile.

      "I like 'im Bella," Fluffy decided.

      "Ze bald one? 'E is amuzing, but not as much as our 'airy man," Bella pointed

      "Oui, but I 'eard ze master say ze bald one could read minds!"

      "Ooh tres interesting. Do you t'ink 'e could read our minds Fluffy?"

      "I do not know Bella," Fluffy grinned an evil cat grin at her friend, "we may
      'ave to experiment." Bella match her friend's precocious look.

      "Experiment, indeed."

      By then Logan had reached his room and was opening a can of tuna with one

      "Ooh, I smell dinner Bella," Fluffy started purring excitedly. Bella sniffed
      the air snobbishly.

      "It isn't fresh. Nothing to get excited about," Fluffy ignored this, and ran
      straight for the can Logan had placed on the floor. Bella looked pointedly at
      Logan. "What?" She wondered, "You cannot possibly expect me to share a can of
      food with ze likes of 'er. Be a bon 'airy man and open another can," Fluffy
      was too bust eating to notice the insult and Logan obediently opened another
      can before going downstairs to dinner.

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