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FIC: Harry Potter and the Big Round Room 2/?

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  • poison_ivy_penguin
    * Disclaimer in part One * A/N: Dementor: an evil soul- sucking fiend Voldermont: An evil, evil wizard who controled the dark side of the moon for 11 years
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      * Disclaimer in part One *

      A/N: Dementor: an evil soul- sucking fiend
      Voldermont: An evil, evil wizard who controled the dark side of
      the moon for 11 years before failing to kill one Harry Potter, and he
      was obliterated. He is (in my verse) still attempting to rise to
      pwoer again.

      The term `bitchios' was invented by Taryn, Terri or Karen ; )
      Jonas, Terri, Karen, Taryn this one is for you, you know why ; )


      Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

      Albus Dumbledore and Charles Xavier sat in the formers office taking
      tea from a bottomless teapot. The two headmasters had been
      considerably close for several decades and had lent one another
      faculty or resources over the years. This was the first time they had
      united under the banner of the same cause.

      "I see your students have arrived safely, Albus" Professor Xavier
      said warmly to the bearded man.

      "Indeed. I've also sent Severus with them. Things should be
      interesting" Dumbledore said with a twinkle in his eye.

      "Speaking of, has the old bat ever lightened up at all?" Charles

      Nearly reading his mind Albus returned, "I could ask you the same or
      Mr. Logan."

      Sighing with resignation, Charles continued "perhaps, we could employ
      Mr. Weasley or Mr. Potter to knock some sense into our stubborn
      little boys."

      "Certainly, any magical mishaps away from the castle must be dealt
      with as soon as possible, if a few side effects were to occur, well
      that is out of my hands I am afraid."

      "Then it is settled."

      "And so it shall be."

      The two old conspirators raised their cups and toasted to what would
      be, if they had their own way that was.

      "I'm afraid I must return now. Scott and Ororo approach."

      "Very well. Shall we stay in contact by owl post or more, muggle

      "Cerebro works fine. And in case you have forgotten, I have a small
      bit of telepathic ability Albus" he stated, teasingly.

      "Ah yes, of course. I must be slipping in my old age!"

      "So long old friend. I trust we will meet again, under more pleasant
      circumstances if possible."

      "Fear not, Charles. I've sent the most capable students Hogwarts has
      to offer, and the greatest potions master I've seen in my lifetime."

      Suddenly the Blackbird appeared and Charles climbed through the
      window to take Ororo's outstretched hand. Albus watched the jet take
      off and marveled at Muggle technology. Shaking his head he returned
      to the business of running the most prestigious school of magic in

      Meanwhile across the Globe at Charles Xavier's School for Gifted

      The entrance hall: 6:05 AM

      "Potter! Weasly! You're late!" Severus Snape snapped at the
      two 18 year old wizards.

      "You're not going to yell at Hermione?" Ron queried cheekily.
      "Insufferable know-it-all that she is, at least Miss Granger has the
      compunction to be punctual once in awhile."

      The three younger wizards stared openly. This was the second neat
      compliment Snape had directed at Hermione. Such a thing was unheard
      of, even for Snape's own Slytherin house.

      He glared menacingly before muttering "quandro invisibus," casting an
      invisibility charm over the four of them. "Buble defindium" then
      rendered them utterly untraceable to the semi-muggle populace of
      "Our assignment, is of course to protect the muggles at this school.
      The details and reasons, I'm sure you are unaware of. Take a seat
      and pay attention" he said whilst conjuring up three chairs."
      "We're here to pose as students and faculty at this school. To stop
      an insidious group of half muggle, half-dementor origin. They exist
      in Hagletonia in upper New York state. It is much like the American
      version of Hogsmede. Purely magical and invisible to the muggle eye.
      However, it is an unnatural and evil place. Voldermont himself
      refused to set foot in the vicinity."

      The three students exchanged glances. The fact that Lord Voldermont,
      the darkest wizard in a millenium had balked at anything spoke
      volumes. "Half-muggle, half dementor?" Hermione started, "sir, how is
      that even possible?"

      "Miss Granger, surely I don't have to explain the finer points of
      the birds and bees?" Snape said dryly.

      Ron and Harry stifled sniggers. The thought of Snape saying anything
      on the subject was enough to make anyone who knew the brooding wizard
      grin like a Cheshire cat.

      "All I meant was that I thought the Dementors were...... she trailed
      off "well, I suppose the thought had never occurred to me."
      "I don't suppose it would" Snape replied silkily.
      Ron rolled his eyes and uttered "who would, aside from that greasy
      git" under his breath.

      "Bite your tongue Weasly, we do not need such juvenile behavior.
      Headmaster Dumbledore seems to believe you three are up to task. I
      suggest you don't prove him wrong."

      "What exactly are these, um, creatures planning?" Harry inquired.
      Snape looked thoughtful for a moment, and the three could have sworn
      a flicker of amusement stole across his face before he began to speak

      "The haglets, as they are commonly known are led by four wo-females.
      Civ, Bindie, and Tethbrely. A fourth, Larice appears to have worked
      her way into the inner circle as well. It has come to our attention
      that the haglets are attempting to poison muggle children throughout

      "What does that have to do with this school?" Ron asked.

      "I'm getting to that. This school contains Cererbro, which is a
      fancy name for the big round room you three arrived in. It has
      uncharted telepathic capabilities and can track any mutant, a sort of
      halfway magical muggle that isn't a wizard exactly. They have
      powers, but only one or two usually, and they are limited to some
      extent. There is a flaw within this Cerebro system however. Charles
      Xavier, Headmaster of this school though brilliant is unabashedly
      optimistic and generally fails to see how things of great power may
      be used for unholy intentions." Snape stopped again to ponder how to
      phrase the next part of the explanation.

      "Potter and Miss Granger, you are familiar with television and radio
      and how they work yes?" Snape asked.

      The pair nodded their head. "Well then, Weasly, pay attention as
      this is mainly for your benefit" he spat.

      "A person with a bit of technological intelligence could alter
      Cerebro to effectively brainwash the masses by distorting airwaves
      and radio frequencies."

      "I thought you said they were trying to poison muggles" Ron broke in,
      obviously puzzled.

      Snape sighed long sufferingly. "It is a long story Weasly, allow me
      to get to the point. As we understand it, the Haglets have taken
      over a small corporation in America. General Mills is the name I
      believe. It is a cereal company. They have essentially enchanted
      the cereal with Dementor blood. It will theoretically pull the soul
      out of whoever eats it, and turn the consumer into an evil being,
      essentially a dementor with human genetics."

      "Such a creature could strip schools all over the country of their
      souls! It would become a giant wasteland!" Hermione said in horror.

      "Yes, it would be devastating and qucick spread. To stop that from
      happening, we're to protect Cerebro. If the haglets can't control
      all major forms of communication, they cannot of course suggest to
      the public they need to go out and buy Cherrios. However, we're here
      as well to keep them from reaching the girl called Rogue. It is
      Professor Xavier's believe that they are planning on using the girl
      as a conduit to activate the machine. Her mutation is the ability to
      essentially suck out a person's very being through her skin."

      "Is she-" Harry started

      "Yes, she does have some dementor blood in her. How she never
      turned evil is a mystery." Snape confirmed.
      "The problem lies in locating the other key. There are many
      possibilities to who is the other part of the equation. That is why
      we are here to locate him or her and remove them at once."

      "Sir, why is a conduit necessary. Why don't the haglets simply send
      out the contaminated cereal?"

      "It has everything to do with the power of suggestion Miss Granger.
      The cereal is being marketed as "Bitchios" and only those minds
      that've wrapped their mind around that fact will be able to locate
      the cereal in stores. It is invisible to the uninitiated. Why do
      you think we haven't just gone out and removed the boxes from shelves
      and destroyed them?" Snape sneered.

      "So, who are we posing as?"

      "The three of you will be posing as new students. Mutant students.
      Weasly, your `mutant ability' is to transfigure objects. Potter you
      are an expert at levitation, and Miss Granger will have the strange
      ability to conjure fire. Your wands will be cast with an
      invisibility charm and keep them handy at all times. Mutant powers
      are not directed by a wand, so we must appear the same."

      "What are you going to do?" Harry asked.

      "I am a new teacher at this school. I shall be teaching of all
      things, history."

      "We will all shop for muggle clothing today in the afternoon. The
      two of you," he said indicating Harry and Hermione, "shall have to
      assist those of us less versed in Muggle wear. We will continue with
      this discussion after breakfast. Now I expect Charles Xavier to
      arrive any moment, I leave you to your devices." He finished.

      Harry Hermione and Ron rose from their chairs and silently stepped
      out of the bubble, and wove their way up to their rooms.


      Next up: Close encounters of the mini-mall kind, my name is what?,
      and current mutant-wizard relations ; )
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