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Fic: "Fellowship Of Heroes" PG (7/?) [Logan/Rogue, Legolas/Ororo, Scott]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Hi all, Part 7 of Fellowship Of Heroes - a X-men/LOTR crossover. Earlier parts can be read here:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 15, 2002
      Hi all,

      Part 7 of "Fellowship Of Heroes"- a X-men/LOTR crossover. Earlier parts can be read here:

      Thanks to Estelle for the Beta and support.

      Part 7:

      The weather was as cold and dark as the mood in the group. Boromir tried to comfort Merry and Pippin while Frodo, Aragorn and Legolas all stood alone. Scott saw tears running down Frodo’s cheeks, Legolas looked very sad and shocked. Ororo stood beside him and wasn’t sure how to comfort him so she just held his hand. Sam sat close to Frodo yet let him grieve in peace.

      “These lands will soon be covered with Orcs. We have to move,” Aragorn said as he adjusted his weapons. Scott, Logan and Rogue stood off to one side. They hadn’t known the old man long enough to truly grieve his passing and their hurt was no deeper than any feeling of hurt you get when you hear someone has died. Letting the others grieve in peace Logan had helped Scott remove the arrow from his leg and put a bandage around it. The wound hurt but he could walk on it. The returning daylight had painfully powered his blasts, giving him a giant headache but he could see that Ororo was happy to have her powers back as she flew a few millimeters above the ground.

      “Legolas, move them out,” Aragorn commanded and Scott knew he turned to Legolas because he knew that as his friend Legolas would obey his command no matter if he agreed with it or not.

      “Give them a moment for pity’s sake!” Boromir all but yelled, grief clear in his voice. Well, someone sure wasn’t happy with the King’s leadership, Scott mused.

      “We have a mission to complete. We will travel to the Golden Wood of Lothlorien,” Aragorn told them as he went to Frodo and guided him towards the others. Legolas had gotten Gimli to his feet and everyone was standing up, more or less ready to move out.

      “And that would be where for all us non natives? A map would be nice right about now,” Scott mumbled, knowing from Aragorn’s body language he wasn’t going to tell him.

      “I can’t see why the Hell we should continue helping you. Demons and fire beings…….We’re way out of our lead here,” Logan protested.

      “Lord Elrond has entrusted us all with a mission. Will you go back on your word?” Aragorn asked, anger in his voice. He didn’t trust these strange people one bit.

      “Are you callin’ me a liar?” Logan asked dangerously and his claws appeared on his hands.

      “Stop it!” Scott demanded and stood between Logan and Aragorn. “This solves nothing.”

      Logan drew back and his claws disappeared back into his skin but he stayed alert.

      “I won’t take orders from a stuck up royal brat,” Logan protested.

      “He is Aragorn, son of……..” Legolas began to his friend’s defense.

      “I don’t give a shit if he’s God himself. I don’t take orders…….” He cast a quick glance at Scott. “Maybe on occasion from One-Eye here but certainly not from you, Blondie, or from your King.”

      “And why is that?” Aragorn demanded to know, his brow frowned.

      “You’re not my King or my friend and frankly I don’t like you,” Logan said with all his usual tact.

      “Neat, Logan,” Scott complained.

      “We can’t walk into enemy territory divided. We have to solve this,” Legolas said, the voice of logic and wisdom.

      “Agreed,” Scott and Aragorn said at the same time.

      “Look, first of all on the issue of us staying……Logan, we have to stay. We have nowhere else to go and no way to get back to our own world. I know you fear for Rogue’s safety but we have no choice. Besides, we did give Lord Elrond our word……..more or less.”

      “You are a great asset to this fellowship,” Boromir said and Scott was sure that praise was something he rarely gave but when given he meant it.

      “So, we stay but who shall lead us?” Rogue asked, looking from one man to another.

      “Gandalf asked me to lead the group,” Aragorn told them.

      “Oh, yeah and I always let dead guys decide my future fate for me,” Logan said darker.

      “I would love to teach you respect, stranger,” Aragorn said angrily, his eyes a glow.

      “Will you two stop it?!” Scott all but yelled irritated.

      “Let’s vote on this,” Ororo suggested.

      “Good idea. All in favor of Aragorn leading us raise your hands,” Scott asked and Legolas and Gimli raised their hands, as did the Hobbits. Boromir seemed doubtful but did raise his hand in Aragorn’s favor and to Scott’s surprise so did Ororo.

      “He’s a good man and he needs this. This is his war, his people, his battle, his duty…..and his honor,” Ororo whispered to Scott and he smiled and nodded he understood.

      “That’ll be 9, with Aragorn, in his favor,” Scott said and turned to Logan with a ‘what can you do?’ shrug.

      “No way. Why can’t you lead us?” Logan bummed, refusing Aragorn his victory.

      “Because we are 12 in all. No matter what Aragorn has majority. He stays as leader,” Scott saw Logan was set to protest again. “That’s final, Logan.”

      “All right but don’t blame me when he gets us all killed,” he said darkly.

      “Okay, let’s move,” Aragorn demanded and the group began their walk towards Lothlorien. After two days they reached a wood that Scott suspected was the Golden Wood Aragorn had mentioned.

      “Stay close, Little Ones,” Boromir said to Merry and Pippin, drawing his sword. Something about the wood made him uneasy.

      “It says a witch Elven Queen once ruled here. It’s said her spirit has remained,” Gimli warned. Everyone was alert.

      “I hear something,” Legolas warned too late as suddenly the group was surrounded by Elves. Ororo stood close to Legolas, ready to use her control over the weather should it prove necessary but Legolas shook his head at her in no. She stayed alert but calmed down a little and as she looked to Scott she saw that while his hands were still on his glasses he too had seen Legolas’ signal and had stepped down a little.

      “Damn pointy eared fellows. I didn’t hear them sneak up on us,” Logan complained and popped his claws.

      “No human would,” Boromir said.

      *Greetings. I am Aragorn, son of Arathorn. We seek Galadriel, Queen of Lothlorien* Aragorn said to the man who seemed to be in charge in the Elvish tongue, leaving all but Legolas staring at him as they had no idea what he had just said.

      *She is expecting you, King Aragorn. Follow me* the elven leader said and indicated they should follow him.

      “He will take us to the Queen. We are to follow him,” Legolas explained as they began to be lead deeper into the forest.

      “Oh, great,” Logan complained, not liking this at all. Even Legolas seemed uneasy and Logan smelled…..not fear on him but awfulness……respect. Whatever they were about to come into contact with was huge and powerful.

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