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FIC: Harry Potter and the Big Round Room 1/?

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    Title: Harry Potter and The Big Round Room: A Harry Potter-X-Men Crossover Author: Autumn E-mail: dyslexic_crisco_penguin_fiend@h... Disclaimer: The X-Men are
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      Title: Harry Potter and The Big Round Room:
      A Harry Potter-X-Men Crossover

      Author: Autumn

      E-mail: dyslexic_crisco_penguin_fiend@h...

      Disclaimer: The X-Men are Stan Lee's creations, the wizarding types
      are J.K. Rowling's. I however do own the `haglets', then again, that
      may not be something to be proud of *g*.

      Summary: An unlikely union is formed to defeat the ultimate evil.....

      A quick overview of the characters:


      Harry Potter: The book hero
      Hermione Granger: girl genius type
      Ron Weasley: best friend to the two above
      Severus Snape: Potions master, death eater, deliciously sinister
      Albus Dumbledore: Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and
      Muggle: A non-magical person

      Wolverine/Logan: Haunted, badass type
      Cyclopse/Scott: X-Men leader, cool-headed
      Rogue/Marie: can kill with a touch
      Xavier: Headmaster of Charles Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters


      Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry:

      "Ron, could you make any more noise?" Hermione bit out at the
      bumbling red head.

      "Well, excuse me if there's not much room under this cloak!" he spat

      "Both of you, just shut up!" an exasperated Harry
      interjected. "Hermione, do you have it?"

      "Yes. 12 forward twists should do it" she murmured to herself while
      adjusting the time turner. The little hourglass gleamed a soft white
      light as the three figures touching it vanished into thin air.

      Charles Xavier School For Gifted Youngsters: the not so distant

      The man known as the Wolverine sat idly watching the monitors
      in the surveillance room. It had been a boring few weeks. No
      Magneto to worry about, no Sabertooth and not even Mystique. His
      days at Xavier's were spent prowling the grounds, spying on Mar-
      ensuring Rogue's safety, and just watching. For what exactly he
      wasn't sure. But it had to do with a more powerful foe than they'd
      ever faced before. Charles had reason to suspect that Rogue was a
      key part in this plan. He'd been so certain of this in fact he'd
      immediately had Scott and Ororo fly him to England in the blackbird.
      An old college of his was there and Charles felt the need to consult
      with him immediately.
      Suddenly the Cerebro screen caught his eye, he quickly pinned
      it with his gaze and watched in amazement as the door appeared to be
      closing. Without a second thought, Logan shot out of the room, and
      down the corridor. Eager to meet whoever was prowling about at all
      hours of the night.

      The three were standing on a platform about 12 feet away from the
      door. A careful look around told them there was a ceiling somewhere
      far above their heads, one chair with a helmet of sorts, blue tilling
      everywhere and a door. It was the strangest room they'd ever been
      in. After seven years of living in an enchanted castle, that was
      saying something.
      "Alohamora" Ron whispered at the door. It immediately opened and let
      them outside into a poorly lit corridor.
      This mansion was as modern as their usual surroundings were
      ancient and at times a bit eccentric. Florescent lighting lit the
      hallway, while paintings were lined up on every available surface.
      The three stopped and stared at a picture of a bald man in a
      wheelchair with three figures in what appeared to be a black, shiny
      material flanking him. Ron turned to Hermione and asked "is this
      what muggles normally wear?"
      Looking at the uniforms and visor on the head of the man she
      quickly answered "no" in a whispered voice. The three were so
      focused on the painting that they didn't hear a man sneak up behind

      Logan was slightly confused. He could smell three people, but a
      scan of the room revealed no one to his gaze. He heard what seemed
      to be a male voice whispering, and a female voice answering. He
      sniffed the air and was certain the third scent was near the other
      three. Logan strode up until he was certain he was right behind where
      he'd heard the speaking.
      Puzzled, he reached out a hand attempting to assess whether or
      not a person was in the vicinity. To his shock, his hand came into
      contact with a liquidy feeling cloth. He grabbed the cloth and
      jerked it backwards. Three heads popped into view.
      Quick as a wink, Hermione, Ron and Harry spun around, wands out
      stretched. "Wingardium Leviosa!" the three shouted.
      Logan found himself rising from the ground, as if Magneto was
      controlling him, but it wasn't painful. Still, he was rather
      indignant at being rendered helpless by three strangely dressed
      "Pertrificus Totalis" the girl muttered and Logan found himself
      paralyzed and dropped slowly to the floor.
      "Defendium" the black hared boy whispered and the only sound
      Logan could hear was a deafening silence.
      This was worse than being caught in the lab. At least then he
      could hear and move, now he lost all advantage over the three robe-
      claud individuals. He had no idea what to expect.

      "Ron, we've got to do something about him!" Hermione stated harshly.

      "I don't know Herm, he looks as if he'd strangle us as soon as talk."
      Harry added.

      "We thought the same thing about Snape, and he's not all bad!"

      "What a kind assessment Miss Granger," Professor Severes Snape, and
      potions master at Hogwarts spat out as he apperated next to the trio.

      "What in Merlin's name have you done to this, this, man?" he sneered
      in Logan's direction, "Miss Granger" he added as an afterthought.

      "How do you know it was Hermione?" Ron asked suspiciously.
      Severes rolled his eyes. "I'd hardly expect anything from a Weasly
      when under pressure, and judging by Flickwick's comments, Potter here
      doesn't seem a likely candidate either. Even if you're both seventh
      Hermione had to gloat a tiny bit. It wasn't everyday the hardest
      teacher in the history of Hogwarts went around giving compliments, no
      matter how underhanded they may be.
      "Well, are you going to tell me what you did to this man or not?"
      Snape said acidly.
      "Harry, Ron and I were caught a bit off guard. This man somehow
      knew we were here, even under the invisibility cloak" she said
      pointing at the silver cloak still clutched in Logan's petrified
      "We all chanted wingardium leviosa, unsure of who he was and
      I put him in a body bind, and Harry put a deafening hex on him.
      Snape sighed and looked towards Logan's prone body.
      "Enervate" he said, and Logan immediately jumped up and pinned the
      taller man to the wall. He unsheathed a claw.
      "Who in the hell are you?"
      Snape looked nonplused. He simply regarded the man and his
      claws. "I would remove that claw if I were you." Snape said coldly.
      Experiencing the unbearable pain of the cructatious curse had
      hardened him to threats of pain and violence. "I assure you, we are
      not here to hurt you muggles, or your precious children" Snape
      Logan considered what the man has said. Seeing as how the three
      kids were as powerful as they were, he assumed the man must be more
      so. He retracted his claw and released the extremely lanky man in
      front of him. "This better be good bub."
      Snape simply arched an eyebrow in amusement. He was used to such
      bravado, and rarely took it seriously. Especially from Muggles. Or
      whatever this man was. Severus somehow doubted the nine-inch claws
      were of muggle origin, but he wasn't about to waste his time
      speculating either. He simply accepted what was. "Mr. Logan, is
      it?" Going on after pausing shortly he said, "the three before you
      are Harry Potter, Ronald Weasly and Hermione Granger." "They've been
      sent here by Albus Dumbledore, along with myself to protect this
      Logan began snickering. Imagine Xavier's needing protection, by
      four robed Englishmen. Very funny idea indeed. He sized up the
      taller man and wondered how much of a threat he really posed. The
      kids, he imagined could be taken out very easily. Especially the
      tall red head, and the other boy had a sense of arogantness around
      him, he too could be taken down. He wasn't so sure about the girl
      though, something told him to discount her. "So who the hell are you
      "Professor Severus Snape," he said cordially. "Now if you would
      be so kind as to show us to our quarters please."
      Logan was reluctant to say the least to do anything the pale man
      in front of him asked, but he figured if he placed them in rooms,
      he'd know where they were at all times and he able to better keep an
      eye on them. He turned and strode down the long corridor, not hearing
      footsteps behind him he called out "are you coming or not?" without
      looking backwards. Soon enough, four sets of steps followed suit.
      "Weasly and Potter in here," Logan announced, pointing at a
      room. He crossed the hallway. "Granger, Snape." He indicated at two
      doors next to one another.
      The four wizards stood in front of their appointed rooms as Logan
      gracelessly stalked back down the corridor into the surveillance
      "Tomorrow, we shall meet at six o'clock A.M. in the entrance"
      Snape called to the three younger magical folks before entering his


      Next up: A conversation between Dumbledore and Xavier, some
      schemeing, and the discovery of the "haglets!"
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