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fic: Fabulous Fatal Felines 7/?

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    Title: Fabulous Fatal Felines Part: 7/? By Natalia Hey! What the?!? Bobby looked down at the little white hair-ball that had crashed into his leg and was
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 13, 2002
      Title: Fabulous Fatal Felines
      Part: 7/? By Natalia

      "Hey! What the?!?" Bobby looked down at the little white hair-ball that had
      crashed into his leg and was currently sprawled on the ground.

      "Fluffy!" Bella rushed to Fluffy's side when she saw her lying on the ground.
      "Are you alright?"

      "Non." Fluffy peered at Bella through half-closed eyes. She saw several
      Bella's swirling around her.

      "Hey! I know you! You're Mr. Summers' cats." Bobby knelt down, petting Bella
      on her head and Fluffy on her tummy.

      While Bella purred, loving the attention, Fluffy started growling... which
      Bobby easily mistook for loud purring. She was still smarting from the crash.
      The crash he caused by not watching where he was going.

      Before he knew what hit him, Fluffy had attached herself to him, fangs in
      fingers, claws in his palm and wrists.

      "Ahhh! You sonofa..."

      "There they are!" Logan ran down the hall and snatched Bella up by her neck.
      She began hissing and spitting. She couldn't turn to get her claws in him,

      "Let me go!" Bella cried out. "Fluffy! 'Elp me! I can' get loose!"

      "What is with this cat?" Bobby was trying to pry Fluffy off of him. "Do you
      think maybe Magneto planted them here?"

      "Sheese! They're just kittens." Kitty walked over with Rogue in tow. She
      snatched Fluffy off Bobby's hand.

      "Howcome we're not allowed ta have pets when Mr. Summers can?" Rogue took
      Bella from Logan.

      "Ugh! Disgusting little..." Logan was trying to shake fuzz off of his hands.

      "I told you, Rogue, didn't I, that the cats were in the wrong hands?"

      "Yup. Ah don't know why Mr. Summers would trust you with his cats, anyway. He
      hates you."

      "I bet Jean asked him to." Kitty and Rogue started to giggle.

      Logan glared at the girls and cats... but his face was a surprising... and
      embarrassing shade of red.

      "Fluffy! We 'ave to get out of here! All of ze's people will make it
      impossible for us to torment ze hairy one!" Bella struggled out of Rogue's
      gloved hands, landing easily on her padded paws.

      Fluffy slid through Kitty's hands. "What in ze bon dieu..." Fluffy scrambled
      to her feet, looking up at the girl who'd held her.

      "I saw zat!" Bella yelled, looking up at the girl, horrified. "What

      "Oops." Kitty smiled sheepishly. "My bad."
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