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fic: Fabulous Fatal Felines 9/?

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    Title: Fabulous Fatal Felines Part: 9/? By Natalia Mais, Bella... what about food? I don remember ze last time we ate... je suis tre fame. Fluffy pouted,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 13, 2002
      Title: Fabulous Fatal Felines
      Part: 9/? By Natalia

      "Mais, Bella... what about food? I don' remember ze last time we ate... je
      suis tre fame." Fluffy pouted, laying down in a patch of dirt with a heavy
      sigh. "Sure dere are animals an' such out 'ere, mais, we are only so big."

      "Je sais. Perhaps we can find a way to sneak in an' find some food? Zere has
      to be food lying about in such a huge place as this."


      "Come on." Bella nudged Fluffy before walking cautiously back towards the

      Fluffy jerked Bella by her tail back behind some tall sunflowers just as a
      woman in a long skirt walked out into the garden. She was humming, oblivious
      to their presence.

      The kittens watched her, intent on running back inside once they were sure
      they could make a clean getaway. The woman's blue eyes glazed over to a white
      color as she glanced up to the sky. Clouds began to form over the little
      garden and water was pouring in a matter of seconds.

      Bella and Fluffy glanced at each other... soaked before they knew what had
      hit them.

      "Where the hell are they?" The hairy man rushed out and then went back to the
      doorway to avoid getting wet. "I can smell 'em."

      "Smell who?" Ororo turned to face Logan, startled by him.

      "Scooter's cats. Got tricked into watching them while he and Jeannie are on
      their honeymoon."

      "I haven't seen any cats around here." She said, turning back to watering the

      "There." He reached into the sunflower bed, pulling the drenched cats into
      the house. Bella and Fluffy sulkily submitted to him carrying them inside and
      drying them off. They didn't want to catch colds or for their fur to be

      Even if the hairy man was being rough and was grumbling unpleasantly.

      "Maybe 'e will feed us now, you think?" Fluffy asked. Bella rolled her eyes
      and groaned.
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