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New FF: "On Instinct" by MoJo (L/M) NC-17 4/4

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  • mojober
    Title: On Instinct 4/4 Author: MoJo Feedback: MoJoBer@aol.com Paring: Logan/Marie Summary: And she had hoped maybe. . .just maybe this time on the road,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 12, 2002
      Title: "On Instinct" 4/4
      Author: MoJo
      Feedback: MoJoBer@...
      Paring: Logan/Marie
      Summary: "And she had hoped maybe. . .just maybe this time on the
      road, something would happen between them."
      Rating: NC-17 (yes, finally!). Thanks all for waiting!
      Disclaimer in Part One.

      My Web site: www.mojober.com/Fanfiction


      "This okay?"

      "It's great," Marie said, unbuttoning her cloak and slipping it off.
      She was just grateful to be inside; where didn't matter, which was
      good considering the condition of the room. They were lucky just to
      get it. The tiny motel's other rooms were filled but the proprietor
      let them have this one. There was something wrong with the pipes and
      half the furniture was missing, but she didn't care.

      It had a bed, a bathroom and. . .Logan.

      He locked the door, then tossed their bags on the floor before
      walking towards her, the snow from his boots leaving a powdery
      trail. He stopped in front of her, took some deep breaths and just
      stared. He didn't move, didn't say anything. Logan began to look
      uncomfortable and she figured he was formulating some excuse in his
      head. Before the awkwardness got too much, Marie reached up to brush
      the remaining snow out of his hair.

      "It's everywhere," she said, the snow melting into her gloves. They
      were already wet and cold and she couldn't feel her fingers. Marie
      couldn't feel much of anything except the warm pressure building in
      her abdomen. Logan caught her hand to make her stop.

      "It'll melt," he told her, wrapping his hand around hers and tucking
      it against his chest. He reached for the other one and did the same,
      making the pressure deepen and spread. The only thing melting was
      her, slowly and from the inside out.

      "You're not going to tell me this is a problem, are ya?" she asked,
      turning her lips down.

      "It is a problem," Logan stated, but moved her hands to his
      shoulders. His own, he slid to her waist and tugged her hips up
      against his. Marie looped her arms around his neck, pulling herself
      up onto her toes to try and make up for the difference in height.
      His face softened as his eyes swept over hers and settled on her

      "I know," Marie agreed, closing her eyes and focusing her mind. She
      braced herself for the pull before her lips brushed his. It was a
      light kiss, nothing insistent, until she was certain the draw was
      inward. A current passed through her as she made it more, her tongue
      sliding along his until she had to stop. It left her breathless,
      drained, but wanting. So much so, she fought off the fatigue and
      smiled invitingly at Logan.

      "Don't put me in a coma," he said, as his thigh edged between hers so
      her pelvis rubbed against it. That little bit of friction created a
      twinge of pleasure and she rotated her hip into it. "That will be
      even harder to explain than. . ."

      Her hip bumped against his cock. Her eyes widened at how hard it was

      Whatever he was going to say faded into a sudden groan. She repeated
      the motion, for both their benefits, and felt the twinge again.
      Marie grinded into it and felt his hands shift to her backside. He
      gripped it firmly before sliding them even lower to the backs of her
      thighs. Before she had time to catch her breath, she was being
      lifted up. Her legs wrapped around Logan's waist fast and she gasped
      when her back hit a wall. He centered their hips and his eyes had
      gotten very dark as he looked at her and paused, uncertain still.

      "Please, Logan," she whispered, trailing her hand down his face.


      When he didn't answer, Marie nudged her hips and that was all it
      took. She wasn't some under age runaway now, they weren't under
      Xavier's roof and he wasn't taking advantage of anything. She'd have
      to decide what was within the limits of her control and what wasn't.

      The heat they generated was making him sweat and he let her down.
      Logan quickly stripped out of his leather jacket, dropping it in a
      heap on the floor. They wouldn't be able to take off much else. He
      found he didn't care as long as they could do this. He took her back
      in his arms and within seconds, they landed on the bed, Marie on
      top. She bit her lower lip, suppressing the nervous smile quivering
      there and the cause for it was suddenly apparent.

      "Is this your first. . ." he whispered, but not sure if he really
      wanted the answer. It was awkward enough already without that, too.

      "It's certainly not yours," Marie whispered back, letting her lip
      slide through her teeth. She settled against him, straddling his
      hips with hers and resuming contact. It made it hard for Logan to
      think clearly. "I remember. . .things."

      "You shouldn't go by that," he groaned out. He didn't want her
      expecting whatever was in his memories. A fuck was one thing; this
      would be something else. He wanted her to know there was a

      She leaned forward a little and his hands could no longer stay

      They wandered up to her breasts to cup them before brushing his broad
      thumbs over her nipples. In seconds, they hardened into peaks that
      were visible through her clothes. Her eyes grew hazy with pleasure
      as she leaned into his touch, wanting more.

      "C'mere," he beckoned, drawing her down for another kiss. He saw
      her brow furrow in concentration before she tipped her mouth over
      his. On contact, he felt a spark that quickly dissolved as the kiss
      deepened before she had to pull away again. "You okay?"

      "Yeah," she confirmed, although he could see her struggling for
      control. Marie recovered and gave him a smile. "I'm just conservin'
      my energy for. . ."

      "Yeah," Logan said, his hands returning to their careful exploration
      of her body. It didn't take much to figure out the reason why she
      worked so hard at controlling her mutation. She did it for him, for
      this and right or wrong, he wanted to give her something back.

      Logan dropped his fingers and his gaze to the fly of her jeans.
      Marie held her breath, drawing her stomach in so he wouldn't
      accidentally touch her skin as he unfastened them. He drew the
      zipper down and smiled as it revealed simple lace and cotton
      panties. They looked so young and not like the ones she'd picked up

      His smile faded as he caught the scent of her arousal, heavy and
      sweet. His cock ached to be inside her now, to be wrapped in that
      warm, tight space and claim it as his own. Beneath the weight of her
      body, it throbbed, but it would have to wait.

      He wanted to do this for her first.


      Marie grew still as Logan took the ends of her open fly in both hands
      and used them to tug her jeans down even further, just over her hips.

      "Should I take them off?" she asked in a small, almost breathless
      voice. She had a good idea what he was going to do and she shivered
      in anticipation. Touch, even through fabric, was still touch and she
      craved the contact.

      "Not yet," Logan said, shaking his head before finally pressing his
      fingers against her. His hand began to move in a circular motion,
      gently separating her folds through thin cotton barrier until he
      found what he was looking for.

      Through the damp lace, he rubbed the small bud. It felt good, so
      good. She rolled her hips into it and made the friction even harder
      until the pleasure started to peak. Marie let out a little gasp,
      eager for it to continue.

      "Right there?" he asked, then concentrated even more on that spot.
      Marie tried to speak, but the words weren't forming as the pleasure
      returned. She settled on an enthusiastic nod and Logan chuckled
      softly. "Right there it is."

      His eyes shifted from his fingers to her face and Marie's cheeks
      flushed. He was watching her with such intent it made her self-
      conscious. She never thought Logan would ever look at her the way
      he was right now. Marie stared back at him, watching him watching
      her until a certain twinge began beneath Logan's fingers.

      "Logan. . ."

      Her eyes fluttered shut as both the sensation and his motions
      increased. Her hands clutched at her thighs as he wound her tighter
      and tighter until her body finally let go. She cried out as it hit,
      then moaned through the subsequent waves of pleasure. Through it
      all, his hand never stopped, never let up until she was spent. Her
      hips stilled and she sat back, catching his hand in both of hers.

      "Good?" he asked as he used their joined hands to pull her down into
      his arms.

      "Real good."

      She let her legs slide out only to have them quickly tangled around
      his. His erection pressed into her stomach and her insides quivered
      again, only this time anxiously.

      It was his turn now.

      With one smooth motion, he rolled them both over so he was on top.
      He rearranged himself so his arms supported his weight before sliding
      his body down hers. He caught hold of her jeans again and she lifted
      her hips just enough for him to start peeling them down her legs.
      Logan got stopped by her shoes, but soon they were on the floor along
      with her jeans. He hovered above her on all fours, his eyes running
      up her bare legs hesitantly.

      It was a lot of skin.

      "Maybe we shouldn't. . ." Logan started.

      "I said I won't put you in a coma," she said and his eyes snapped to

      "You sure?" he asked as she brought her hands to the waistband of his
      jeans. She gave them a sharp, insistent tug.

      "I'm sure," she said as her gloved fingers started on his fly.


      Marie wriggled beneath him, scooting down a bit so she could have
      better access. Logan wished like hell he didn't have to keep them
      on, but he didn't see any other way to do it. She'd have to keep her
      panties on as well, but at least those legs would be wrapped around
      him. Her hand brushed his cock a few times, jarring the last bit of
      common sense out of his head as she unzipped sharply.

      "Careful," he cautioned, reaching one hand into his back pocket. "I
      heal fast but still. . ."

      Marie smiled and lay back, her eyes huge as she watched him pull out
      a condom and tear it open. Her brow furrowed as she looked at it,
      then back at him inquisitively.

      "Jenny," she said and he nodded reluctantly. He wasn't about to lie
      to her now. Marie let out a disappointed sigh and rolled her
      eyes. "I knew it."

      "You mad?" he asked as he sat back for a second to put the damn thing
      on. He must have fumbled with it too much because Marie propped
      herself into a sitting position and much to his surprise, took it
      from him.

      "Just don't do it again," she answered, her hands shaking a bit as
      she freed him from his jeans and underwear. Her expression grew
      pensive for a moment and she swallowed down some air before taking
      his length in one small hand. Her covered thumb skimmed over the
      head and he almost lost it just from that. With a little too much
      skill, she rolled the latex down.

      "Should I even ask?" Logan said as she drew her hand away and lay
      back. She had been on the road eight months before he met her. He'd
      always. . .assumed she hadn't done anything but now he was starting
      to wonder. Marie cocked her head to the side and gave him a look.

      "They taught it health class," she informed him and he winced at the
      reminder of just how young she was. "That was before I knew I was
      a. . ."

      Logan nudged her knees apart with his and she stopped talking.

      "A what? A mutant?" he guessed, dropping back on all fours to settle
      on top of her. He was still mostly in his jeans, except for his
      cock. He shifted his weight to one hand and used the other to adjust
      the rest of his clothing so as little skin as possible down there was
      exposed. "There are worse things you could be."

      "I know," she said, her eyes full of understanding. "Right now I
      just want to be. . .with you."

      That was all Logan needed to hear. His fingers returned to her
      panties, carefully catching the elastic edge and pushing it to one
      side to expose her wet sex. Logan felt his groin tighten even more
      and he knew he wasn't going to last long, which was good considering
      Marie's concentration had limits.

      "You start to slip, you tell me," he instructed and she nodded. He
      wrapped his arms around her as best as he could while he lowered his
      hips into hers. Marie closed her eyes as his cock teased her opening
      before slowly entering her. Her face immediately pinched up, her jaw
      locking as she braced herself against him.

      Fuck. He was right. She had never done this before.

      "Y'okay?" he whispered, as he eased back out.


      The intense pressure she hadn't been prepared for was gone.

      "Rogue, look at me."

      She couldn't bring herself to open her eyes just yet, too embarrassed
      by her reaction to face him. She'd heard from others what sex was
      supposed to be like and this wasn't it. It was supposed to be like
      earlier when he was touching her, only better. She knew the first
      time wasn't going to be perfect but she didn't think it was going to
      be this uncomfortable either.

      "I-I started to slip," she stammered as an excuse, finally opening
      her eyes. They were met with Logan's, which were quickly filling
      with guilt. He moved his hips a little further back from hers and
      Marie clutched his upper arms. "That's all. . ."

      Logan frowned, then moved a hand to the side of her head. She felt
      his fingers tangle her hair and graze against her scalp. "I'll stop."

      "No," she spoke up, worried if they didn't, they never would. Logan
      started shaking his head and it made her heart ache. "I want
      to. . .with you." Marie took a deep breath and released it slowly
      before continuing. "I want it to be you, Logan. No one else."

      Marie meant it, every word, and maybe it was that sincerity that
      changed his mind. Logan moved in once more, holding her a little
      closer. She closed her eyes, concentrating hard as his cock nudged
      at her opening again.

      "Ready?" he whispered and she nodded.

      Marie felt that pressure again and it kept increasing the deeper he
      slid in. She could feel it all the way up in her head, through her
      nerves until finally something gave. It still hurt, but not as much
      as he began to move. Marie eased her grip on his arms, willing her
      body to relax. She knew she should be moving her hips with his,
      meeting each of his thrusts with one of her own but she couldn't
      bring herself to. Not this time, anyway.

      "Is it okay?" she asked, not wanting to disappoint him too much.

      "Oh yeah," Logan answered, his voice little more than a low growl.
      There was something so needy about it that Marie smiled to herself.
      She was the one making him sound that way. Marie tried to hold onto
      that as he continued to pump into her, his pace getting increasingly
      harder and faster.

      Briefly, their skin would accidentally brush or bump together, but it
      wasn't long enough for the pull to start. Marie tried to wrap her
      legs a little higher around his hips, hoping it would help speed
      things along. As much as she wanted it to be good for him, she also
      wanted it over. Her body really ached and she wasn't sure how much
      longer she could keep up her concentration.

      To her relief, Logan let out a long groan and his hips finally
      stilled. Above her, his body shuddered and twitched and she looked
      up. His face was twisted with what must be pleasure, eyes closed and
      mouth open as he breathed through it. Distracted, her thigh slipped
      a little and ended up against a patch of bare skin. She wasn't sure
      if she'd be strong enough to stop it.

      "Logan," she called out and his eyes flew open. They met hers as it
      began, the almost electrical current charging their skin where it
      touched. Marie managed to hold it off just enough for Logan to push
      her leg lower so it hooked over his jeans. In doing so, he suddenly
      slipped out of her.

      "You all right?" he panted, as they unwrapped themselves from one

      "Yeah," Marie said, the space between her legs feeling odd.

      "I have to. . .I'll be right back," he said, sliding one hand down to
      hold onto the condom before moving off the bed. Marie waited until
      he was in the bathroom before sitting up herself. She adjusted her
      panties, then reached for her pants to tug them on. Marie couldn't
      help but feel self-conscious. She wanted to get in the bathroom
      herself and make sure everything was okay down there.

      On shaky legs, she stood up and waited for him to come out. He gave
      her a strange look but didn't question her as she slipped past him
      and into the bathroom.

      Once inside, Marie leaned back against the door, wrapped her arms
      around herself and closed her eyes. She felt like crying, although
      she wasn't sure why. It was what she'd wanted, more than anything
      but it just wasn't the way it was supposed to be.

      After a few minutes, she heard a quiet knock on the door.

      "Just give me a couple minutes, okay?"


      It was more than a couple minutes, but eventually she came out.

      "C'mere," Logan beckoned. He was sitting on the edge of the bed and
      held his hand out to her. She took it in her gloved one, then let
      him pull her into his lap. Her head fell onto his shoulder as he
      slipped his arms around her, holding her as close as he could. She
      tucked herself in even more, bringing her legs up so they were draped
      across both of his.

      "I'm sorry," she whispered against his shoulder. She breathed a
      heavy sigh that made Logan feel all the more guilty. He shouldn't
      have done it, no matter how good it felt or how much he wanted her.

      "Don't be," he told her. He was the one who should be sorry, not her.

      "It's just. . .I didn't think it would be so different."

      That caught him off guard. "Different?"

      Marie lifted her head up and looked at him with soft eyes. "Yeah.
      Different from people who aren't like. . .me. In my head, from you,
      I know what you expected. I guess I was expectin' that, too."

      Now he understood why she was so upset. It came as such a relief
      Logan couldn't help but crack a slight smile. He brought his hand up
      to her face, carefully pushing the hair out of her eyes. "You

      "Aren't you?" she answered, her eyes searching his. "I mean. . .I
      won't ever be able to completely control it. I'll always have to be
      careful, always need my gloves. . ."

      "Then we'll just have to deal with it," he said, cutting her off.
      Her face lit up at the 'we' though Logan wasn't sure how or even if
      they were going to do this once they got back. "We're going to have
      to deal with a lot of things."

      "I know," Marie said, resting her head back on his shoulder. She was
      tired, drained and he could feel her body growing heavy in his arms.

      The scent of sex lingered still in the room and on them both. It
      stirred something inside him, something that made it easy to forget
      everything else for a while. She was so warm now that all he wanted
      to do was wrap up in that warmth for a few hours before they had to
      start heading back.

      Logan slipped an arm under her legs, then got up just long enough to
      lay her down in the center of the bed. He pulled off his boots,
      loosened up some of his clothes and climbed in behind her. She
      scooted back into his arms, the curves of her ass fitting nicely up
      against his cock. He couldn't help but press into it, enjoying the
      feel of her. She let out this little moan and Logan knew if he
      could've had her again right then and there, he would have without a
      second thought. If this thing between them was a problem before, it
      was certainly going to be an even bigger one now.



      "Who was back there in the tavern?" she asked softly.

      "It was Jean," he admitted, resting his head against the back of
      hers. "She wanted to talk some sense into me. She didn't."

      "But we are going back," Marie said. It wasn't a question but a
      statement of fact, something for him to confirm. It was where they
      belonged now and it was the life Marie wanted--for both of them. He
      just wasn't sure they could have. . .this there.

      "Yeah," he said, closing his eyes and holding her a little tighter.
      For right now, this was all that mattered.

      The End

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