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New FF: "On Instinct" by MoJo (L/M) NC-17 1/4

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  • mojober
    Title: On Instinct 1/4 Author: MoJo Feedback: MoJoBer@aol.com Paring: Logan/Marie Summary: And she had hoped maybe. . .just maybe this time on the road,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 9, 2002
      Title: "On Instinct" 1/4
      Author: MoJo
      Feedback: MoJoBer@...
      Paring: Logan/Marie
      Summary: "And she had hoped maybe. . .just maybe this time on the
      road, something would happen between them."
      Rating: NC-17.
      Disclaimer: They don't belong to me. They belong to Marvel and Fox.
      Probably more people than that own them--just not me.
      Archive: Just let me know where it goes.
      Author's Notes: This is a follow up to 'Cause and Effect,' which I
      wrote a while ago, but this can be read on its own. Thanks to Jori,
      always. This is movieverse and I apologize if there is anything in
      here that is contrary to the comicverse. I'm just going off the
      movie. Thanks!

      My website: www.mojober.com/Fanfiction


      Westchester, NY

      "Wake up. . ."

      Marie turned over and pressed her face into the pillow. She was used
      to hearing voices in her head, especially in the hazy, half-conscious
      state of sleep. Logan. Erik. David. This time it was Logan. She
      curled a little tighter on her side and ignored it only to hear it
      again, louder and more insistent.

      "Rogue. . .c'mon, wake up."

      She would have ignored that, too if it wasn't accompanied with a hand
      on her shoulder, shaking her firmly.

      "Logan?" she called out, eyes fluttering open to find him sitting on
      the edge of her bed. He was dressed like he was heading out--
      flannels and jeans and his leather jacket. "Where are you goin'?"

      "We," he clarified, staring down at her intensely. "I need you to
      get up and get dressed. I'm taking you out of here."

      Marie rolled onto her back. She stretched a little, arching her back
      and wriggling her hips into a more comfortable position. "Why?"

      "Just do it, okay?" he answered, impatiently throwing back the
      covers. His eyes flickered over her exposed midsection before he
      averted his eyes. Marie reached up to tug her t-shirt down as she
      pulled herself into a sitting position and looked at him.

      "The Professor know we're leavin'?" she asked as Logan stood up. He
      paced her small dormitory back and forth, his eyes darting everywhere
      to take everything in. It was the first time he'd been in her room
      since she'd gotten it following graduation a month ago.

      "He doesn't know where, but yeah," Logan answered, picking a pair of
      jeans off the floor. He tossed them at her, then pulled open a
      drawer and grabbed a shirt. He tossed that on top of the jeans. "We
      don't have time to play twenty questions. . ."

      He stopped and stared at her again, somewhat desperately and Marie
      scrambled out of bed.

      "Can I bring anythin'?" she asked as she picked up the shirt and put
      it on over the one she was already wearing. Double layers
      compensated for the fact she wasn't wearing a bra. Next, Marie
      reached for the jeans. There was no way she was getting those over
      the soft flannel pants she had on. She exchanged a look with Logan
      and he turned to pace along the other side so she could take them off.

      "Yeah, whatever you can stuff in this in the next five minutes," he
      said, snatching a duffel bag off the floor. He dumped its contents
      out as she pulled on her jeans, all the while watching her out of the
      corner of his eye. The second they were up and covering her hips, he
      turned back around and handed it to her.

      Marie looked at the empty bag and then back up at Logan. A rush
      moved through her as the full realization of what was happening hit

      They were running.

      And he wasn't telling her from what.


      Somewhere in Canada

      The gas light on the truck's dashboard flicked on.

      Shit. He'd have to stop.

      Logan looked over at Marie and didn't have the heart to wake her just
      yet. She was curled on the front seat beside him, legs up and
      underneath her, gloved hands folded in her lap. A bump in the road
      made her head shift from the back of the seat to his shoulder where
      it had been resting for the last hundred miles or so. More than
      once, he'd thought about wrapping his arm around her shoulders, but
      decided it was better to keep both hands on the wheel. It was hard
      enough already to concentrate on driving when every inhalation filled
      his nostrils with her scent. And she smelled good.

      "You need gas."

      Logan looked down at her again, seeing her lashes flutter with the
      last remnants of sleep before opening them for good.

      "Good, you're up," he muttered, keeping his eyes on the road as he
      nudged her head off his shoulder. He shook it out a bit. "My arm
      was about to fall off."

      "Where are we?" she asked, uncurling her body into a sitting
      position. She stretched a little before slumping back against the

      "North," he answered.

      "Home," she said through a yawn. He glanced over and she was giving
      him a speculative look. "Your home."

      "Yeah. I know places to go," he offered as an excuse. He waited for
      her to argue, but instead she was quiet. It lasted all of five

      "I came up this way when I ran away," she said wistfully. "Up
      through Niagra Falls and then through the Canadian Rockies to

      "What was in Anchorage?" he asked and out of the corner of his eye,
      saw her shrug.

      "Nothin'," Marie answered simply, then sighed heavily. "It was
      supposed to be an adventure, that's all. After high school. Before
      college. Had this big map in my room with all the places I was goin'
      to go marked out with pictures and post cards."

      "That was your mistake right there," Logan said, turning into a
      small, run down gas station. "Planning it out. Life doesn't work
      like that."

      "Is this planned?" she asked as the truck jerked to a stop. He
      killed the engine first, then looked over at her before answering.

      "Not all of it," Logan said, his eyes locking with hers. "What?"

      "Can we go to Anchorage?" she asked hopefully.

      "I thought you said there was nothing there," he said. She smiled
      ever so slightly and he immediately shook his head. "Nice try. Get
      out and pump."

      "Why me?" she protested, but got out anyway. She walked around the
      front and stopped at driver's side window, wanting money. Her breath
      fogged the cold glass as she waited.

      He'd asked himself that same question many times--why Marie? Of all
      the people that had drifted in and out of his life, he never needed
      anyone the way he needed her. They had only one thing in common and
      that, apparently, was enough.

      Logan rolled the window down before she steamed it up anymore and
      handed her some money for the gas.


      "Wait in the truck," Logan instructed before opening the door.

      "Are we stoppin' here?" Marie asked, eyeing at the run down tavern

      "Maybe. I used to know the owner. It'll be safe," he said, with a
      twist of his lips. It certainly didn't look safe to her. Logan got
      out, took the keys with him and slammed the door shut. Marie watched
      as he walked away, glancing over his shoulder a couple times to make
      sure she indeed was staying put.

      And she did for about ten minutes.

      It seemed familiar to her. It wasn't that unlike the place they'd
      met in, she thought as she stepped inside, or the hundreds of places
      just like it from his memories. Off in the back, she figured there
      was a place for cage fighting. A few of the remaining patrons looked
      her over, but none approached. She could handle it if they did, but
      she didn't want to make a scene. She just wanted to find Logan.

      "C'mon, one fight. . ."

      "I told you, Jenny, I don't do that anymore."

      Marie followed his voice to the far end of the bar, where Logan was
      standing very close to a blond haired woman. She laid her hands on
      his chest and smiled up at him before running them down it slowly.
      He closed his eyes as she let them wander even lower.

      "You do this anymore?" she asked, practically purred as her nails
      scraped over his fly. "You must have come here wanting something,
      Logan. You always want something. If it's not a fight and it's not
      me. . ."

      His eyes opened back up and met Marie's.

      The woman followed his gaze and looked at her as well. She let her
      hands fall away from Logan and she took a step back, her attention
      shifting to Marie.

      "Are you old enough to be in here, honey?" she called out, making
      Marie frown.

      "I'm eighteen. . ."

      "She's with me," Logan said, cutting her off. The woman started to
      smirk and he held a hand up. "And it's not what you think."

      "No, not at all," Marie said, sliding onto a barstool. She averted
      her eyes from his. "Unless you're thinking he got me out of bed in
      the middle of the night, threw me in a truck and won't tell me where
      we're goin'."

      Marie rolled her eyes back in his direction. Logan wasn't amused.

      "I wouldn't put it past him," Jennie said, stepping behind the bar.
      She folded her arms across her breast, making them spill even more
      out of low cut shirt she wore. She seemed familiar as well, but
      there were so many women like her in Logan's memories it was hard to
      distinguish one from the other. "So you tell me, honey. Why is he

      "We need a place to stay for the night," Marie answered
      truthfully. "He said you could help us."

      "Yeah, I have a room upstairs," she said, her smirk returning. "Just
      one, but you knew that, Logan. Were you planning on being really

      "Jenny," Logan warned.

      She reached a hand into her bra and pulled out a key. She tossed it
      onto the bar in front of him. Marie watched as it rattled to a

      "I don't care what you do with the girl," Jenny said as he picked up
      the key. The way she said it, coupled with his odd expression, made
      Marie wary. "Just make sure you're both gone by morning."


      "You can't be doing that."

      "Doing what?" she asked innocently as she brushed past him and into
      the room. She turned, raising both eyebrows up as she waited for him
      to respond.

      "You know what," he replied, slamming the door shut. Jenny's words
      came back to him as Marie stared at him. Her lips fell open and his
      acute hearing picked up her every breath. It was growing rapid, like
      her heart and her cheeks were flushing red.

      "So what are you going to do with me?" Marie asked straight out. It
      wasn't an invitation, but a simple question. When he didn't answer
      her, she asked another. "He escaped, didn't he? Magneto. . .Eric.
      He escaped from prison."

      "Yeah," he said, his eyes moving off her and to a lamp. He flipped
      it on, revealing the small, but clean room Jenny kept for certain
      visitors. Marie surveyed it briefly before sitting down quietly on
      the bed. "Last night. Xavier got word. . .then I had words with
      him. I thought it would be best not to sit and wait for him to show
      up again and he disagreed."

      "Why would he come after me?" she asked, looking up at him. "There
      has to be a reason why you'd think he'd come after me."

      "There isn't," Logan said, not wanting her to worry. He started
      towards her, but the closer he came, the faster her heart beat. This
      time, it was out of fear. He stopped and crouched down so they were
      somewhat face to face. Her gloved hands slid off her thighs and
      found their way to his, her fingers winding tight around them. He
      tried to tell her more but then he felt her warmth through the thin
      fabric, felt it tugging at his heart and he sighed.

      "It's just in case," she surmised and he nodded. "For how long?"

      "I don't know," Logan replied and she wriggled her hands from his.
      Marie set her jaw and her posture stiffened.

      "How long?" she asked again, her voice steady and firm. It matched
      her expression and he knew he owed her a better answer than that.
      He just wished he had one to give her.

      "Until I know it's safe," he said, hoping that would suffice. Marie
      looked as if she wanted to say something else, but she didn't. She
      kept her mouth shut while she pulled angrily at the front of her
      cloak. The buttons popped free one by one and when she was done,
      Marie looked at the bed and then inquisitively at him.

      "Where are you goin'?" she asked as Logan suddenly rose to his feet.

      "There's a couple things I have to take care of," he said, taking a
      few steps back towards the door. She'd be okay on her own all
      night. He wouldn't be that far, just in case.

      "With Jenny?"

      "Yeah," he said and she frowned as he slipped away.


      To be continued
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