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Fic: Damn Glad He's Mine (NC-17, S/J)

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  • loonylittlewitch
    Title: Damn Glad He s Mine Author: Lisea (loonylittlewitch@yahoo.com) Change of address. My website still has my old glasstemple address, but it won t work
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2002
      Title: Damn Glad He's Mine
      Author: Lisea (loonylittlewitch@...) Change of address. My
      website still has my old glasstemple address, but it won't work
      Author's website: http://www.angelfire.com/de2/TTO
      Pairing: Scott/Jean
      Rating: NC-17 (Uh oh...)
      Summary: An evening in the life of not-yet married couple...


      A certain red-headed woman got Scott's attention while he stood in
      front of a classroom, teaching algebra to a handful of youngsters. He
      watched her walking down the hall, a medical paper in hand and her
      nose buried in it. The briefest, wicked smile crossed his lips before
      resumed to the teaching he was supposed to be doing.


      Jean couldn't get her eyes of the paper, reading about research on
      mutant DNA strands. She opened the door of the room she shared with
      Scott. Without looking, she sat by her desk, and when she finished
      the article, put it down on the table and took out her notepad to
      scribble some ideas on. She barely registered the door opening and

      After a few moments, she looked up at him standing at the door. He
      just stood there, arms behind his back, staring her intently. Her
      breath became faster as she looked at his muscular chest under his
      black turtleneck shirt, her gaze drifted slowly down to the
      beltbuckle glinting in the light, and further down his legs in
      khakis, along the thighs to ankles, and back again to his crotch.

      And he knew *exactly* what he was doing to her.

      She stood up abruptly when he started walking towards her, afraid to
      fall in the gravity he had around him. As he ever so slowly stalked
      towards her, she backed up, until she bumped her lower body into the
      drawer standing by the wall. Before she realised she couldn't move
      back any more, Scott had reached her and had put his arms on the top
      of the drawer, on both sides of Jean's waist, pinning her securely
      against him.

      "Where have you been all day?" he asked in a low voice, and Jean
      could feel the words rumble from his chest. It wasn't until a few
      moments later when her brain finally understood the sentence.
      Unfortunately it was unable to put together one of hers.

      "I... Uh.. Down. Lab. Labstairs. Downstairs. I mean."

      Scott gave her a knowing grin, inching just a little bit closer,
      leaning towards her ear. "I hope you weren't planning on going down
      to the lab tomorrow. You won't be able to sit."

      The moment his voice had faded, Jean's knees failed. She fell to the
      floor between Scott and the drawer. She wound her arms around Scott's
      legs for support, buried her face in the soft fabric of his pants
      that were annoyingly between her lips and his inner thigh.

      She heard Scott chuckle above her and feel his hand pressing in the
      back of her head.

      "Shirt. Off" Jean sighed, looking up at him.

      "Magic word?"

      "Please. Please, Scott, please take your shirt off."

      Scott smiled at her, grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it
      over his head. Jean watched his muscular chest in amazement, and
      reached up just enough to kiss his navel, and slide her hands along
      the washboard stomach.

      "There, I took my shirt off. What do I get in return?" Scott asked,
      moving an idle finger down the side of her face. Jean took his finger
      in her mouth, and moved her hands to the beltbuckle. After opening
      it, she slid it off and dropped it on the floor next to them. She
      undid his pants, pulled them off along with the boxers he wore
      underneath. His cock stood hard, just beckoning her to get a taste.

      Jean let go of his finger, letting him put his hand again at the back
      of her head, gripping her hair firmly but gently. She leaned in and
      slid her palms over the root of his shaft, and slid her tongue under
      it, in one lick from where her hands were and over the tip, finally
      taking the head in her warm mouth. Above her, she heard Scott grunt
      in approval.

      She slowly took more of him in her mouth, circling her tongue over
      the tip. In rhythm she started to slide her hands up and down, as her
      lips were pulsing against his swollen dick. Scott moved his other
      hand to her head, too, trying to engourage her to give him more. She
      started to feel his cock twiching, and suddenly pulled away.

      Scott swore in disappointment. He let go of her hair, and Jean took
      the opportunity to try to escape him, moving quickly around him and
      getting to her feet. Not fast enough, though, as Scott grabbed her
      waist and pulled her back against his chest. She could feel his
      erection through her skirt, and couldn't help but lean her head
      against Scott's shoulder. "Scott, please..."

      "C'mere" Scott said, taking her next to a post in their four-post-
      bed. Jean braced herself against the post as she felt Scott pull off
      her skirt and underwear. He slid his hands slowly up her sides,
      taking off her shirt and bra with them. Gently kissing her neck, he
      opened her hair and watched as her red hair fell down to her back.

      "Close your eyes. I have a surprise for you. Close your eyes, and
      don't you dare peek" Scott told her, smiling against her skin. He
      turned to face him, and happy that her eyes were closed, he slowly
      lifted her up and laid her down on the bed. He settled himself
      between her legs, his dick eagerly against her wet sex, and reached
      up and pressed his thumbs gently on her eyelids. "Don't look. You
      can't look until I say so, you understand?"

      Jean let out a whine, but nodded. Scott kissed her, pushing his
      tongue past her lips to meet hers. In one, strong push, he thrusted
      himself in her. Jean arched her back and moaned under him. Scott took
      his hands from her face, used one to lift himself above her, and the
      other to cup her breast. "Now you can look" Scott said, lowered
      himself on her and kissed her neck.

      Jean slowly opened her eyes, looked at Scott's rippling muscles
      moving above her, then looked beyond, to the ceiling above them.

      "Surprise" Scott said, as she became aware of the mirror above the
      bed. Scott chose that exact moment to thrust himself in her again,
      then again, slowly speeding up his rhythm. Jean watched the figures
      in the mirror, mesmerized, hypnotized by his ass thrusting between
      her legs. Moaning under him, she encouraged him to go deeper, and
      faster. Scott obliged, and Jean's thoughts suddenly turned from the
      mirror to the delicious friction between her legs.

      A few thrusts later, she forced her eyes open again, to look at his
      sweaty body thrashing into hers. Along with his moans in her ear, and
      the burning hot hand moving on her waist, she was getting close to
      her peak. She squeezed him with her legs, forcing him even deeper,
      eliciting a grunt from him that didn't sound human anymore. His
      pushes became more erratic, making the whole bedframe shake, and he
      slid his arm around her waist, pinning and pulling her against

      The white fire slowly crept up Jean's legs, between her legs and
      exploded in the rest of her body. She grabbed his shoulders,
      screaming his name over and over in extacy. He put both his hands on
      her waist, and a few violent jerks later came in her, spilling every
      drop of him inside her. Completely spent, he collapsed on her,
      breathing heavily.


      Jean looked up in the mirror above them from the warm place at
      Scott's side. She had laid her head against his chest, and was idly
      playing with his fingers. "When I told you I was visual by nature, I
      had no idea you'd come up with something like this" she told him,
      turned her head a little to kiss his chest, "I wonder what other
      sensitive information I've given to the enemy?"

      Scott laughed, "You have no idea. I know every single way of turning
      you on, and intend to put them all into good use."

      "Dear God."

      Scott kissed the top of her head, "Don't worry, I'll share some of my
      secrets with you. I love you, Jean Grey, for the rest of my life."

      "I love you, Scott Summers" she said, then reached up, straddled his
      hips and kissed him. "Round two. This time, you'll watch."
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