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Possible Fic: Triumph After Tempest

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  • christineinvegas
    Hi all, a few of you know me, my name is Barbara Metzger and I ve been in hiding for a few months now. Sort of a break from my X-men world so that I could get
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2002
      Hi all, a few of you know me, my name is Barbara Metzger and I've
      been in hiding for a few months now. Sort of a break from my X-men
      world so that I could get new insight into characters and etc.
      Well...actually just a really bad bout of writers block. Plus I had
      so many yahoo groups i was getting no writing done. *heh*

      So to combat that, as writing is most important to me(and a bit of
      graphic manipulations), I only belong to this one group now. From the
      other member writers, I know it's a good list. *waves*

      I have an idea for a story that I am thinking of writing and am
      requesting some honest feedback as to if it is interesting enough to
      continue. I'm not the type of writer to read everyone else's stories
      so I don't know if the story idea is 'played out.'

      Also, so that I might continue in this happy writing frame of mind, I
      will most likely settle into lurkdom. I'll be here if anyone really
      needs me though.

      Barb :)


      Triumph After Tempest
      By Barbara Metzger

      Professor Charles Xavier sat in a corner of his office. His
      face, normally so serene, so controlled of emotion, so ageless and
      comforting to the many who loved him, was lined with deep troubled
      emotion. His eyes stared out a large window and with a great
      shuddering sigh honest tears fell. His tears shed for a young woman,
      Loren, whom he had vowed to raise in safety, a wish made to her dying
      mother, Catherine. Catherine was another man's wife and yet he loved
      her with all of his heart and could deny her nothing. He had failed,
      in his own eyes, for he had left Loren with others. Although he knew
      she was loved and properly cared for, and most importantly, hidden
      away from enemies who might abuse her, he had never forgiven himself
      for abandoning her.
      Charles knew it was because the child's coloring so resembled
      the woman he had loved. Even then, he remembered, the wee babe looked
      out at the world with Catherine's sooty lashes and golden liquid
      eyes, in such stark contrast with her coal black hair. Her tawny
      cheeks dimpled at the slightest thing. He told himself he'd had no
      choice. His pain was too fresh, as a father he would be like a ghost,
      present but not in the world. He had compassionate friends, a husband
      and wife who could not have a child of their own. Until the baby girl
      grew up and exhibited mutant powers, she was much safer being raised
      as human. He had hoped she would be fully human, but he knew better.
      With her distinguished parentage, Loren was destined to be one of the
      most powerful mutants in history. Perhaps even more powerful than
      himself, and he hoped that of her father.
      An uncharacteristic dark frown severed his lamentation and then
      was gone, so quickly it might not have been there after all. Charles
      was careful not to name or thoughtfully linger on Loren's father with
      uncontrolled emotion for fear of drawing him near as well. In a
      childish way, it erased him from existence.
      Charles had forged on with life to secure a safe future for her
      and others like her to shelter, teach, and love those that humanity
      condemned. Charles turned his head to survey his office, assuring
      himself that he was finally ready to dedicate his physical body to
      the care of his charge.
      All unbeknownst to her.
      He had been sending out faint welcome signals as soon as he
      detected her mutant signature through Cerebro just as he knew, deep
      down, he always would. It was an astonishingly strong signal, and
      although he had expected it to be vigorous, he was not prepared for
      its intensity. This was one woman, many of his enemies would like to
      have. He was confident he was strong and experienced enough to
      provide her with the home he had wanted to give her so long ago.
      Charles synched his mind with Loren's and sent another gentle pull.
      She would be drawn to the school, and find a way to justify the
      insistent and strange calling.
      Magneto's daughter was coming home.


      Author's note: Wolverine will be a large part in this story, Loren's
      love interest of course. Can you imagine the wonderful mess of
      emotion _that_ will put Charles through??? *evil grin* Hee. Wolverine
      has such a strong personality. I fear I won't be able to control him
      very well. *innocent lash flutter*
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