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Fic: "Through The Ages We Remember" PG-13/R (1/1) [Logan/Rogue, Methos/Alexa , Scott/Ororo]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Through The Ages We Remember By Nadja Lee 03/03/02 English is not my native language. Please forgive me my mistakes. Disclaimer: “X-men” and all the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2002
      Through The Ages We Remember
      By Nadja Lee 03/03/02

      English is not my native language. Please forgive me my mistakes.

      Disclaimer: “X-men” and all the characters here belong to Marvel, 20 Century Fox and I intend no infringement, this is a piece of amateur fan fiction, and I make no money of it.

      Disclaimer: “Highlander” and all the characters here belong to Davis/Panzer and I intend no infringement, this is a piece of amateur fan fiction, and I make no money of it.

      Only the original idea contained within this work is the property of the author. Please do not copy this story to any website or archive without permission of the author.

      Timeline: Set after the X-men movie and after the Highlander episode Methuselah’s Gift.

      Universe: Set in the X-men movie universe and Highlander series universe.

      Pairing: Logan/Rogue, Methos/Alexa, Methos/Cassandra, light Scott/Ororo,

      Summary: Methos mourns Alexa when after many years he loses her. He meets Logan again and Logan asks him to keep his promise but is Logan asking for something Methos won't give?

      Archiving: Want, ASK, take, have.

      Feedback: Yes, please. My e-mail address is nadjalee2000@...

      Rating: PG-13

      Series/sequel: This story is a sequel to “Through The Ages We Love”. Part 5 in “Through The Ages….” series.

      Dedicated to: Sorcieré with love.

      Thanks to Estelle for the Beta.

      Warning: Character death.

      Note: This is a crossover between X-men movie universe and the Highlander series universe…Like you hadn’t figured that out already *LOL*. You don’t need to know anything at all about Highlander to follow this story.

      Note: If anyone finds any faults in my Latin and Spanish please contact me with the correct spelling. I did my best but those languages aren't my strongest suit.

      Things in //mmmmmmm// mean flashback.

      Part 1:

      A cold wind blew over the land and Methos shivered, hiding his hands deeper inside his coat pockets. His steps were slow but sure as he walked over the graveyard, not noticing any other grave than the one he was heading towards; hers. Their time together had been so short, nothing but a drop in the ocean of forever yet in those wonderful 85 years he had been with her she had made him forget how cold and lonely the world really was. She had filled his days with laughter, joy and sunshine. Now, he felt like the sun had died with her; never had he felt so cold and so alone.

      He had always known this day would come yet it didn’t make it any easier. That he had gotten 85 years with her instead of the one he had first thought only strengthened the feeling of loss. He remembered what his Immortal friend Duncan MacLeod had said; no matter if she lives to be a hundred you’ll always have the pain of losing her. And it was true; all too true.

      He had done all he could to make those years count; he had travelled the world with her, given her all she wished for, he had been there for her and loved her with all his being. He had immortalized her as best and as much as any mortal could be; paintings, photographs, videotapes and the new holo images of her filled his home. While her long hair was still brown she had cut a lock of it off and given it to him; saying that that way some part of her would always stay with him.

      He had reached her grave and kneeled down beside it, fighting back tears. Gently with a lover’s touch he dusted some fallen leaves off her headstone and read the inscription he had given her;

      Alexa Bond Pierson


      Semper iuxta viscus, semper iuxta sententia [Latin for ’Always close in heart, always close in thought’]

      I wish….time would just stand still

      No era suficientemente largo. Podría nunca ser suficientemente largo [ Spanish for ’ It was not long enough. It could never be long enough’]

      He had picked a lovely spot for her; she could see the sunrise from here and the ocean. She had loved the ocean. He had buried her in Greece, the last place they had lived. Of all the countries they had lived in Greece had been a favourite of hers.

      “Alexa….I…I brought these for you,” Methos mumbled, fighting tears but he felt how they ran from his eyes and down his cheeks anyway. He held out the bouquet of white lilies; her favourites and for one crazy yet wonderful instant praying to see her come walking out of the mist and embrace him as she took the flowers. But she didn’t and gently he laid the flowers on her grave. As he closed his eyes images….memories, ran through his brain. Memories of her, of her smile, her hair floating in the wind, her smiling at him, laughing with him, teasing him, loving him, holding his hand, walking on the beach…….never in all his years had he found a woman who had loved him so completely as Alexa. Only she had known of his past, all of his past and only she had been able to see past it.

      He knew things had been difficult and hard for her as the years passed by. He insisted that he’ll never claim to be anything but her husband even when she looked old enough to be his mother. Some people had looked, thought it strange but he hadn’t cared. He loved her and wanted to show that love for as long as he could. In her last years they hadn’t gone out among other people because she hadn’t wanted to but he had made sure she never lacked anything all the same; he would rent an entire restaurant just for them, they would walk on the beach alone in the moonlight and he would show her the sights of the towns they visited, having either paid for permission to go there with her after normal closing hours or simply did it anyway. His desire to officially be named her husband for as long as she lived had made a few Immortals aware of his presence but those he couldn’t outrun or outthink, he could beat. And even if he hadn’t been able to…..Alexa was the only woman, the only person for so many years who he was willing to give up his life for should it come to that. But it hadn’t and now he had to learn to live without her again……live with the pain. His greatest fear now was that he’d someday, in a hundred years, a thousand years….would forget her. He closed his eyes and remembered what she had said to him in her final hour…….

      //A month earlier, Alexa’s deathbed//

      The room was quiet, the only sound Alexa’s weak breathing. The presence of death was overwhelming and Methos wished he could do something; anything.

      “Methos,” Alexa’s weak voice asked, and she opened her eyes and looked at him. He sat by her bedside as he had the last week. They both knew time was running out; Methos had tried everything from pleading to begging to threats but no matter what he did all the doctors said the same; she was dying from old age and there was no cure for that no matter how much Methos wished there was.

      “I’m here, beloved. I’ll always be here,” he whispered, fighting tears. She needed him to be strong now; he would have an eternity in which to cry in, in which to mourn her. Now, he needed to be strong.

      “I…know. You…always have been. Always,” Alexa said softly, her voice filled with love as were her eyes. Methos squeezed her hand gently, careful not to push too hard. Over the years she had lost none of her beauty; to him she was as beautiful as the first day he had met her. Her hair was all white now and thin, her skin was wrinkled and her body was weak…….and never had a woman looked more beautiful to him.

      “Alexa,” Methos whispered, taking her hand to his lips and softly kissed it.

      “It’ll be alright,” she said softly and he almost burst out in tears. Even now, she was thinking of him.

      “I love you, Alexa. I did from the first moment I saw you. I’ll always love you and I’ll always remember,” Methos promised, his voice sober.

      “I love you too, Methos. I always will. And I’ll never leave you…..Even when I’m gone I’ll always be with you,” she whispered, her voice almost gone now.

      “Beloved…….you’re my heart and soul,” he mumbled, a tear falling from his eye. With a weak and shaking hand she wiped it away, her eyes concerned.

      “Will you be alright?” she asked softly. Methos thought for a while; he would hurt, he would feel like he was dying and his world had crumbled, he would mourn, he would cry…he would survive. He always did. He smiled gently and stroked her hair.

      “Yeah, I’ll be alright,” Methos whispered softly. “Eventually……I’ll be alright.”

      She smiled, love and a sense of peace in her eyes. He smiled back at her, a bittersweet smile as he took back the covers and lay in bed beside her, taking her in his arms, enjoying the feel of her for one last time.

      Methos held her close, giving her all his warmth, all his joy and all his love. He held her close, his arms around her, protecting her, keeping her safe. When the sun rose the next morning she had fallen asleep, never to wake again. Safe in his arms and in his love, a smile still shore on her face and though there was no light in her eyes, there was still love in them when Methos finally let his tears fall, holding her tight and kissing her still lips.


      Part 2:

      Finally, after what felt like forever but had only been minutes Methos slowly stood up and as he did so he took his right hand to his lips and then laid it gently on Alexa’s headstone.

      “To warm you through the winter,” his whispered and with a last look at the woman who had meant more to him than words could ever describe, Methos walked away.

      He was so consumed by his own thoughts, lost in memories that he almost missed the man coming towards him. It couldn’t be…..it was….

      “Logan!” Methos said surprised, a smile spreading over his lips. He was more than ever beginning to feel the loneliness every Immortal felt and a familiar face was a welcomed sight. Methos frowned when he looked more closely at Logan; his clothes were loose and dirty, he had lines around his eyes and in his face, his hair had a few white streaks but it was his eyes which caught his attention. The light in them seemed to have died completely. In fact he looked weak, dragging his feet…..almost…..almost like he was dying.

      “Methos,” Logan said when he came to him, forcing a smile. Methos hugged Logan briefly before he turned to walk out of the cemetery, Logan walking with him. Methos cast Logan stolen glances, knowing the look in his friend’s eyes well. It was a look of pure sorrow and loss. He knew that Scott and Ororo had died with a few months between each other almost ten years ago. Both Alexa and Rogue had aged a little slower, lived a little longer, thanks to Logan’s healing factor. Logan had tried to see if he couldn’t somehow keep postponing Rogue’s death by letting her touch him but it didn’t work that way; she was given a small piece of prolonged life by her touch of him the first time as was Alexa but that was all.

      “Alexa died last month,” Methos said softly, his voice seeming loud among the graves. He hadn’t said it out loud before; it was like telling it would make it real. He remembered how heartbroken Logan had been when he two months earlier had called him and told him that Rogue had died. Alexa and him had flown over to be at her funeral and in that moment Methos had known Alexa’s time was really running out.

      “I know. I dropped by your house,” Logan told him and even his voice seemed sad and tired. Methos got a worried look in his eyes. Something was really wrong; something besides the obvious.

      “Not that I don’t appreciate the company but…why did you seek me out?” Methos asked, his voice forced calm.

      Logan stopped, graves all around them, the wind cold.

      “Many years ago when I killed Kronos you promised me you’ll do something for me. Do you keep that promise?” his voice was intense, his eyes piercing.

      “Yes,” Methos answered, his words guarded, his eyes likewise.

      “Do you carry a sword?” Logan suddenly asked, his voice mild. Methos looked confused. Well, of course he carried a sword, it was one of the reasons why he always wore a long coat. He never left home without it. One never could be too careful.

      “Yes,” he said, his voice betraying his confusion at the question. Did Logan want to fight him? Methos looked closely at his old friend. No, Logan looked too tired in every way for that and besides, his jacket was short, there was no way he could hide a sword on him.

      Logan stopped walking and turned to face Methos, his eyes sad, tired and seeming to hold all the pain of the world.

      “I’ve lived for more than 200 years and in that time I’ve loved just one woman; Rogue. She was my life, my soul, my heart; she was everything to me. How do you go on? How can you stand it?” his voice was as pained and tortured as his eyes.

      “I don’t. I live, I survive. That is what we do, Logan. You can live at least 200 years more. It’s a small comfort now, I know, but in time….the pain will lessen. Never disappear but it will lessen,” Methos promised, concern in his eyes as he looked at his old friend. It was as if he had nothing to live for, Methos thought worried.

      “I don’t want the pain gone. Don’t you see? It is all I have left of her,” his voice was soft now, remembering.

      “Come. Let’s get something to drink,” Methos changed the subject, the whole conversation getting too painful for him, way too dark.

      “No, I……Methos, you’ve lived for more than 5000 years. What makes your life worthwhile?” there was a strange edge to his question but Methos didn’t know what answer he had to avoid.

      “Well…..I guess…,” he began.

      “Exactly. Your moments with Alexa or any of your other wives. It was love that made it worthwhile. Now, what would you do if you knew……knew there was only one woman for you? Only one love?”

      Methos closed his eyes briefly. Please, don’t let this discussion be heading towards what I think it is, Methos prayed softly. He remembered Connor MacLeod, an Immortal he had last met during WW2. He had lived for more than 400 years yet loved and married only one woman; Heather. His love for her had been so strong life without her had seemed like torture. Though he had carried on. He had…..maybe Logan could too.

      “She wouldn’t wish you dead,” Methos said, concern and the possibility of loss making his voice cold. Cutting him off now would make losing him easier should it come to that. But……..could he cut him off?

      “She wouldn’t want to see me suffer needlessly either,” Logan said quietly. There was something in his eyes, an unspoken question…..

      “No!” Methos denied hotly, backing away from Logan. Had he gone mad? No, never. Never again would he take the life of a friend. Silas’s death still haunted him; he didn’t need any more nightmares.

      “Keep the promise you gave me. Help me. You’re the only one who can,” his voice was strong, sincere. He had tried to do it himself but no matter what he always healed; he always came back.

      “I will do anything but that,” Methos shook his head in denial, tears threatening to fall. To love so strongly that death was preferable to life without her…..to be so unafraid of death that one was actually able to do it……amazing. His own will to live was as always too strong; no matter how much he hurt, he would move on, he would survive. That was his way. But…..what was Logan’s way?

      “I ask you because I know you can do this and I know you can live with this,” Logan looked directly at him, his eyes seeming to pierce Methos’s very soul. “Don’t make me beg,” the words were soft, almost too low to hear.

      “You love her that much?” Methos whispered.

      “Yes,” the answer was instant, without hesitation.

      “No doubts? No regrets?” his voice was more remote now, colder. It had to be if he should be able to survive this. Just do it, don’t think. Don’t feel.

      “None,” again the answer was without hesitation. “Let me rejoin her now but promise me you’ll bury me with her; the same coffin, the same grave.”

      Methos nodded, tears on his cheeks though his voice was steady as was his hand as he drew his sword.
      ”I swear,” Methos promised and considered if he should ask Logan to get down on his kneels but didn’t like the thought if it. It’ll make it feel more like an execution than he could take. He walked slowly around Logan, the sword pointing towards the ground, looking harmless.

      “Methos?” Logan whispered.

      ”It has been a pleasure knowing you,” a hint of warm was in his voice for the first time since his wife’s death. Methos smiled sadly.

      “Likewise, my friend, my brother. Likewise,” Methos said softly, now standing behind Logan. “Close your eyes. See her before you. Isn’t she beautiful?” Methos whispered, tears in his voice, making it low and almost hypnotic. Logan closed his eyes and a smile spread over his face as he saw Rogue before him, waving him nearer and smiling at him.

      “I see her,” Logan whispered lowly.

      “Go to her then. Go to her,” Methos whispered and forced all thoughts from his mind as he swung the sword, using a backhand stroke on Logan, beheading him. He closed his eyes as the body fell to the ground and for a long time he just stood still, breathing in gasps. Then he opened his eyes and fell to his knees, dropping the sword.

      “Damn you, Logan. Damn you!” he sobbed, tears running freely from his eyes. Why? Why did he have to love so deeply? So completely? Gods, why did he have to die? Why did Alexa? Why did they all have to die?

      Yet he lived, he survived.

      He always did.

      He always did.

      Slowly, feeling all his years, Methos got to his feet. It was times like these, the pain so strong that he…..no, no. He would live, he would survive. He would go on. For if not….who would remember Alexa then? Who would remember Logan then?

      The Navajo have a saying: The spirit lives as long as someone who lives remembers you.

      And Methos planned to live a long time. A very long time. Always remembering…….always.

      Logan, my friend……I shall miss you but hope you’re at peace now.

      Alexa, my beloved, my precious……my love.

      You’ll never be forgotten, beloved Alexa; never.

      I’ll always remember.


      The End
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