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Praise from a New Member/Recruiting for RPG

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  • Wynne
    Hi there; I m Wynne, a new member. I just signed on as I only got into X-Men e-groups very recently... and I m already in heaven. *grin* Nadja Lee s Cuts Like
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 18, 2002
      Hi there; I'm Wynne, a new member. I just signed on as I
      only got into X-Men e-groups very recently... and I'm already in
      heaven. *grin* Nadja Lee's "Cuts Like a Knife" was the first thing I
      read as it popped up on the front page. It was wicked, it was
      intriguing, it gave Cyclops/Scott a lot of depth that he really didn't
      have in the movie, and it made me rub my hands together in glee!
      If all the fanfic in the archives is that good, I know how I'm going to
      be using the majority of my free time in the next few months.
      Amazing how even after all this time, my interest in this film and
      movieverse fanfic has only grown.

      Because of this interest, I've started up an RPG that
      focuses on the struggles between the Brotherhood, the X-Men, and
      the humans. I'm really hoping to make it less a normal RPG, and
      more a place where people can write a joint round-robin style fanfic
      and perhaps eventually assemble the current game and its threads
      into coherent storylines. A little bit hard to do, but if the players will
      help me come up with a vision and try to stick to it, I think it could
      be quite good in the end. We can submit it to archives as we go

      Currently, no characters at all are taken, as I just started it
      today. If you're intrigued by the concept of writing with others,
      please feel free to write me with any questions you have, or just
      join and see where it goes.


      And now, back to scouring the archives for more
      Logan/Rogue and Brotherhood fanfic... *sigh* how I love green

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