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Fic: "Fellowship Of Heroes" PG-13 (6/?) [Logan/Rogue, Legolas/Ororo, Aragorn /Arwen]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Hi all, Thanks to Jonas for getting me to write on this fic again. Secondly thanks so much to my ever so lovely beta, Estelle for her speed and just for being
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      Hi all,

      Thanks to Jonas for getting me to write on this fic again.
      Secondly thanks so much to my ever so lovely beta, Estelle for her speed and
      just for being there. Thanks
      Earlier parts can be read here:
      Quick recap: Our heroes were still on their way through the mountain.


      Part 6:
      “I hate this,” Rogue admitted as the fellowship was on the move again. She hadn’t felt safe since they had left Rivendell. Why couldn’t they go back there? The city had held a beauty and peacefulness, a sense of security and comfort she longed for. Logan squeezed her hand and pulled her close to him. The battle seemed to have divided the fellowship. Logan, Rogue and Scott walked together closely followed by Boromir, Merry and Pippin. Ororo and Legolas walked together and then the rest of the fellowship followed.
      “Scooter, this is becoming ridiculous not to mention dangerous for Rogue. I say we go back to Rivendell,” Logan said lowly to Scott, making sure the others couldn’t hear.
      “And do what, Logan? Lord Elrond told me Rivendell itself was under attack. Wherever we are, we’ve landed in the middle of a war and we don’t know how to get back. We’ll be in danger no matter where we are,” Scott whispered back.
      “How do we know we’re helping the good guys here, Scooter? What if this Ring gets all powerful or destroys everything if someone destroys it?” Logan asked, barely able to keep his voice down in his attempt to get his point across.
      “I guess we don’t know. We just have to trust them,” Scott admitted, keeping an eye out for any danger and not just Orcs.
      “Are you telling me you trust everyone in this happy little gathering?” Logan asked disbelieving,
      “We trust each other and of them…” Scott’s eyes swept over their new companions. “I trust Boromir. He saved my life. The Hobbits are no threat at all. They can barely fight. Ororo trusts Legolas and I trust her judgment.”
      “You don’t trust the King?” Rogue asked and her eyes found Strider who walked in the lead in front of them.
      “No. He’s a man with a mission. He’s a good fighter and therefore a potential threat,” Scott explained.
      “He’s a fanatic and so is the old man. They’ll destroy the Ring no matter how many lives have to be lost in the process. If he thinks us a danger he’ll not hesitate to kill us,” Logan said darkly, saying what Scott hadn’t.
      “What of the dwarf?” Rogue asked and looked at Gimli. He seemed savage with his ax and she trusted him the least, though maybe it was only because she knew him the least.
      “He’s a great fighter but I’ve yet to decide if I trust him,” Scott admitted. “He’s hard to figure out and that may make him the greatest threat.”
      “The old man will be no trouble,” Logan dismissed Gandalf as a threat.
      “I’m not so sure. I think we have yet to see his real strength. He may be the strongest of them all,” Scott mused.
      “But what of them? Do they trust us?” Rogue asked and again her eyes swept over the fellowship.
      “Boromir trusts us, the Hobbits seem trustful of anyone by nature, Legolas trusts Ororo and therefore us too. Strider I know for sure has his doubts about us and for Gimli and Gandalf…..it’s hard to say,” Scott admitted.
      “I hear something,” Legolas suddenly said and all began to watch their surroundings closely. They were again walking through what looked like a big palace tunnel and the darkness could hide many things.
      “Something grows near. I sense a darkness close by,” Legolas warned and everyone looked nervously around, their weapons drawn. Suddenly the darkness seemed to come alive with dark demonlike beings that all gathered around the group.
      “What are they?” Scott wanted to know, eyeing the creatures suspiciously, his hands on his glasses.
      “Goblins,” Gimli said hatefully, his axe at the ready. He looked forth to avenge his cousin’s death and see honor be restored to his name.
      “Ahh……if anyone has any suggestions don’t hold back,” Logan said sarcastically as he popped his claws and pushed Rogue behind him. He growled warningly at the nearest Goblins.
      “They…….have stopped,” Ororo said in wonderment as indeed the Goblins had formed a ring around them but they all stopped about 10 meters away from them. Ororo turned to Legolas to ask him why they would stop and saw he had an arrow ready to shoot but what caught her eyes were something else….
      “You’re glowing!” Ororo said surprised and indeed Legolas was emitting an out of this world white light and now she noticed that the Goblins stayed further away from him and Gandalf who held the light than any of the others.
      “They fear light?” Scott asked as he too had noticed Legolas’ light.
      “Great with the light show and all, Junior, but how about getting them away?” Logan bummed and lashed out after a little too brave Goblin.
      “Maybe if we…….” Boromir began but stopped as a great noise shook the hall.
      “What the hell was that?!” Logan demanded to know. The noise frightened the Goblins who all ran away.
      “I don’t think we want to know,” Rogue said softly. Whatever could frighten the Goblins away….
      “Look!” Legolas pointed towards one end of the tunnel and a giant firelike monster moved towards them.
      “Shit. We’re not staying here. Grandpa, get a move on and get us the fuck away from here!” Logan demanded and took Rogue’s gloved hand in his, pushing the group towards the opposite end of the tunnel.
      “Follow me. To the bridge of Khazad-dÛm!” Gandalf yelled and ran towards the bridge, the others following him.
      “I suddenly miss Magneto. At least he had a normal ‘I just want to rule the world’ policy,” Scott complained as they ran all they could.
      “I hate to say this, Cyke, but for once I agree with you,” Logan admitted and played along Scott’s little joke in an attempt to ease the mood at bit. He felt Rogue was falling behind and without further ado he quickly turned around and swept her up into his arms and ran all he could with her, holding her close to his chest. Logan could see the bridge and cast a strange look at Gandalf who had chosen this particular moment to stop for sightseeing.
      “Move on,” Gandalf urged as Boromir, the Hobbits, Gimli, Legolas, Ororo and Logan with Rogue ran past him.
      “Actually we had planned to become permanent residents here. I’ve always wanted my own fire demon in the backyard,” Logan mumbled, annoyed at the old man’s tone. At least Scott’s orders were always reasonable and not statements of the obvious…..well, most of the time anyway.
      “Gandalf,” Aragorn stopped beside the wizard and looked concerned at him.
      “Go. Lead them on,” Gandalf urged, knowing what he had to do.
      “But…..” Aragorn began to protest.
      “Go!” Gandalf demanded and pushed the young King onwards. With a last look at the wizard he held close at heart as a dear friend Aragorn moved along.
      “Dead you’re no use to us,” Scott warned as he ran past the old man, having a pretty clear idea what he had in mind.
      “I don’t plan on dying,” the wizard said and there was such deep knowledge in those words and such wisdom in his eyes that for a moment Scott didn’t doubt him for a moment. Then he returned to reality and just nodded at the wizard as he ran past him.
      “Good luck,” he mumbled to the old man as he ran onto the bridge. He noticed the others weren’t over yet.
      “What are you waiting for? A written invitation?” Scott yelled towards them, his concern for his teammates making his voice hard. He reached the group and saw Legolas hold Boromir close to his chest and pull him back.
      “Thanks,” Boromir gasped.
      “What…..?” Scott began confused.
      “The bridge is destroyed,” Legolas explained and moved his head a little so Scott could see that indeed a piece of the bridge was missing. However it wasn’t too far to the other side.
      “We can jump,” Scott suggested.
      “Some of us can. The Little Ones……” Boromir voiced his concern.
      “We’ll jump with them,” Aragorn decided. A great noise sounded behind them and all turned to see Gandalf trying to keep the fire demon away with his spells. He made a pretty impressive protective light shield around himself as he fought the beast.
      “Okay, let’s move,” Scott ordered and Aragorn cast him a brief annoyed look for daring to give orders.
      “I will go first,” Legolas said and so spoken he jumped and landed gracefully on the other side. He quickly turned around and held out his arms to help the next one.
      “Ororo, go next. Help her,” Scott demanded of Legolas and Ororo nodded. She called on her control over the weather and as she jumped she managed to get a wind to help her so she landed as gracefully as a Goddess in Legolas’ open arms. They fit so perfectly together, Scott thought briefly before the noise from Gandalf’s battle brought his thoughts back on the present.
      “I’ll go next,” Logan said and held Rogue tight in his arms, ignoring her protests that she wanted to try and jump herself and he jumped. He landed close to the edge and Ororo and Legolas helped him to safety as he eased Rogue out of his embrace.
      “Little Ones, come here,” Boromir called and took Merry and Pippin in his embrace and jumped with them. The others helped him as he landed on the other side. Gimli jumped but his tight small built almost didn’t permit him to make it but Legolas caught hold of his bead and succeeded in getting him safely across. Casting a quick look at Aragorn Scott could see they would soon have to have a talk about who should lead them. Giving Aragorn this victory Scott let him be the last to jump as he jumped over with Sam who protested that he only wanted to jump if Frodo was with him. Last came Aragorn with Frodo safe in his embrace.
      When everyone was safe they all turned to look at Gandalf who was still having trouble with the fire demon.
      “Maybe we…….” Scott began.
      “Orcs!” Legolas warned and quicker than the human eye can see he had caught an arrow that had been aiming straight at Ororo's heart. He threw the arrow to the bottomless deep below the bridge and began to fire at the Orcs who began to show up everywhere.
      “Run. We have to get out of here,” Aragorn yelled as he too began to fire arrows at the Orcs. They all began to move towards the end of the cave where Logan thought he saw a faint light; were they finally through the mountain?
      “Got one,” Scott said satisfied as he had succeeded in getting an Orc with his eye beams though it had been hard and the beam was now very weak. Ororo again tried to call on her powers but again found it impossible. Logan tried to run as a shield before Rogue, knowing he wouldn’t die if hit because of his quick healing powers. He got to test that theory as an arrow hit him in the shoulder and he quickly pulled it out.
      “Logan!” Rogue yelled fearfully.
      “I’m alright,” he reassured as he continued to run towards the exit. Logan noticed that though they were all under heavy fire from the Orcs' arrows they seemed to like Legolas as a target which was strange considering he had a bow and arrows and a deadly aim while most of the X-men and the Hobbits were sitting ducks.
      “Any particular reason why these guys hate you so much, Blondie, or is it just on general principle?” Logan yelled to him and winced as he saw Scott being hit in the leg. Knowing Scott didn’t have his healing powers; Logan’s own wound were almost healed now, Logan ran to Scott and supported him as they ran on.
      “Orcs were once Elves. They hate us more than anything else in this world,” Legolas answered as he kept returning fire.
      “Gandalf!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!” Frodo yelled and all turned to look at the wizard. He had succeeded in throwing the fire being into the bottomless pit below the bridge but the being succeeded in grabbing a hold on the wizard’s leg and was pulling him with him down.
      “No!” Frodo started to run back into the heavy arrow fire to get to the old man.
      “Frodo!” Boromir called and stopped him, taking him up into his arms and prevented him from running towards his friend.
      “Let me go!” Frodo demanded as his eyes were fixed on the wizard. Scott tried to see if his eye beams could reach the being but his powers were too weakened.
      “Continue, you fools,” the wizard yelled at them as the fire being dragged him with him into the bottomless pit and what would surely be the man’s death.
      “NOOOO!” Frodo yelled and kicked out after Boromir to get free.
      “Be still, Little One. There is nothing you can do,” Boromir whispered but Frodo wouldn’t listen. He didn’t like Boromir nor did he trust him and now he had prevented him from helping his friend.
      “There is nothing to be done. Move!” Scott yelled as the Orcs seem to draw closer. Aragorn snapped out of his own misery and sorrow and lead them towards the exit and indeed……..they were out of the mountain but at what price? The fellowship had lost a valued member. Scott wondered if they could go on now.
      “Can things get any worse?” Logan bummed and Scott considered it.
      “Probably, Logan. Probably.”

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