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FIC: No Choice #8: Discovery (NC-17 W/R)

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  • xxtheroguexx
    Greetings all:) Here to drop off for your viewing pleasure, No Choice #8: Discovery . If needed to refresh your memory since it s been so long (lol), the
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      Greetings all:) Here to drop off for your viewing pleasure, "No Choice #8: Discovery". If needed to refresh your memory since it's been so long (lol), the first 7 parts can be found here:




      Title: Discovery
      Author: Kristine
      Email: xxtheroguexx@...
      Rated: NC-17
      Summary: "No choice in the matter for it was already done."
      Series: No Choice #8
      Warning: Sex ahead....Don't look so shocked....'g'
      Disclaimer: Me no own....Marvel and Fox does....nuff said.
      Feedback: Better than se...um...yes please! Love it, hate it...I want to hear it:)
      Archive: Sure...just let me know where it's headed.
      Website: Agony & Exstasy ~ http://wtv-zone.com/xxtheroguexx/index.html
      Thanks to: Helena....'wink'
      Dedicated to: The wonderful people from DDFH. Were it not for them, I would never have had the courage to post my fics in the first place. I thank you ladies and gents for the much needed encouragement:)
      Notes: Good God, where to begin? I suppose I should first apologize for taking so damn long to get this out. Um....Sorry about that. Let's just chalk it up to too damn much time spent in doctor's offices and hospitals. That done....I couldn't quite decide how to end this series and it finally dawned on me that I couldn't do it in one chapter...Not unless you all wanted to wait for-freaking-ever for the epilogue. I'm a damn slow writer...LoL I've got it figured out now. This isn't the epilogue....A couple chapters to go yet:) Anyways...On with the fic!


      Rogue watched in silence as Wolverine emerged from the shower, his body glistening wet, rivulets of water pooled around his feet as he took the towel she offered from her hands. She silently followed him, her own towel clad body shivering slightly as they left the wet heat of the bathroom. She could sense his tension as he strode across the room and sank heavily into a chair.

      Wolverine hadn't spoken or touched her since the woods. He had simply gathered her up and they had made their way back to the motel to collect their things. In the three days that they had been driving, the only sounds he had uttered were the occasional growls directed her way if she strayed to far from him when they made an infrequent stop.

      This was the first time they had stopped for the night since and Rogue had been a little surprised when he had pulled her back into the bathroom with him while he showered. That he wouldn't even let her out of his sight long enough to take a shower told her that he was still angry, still afraid she'd try to run again.

      'I want to make it better', Rogue thought as she crossed the room. She missed his touch as much as she missed the sound of his voice and she was determined to have both back again. Her dark eyes stared into his hazel ones as she slowly knelt before him, settling herself between his knees. She placed her cheek on his knee, rubbing slowly, enjoying the silky feel of the hair on his legs against her face, her eyes never leaving his. She slid her hands up his legs, parting his towel in the process to reveal his burgeoning erection. A small smile played upon her lips when he growled at her, so different from the ones she had been hearing the past few days. She had missed that.

      Licking. Nibbling. Sucking. She watched as he threw his head back, groaning loudly when she took him deep into her mouth, pulling back to tease the velvety head with her tongue before swallowing him down again and again. She wanted to cry at the feel of his fingers sliding into her hair. His touch. God she had missed that. She had missed being with him. She had missed 'him'. His hips snapped upward and she felt him swell with a cry that could have been her name as he spilled into her eager mouth.

      Releasing him, Rogue placed a soft kiss on the head of his cock and then whispering his name, she slowly levered herself up, her towel falling away from her body. Settling onto his lap, laying her head upon his chest, a soft sigh escaping her when his arms wrapped around her waist. The beating of his heart under her ear lulled her and she snuggled deeper into his embrace, stopping when she felt him stirring beneath her. She lifted her head to look at him, her breath catching in her throat when he kissed her. Hard. Thrusting his tongue between her lips when she gasped for air. his large hands anchored in her hair.

      Rogue caressed his tongue with her own, a whimper when his mouth left hers turning into a moan of pleasure at the flick of wet heat across a nipple. She could feel his straining erection pressing against her when she arched her body towards his mouth, arousal rushing through her at his groan when she rocked her hips against his. With a snarl, he claimed her mouth, rough hands lifting her and Rogue bit down on his lip in surprise as he suddenly buried himself to the hilt inside her. She shivered as he took hold of her hips, lifting her until just the tip of his cock remained inside her and then slowly pulling her towards him, grinding them together when their bodies met again. Again and again, lifting, thrusting, Rogue raised and lowered herself, matching his rhythm. She could feel his breath, hot on her neck, the movement of his thrusts becoming ragged and she knew he was nearing his completion.

      Her own climax washed over her, voice breaking as she called out his name, shaking and shuddering as she tried to keep the rhythm. She felt his growl vibrate through her as he thrust hard into her, fingers bruising her hips as he held her in place, his cock pulsing deep inside her. She collapsed against him, her eyes already beginning to shut in exhaustion, his arms winding around her holding her in place.

      Rogue was nearly asleep when he spoke, the sound of his voice startling her so much she didn't comprehend what he had said.

      "Sorry?" she whispered, happiness that he had finally spoken waring with fearfulness of what he had said. "I didn't quite hear what you said."

      "Mine." he ground out. "Mine." His hands slid down to cup her bottom as he stood and carried her towards the bed.

      "Yes. And - and you're mine." She tightened her arms around his neck as he lowered her down on the bed.

      "Made you mine." he said. She shuddered as he licked at the marks he made on her neck.

      "Yes." She smiled at him as he rolled them onto their sides, his hand sliding down her body before resting on her belly.

      "Feel it?" He began to gently rub her belly. "Mine. Like you."

      "Wolverine?" Her voice questioning, Rogue stared at him, her mind whirling. "Feel it? Feel what sugar?"

      Even as the words left her mouth, realization slowly dawned on her. No choice in the matter for it was already done. She looked down, watching his hand dance across her skin, his answer echoing through her head.


      Jean Grey's soft voice broke through Rogue's reverie. Jean had helped her so much these past months - never questioning, never judging, just simply being there. Unlike - But no, it was best not to think about him right now.


      Soft fingers smoothed the hair away from her face before reaching down to grasp her hand. God she was tired.

      "Rogue. I'm sorry sweetie, but another one is coming."

      Rogue gripped Jean's hand tighter as she felt the first ripple begin. She couldn't count the times she'd sought Jean out - sometimes to talk, sometimes to cry. Jean would simply offer her ear or shoulder and a nice cup of tea. Rogue's lips curved in a small smile at the thought as she turned slightly to face the doctor.

      "S'kay Jean." she managed to grit out as the contraction began to slice through her.

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