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Songfic 'Alone, together' (belongs to my X-Men- Academy series)

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  • B'Teena DOL
    first: This story is only based on the storyline of the movie X-Men that was released in the year 2000. So this movie is responsible for every ,mistake in
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      This story is only based on the storyline of the movie X-Men that was released in the year 2000. So this movie is responsible for every ,mistake' in this story concerning the comics or the cartoons. Since I'm just an addicted fan to the movie but no comic reader, this fanfic's storyline won't be changed if it's for that ;).

      Timeline: This story happens on the day when Logan goes searching for his past, the second day after the battle in the Statue of Liberty. Actually it happens within 'Feeling thunder', the first story (pilot) of my series 'X-Men:- Academy'. Actually you don't need to know this story to understand this songfic. Flash is just my new character, Scott's new girlfriend. But if course it's better if you read 'Feeling thunder'. But this is just a little songfic, after all, so it shouldn't bother ;).The italic written words are from the Song ,Alleine, zu zweit' = 'Alone, together', sung by a German group called Lacrimosa. This song is as less mine as the X-Men ;).


      "My I come in?"

      "Hello, Logan." I was lying on my bed, looking at old photos, when Wolverine knocked on my door that evening. No, on our bed, I thought, it was ours since today, after all. Scott and I had gotten a flat, very tiny, but comfortable.

      Logan on the other hand had moved in Jean's room, taking Scott's place. Now we had what we had wanted, and we needed one room less.

      But it wasn't right, anyway. It had a bitter taste that made you wanting to throw up. Logan's visit on this second morning - when Scott and Jean both taught pupils - after the fight, the day when he would leave, showed me that he felt the same.

      "How are you?" He pointed at the infusion, at the long needle in my elbow.

      "Okay", I nodded. "Still hurts, but it will pass."

      "It will." He sighed. "Flash... I'm sorry."

      "It was an accident", I said gently. "I don't blame you, so don't do it either, please, okay?"

      "Okay. What's this song, you're listening to? Is this German?" He leaned his head aside lightly, paying more attention to the melody being played from my computer.

      I nodded. "Lacrimosa- 'Alleine, zu zweit', meaning 'Alone, together'. Fits my mood somehow."

      "Can't be a too good mood then", he commented. "The melody is depressing."

      I took my free arm behind my head. "I feel so damn bad."

      "Yeah, I know that feeling." He ran through his hair. "I never thought it would bother me that much. Jeannie and Scooter. My god, Flash, what have we done?"

      "It wasn't just our decision." When I said it, it sounded even more lame than inside my head. Again I stared at the photo in my hand.

      "May I?" Logan sat down next to me.

      "Of course. Scott got all of them together, he'll bring them to the attic room later. I guess he just doesn't want to see them again."

      "Understandable. Ey- is that Jean? Why, I didn't know she's a real redhead, originally." The tender admiration in Wolverine's eyes showed how real his feelings for our doctress were.

      "She dyed her hair that dark because she wanted to get less attention", I explained. "But I know that sometimes she misses this red. So you got a good chance she'll return to it someday."

      "I hope she'll let her hair grow, too. On this picture they're much longer. fits her better." Thoughtfully he took a closer look at the photograph. "I understand completely that he fell in love with her. They look very happy. Is this a still?"

      "Yep. They went to a photographer last year when they engaged."

      Shocked he looked up. "I didn't know they were."

      "Neither did I. Jubilee told me today. I guess Scott will kill her when he gets to know. You know. When she told me. I was about to quit everything. But then I saw this." I gave him another picture. Scott and Jean on a ball, dancing. Her eyes were empty, he didn't seem to be any more interested. "Two months ago."

      "Why, now that looks different." Logan's eyes narrowed.

      "It does. Turn it. He must have written that lately onto it. The pencil is still fresh."

      "'Alone, together'." He arched his eyebrows, surprised. "Chance?"

      "Since I'm living here I stopped believing in chance." I closed my eyes again, just concentrating on the music.

      "Tell me what it means."


      "The words. Translate them for me", he asked me.

      "I know something better." I sat down in front of my computer, opened a second mp3. "My best friend and I sung and recorded this in English once. But I have to warn you- this is hard."

      At the end of the truth

      at the end of the light

      The beginning was like a love song. I wasn't surprised seeing his little grimace.

      at the end of love

      at the end, there's you

      Five words changing everything, not just the meaning of the song. Five words, such like 'It's okay. We'll make it.'- Scott's final end-signal for Jean, two days ago, in the Statue of Liberty.

      Emptier my heart gets, a part of me's leaving now

      Nothing has survived

      silently we parted long ago

      Logan's sight got darker. We both had heard this sentence before, often enough, and we still couldn't believe it, that it had been over before.

      And with every new day of ,Us'

      the lie of our love grew

      A lie. Could it be? Seven years of relationship, a lie?

      We didn't need to talk anymore. Wolverine and I saw the thoughts of the others af if they were our own. The same conflict had made us a little, secret family.

      And the further we went our way together

      the more the distance between us grew

      Again the photo. Though it was a standard-dance there was much space between them. As if they didn't want to touch.

      Alone, together

      We have unlearned to search for each other

      Seven years. Six of it in the same room. Three of it in the same team. Five of it doing the same job. No space for anything new.

      The habit is a fog

      Jean and Scott. Scott and Jean. A fact.

      The lethargy suffocates

      Seven years without any free space. No family to flee to. But that wasn't necessary, either- there was no quarrel to cry over. Every quarrel was avoided.

      The arrogance intoxicates

      Scott, the leader of the team, Jean, the psychic leader when they were on a mission. A perfect team.

      And the near leaves you fleeing

      So much space between them, during a dance that demanded complete close contact between the partners.

      Dance, my life, dance

      dance with me

      dance with me once more

      into the high of naked love

      A last kiss when the dawn came after a long, hard night, a sad, longing kiss, before they said good-bye forever.

      And when I saw him like that

      When I experience her

      When I look at us-

      something has survived

      Photos, being locked away so you didn't have to look at them anymore. Moving out of a flat that you've lived in for years. Not even thinking of a new start.

      And if I found strength and hope

      If I had still faith in us

      If I could reach her/him

      had her/him once more alone for me

      What did Scott hide behind his glasses when he meet Jean in the hall. Why did he look up, while she was looking at the floor? What would have happened if I would just have sent him away yesterday in the evening?

      If the base, our foundation

      If we would discover each other new

      If she/he just wanted-

      I want

      "It was a mistake." Logan hide his face in his hands. "If I just would have left... What have we done?"

      Alone, together

      We have unlearned to search for each other

      The habit is a fog

      The lethargy suffocates

      The arrogance intoxicates

      And the near leaves you fleeing

      "What we had to do, I guess. The right thing. What we thought to be right. We listened to our hearts." I shook my head slowly. "Listening to these words I couldn't tell if it was really wrong."

      Dance, my life, dance

      dance with me

      dance with me once more

      into the high of naked love


      "The lesson is over." Wolverine stood up. "Jean's waiting in the courtyard already, I guess. If I just knew what to tell her."

      "Tell her the truth. That you'll be back in a few weeks and that she has to make up her decision until then." I closed the box with he photos. These were Scott's memories, not mine. "That's what I'll tell him, too. I'll move into Rose's room for a few days. Everything just happened to fast. It's their decision, after all, but we can at least stand back discreetly and watch."

      "But it hurts, anyway, doesn't it?", he asked quietly, looking at the photo from the engagement again, then putting it into his bag.

      "Of course it hurts." I ran over my eyes. "Good journey, Logan. Come back soon. And take care of yourself." We shook hands- then we hugged tightly.

      Then he was gone.


      reviews would be cool ;)

      B'Teena DOL
      He-Man/She-Ra & X-Men lair

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