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Dark Legends Intro Chapter 3 R (nudity, sexuality, implied violence, BD) Remy POV (Scott/Jean/Logan)

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  • Tarchannon
    Here it is (finally). It hasn t been betaed. Still Intro exposition, mostly, so a response to the Dark Legends Challenge #1. This finished setting up several
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 12, 2002
      Here it is (finally). It hasn't been betaed. Still Intro exposition, mostly, so a response to the Dark Legends Challenge #1. This finished setting up several of the others, and will tie several of the other WIPs from other authors into this intro.

      Still happy to have more writers join in!

      Dark Legend Chapter 3
      X-Men AU � Dark Legend Universe

      RATING: R (nudity, sexuality, implied violence, some BDSM references)
      PAIRING: Remy POV (Logan/Jean/Scott, hints of Remy/Logan).
      ARCHIVING: Yes to the list archives and the challenge archive, other folks should ask first (I haven�t
      said �no� yet).
      FEEDBACK: Yes, please! Feed me Seymour, feed me all night long! Tarchannon@...
      DISCLAIMER: None of the characters are mine � they belong to the people at Marvel. I�ll only use and
      abuse them a bit � probably less than my muses did!
      SERIES/SEQUEL: Yes, the Dark Universe. This is the introduction to the Dark Legend Challenge Series
      (challenge #1)
      SUMMARY: A plague visits the House of Xavier bringing death and dark changes.
      NOTES: 1) �_� contains spoken dialog, /_/ contains thoughts, *_* contains mental communication
      COMPLETED: 6/12/02

      The Xavier Academy - August 29, 2027

      Remy had parked his motorcycle in the wood just off Highway Six and slipped over the perimeter fence, neatly avoiding the cameras, the thermal sensors, and the motion detectors. They appeared to be heavily automated, making them simple to avoid with the proper electronic gadgets. The real trick wasn�t one that could have been handled by the expensive toys � the occasional mind sweeps that passed over him at seemingly random intervals could only be blocked by the mysterious, complex mental shielding that he possessed.

      The thief had first felt the gentle whispering flashes of pale yellow pressure at the back of his head when he arrived In New York. He wasn�t particularly bothered by it then, because he had felt such random searches any number of times in New Orleans, London, and Paris. The psions of the world liked to concentrate in the urban areas where their gifts could be used to advantage. But his initial impression changed as he rode out to Westechester County, toward the school he was supposed to case. Essex had told him that there could be two powerful psions there, one the most powerful in the world. The closer he came to the school, the more intense the probes felt. Their immense strength was unbelievable, frightening. The fact that he knew his mental shields were as strong and flexible as his physical body took the edge of his growing sense of dread. Thank heavens he was invisible to the invasive challenges.

      Two days ago, Essex had told him more about himself and the plague than he would have believed. It had been the morning after the doctor had deliberately exposed him to concentrated Legend Virus. Remy had known what it was, and had known that he was immune. He�d been exposed a half-dozen times before that night, and strangely, he knew he�d be fine. Everyone exposed got sick, apparently even the genetically altered Essex, from the look of his handkerchief. Everyone but the Cajun � and maybe this guy he was supposed to find.

      Nathaniel Essex had told him a lot of things that morning, enough incriminating information that the thief had known that there was a great deal more to the good doctor then he had ever guessed. Within an hour of the meeting, he had started digging, and by the evening he had uncovered tantalizing hints to Essex�s well hidden dark side. It had become clear to the Cajun that he had unwittingly made a deal with devil for Bella�s life, a deal that was more than he had ever bargained for. Remy had felt used and bitter at the doctor�s betrayal, the latest in a long line of betrayals.

      LeBeau knew that Essex had tipped his hand, divulging information that he knew could harm him. He was sure that Essex knew he would figure it out. After racking his brain, the only reason Remy could come up with for the lapse was that the doctor had contracted the virus and needed help. He had to know that he�d lose his best operative. But, help finding a cure for the Legend Virus was something he could buy into, even if Essex�s motivations were far less than pure.

      Remy LeBeau had read the stories and seen the artwork. There�d been many people that had danced with the devil and survived, and he certainly knew how to dance. He just had to be sure to keep one step ahead of this Mr. Sinister until he could excuse himself from his wicked partner.

      So he�d taken the deal, to find out if a certain Dr. Henry McCoy was still alive and living at the school � the very epicenter of the Legend Virus outbreak. Essex had discovered that a great number of e-mails were being sent and received from the Xavier Academy, which according to Sinister should have been virtually swept clean of life by the virus, as it was a haven for mutants. Additionally, many of the messages were being sent to unusual locations � universities, hospitals, laboratories � many of which had connections to one fuzzy blue Ph.D. who happened to be the world�s foremost expert on the Legacy Virus. Essex suspected that the Academy hadn�t been decimated, and that McCoy was still alive, and Essex needed to know why. Direct contact was impossible, for he had made enemies of those mutants long ago. The Cajun was to go to the school and do a population check and a general casing of the facility, and report back to Essex, all without being detected by anyone at the school or anyone keeping an eye on it. No simple task considering that the place may still house a couple dozen of the most powerful mutants on the planet.

      The federal agents assigned to observe the activity in and around the Xavier Estate had been easy to avoid. The were low level agents with little experience and no instincts, and they were easily tricked into being elsewhere at the time he crossed the fence. Even better, he had tagged them so he�d know where they were on his way out. One extra special submarine sandwich delivery with a couple of passive radio wave homing beads in amongst the poppy seeds, and the agents were eliminated as a discovery threat.

      Essex had briefed him on what he should expect to encounter if nothing out of the ordinary had happened � people, blueprints, security, pretty much everything. But he also said that _absolutely anything_ could have happened, from the grisly to the unimaginable. Judging from the power of the mind scans, something had happened. No one was *that* powerful. Remy had shuddered in apprehension.

      He had chosen to cross onto the grounds some distance from the main gates and at a point well behind the Mansion to avoid having to cross the small stream that passed under the Six, entered the property and ran into the lake to the north of the school. He nearly silently slipped between the trees in the very dim illumination of the new moon. It was fairly cloudy, and only a few stars peeked through the dark clouds above.

      Using his well-honed skills, he avoided a surprising number of internal security features, including using his bo staff to vault a motion sensor grid at the edge of the lawn behind the Mansion. He stealthily crept up to the huge, stone faced Mansion, the south side of which was cast into complete shadow by the pale sliver of the moon. He froze in fear as a nearly-inhuman shriek came from high above in one of the towers. Completely still except for two fingers sliding a few playing cards out of a deck and into his palm, he waited to see if he had been discovered. A few moments later he heard a low moan coming from rooms far closer. He shuddered at the disturbing sounds, and he wondered for the fiftieth time why he was getting involved in this. Sensing no immediate danger, he continued to the wall and then up, beginning his assessment.

      * * *
      Unable to resist the sensual draw of anticipated pleasure emanating from the room, Remy scaled the rough stone wall to the second floor, and followed the waves of lust. He peered into a number of darkened windows revealing a row of neat, empty bedrooms with easily opened windows. They looked unoccupied, but a little further down, one of the windows was open, and the sounds coming from the room indicated that it was far from empty. Two distinct male moans and a quiet commanding female voice were clearly emanating from that bed chamber. Remy carefully headed in that direction.

      After a few moments of precarious climbing, the Cajun peeked into the room, astounded by the sights presented. A beautiful, pale skinned, red-haired woman stood in the middle of the room dressed like Mistress Madelyn from back home. The first thing that caught his eyes were the shiny, black, sky high-heeled patent leather boots. Dark silk stockings held in place by a black garter belt graced he shapely legs, rising to meet at slit black panties. Her ample, rosy-tipped breasts spilled over a boned, black patent leather paneled merry widow, and she wore a black leather ring-studded collar that bore fine silver chains that flowed down her flawless, milk-pale skin to attach to matching loops on the corset on either side of her breasts. Long, black silk opera gloves covering hands holding either end of a dark riding crop completed the perfection that she was. The toe of one boot secured to the floor two thin leather straps, one for each of the men. Remy grew hard at the sight.

      The Cajun�s eyes wandered to the others, two men, very different from one another and kneeling before her, eyes downcast, one behind the other. Collared and leashed and wearing nothing else. The man closest to the woman looked about 30 and had impossibly wide shoulders and unusual golden olive skin. He was handsome, with an angular face and a square cleft chin. His eyes were closed. The man sat virtually unmoving, but his throbbing erection betrayed his interest. Behind him was another man, the last of the trio to catch his attention. He was a dark-haired man, shorter, and far stockier. Muscularly massive in fact, with a chest deep enough to stretch plausibility. Utterly ripped, with thighs that boggled his imagination. Bare, rippled back, deeply veed, but the rest covered with a heavy dusting of black manfuzz. He too was erect, thick and impressive as the rest, throbbing with a powerful heartbeat. Instinctively, Remy�s cock throbbed in response, synching the pulses.

      Remy was startled by his physical response. He was no stranger to a man�s bed, but this guy was not what usually caught his eye. Not handsome, not like himself, but striking, with long sideburns running into hair swept back into peaks. Hard, tough. But there was something else. He continued to watch the dark man, mesmerized. He had a hard expression, eyes downcast but strangely glittering.

      �I understand you disobeyed me,� the woman intoned, her displeasure evident in her voice. �I did not give you permission for your little romp outside.�

      Remy watched as the men started to squirm, squatting lower, knees spreading slightly. Both men grimaced as they struggled to remain in position and resist some mysterious, painful tugging. Pain and desire flowed from the men, taking the Cajun�s breath away.

      Gathering the little self-control he could muster in the emotional onslaught, the thief could barely break out of the emotional hypnotism the red-haired woman projected. He ripped his eyes from the erotic tableau before him, quietly leaning back from the window. For a second, it was all he could do to clutch the stone fa�ade, forcing the insidious call from his head. Successfully blocking, he started moving across the side of the building, trying to distance himself from the psion and regain control of his still racing pulse.

      He hadn�t see the faint turn of the head and the glance the short man made to the window the instant he was out of sight. He did, however, hear the resounding thwack of the riding crop on flesh and the subsequent moan.

      �Your attention belongs to me, � she whispered, sending chills down his spine that weren�t entirely his own. �That and everything else when you come here.�

      Remy, cock throbbing in sympathy with the enraptured men, quickly distanced himself from the redhead and struggled to continue his mission without being detected. The woman was unmistakably Dr. Jean Gray. He didn�t recognize the taller man, but the other must be Logan, the mysterious, nearly feral man with the metal claws. He mentally cataloged the sightings, then continued.

      A few hours later, the Cajun slipped back over the fence, mission accomplished � Dr. McCoy was indeed alive and working. He wanted to get as far away from that place as he could get before contacting Essex. It was as if an overpowering cloud hovered over that place - dark, brooding, and shockingly erotic. The situation at the Academy were most certainly not normal, based on Essex�s descriptions. The emotions there were nearly overpowering, and Remy was thankful to have his leave.

      But as he rode back down the Six, relieved at his escape, the memory of the dark-haired man would not leave his head, and the emotional echo of that sweetly painful groan haunted him for days after.

      ******************************** End of Chapter 3 - Feedback desired - Tarchannon@... ****************************

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