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I like my children med/rare pt5,6,7,and8 rating:PG language

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  • sabretooth_purrs_in_his_sleep
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2002
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      Roy was having trouble keeping up with Sabretooth's long strides. The
      last thing Roy wanted to do was get lost within this complex
      labyrinth Magneto created. He kept trying to run to catch up, but the
      large over-stuffed diaper bag he carried, kept tripping his
      feet. "Sir...please! Wait up!" Roy cried out to Creed. Sabretooth
      turned around and yelled, "What I hafta do? Carry you too? It's just
      up the hall, runt." It was bad enough having to baby a baby; there
      was no way in hell he was babying the lil punk too.
      Like any other room, the rec-room was a dank, cold, colorless man-
      made cave; void of any sort of *hominess*. In other words, Magneto's
      personal touch could be seen from ceiling to floor. Secretly, both
      Toad and Sabretooth wished that by some miracle, Mystique would go
      through the whole place and give it the *woman's touch*, but neither
      had the nerve to suggest it to her. It was easier to live with the
      drab-grey surroundings, than to live with Mystique once she had it in
      for you.
      Once inside the rec-room Vic carefully set the carrier down on a
      leather couch. Surprisingly, he was doing a pretty good job on a task
      he didn't even want. With his hands on his hips, he passively watched
      the infant in her carrier. Hannah just wriggled slightly. She yawned
      and went back to sleep without a fuss. By this time Roy had made his
      way to the room.
      "She always this quiet?" Roy shook his head. "No, sir...er...yes,
      sir...I mean, I don't know, sir. I'm usually in my room as soon as I
      finish dinner." For a moment, Victor just gave the child a blank
      stare. He didn't think that such an easy question would have had such
      a complicated answer. He wondered if he asked the frail anything
      else, would the kid have a nervous breakdown?
      "Relax runt. It ain't like I'm gonna eat ya- yer too boney." Vic then
      started to rub his tummy. "Now this babe...mmmm. She'll make a tasty
      snack fer later." Roy gasped in horror. "You're...you're kidding
      right?" Sabretooth paused, and quietly pondered his answer. "Never
      thought maself ta bein' the jokin' kind. Guess we'll just hafta
      wait 'n see, huh?"
      Victor began to rummage through the diaper bag, occasionally picking
      out an item and exaiming it. After all, the contents of a diaper bag
      were as mysterious as a woman's purse.
      He found a paper in a side pocket, and started to unfold it. "What's
      this?" he asked curiously. "Oh that." Roy dropped his head and
      murmured. "It's a note. *sigh* From my mother." "Sounds like ya don't
      want me readin' *mama's lil note*." Roy gave Sabretooth a very
      sarcastic *DUH* look. "I would rather swim home, sir." His tone of
      voice was just a sarcastic as the look.
      For having taught himself, Victor's reading was not that bad. He read
      softly to himself, sounding out the more dificult words.
      " 'To whom it may concern; Our ch...childern Roy and H...Hannah are
      the most val...u..ued gems in mine and my hus...bands tr...treasure
      chest. We are great...ly inter...ested in every de...tail of our
      wonder...ful children's lives.' "
      Victor paused; put his free hand on his hip, and adjusted his body
      weight. He was beginning to understand why Roy didn't want him to
      read *mama's lil note*.
      " 'I have talked to some top ex...perts in p...ped...pedi...' "
      Rather than trying to sound out 'pediatrics', Vic opted to skip down
      a few lines.
      " 'We be...believe that these g...guidelines are e...sen...tial for
      our children to have a pr...prop..er and suc...c...ess...ful
      child...hood for today's stan....standards.' "
      Once more, Vic paused. He puffed his cheeks as he exhailed slowly. He
      was quickly becomming mentally exhausted.
      " '1) Hannah must stay on her s...ch....sch...'" Another break from
      the note. Victor pointed to a word on the paper that just didn't seem
      to fit into any phonetic pattern he was fimiliar with. "Hey, kid;
      What's this word?" Roy wasn't exactly eager to help, but he didn't
      want to piss off this fiece looking giant either. "Schedule, sir."
      Victor nodded his head. It made sense now.
      " ' 2) Our children may not con...sume any junk food or soft drinks.
      3) Roy does not eat any pr...processed sugar, fl...flour, meat, or
      food dyes. 4)Roy is not allowed to watch any sort of
      en...enter...tain...ment that is not suit...able for children his
      a...age. 5)Roy may not try anything d...d...dang...erous' "
      '*Dang-erous?* No, wait- DANGEROUS!' Victor was quite pleased with
      himself for discovering the answer on his own.
      " '6) Roy is not allowed to stay up late. 7)Roy is not allowed-' "
      Victor stopped reading and snorted rudely. "Seems ta me this damn
      note would be a lot easier ta read if it just says, "Roy ain't
      allowed to do NOTHIN'period!" Roy agreed. "Tell me about it,"
      realizing he had said that out loud he swallowed hard. "...sir."
      Victor quickly recalled a part of his own tragic childhood. 'Guess
      there's more than one way ta keep a kid locked up.'
      "Kid..." Victor crumpled up the paper and tossed it back into the
      bag. "Yer ma is in serious need of an enema!" Roy began to smile and
      chuckle a little.

      The rec-room was where the new-recruits, especially the younger ones
      liked to hang out. Too bad there weren't any around right now; other
      wise, Victor could just deligate this duty to someone else.
      The rec-room was NOT his hang out. He was much happier staying to
      himself, perched alone somewhere enjoying the beauty of nature, or
      working out in the gym. At least there was every imaginable gadget
      and eletronic toy to tweak his interest. He did love a good violent
      video game just as well as the next psychopathic killer.
      He took an unmarked CD along with a memory card out of his pocket,
      and placed it in the video consule. If he was going to spend the
      night looking after a couple of kids, then he was going to be one
      He made himself comfortable next to Hannah, while Roy stood close by.
      The game picked up where Creed had saved. Almost instantly he was
      feverishly beating on the helpless control buttons as the battle
      raged on. Roy was blown away by it's sheer graphic violence. He never
      dreamed he would see so much blood, guts, brains and pure goriness
      splashed on a TV screen- and it all looked so real! "This is sooo
      COOL!" Roy was beginning to believe that this may be the greatest day
      of his life.
      Without realizing that he was initating a conversation with one of
      the world's most brutal super-villains, Roy begin to question
      Sabretooth, as if he were a long-lost uncle. "What game is this?"
      Victor's eyes never left the screen. "The creator died b'fore he
      named it." It took a moment for Roy to respond, his brain wasn't used
      to taking in so much detail all at once. His eyes never left the
      screen either. "How did he die?" he innocently inquired. "Quick." was
      all Creed said. "How did you end up with it? Did he leave it to you?"
      Sabre chuckled. "Yeah. He left it to me." His tone of voice quickly
      changed. "Shuddup now. Can't ya I'm in the middle of a fight." A few
      moments went by when Roy finally got the courage to ask one more
      question. "Sir? May I play?" "No." "Ummm...yes, sir."
      Roy was beginning to tire of watching Creed play his game. He began
      to wander around the room, looking at all the "big boy" toys, most of
      which he was too small to manipulate by himself.
      Then he found the television. "Sir, can I watch TV? …Sir?" A moment
      or two went by before Sabretooth finally replied by shaking his
      Roy found the remote turned on the set, and began to flip through the
      channels. All 210 channels. Nothing. Then he noticed the box of video
      tapes and DVDs by the television set. He went over and began to look
      through the titles for something fun to watch. Pokemon, Power
      Rangers, everyone had those movies right? But all the titles he found
      he had never heard of before. "Buffy, The Vampire Slut", "Bi Biker
      Babes of BumBay Beach", "Jail Bait" and "Viking Vixens Vamp The Venus
      Penis". All of which had pictures of girls on the front of their
      boxes. *YUCK. BORING!* Roy thought. Then he found a video out of its
      box. Obviously, another sissy movie but at least he recognized the
      title or so he thought. He went over the VRC and was about to put in
      the tape.
      About then Sabretooth finally was able to break his concentration
      from his game long enough to see what Roy was getting into. "Hey!" He
      barked like a drill sergeant. "Whaddya doin'?" Roy turned around in
      surprise. "I'm going to watch a disney movie, sir." "What?" Creed
      knew that the last kind of movie you could find in the brotherhood's
      liar was a Disney movie. "Yer sure `bout that? What's it
      called?" "Oh." Roy picked up the cassette and read off the
      title. "Um...Snow White and the Seven Escaped Convicts." It wasn't
      easy, but Sabre managed to keep from laughing. It was nearly
      impossible for him to even manage to keep a straight face. "Boy, ya
      know anything `bout the birds and the bees?" "Do you mean..." Roy
      gulped hard before saying the word. "...sex?" "Well I ain't
      talkin' `bout gardening, squirt. Yeah, sex." He said plainly.
      The timid boy just shook his head. Creed then smiled a twisted
      smile. "Well, I promise ya kid, you put THAT movie in and you will."
      Roy looked innocently down at the cassette he was holding in
      disbelief. "Hell runt, ya gotta learn some time, right?" "I...I
      don't think that's I'm ready for that, sir." The boy said shyly.
      Creed shrugged his shoulders, and put the control pad down. He stood
      up and stretched to his full height, an impressive display of sheer
      manliness, and yawned a lion-like roar. Then suddenly, another
      creature gave a roar of her own. Apparently, Sabretooth's yawn had
      disturbed Hannah's peaceful slumber. Vic dropped his arms to his
      sides, and went over to attend to the baby's needs. He was just
      beginning to reach for her, then suddenly stopped as if he remembered
      something important.
      "Hey, boy, come here. You do the honors." "But, sir" Roy
      protested. "...my mother doesn't let me touch Hannah. She's afraid
      I'll give her germs." Sabretooth, growled in frustration. Then as if
      one of the concrete walls that surrounded Victor's being, came
      crashing down, he spoke, "Look. Every time I get even NEAR a baby..."
      he lowered his body down far enough to be eye-to-eye with Roy. He
      stretched out his hand exposing his deadly claws, shaking them in the
      boy's face. "...somebody starts screamin' `Get away from the baby!
      You'll hurt the baby!' Even if all I wanna do is just hold the damn
      baby! But no body wants ta take the chance. Well," He took a deep
      cleansing breath. "...maybe they're right. Maybe I am too dangerous
      with these. I tried to explain it to yer dad's friend, my boss, an'
      he wouldn't hear me. Will you?"
      Roy had never had an adult use such a `matter of fact' tone of voice
      before, and he loved it. Sure, the child in him wanted to run and
      hide under a chair, but there was something about this mutant, as
      terrifying as he may have been, that Roy liked and even admired.
      He'd never met ANYBODY like this Sabretooth before, and was hoping
      that they would be friends. God knows Roy had none, and somehow he
      felt that maybe the same could be said about this giant too.
      Hannah was well on her way to total `melt down', when Roy carefully
      for the first time, picked her up out of the carrier. She was still
      crying and would not take her bottle. She fussed and cried and
      screamed for the next fifteen minutes, as Roy tried rocking his baby
      sister back to sleep. It felt so weird, to hold his baby sister but
      nice, even if she was screaming the whole time.
      Vic looked on helplessly at the situation at hand. His ultra-
      sensitive hears were about to burst. He then realized the boy was
      displaying more courage than he and he hung his head in shame. He put
      his hands on his hips, took another deep breath and finally reached
      out for the baby. "If she ends up in several small pieces, don't say
      I didn't warn ya." –to be continued
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