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Fic: "Fellowship Of Heroes" PG-13 (5/?) [Logan/Rogue, Legolas/Ororo, Aragorn /Arwen]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Hi all, So sorry for the long wait. First of all thanks to Jonas for nagging me into writing on this fic again. Secondly thanks so much to my ever so lovely
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 10, 2002
      Hi all,

      So sorry for the long wait.
      First of all thanks to Jonas for nagging me into writing on this fic again.
      Secondly thanks so much to my ever so lovely beta, Estelle for her speed and just for being there. Thanks
      Earlier parts can be read here:
      Quick recap: Our heroes were on their way through the mountain.


      Part 5:

      “Are you sure you know where we are?” Logan asked Gandalf as they walked through giant halls, bodies lying in the corners. Gandalf had had to stop three times already to remember which way they were going.

      “We are on the right path,” Gandalf let him know from where he walked in front of Logan and Rogue.

      “Yeah. Right,” Logan mumbled.

      “We have walked almost 3 days now and in each hall we have found bodies. What kind of creature can do something like this?” Scott asked everyone.

      “Goblins,” Gimli said hatefully. If he as much as sensed a Goblin it was dead on sight.

      “That room over there...” Ororo pointed towards a room on her right, the wooden doors looked like they had been broken up by force. “There are more bodies there,” she noticed and shivered. She couldn’t even begin to imagine what kind of pain and fear the Dwarfs must have felt as whatever was after them drew nearer. Legolas noticed her shiver and took her hand briefly for comfort before he let go again, needing both hands to control his bow if the enemy was near.

      “It’s my cousin’s room. The main room,” Gimli said, fear for his cousin in his voice as he ran into the room.

      “Don’t!” Gandalf warned but too late. The others ran after him and saw Gimli kneeling before a coffin craved in stone.

      “No! No,” Gimli let his head fall to hide the sorrow in his eyes. Gandalf walked over and read the inscription on the coffin. It was Gimli’s cousin’s grave; the Lord of Moria. Everyone stood back and was unsure what to say for what words can heal a broken heart? Boromir went forth and put a comforting hand on Gimli’s shoulder.

      “We should move on. We cannot linker,” Legolas said to Strider and he nodded. Gandalf picked up an old book from the floor and read the last words the Dwarfs had written. It talked of their fear but not of what was after them.

      “I hear something. It draws closer,” Legolas said and drew his bow.

      “I hear nothing,” Scott admitted and tried to listen. Still nothing.

      “No, he’s right. Something is coming,” Logan warned and drew his claws and pushed Rogue behind him. Boromir stood the closest to the door to the room and ran over to see if he could see something. Suddenly two arrows flew towards him and only his quick reflexes after years in battle saved him as he jacked his head back and narrowly avoided being hit. He turned back to the others and nodded with his head towards the hall outside the room.

      “They have a cave troll,” he told them, disbelief in his voice. Legolas took some spears and wood from the hall and helped Boromir seal the gate.

      “And that would be a bad thing, right?” Rogue spoke up and from the look everyone gave her she figured it was really bad.

      “Frodo. Your sword!” Sam said to his friend and all looked at it. It was glowing blue.

      “What does that mean?” Scott asked alarmed, his right hand going to his glasses.

      “Orcs are close by,” Strider told him and took forth a bow and arrows that Scott hadn’t noticed he had carried with him. Grimli jumped up on the stone coffin and stood with his ax ready.

      “Let them come. There’s still one Dwarf left in Moira who draws breath,” Gimli said.

      Strider, Boromir, Legolas, Ororo, Logan and Scott stood in front. Boromir held his sword ready and his shield was raised, Legolas and Strider had their bows ready, Ororo’s eyes had turned white, Logan had his claws out and Scott was ready to lift his glasses and unleash his powers.

      “Stay behind me,” Gandalf said to the Hobbits who had drawn their swords and looked nervously around. Suddenly they could all hear their enemies as the ground began to shake.

      “It sounds like a whole God damn army,” Logan said what they all thought. The Orcs were now literally knocking on the door. With axes and swords they began to break through the wooden door. Legolas let an arrow fly and it hit its mark as always just through the little split in the door. Legolas found a new arrow and again hit another Orc through the hole in the door. Strider fired several shots to the door and also his aim was deadly. As the door broke they could all see what enemy they were facing as Orcs entered the room, swords at the ready. Strider and Legolas kept firing arrows at them and the first line fell but the Orcs kept coming.

      “They’re horrible!” Rogue said repulsed as she saw how an Orc looked like. It was like something from a nightmare, a demonlike creature with eyes shinning of bloodlust. She now fully understood the horror it would be to be forced to absorb an Orc.

      “Here they come,” Scott warned and began to fire his beams at the Orcs. His beams weren’t as strong as they used to as his power came from the sun and he had been underground for three days now but he was able to blast two Orcs. Legolas shot several Orcs in under a minute; his hands finding a new arrow so fast no human eye could see it. Strider put his bow away and took forth his sword and with Boromir charged directly into the enemy. Ororo concentrated and tried to shot lighting at the Orcs but found it a lot harder than usual. In fact she could almost not shot lighting at all. What lighting came from her hands were too weak to slay even one Orc. Her power was control of the weather but underground she had no weather to manipulate and not enough moisture to make it rain.

      “Ororo, are you in peril?” Legolas asked worried, having to stick one of his arrows directly into one of the Orcs, as he didn’t have time to use his bow. Ororo drew her sword but found it very heavy and difficult to handle, as she had never fought with swords in her life.

      “I’m fine,” she reassured him though she just narrowly missed being slain by an Orc and only Boromir’s sword saved her.

      “Ororo, protect the Hobbits,” Scott ordered and she saw that Gandalf was having trouble with the Orcs so even Merry, Pippin and Sam had to stand before Frodo to fight them off.

      “I’ll do what I can,” Ororo promised. Suddenly the door was broken down as a giant troll entered.

      “The cave troll,” Scott said out loud and it was indeed a giant troll...and it even had a stone hammer with it. It seemed to be searching for something or someone...

      “It’s after Frodo!” Scott warned. He had to stop it now before someone was killed. He took a deep breath and fired his beams as strong as he could. He succeeded in blasting the stone hammer but the troll was only weakened. The power of the blast was too much for Scott and against his will he felt himself loosen hold on consciousness and he fell down on the stone floor.

      “I will stand before him,” Boromir said and positioned himself in front of the unconscious man and fought the Orcs who saw an easy prey.

      “I will try and slow down the troll,” Legolas said and jumped up on the troll’s head and began to shot arrows into it’s head while trying not to fall down. The troll had moved towards Frodo and thrown his protectors away like flies. Logan attacked the troll’s leg as Rogue guided Frodo behind a statue.

      “Ororo!” Legolas yelled as Ororo was thrown to the side and slid lifeless to the floor.

      “Strider,” Frodo called and Strider stood before the statue, Frodo’s last defense. Legolas jumped to the floor again and kept shooting arrows at the troll and it was weakening. Rogue pushed Frodo behind her and removed her glove on her right hand. She was scared for the possibility to be forced to absorb the troll but if there was no other way to protect Frodo and the Ring so be it. Strider was cast aside like the others and now only Rogue stood before Frodo. She tried to contain her fear but it rose in her anyway. Doubts filled her mind; was Frodo worth it? Would she die from absorbing the troll? Was this even her fight? She looked at Frodo and saw how scared he looked…and how much he looked like a child. Her mutation prevented her from having children but she had always wanted kids of her own. As she turned back to the troll, her doubts were gone; she would stand firm. Just as the troll were inches from her, the troll fell under Legolas’ attack though Logan’s claws had done a good job as well.

      Rogue and Frodo emerged from the statue as the remaining Orcs ran away.

      “Thank God,” Rogue said and ran into Logan’s arms and he held her close, his blooded claws sliding back into his flesh again.

      “Ororo,” Legolas ran to her and cradled her in his arms as Frodo ran to sit with Sam.

      “Will they be alright?” Rogue asked to the others from within Logan’s arms. As she asked her question Boromir, Scott and Gandalf began to come around. Logan smiled.

      “They will all be fine. They will all be fine,” he promised and hoped it was a promise that would last forever.

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