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Fate's Cupid 3 & 4

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  • susan litten
    Whoa....Ummmm........BAD FIFI....NO COOKIE!!! I am sorry for how long this took me to get out....i have been sitting on it for about um........four months.....
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2002
      Whoa....Ummmm........BAD FIFI....NO COOKIE!!!
      I am sorry for how long this took me to get out....i
      have been sitting on it for about um........four
      yeah........and REAL LIFE SUCKS........I hate my

      Disclaimers in part one.....
      Thanks Karen.....


      She sat in the darkness of the room. Her hands lay
      palm up, open on her lap. Her gaze lay on no
      particular object in the room.
      But deep inside, she was visualizing a large
      tapestry, its design not one of this world. Threads
      lead in and out of the loom, the weave intricate and
      delicate, the weaver's small black spiders. Walking
      towards the loom, she picked up a highlighted
      and began to run her finger along it. The length of
      it amazed her, and it's entanglement s were varied
      With hands well calloused from the weaving, she
      singled out other various threads, all entangled
      together, and all long and strong. Mentally
      highlighting them, she began to map out the weave.
      But even as she held the threads, they began to
      in and out of her hands, signaling a major shift in
      the weaving pattern, the threads becoming shorter
      even as she watched.
      There was an interference with the loom. She
      to see the problem, but the spiders worked faster,
      their pincers making tiny clicking sounds of
      then abandoned their work, before swarming her and
      weaving their webs on her, anchoring her to the
      This was folly, she heard in her head. This was
      deepest she had ever gone, the most threads she had
      ever held at one time.
      Normally, she would just touch a thread and
      it to the first split. Then she would release the
      But now she held on for dear life.
      On the other side of the loom, a large spider
      out from the shadows. It made a horrendous clicking
      as it came forward.
      Using its first two legs as arms, it brought her
      closer before bending down until it's large faceted
      eyes were level with hers.
      In a voice inhuman and human at the same time, it
      She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to look
      at the owner of said hand, Surprised to meet the
      hazel gaze of Mr. Logan.
      Whipping her head back to look at the Large
      Arachnid, she was shocked to find herself in the
      room, the spiders and loom, even the threads in her
      hand, gone.
      Standing up, she wobbled for a moment, before
      putting her face in her hands, finding the skin
      and cold, faintly moist.
      "Hey, kid? You all right?"
      She wanted to laugh. She had just gone deeper
      her power then she had ever gone before,
      encountering a beast straight from the pits of Hell,
      and he wanted to know if she was all right. "Yeah."
      "Just askin'. You looked as if you were having a
      seizure or somethin'."
      She scoffed. "Yeah, more like a living

      "I've had my share of those. Wanna talk about
      He looked strangely uncomfortable about it. She was
      slightly touched that he was willing to extend
      in a way that was obviously uncomfortable.

      "Naw, but I appreciate the offer." Rubbing the
      back of her neck to release the tension building
      there, she looked at him. "What are you doing here

      "Chuck.... I mean the Professor, felt your
      distress and I was the closest.
      I've been trying to snap you out of it for the past
      ten minutes."
      "Chuck huh?" She smiled, slightly, the corner of
      mouth kicking up a little. "Maybe I should just
      discuss this with you, and you tell me what you


      "My power is so far unlimited. I have not hit a
      brick wall, if you will. But to access that part of
      me I have to enter a dream-like stasis. Similar to
      daydreaming, understand?" At Logan's nod she
      continued, "I don't see the future, I read the
      threads, the skeins, of the tapestry of life. It's
      part interpretation and part gut reaction. You
      so far?"
      "Think so."
      "'Kay. Any-ho..I just did so, and when I was
      there, I encountered a very large spider, and it
      sounded like it called me a name. Arachne...or
      something similar...And this is new. I have never
      encountered another being while in that state. So
      question to you is this: Was I hallucinating, or
      it really happen?"
      "How is your Greek Mythology?"
      "Do you know any of the Greek Myths?"
      "Well, then, Arachne was a weaver, a really good
      one. And she boasted that no one could weave a
      better cloth then she, not even this Goddess, Athena,
      who was the Weaver of the Gods. So Athena comes down
      and challenges this girl to a duel of sorts. Arachne
      accepted, and beat the Goddess. Athena was a sore
      loser, and turned Arachne into a spider as
      punishment, so that she had to spend the rest of her
      existence spinning. "
      "So how would I know the name?"
      "Dunno. Maybe the Professor would be able to
      "Mr. Logan?"
      Logan had already gotten up and was on his way
      the door. "Yeah, kid?"
      "Anytime, kid."
      She was silent as she followed him out the door
      into the hall, on their way to the Professor's
      "Mr. Logan?"
      "I think I like calling him Chuck too."
      Logan could only laugh.


      "The tapestry is unraveling. But why?" Salome
      looked at her brother. They were currently walking
      through the halls of Xavier's fine mansion
      on their way towards the cafeteria for breakfast.

      "Maybe it has to do with Magneto wanting to put
      into a form of white slavery." Her brother opened
      door for her. She stepped into the room and moved
      over to the serving line.
      "Or maybe it has to do with something that I have
      to do."

      "Or maybe it has to do with who you are...Arachne"
      A soft lilting trio of voices said in her ear.
      looked in the direction the voices came from and was
      stunned to see a woman dressed in black, covered in
      cobwebs, standing next to a busy loom. She turned
      head back to look at her brother and just like that
      she was in the weaving room, the one she had
      pictured in her mind.
      "Where am I?"
      "You are in a dimension that no other mortal can
      interact with. But you are special. You can control
      and read the skeins."
      "Why me? And who are you?"
      "We are the Fates. We are the keepers of the
      of Life. You are the reincarnation of Arachne, the
      first weaver. And through you we will stop a tangle
      that will throw all life into chaos." The woman
      spoke, three voices coming from her.
      "How can I do anything to stop it? I'm just one
      The woman's voices hissed. "YOU are the
      will stop the tangle...or else chaos reigns."
      "Ummm...you sure you ain't got the wrong girl?"
      the woman's glare, Solly shrugged. "Well,
      do I need to do?"
      The woman gestured towards the Loom. "Call
      the two primary Skeins from the tangle."
      Fate hissed again and walked up behind Solly.
      Pressing herself against the girl's back, she began
      rub her belly. "You can feel the Tapestry here,
      "Then pull with that feeling, the threads will
      behave as you wish."
      Solly concentrated, feeling the tingle in her
      belly grow, then expand as she felt the slender, yet
      strong threads slip into her hands.
      "There, now, look at them, and tell me what you
      "I see two threads intertwined for many years,
      combined in a twist so tight that it is almost
      impossible to tell them apart. And they spawn
      other threads."
      "These two are very close friends, who are
      destined to be lovers, and their children will bring
      balance to the Tapestry. Unfortunately, recent
      have caused the two to become less close, to the
      where all feelings of attraction have been ignored.
      They are in fact beginning to harbor a deep
      for each other. This must end.
      "And this is your job."
      Fate smiled and held her tighter, "I'll show

      Salome looked around the empty room, a lamp lit
      the bedside table. Turning her head, she came face
      face with a slit-eyed George. Meeting her gaze, he
      began to purr.
      Crossing her hands over her head, and her legs at
      the ankle, she began to sing softly.
      "Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match, find me
      find. Catch me a catch...."

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