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FIC: Safety Dance (NC-17 L/M)

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  • xxtheroguexx
    Title: Safety Dance Author: Kristine Email: xxtheroguexx@webtv.net Rated: NC-17 for sex....I can see the shock.... g Summary: Logan convinces Marie to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2002
      Title: Safety Dance
      Author: Kristine
      Email: xxtheroguexx@...
      Rated: NC-17 for sex....I can see the shock....'g'
      Summary: Logan convinces Marie to "do it".....basically PWP.
      Disclaimer: I don't own them....'sigh'
      Feedback: Better than se....um....Yes please:) Love it? Hate it? I want to know! Constructive criticism welcome.
      Archive: You'd want this?
      Website: Agony & Exstasy - http://wtv-zone.com/xxtheroguexx/index.html
      Notes: Again, I should be working on the epilouge for my "No Choice" series (and I am....honest!) but these damn bunnies keep distracting me! I read "Comfort Me With Apples" by Victoria P. and sent it to a friend I work with. Upon discussing the fic and condoms, and sex, my friend made an innocent comment, "Wouldn't it be funny if....(snipped so not to spoil the fic:)~ )" Yeah, real funny....damn bunny. Hey! I rhymed!....lol Anyways...the idea stuck and wouldn't go away until I wrote it, so here it is in it's unbetaed glory. I just couldn't bring myself to inflict this on anyone...damn smut bunnies. Also, the "After-School Special" reference is from Victoria P.'s fic....That line just stuck with me for some reason. The title is from a song from the 80's...Men Without Hats, I believe. Enough of my babbling....On with the fic!


      Marie looked at the little square packet that Logan had set in her open hand. She stared at it, all the while feeling Logan's eyes upon her, knowing he was waiting to see what her reaction would be. She could feel her cheeks begin to burn as a blush spread across her face and she couldn't help but feel silly about that. After all, it wasn't as though they hadn't done 'things' with each other already, Logan was now simply asking her permission to take their relationship to the next level.

      When Logan finally came back from his search for his past, three years had slipped by and much had changed in his absence. New students had arrived, old students had left, Scott and Jean had finally taken the plunge and Rogue, his Marie, had grown up. He had been pleasantly surprised at her transformation, even more so when his lust addled brain registered the fact that she was touching him with bare hands. The smile she had on her face as she proudly told him how she gained control made his groin tighten in a way that hadn't happened in a long time. He knew then and there that he had to have her, that he _would_ have her. He knew she wanted him too, he could smell the lust wafting from her but she was fighting it, too insecure to believe that he would want her back.

      It didn't take him long to dispel that delusion.

      He touched her whenever the opportunity presented itself and soon she discovered that his hands on her breasts made her feel good, the heat of his mouth on her nipples made her shiver in pleasure. The flick of his tongue upon her clit and made her feel like she wanted to die, the ecstasy was so great. With some cajoling and a little begging, he finally convinced her to do the same for him and the awe she felt as his body shook and moans spilled from his lips as his cum spilled down her throat was indescribable.

      They had done nearly everything a man and woman could do together short of actually 'doing it' and she knew it was only a matter of time before he'd convince her to do that. At night, Marie would lie in bed, wondering what his cock would feel like buried deep inside her and she'd bring herself to climax, over and over again, knowing Logan was in the next room doing the same.

      Marie wasn't afraid that he'd hurt her, she knew he'd rather die than do that. Her biggest fear was what the results of doing it would be. She had no desire to become a real life 'After-School Special', but it was becoming increasingly difficult to say no. Logan told her he'd be careful, that he'd pull out, that they'd only do it when she was 'safe'. Marie knew that once they started having actual sex, he'd want to do it all the time, and for that matter, so would she. They were both passionate people and Marie knew better than to belive that either one of them would be able to keep their wits about them in the heat of the moment.

      Hence the condom in her hand.

      "You wanna. Don't even try an' deny it." he whispered. "No more excuses."

      Marie looked up into heated hazel eyes that sent a shiver down her spine and she pressed the little square packet into his hand in answer as she raised herself up on tiptoes to press her lips against his. Her lips parted when she felt his tongue pressing for entrance, his hand sliding down to cup a breast. Her head tilted back as a moan that could have been his name escaped her lips as she felt his other hand sliding up her skirt, fingers running along dampening panties.

      Logan nuzzled at her neck, nipping at her as she pulled down the zipper on his jeans. He groaned loudly as her small hand caressed his cock, the knowledge that his flesh would soon be inside her, claiming her, marking her as his overwhelming his senses and he thrust into her hand before gaining slight control again.

      Soon all barriers were removed and they stood naked in front of one another, devouring each other with their eyes, lips, and hands. Touching and teasing until Logan slowly pushed her down onto her back, settling himself between her legs. He looked down at her as he pressed into her tightness, watching as her eyes widened at the feel of him sliding deeper inside her, filling her. He growled as she parted her legs wider and raised her hips upward to accept more of him.

      Marie whimpered as he thrust hard, piercing through her hymen and he stilled letting her body adjust. She experimentally clenched around him and he moaned as he sank his teeth into her neck while pushing his cock into her to the hilt. Her breath caught when he pulled out until just the tip was inside before slowly thrusting back in, a hand reaching between them to circle her clit. Her moans spurring him on faster as they hurdled together towards ecstasy.

      Logan began to thrust into her ferociously, spiking into her with such force that he drove her quivering body across the bed. He slid his hands underneath Marie to grab her bottom, pulling her up to meet each savage blow, snarling as he felt her core begin to ripple, clutching at his cock, pulling him deeper inside her. He continued to pound into her, his thrusts becoming slower but more sharp and savage.

      Marie was out of her mind with pleasure. She heard Logan growling, the vibrations spreading through her body pushing her over the edge yet again. Her eyes fluttered open and shut and she was nipping his shoulder when she saw it.

      The condom packet.

      The UNOPENED condom packet.

      It lay there beside them and as Marie's orgasmically raddled mind realized what it was, she felt Logan's body tighten the way it does just before he comes. Just as she opened her mouth to say something, anything, he thrust hard and deep and she could feel him begin to pulsate inside her as his seed spilled from him. Another moan tore from her open mouth as an orgasm rocked through her, taking her by surprise even as the cold tendrils of fear washed over her.


      Marie lay panting beneath him, trying to gather her muddled brain enough to appraise Logan of the situation. She opened her mouth to speak again and was interrupted by hot, moist lips upon her own. She could feel him getting hard again, his healing factor kicking in and she could feel her own body becoming aroused again in response. She tried yet again to speak but was distracted by Logan as he raised her legs to rest upon his shoulders. His thrusts becoming more and more frantic and her moans becoming more incoherent as she felt as though her entire body was going to splinter into thousands of pieces. Again he thrust and stilled, deeply embedded in her as release consumed him.


      "Oh darlin'." He panted, trying to catch his breath. "Baby -- that was -- Fuck -- that was so good. So good."

      He leaned down, showering her face with tender kisses before claiming her lips. Marie tangled a hand in his hair, gently breaking the kiss as she pressed the unused condom into his hand.

      "You forgot to put this on." she whispered.

      When he didn't say anything in response, Marie glanced up at him, surprised to see a grin upon his face.

      "Did I?"

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