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Dark Legend Challenge Intro Chapter 2 (alpha) REPOST

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  • Tarchannon
    REPOST - Chapter 2 of Dark Legend Challenge - This is an open challenge - feel free to join. ********** I had this idea and I wondered if anyone would think
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2002
      REPOST - Chapter 2 of Dark Legend Challenge - This is an open challenge - feel free to join.

      I had this idea and I wondered if anyone would think this would be interesting side-AU to contrast with my current projects. My little sci-fi brain just wiggs out sometimes, so I thought I'd ask.

      Here is an intro:

      Hank worked feverishly down in the lab, far from prying eyes. A well practiced scowl had almost become a permanent feature.

      /Damn! Damn! Damn!/ His latest attempt to replicate his accident had failed.

      He wanted to scream. It had been four months since the attack on the Mansion, four months since the Dark Plague has started. The worst four months of his life, and the worst part was, none of the others even realized what had happened.

      They had added introduced the Legend Virus, a modified Legacy virus, to the school by using a purified powder carrier brought in by a pair of agents disguised as concerned parents of a prospective student. It had spread quickly, infecting everyone in the school in a matter of hours. Unfortunately, a number of people were infected and had left the grounds at the end of the school day, carrying the plague to Salem Center and New York City before exhibiting symptoms. The virus had spread quickly from there, vectoring by touch and by aerosol throughout the mutant population, crossing the country and the world in a matter of day and weeks. It was in China that the first evidence of poor genetic engineering was revealed nearly a month after initial exposure. Like the Legacy Virus before it, the Legend Virus began to infect humans. Apparently, the construction was so faulty, more than one instance of the conversion came about, and quickly the people of the world started dying.

      The virus was about 75% lethal in mutants with out previous Legacy immunization, which seemed to provide some additional protection in many, but not all, mutants. The new strain that affected humans was about 60% lethal, but prior immunization seemed to have no effect.

      The world was dying, except many of the X-Men, who had received additional boosters with several of Hank�s second generation vaccines that had been produced, but not distributed to the outside world. The trouble was, the new vaccine was only partially effective, and the infection of the X-Men had produced effects that might be considered worse than death.

      The infection triggered a bout of severe illness, during which a second emergence occurred, much like the lab accident had changed Hank from nearly human to a blue, leonine mutant of significantly more power. Worse yet, the people that survived emerged strangely twisted from the presence of the virus. Darker, more intense, exaggerated in a typically bad way. All of the X-Men were almost a dark parody of their former selves.

      All of the X-Men, all but Hank, who had surmised that something about his accident had protected him, since he could find no genetic reason for his immunity. So he played along with the others, assuming a deep scowl and a hostile, aggressive demeanor to disguise the fact that he was working feverishly to replicate the conditions of his accident so that he could determine the elements that were lethal to the virus. If he could treat his fellow X-Men, he might have the resources to help the others that were suffering.

      But for now, all the survivors were all trapped at the school, virtual prisoners of the dark-evolved megalomaniac Xavier, his lover the nearly elemental Ororo, and his right hand psion Redstar, who acted with draconian authority through her collared pet slaves, Scott and Logan.

      Hank had had some assistance from Logan, who seemed to be the least affected by the virus after himself, and from Kurt, who struggled valiantly with the effects. Hank had been trying unsuccessfully to inactive the virus for four months now, and he was beginning to lose hope.

      I was thinking Scott/Logan/Jean, Xavier/Ororo, Logan/Remy pairings, plus others. Very 'Dark Shadows' with costumes and kink. Very different from the other stuff I have been doing.

      What do you think?



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