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Dark Legend Challenge Series

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  • Tarchannon
    Hello everyone! Here is the promised challenge. I also promised the first chapter and a polish on the rough second chapter I posted earlier. Unfortunately, RL
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2002
      Hello everyone!
      Here is the promised challenge. I also promised the first chapter and a polish on the rough second chapter I posted earlier. Unfortunately, RL intruded, and I doubt I'll be able to get to it tonight. I'll post them ASAP. In the mean time, start thinking about what you want to do, then send me your idea so I can beg some others to fill in the holes. Thanks to Amy Lou and Michele E. A big thanks to X-tricks for the ideas. Please forward this to other relevant X-Men groups. Best, Tarch

      The Dark Legend Challenge Series:

      * We seek to build a loose collection of stories resulting from a series of challenges.
      * Authors can write the parts they select and think are interesting.
      * Authors are encouraged to write their own series of stories, or pair up with someone and alternate
      (possibly providing a built in beta).
      * Authors are encouraged to be creative and add whatever characters or plot elements they like.
      * Authors can communicate and decide to overlap, if they wish (resulting in different beginnings and
      endings, but the same middle pieces).
      * Participants must agree to allow a copy of their challenge piece to be archived with the others at a site undetermined at this
      moment. It will probably mine (Tarchannon) when I set it up in a month or so.

      We�re shooting for a kind of gothic mood � dark, rich, overtones of sex, blood, and discipline. I think that rich imagery and texture � opulence with a hint of decadence � should prevail. Think the flavor of Anne Rice�s vampire novels, with a dash of film noir. It�s OK to have an edge of soap and melodrama.

      Here are the Challenges (which may be combined):

      1. Establish the underpinnings of the Dark Legend AU as you imagine it (set up your parameters for the
      characters, deal with recent losses of life, set your tone) based on my two short intro chapters.
      2. Write a Dark Legend pairing: J/S/L with Jean as the dom and Scott and Logan the subs. Jean indulges
      her fascination with Logan, and indulges Scott�s fascination when he is worthy. Telepathic coercion
      is likely, but not essential.
      3. Write a Dark Legend pairing: Charles/Ororo. Explore Charles� strengthened powers and power trip,
      as well as Ororo�s slide into self-perceived goddesshood.
      3. Remy is introduced to the AU (with delicious naughty overtones)
      4. Write a Dark Legend pairing: Remy/Logan pairing (first time, Remy bossy bottom, coupling made
      semi-public to provide a cover for their secret mission)
      5. Write a Dark Legend pairing: Kurt/other mutant. Can substitute other characters that know something
      is wrong (Hank, Sinister, etc.)
      6. News of human-killing Legend in US - chaos erupts � character reactions (fear, violence, h/c, sex)
      7. Hank's breakthrough (and maybe sexy celebration?)
      8. Struggle to cure the X-men (Charles, Ororo, and/or Jean could be a problem.)
      9. Recovery and decisions about the new pairings (particularly, Remy/Logan (romance), C/O, S/J
      (post_Logan liaisons), Kurt/?, other/other) Lots of angst and drama potential here.
      10. Teaser for potential next challenge (set up for stories that you wish to continue)

      Ficcers that aren�t slashers can explore:
      1. Charles/Ororo
      2. Scott/Jean (post-cure)
      3. Kurt/other (if female)
      4. Any het couple before the Legend Virus attack

      Ficcers that don�t write sexy bits can explore:
      1. The Remy/ Sinister connection and why he is helping Hank.
      2. The origin of the Legend Virus and who is behind the attack.
      3. The movieverse Legacy plot that results in young Piotr dying
      4. The effects of the deaths on the AU characters.

      Can explore any topics, can provide atmosphere, can join with other authors.

      In a complete storyline, I'm assuming that we'd want at least one C/O, two S/L/J before cure (maybe S/J/L then J/S/L), a S/J after cure, several Remy/Logan (a hurried excuse screw through hot romance), and a moral/sexual torment of Kurt by one of the other guys would be fantastic! (Maybe Bobby or Sam, or could be one of the other X-Men Charles recruits. Should he give in, or should he resist? Oy, the dilemma!)

      The Challenges are suggestions � feel free to take this wherever your creativity takes you!!!!

      The Cast (and the changes):
      This information should be used, but may not be complete information. Be inventive.
      Our beloved X-Men:
      Charles Xavier � expanded mental strength and range. Appearance is more sinister, more grim, bald head is ridged *slightly* into two hemispheres like the brain. Developed lesser power telekinesis, no empathy. He can move himself around mentally if need be. This Charles is fully functional (if you catch my (sexual) drift). Charles has become increasingly intense, war-like and exhibits signs of megalomania.
      Ororo Munroe � powers intensified, using the description from comics. Her ability to sense and manipulate distant energy sources has intensified, leaving her frighteningly powerful and nearly goddess-like. She is aloof, distracted, and prone to fits of sudden, intense anger. She has emotionally distanced herself from her other teammates. She has become attached to Charles in a sexual way. Her skin has become dusky with a deep blue undertone, and her eyes are now always solid white.
      Scott Summers � slightly thinner, wider in shoulders, skin now a golden olive. Eyes blue, with red fire evident through pupils. Now has �on/off� control of optical blasts, but still uses a visor during combat because he lacks fine control. Beams even more powerful, discovering he can produce laser in addition to, and separate from, the force beams. His headaches are stronger, but less frequent. Scott is having quite a bit of sleeplessness and bouts of anger. He�s gone over the edge into the military leader thing � high levels of discipline expected of the team (total dom). Becomes total sub in the bedroom. Jean indulges their mutual sexual fascination with Logan.
      Jean Grey � possibly affected the most, her power has expanded to rival Charles� telepathic abilities, and her telekinetic ability was also enhanced. Her green eyes often appear vacant, pupils fixed, and her mind is working on more than one level. The virus has seriously degraded her inhibitions, and she had become very independent, highly sexual, and considerably less scrupulous if pressed. Very dominatrix in dress and attitude. She has taken Logan to her bed, often with Scott if he has pleased her. Will use her telekinetic abilities in the bedroom.
      Logan � infected, but only affected to a low level. It weakens his control, so he can be pushed feral more easily with lust, pain, or hate. Again, with the slight weakening of inhibitions, he indulges in his vices more than he normally would. More emotional and mercurial than usual.
      Hank � immune, but pretending that he was affected (probably covers his lack of physical change with some mumbo jumbo about already changing twice). Acting like Dark Beast, grumpy, rude, gruff, defensive, more physical in a threatening way. Spends time trying to develop a method to kill the virus and return his friends to their right minds. Discovers that Logan is only affected to a lesser degree, and enlists his help at disguising his efforts (of which Charles would violently disapprove, since he believes that removing the virus would limit his powers). Makes a deal with the devil (Sinister) for help when things look hopeless.
      Kurt � most recent X-Man, is perhaps only half affected as the rest, struggles with his impulses, and used his abilities to help Hank since he can sneak out easily. Has Jeckyl and Hyde moments, maybe with religious overtones.
      Remy � immune, but abilities enhanced a bit with an implant, acting as an agent of Sinister, he initially scopes out the Mansion and discovers the surprising number of survivors. Sinister send him in, joins the Xavier team, and he finds out about Hank and his research. Sinister offers to assist, but it must be done very covertly with Jean and Charles around. Remy had great shields, and Logan does as well. Remy and Logan run interference with the others to protect Hank, covering their partnership with a sexual liaison, that later becomes more. Remy is pretty much here, and will take the role of the bossy bottom. Maybe some Jean/Remy conflict here, and some Scott/Remy jealousy?
      Bobby, John, Jubilee, any of the others that are hinted at in the school scenes of the movie � love to see them � have at it. But please use only adults (18 or older) if you want to get sexy. We�ll set this 3-4 years after the movie events, so all of the older kids will be adults and junior X-Men.
      Others � you can bring in other characters if you wish. Emma, Sean, or Chamber would be fun.

      Our newly departed:
      Warren Worthington III (Angel)
      Marie D�Ancanto (Rogue)
      Katherine Pryde (Shadowcat)
      Also, a couple of the other unnamed kids.

      Previously departed:
      Piotr (Peter) Rasputin (this does have a Legacy base plot)

      Other featured mutants:
      Sinister � arch-nemesis turned temporarily to the good side. You can play with this � maybe he is
      infected, maybe not. Maybe he can slow the progression. In any case, he needs Hank as the world
      foremost expert on the Legacy virus to help formulate a cure to save his precious research
      specimens. Besides, if the US goes down, it will slow his precious research. He sends Remy as a
      spy, and agent, and as a lab rat, since he is immune.

      About four months after the initial attack � everyone that didn�t die has recovered, funerals are over.
      Starts 3-4 years after the events of the movieverse.
      Flashbacks are allowed!

      I mentioned J/S/L, C/O, and Remy/Logan. Feel free to add trysts (these people are uninhibited), other
      pairings (adults only, please).
      Have fun, costumes, leather, vinyl, kink of all types of fair game. Things will be tense, so our guys will
      want to blow off steam.
      Challenge pairs are S/L/J, Remy/Logan (faking through getting more serious), C/O, and Kurt/?.
      Others as your imagination strikes.

      I started with a establishing scene, followed by a little technical exposition. Other people will follow with their pieces. I will endeavor to either get them to work connecting bits into their story, or write the bits myself.

      Movie events (3-4 years before Dark Legend intro)
      The Legacy Virus story (somewhat like the comics, but less complex)
      The Legend Virus attack
      Survival, burials, and grief (4 months previous to intro)

      Plot milestones
      Initial parings and atmosphere established (J/S/L, C/O sex)
      Remy appears
      Remy/Logan pairing
      Kurt angst
      News of human-killing Legend in US � chaos erupts
      Hank�s breakthrough
      Struggle to cure the X-men
      Recovery and decisions about the new pairings.
      Teaser for potential next challenge.

      Plot Bunnies

      The death of Marie sends Logan into a emotional tailspin, making him susceptible to the effects of the virus and making him a mostly willing participant in the L/S/J pairing. Remy brings him out of it.

      Jean�s venture into dominatrixland shocks and dismays her after her recovery. She has trouble putting herself back together, and her relationship with Scott becomes precarious.

      Hank uses Sinister�s help to discover a cure. Sinister is infected, but has used his technology to slow the progress. Now that a cure is in hand, does Hank allow Essex to be saved?

      In exchange for the cure, Hank demands a payment from Sinister - clones of Warren, Kitty, and Rogue.

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