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Fic: "Scars" (1/1) R [Logan, Scott, Magneto/Kitty, others]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Scars By Nadja Lee 23/03/02 English is not my native language. Please forgive me my mistakes. Disclaimer: “X-men” and all the characters here
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2002
      By Nadja Lee 23/03/02

      English is not my native language. Please forgive me my mistakes.

      Disclaimer: “X-men” and all the characters here belong to Marvel, 20 Century Fox and I intend no infringement, this is a piece of amateur fan fiction, and I make no money of it.

      Only the original idea contained within this work is the property of the author. Please do not copy this story to any website or archive without permission of the author.

      Timeline: Set in the movie universe/AU. After the movie.

      Universe: Set in the movie universe/AU.

      Romance: Logan/Rogue, Kitty/Magneto, Sabretooth/Blink

      Summary: Magneto and Logan searches for Scott but is it too late to save him?

      Archiving: Want, ASK, take, have.

      Feedback: Yes, please. My e-mail address is nadjalee2000@...

      Rating: R.

      Warning: Mention of torture

      Sequel/series: Sequel to “Wounds”. Follows immediately after it. You need to read “Wounds” in order to understand this. You can do so here: http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=737067

      Dedicated to Jen, Karen, Joanne, Autumn, Susan and Sorcieré (always, lov) with thanks and love.

      Note: Victor is Sabretooth’s real name.

      Thanks to Estelle for the Beta

      * * *

      “I hate these things,” Logan bummed as Blink concentrated and a portal opened behind the group.

      “Get us inside the jail,” Magneto ordered and the young girl took her hands to her head and grimaced in concentration. Concerned Sabretooth went to her and embraced her, holding her up. Often creating portals was so exhausting for her that she would pass out and Sabretooth always made sure he was there to catch her. If Logan was protective of his wife Sabretooth was 100 fold as bad.

      “I…..will……..try,” Blink got out, sweat covering her brow. Magneto levitated the entire group and they began to disappear through the portal.

      “Careful, Clarice,” Sabretooth whispered in her ear as they too went through the portal. Sabretooth only used her given name when they were in private or when he was concerned for her.

      The journey itself through the portal was indescribable. It was just like a blink, one minute one place and another the next. Magneto had been the first to enter the portal and so was first to come through. He quickly scanned the area for possible threats and was relieved to see they had landed in a seemly deserted hallway of the jail. As the others began to come through Magneto released his hold on them and as they landed on the floor they took up battle positions around Magneto, protecting him. Last came Logan, Sabretooth and Blink. As soon as Blink was through the portal disappeared and Blink fell into Victor’s arms and he lifted her up, holding her tight.

      “Is she out of it?” Logan asked as he sniffed the air. It stank of death, burnt meat, sweat, vomit and blood. He could see from Victor’s frowning that the stanch disturbed him too.

      “She’ll be alright in a minute,” Victor assured, automatically being on the defence, snarling at the soldiers who were close to him in fear they’ll take Blink from him.

      “Sabretooth, stay here and hold this position for us. Have Blink ready to get us out in max. ten minutes. Logan, you’re with me,” Magneto ordered and began to walk straight ahead towards a corner of the long darkened hallway.

      “Mags, it’ll be this way,” Logan pointed towards the other way and the soldiers smiled as Magneto walked back past them and after Logan.

      “You sure? You can smell him?” Magneto asked concerned as they walked through the hallway, turning a corner.

      “There are too many smells here but I know he wasn’t the other way,” Logan confirmed.

      ”Because you were heading towards the kitchen. I smelled chicken,” Logan grinned and Magneto gave a rare half smile.

      “We…..” Magneto began but Logan reached up a hand, gesturing him to be quiet.

      “I hear something. Someone is coming,” Logan warned and drew his claws.

      “How many?” Magneto levitated a few meters from the cold stone floor to be ready for battle and to scare their coming ‘friends’.

      “Around ten,” Logan said as he had sniffed the air again. They reached a new corner and hid in the shadows, waiting for their ‘guests’ to come closer.

      “Maybe we should give them a chance to surrender?” Magneto suggested dryly in that tone of voice that made people unsure if he was joking or not. He was just arrogant enough to actually mean it. Only Kitty was able to bring him down on the ground when he got one of his fits. When Logan had first heard that Scott wanted to join with Magneto he had been against it to say the least. In fact he had almost killed Scott in a fit of rage to even suggest the man who had tried to kill Rogue was invited into their midst. But as the war grew and he had gotten to know Magneto better he had seen that he wasn’t an evil man, just a man haunted by a past he couldn’t let go and that was something Logan knew all about. However that hadn’t meant he had liked it when Scott had told about the planned marriage between Kitty and Magneto. Scott had seen the political advantages and had said he was sure Magneto would take good care of Kitty but Logan had had his doubts so he had sought Magneto out and asked him about Kitty. Though Magneto didn’t tell of his feelings he had let him know that he found Kitty interesting and beautiful. They had apparently talked together, their shared religion, both being Jewish, had also strengthened their bond as at that time they had been the only Jewish people in the still newborn rebellion. Logan had feared Magneto would destroy Kitty, change her and turn her into something she was not. But as time passed Logan had seen Kitty remain the same; sweet, pure, innocent and compassionate while it was Magneto who changed; there was nothing he wouldn’t do for his wife or his children and even in his darkest hours Magneto would never harm her and he would always listen to her. He doubted the rebellion would have worked as well as it did if Kitty hadn’t been there to create a balance and strong alliance between the two old groups; the X-men and the Brotherhood.

      “Now,” Logan yelled as the guards turned their corner and interrupted his thoughts.

      “As quietly as possible,” Magneto urged as he lifted six men up from the ground and threw them into the wall, breaking their necks. Logan put his claws through one guard and let him fall dead to the floor. Magneto lifted four other guards up into the air with a wake of one hand and stopped the rain of bullets from their guns with the other. Again he threw the guards against the wall, killing them instantly. Logan had the last guard cornered, two claws on either side of his head as he held him against the wall.

      “Don’t kill him yet. Maybe he knows where Scott is,” Magneto ordered, coming to stand beside Logan. “We’re searching for a man, a mutant, who can emit beams of energy from his eyes. Tall, brown hair, muscular, battle trained. Has lost one eye and a hand. He has the rebels symbol tattooed on his right shoulder,” Magneto described Scott for the frightened guard. The man shook his head, no words escaping his lips.

      “So, do you know him?” Logan grumped at the guard, pure hate in his eyes. When he had first came to the Mansion he hadn’t respected Scott at all, he hadn’t known what kind of man he was. During the war he had seen Scott grow with his responsibility. No matter how tough a decision, like when he had been forced to give the order to cut Jean’s life-support system when it became apparent she couldn’t be saved…he never backed down and always took full responsibility for his actions. He wasn’t afraid to give an order he knew would kill ten if he were sure it would save a hundred. Scott gave him and Sabretooth the toughest two men missions, knowing they with their healing factors could fight longer and withstand torture longer than any other soldier he had. It had been on one of those missions Sabretooth had found and rescued Blink.

      The bond he shared now with Scott wasn’t one of superior to soldier because he hadn’t and probably never would be able to take orders like that but he did what Scott said because he found his orders sound. They had grown closer than family as only brothers in arms can.

      “I…. tell you nothing,” the frightened guard got out through trembling lips, his eyes flagging.

      “I’m a mutant, y’know…. one of those dangerous insane guys you try to kill,” Logan stated, his third claw breaking skin and touching the guard’s throat.

      “I would tell him. He’s quite insane,” Magneto told him.

      “If I tell…….you’ll let me live?” the guard asked, sweat running down his face.

      “Of course,” Magneto promised. The guard looked from Magneto to Logan, town torn between duty and fear for his life. In the end his choice wasn’t a hard one.

      “In room 234…….there’s a mutie there,” he finally said.

      “Good,” Magneto nodded in satisfaction. The guard drew a relieved breath. Logan smiled a dangerous smile.

      “Thanks, bub,” as he said it his claw drew blood on his throat.

      “But...you promised!” the guard yelled frightened. Magneto turned his back on him but then turned back.

      “Stop,” he ordered and Logan reluctantly drew his third claw a little back. The guard looked happy and relieved again.

      “I knew you wouldn’t do this,” he kept mumbling.

      “Room 234 is down the way you came from, right?” Magneto asked and the guard nodded.

      “Yes, yes.”

      “Good. Now, you can kill him,” Magneto turned his back on them, ignoring the guard’s yells and pleas and waited for Logan to catch up with him.

      “He won’t tell anyone we were here,” Logan said as he walked besides Magneto, his claws bloody as they withdrew into his skin.

      The hallway was empty as they passed several rooms, counting down to the one they were after. As they were just a few doors from the right number Magneto could hear noises, loud cracks and faint whimpers. He wasn’t sure which room they came from but he wasn’t a dreamer; Scott couldn’t have been here for so many days and still be unharmed.

      “Logan, if he…….if he……,” he couldn’t bring himself to say it, let alone ask what was on his mind.
      ”If we can’t take him back with us……I’ll see to it he won’t live through anymore of this nightmare,” Logan promised darkly, his claws popping out again. It wasn’t a promise he made lightly but he would rather Scott died quickly and by a friend’s hand than after days, weeks, maybe even months of torture. Magneto nodded his thanks and they reached the room. Taking a deep breath Magneto turned the handle and opened the door. The stench in the room was so high that even without enhanced smell Magneto was almost blown away by it. It smelled of blood, fear, sweat, vomit, urine and a truly sick stench of burned human flesh. It wasn’t a cell they had entered but an interrogation room. There was nothing in the room save metal walls, a chair and chains from the ceiling. And in those chains……….God, dear God…..no.

      “Good God,” Magneto whispered horrified at the sight that meant him. From the chains hung a man. He was naked save some bloody, dirty and torn boxers. The man was facing the other way so he got a full view of his back. It was one big bloody mess, crosswired with scars and angry red welts. Layer upon layer of wounds, some several days old and already beginning to colour, some fresh and still bleeding. Marks from beatings but most noticeable were the scars from several whippings.

      “Fuckin’ bastards!” Logan spat as he saw the man hanging in the room. Sabretooth and him had both been captured several times but had always managed to escape within few days. Their torture had been intense but had never left them with any scars; their healing factor always prevented that. This was…….words failed him, there was only this strange feeling in his chest, a need to do something.

      “Looooo,” the man moaned, the sound was weak, hard to understand and muffled. Please, don’t let this be Scott, Magneto prayed as he slowly walked around the bruised and beaten form to see the man’s face. The marks after beatings continued on the man’s chest where burn marks joined the marks after beatings and whippings. The man’s head was bent; he didn’t have enough strength to lift it. Forcing his hand to be steady Magneto lifted the man’s head up……and looked into a stranger’s familiar face.

      “Scott!” it was a name, a whisper, a curse and a prayer. His face was almost unrecognisable. There was a long scar running down his face, probably from a knife, there were clear signs from a beating and his eyes were forced shut from the beatings and dried blood. At the beginning of his capture they had to have kept him blindfolded but now, after several days without the light of the sun or stars that provided Scott with the energy to his eye blasts they had found it was no longer necessary.

      “Maaaagnnn,” there were a faint sound coming from Scott’s mouth and a small smile which quickly turned into a grimace of pain, went over his face. As he spoke blood ran out of his mouth and Magneto feared he had severe internal damage.

      “Cut him loose for pity’s sake,” Magneto ordered, his voice threatening to break down. He had seen torture before; he had felt it before, even before this war. During WW2 he had seen it but humans cruelty never ceased to disgust and amaze him.

      “Hold him,” Logan ordered as he popped his claws and cut the chains that forced Scott’s hands together above his head. Magneto caught him as Scott fell towards the floor and though he tried to be gentle Scott still moaned in pain as he touched him.

      “We have to get him back and fast,” Magneto urged as he tried to hold as softly around Scott as possible but everywhere he held would hurt him. Every spot on his body had been abused. Seeing Scott lying there, all but naked in Magneto’s arms broke something inside Logan. He had never seen Scott this valuable before. So undignified. Like Magneto, Scott needed his dignity and those bastards had taken it from him, humiliated him, maybe raped him…and gods knew what else they had done to him.

      “I’ll take him,” Logan said softly and bent down and lifted Scott up into his arms. As he carried him in his arms he was reminded of just how young Scott was. A man now and no longer a boy but still a young man who should be out looking for his one true love, not laying all but dead in his arms, having already lost the woman he loved years ago.

      “I’ll give you cover,” Magneto promised, rage replacing his sorrow and anger as they moved out of the room Scott had been in and towards the others.

      “Give him your cape,” Logan asked as they were to turn a corner, almost back where they had started. He didn’t want the others to see Scott like this; so valuable, so broken. He had suffered enough, he didn’t need that.

      “Here,” Magneto said softly and covered Scott’s weak, broken and bruised form with his big cape.

      “Aaaa……..nnnnn…..te...lllllllll,“ Scott whispered pained and Magneto forced a half-smile, stroking his cheek ever so softly but even that kind gesture made him flinch.

      “I know you didn’t tell them anything,” he reassured him and Scott seemed to find peace in that for his eyes closed and he became limp in Logan’s arms.
      ”Scott! Scott!” Magneto said panicked. “Is he alright?”

      Logan listened to the heartbeats around him and relieved found two besides his own though one was very weak.

      “He’s alive,” Logan reassured and Magneto drew a relieved breath. Thank God. They turned the last corner and saw Blink on her feet, Sabretooth standing protectively in front of her.

      “You’re back. Good. We’ve had some minor run-ins with guards coming from the kitchen,” Victor explained and nodded towards some bodies lying in front of them.

      “Any dead on our side?” Magneto asked and tried to ignore the horrified look on everyone’s faces as they saw Scott.

      “My God,” Bobby took a hand up and covered his month. He shouldn’t have let Scott divide the team, he should have stayed, he should have…….

      “It wasn’t your fault,” Magneto said, putting a calming hand on Bobby’s shoulder. “They did this. Blame them instead.”
      A look of pure hate filled Bobby’s eyes.
      ”Oh, I will. And believe me; they’ll pay.”
      ”None dead but five wounded,” Victor answered Magneto’s question.

      “Good. Blink, create a portal as close to the medical barracks in the base as possible. Scott needs medical attention badly,” Magneto demanded and Blink nodded and concentrated. A portal was created behind her. The drain on her powers made her almost fall but Victor was there to hold her.

      “Through the portal. Logan, get Scott to sickbay as soon as we arrive,” Magneto demanded and levitated Logan and let him fly through the portal with his precious burden first. Then Magneto levitated the soldiers, Bobby and lastly Victor and Blink before he went through the portal as the last one.

      Sometimes their rescue missions were a success with few sacrifices and other times an entire rescue party was killed. Though they relied on Intelligence reports it was mostly a matter of luck. As Magneto thought about the agony Scott was in now and the Hell he had been through he wasn’t sure if trying to save him was the most humane thing to do. Maybe it was better to finally grant him peace.

      When he was through the portal he saw Logan already at sickbay with Scott in his arms, Rogue, her medical staff and Ororo all over him.

      “Erik!” Kitty yelled and threw herself into his embrace and held him close. The portal closed behind Magneto and Blink passed out in Victor’s arms. He carried her to their barrack to tend to her.

      “It’s alright now,” Erik smoothed as he heard her faint crying against his shoulder.

      “Will he…….will he live?” she asked brokenly, tears running down her face as she drew back to look at him. His heart was breaking at seeing her this sad and knowing what the cause was….it was killing him too to see a friend in such agony.

      “If anyone can save him…….it’s Rogue and Ororo,” Magneto said softly and gently wiped her tears away.

      “What will we do if he…….” She couldn’t bring herself to say it.

      “We’ll do as we always do…..stand and fight,” Magneto said grimly. Then he forced a smile for her and kissed the top of her head. “But he’s strong, he’ll pull through.”

      “He’ll pull through.”

      Please…………live, Scott. For us…….live.


      The End ………………or to be continued? Up to you
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