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FIC Bobby's Monster 2/5-6? PG Bobby (Bobby/Rogue?, Scott/Jean - Scott/Logan arc) (pre-slash, angst, friendship)

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  • Tarchannon
    Headers and warnings on part 1. Additional warning of potential romantic breakup. Part 2 - Events from the junior X-men perspective, primarily Bobby. Feedback
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2002
      Headers and warnings on part 1.
      Additional warning of potential romantic breakup.
      Part 2 - Events from the junior X-men perspective, primarily Bobby.
      Feedback is wanted, desired, lusted after. Well, OK, just let me know what you think. <g> Tarchannon@...

      * * *
      John was in the library studying when he heard someone come in.

      Having escaped to the little table in the back corner of the library for some peace and quiet, he didn�t dare make a sound to let on that he was there. The girls were driving him nuts about helping them with their history papers, and he just needed some space to figure out his frigging physics homework He buried his left hand in his shaggy orange-blond hair and started working on the next problem.

      He had heard the scrape of a chair on tile, then nothing. He quietly continued his calculations, blocking out the fact that there was someone else on the other side of the stacks.

      After ten minutes so, John had forgotten about the other person and was progressing through the chapter exercises nicely when the door opened again.

      �Scott, we need to talk,� Dr. Gray said.


      �Seriously, you just can�t keep�� Her voice dropped off precipitously.


      �When you�re ready, come find me.�

      Her final comment was very quiet, with a stillness that made his heart drop. The door opened and shut, and the silence returned.

      He didn�t dare make any noise.

      * * *
      A few days later, John had called Bobby over to the window.

      From their window in the biology room, they could see a big moving truck had arrived and had pulled up to the breezeway door near the garage.

      �I wonder whom that�s for,� John wondered aloud, absently tugging on his pooka shell necklace and trying to lean out further to see who was unloading the truck.

      Bobby had his suspicions, but he didn�t make them known. He hadn�t told anyone about the big blue man that had arrived two nights ago because he wasn�t sure if it would make things more difficult for Scott.

      But the truck wasn�t pulling up to the staff wing, it was pulling up to the end of the building where the big laboratories were located, and that made him wonder.

      Was the big blue man a new teacher? Nobody had mentioned that they were getting a new instructor.

      Was he involved with Jean? Initially I thought yes, but maybe he was just a friend. After all, I didn�t see them do anything but hug. That, and I didn�t think Jean could be that cruel.

      He watched as some men opened the back of the truck, revealing floor to ceiling boxes inside.

      /That�s a lot of boxes./

      Nobody else had seen the big blue man since the night he had arrived. I wondered what was going on. The more I thought about it, the more I knew the equipment and the blue man had to be connected. There is a mystery here, and I think it just might be the thing to take my mind off everything else that was going on.

      /Well, if the boxes belong to the blue guy, he�ll have to come down and unpack them. Perfect time to catch a better look./

      * * *
      After class, I made up some lame excuse and ducked out of the usual hour of cartoon time with the rest of the kids. Fortunately, John had an appointment with Professor Xavier after class, so he wouldn�t be tagging along. Quickly, I ran down toward the dining room so that I could see where the boxes were being moved.

      Some of the large white boxes were being stacked in the first room inside the garage breezeway doors in a room generically marked as �Laboratory�. I hadn�t been in there before, but the top of the door was glass, and it looked a lot like the biology lab upstairs. The rest of the boxes were being loaded onto the elevator and being taken down one floor to who knows where. There was no sign of the blue guy and the movers pretty much ignored me, so I looked closer. All of the boxes being left upstairs were coded yellow, the ones that went downstairs were red, and all of them were neatly labeled. Between movers, I got close enough to read a couple of labels - �electrophoresis unit�, �DNA sequencer� , �cryostat�. I recognized some of the terms from my Advanced Biology class. I laughed at myself, because I figured this would be the only thing I had ever used from the entire semester.

      I had an hour until dinner, so I tucked myself away behind one of the bigger plants that sat near the atrium window, across from the dining hall doors. I wanted to have an unobstructed view of the lab in case Dr. Blue came down. I sat there reading about the history of the Ottoman Empire for Ms. Munroe until dinner. He hadn�t showed.

      He didn�t appear at dinner either. John looked at my frown quizzically and I waved him off. I was usually up for co-conspirators, but for some reason, doing it by myself just felt right. I decided to go downstairs and check out the place after dinner.

      It was well after dark when I managed to drag myself away from the others. I got waylaid into going over the biology notes from earlier in the day with John, who had been too freaked about having to meet with the Professor to pay attention. It turned out he just needed to sign some paperwork, but I guessed that Xavier had let him hang all afternoon on purpose. It seemed like the both of us were on the wrong side of a reprimand a little too often. Have to keep life interesting after all.

      Eschewing the subtle approach, I went back down to the lab and peered in. Nothing. Not a box had been moved.

      I sighed, went across the hall and hit the regular elevator button. Right next to it was another elevator, designed to appear like a regular wall. The public stairs and elevators would take me down to the basement level, but I suspected that Blue was on one of the restricted levels � X-Men only - and I didn�t have the passcode to get down there.

      The elevator took me down and as the doors opened, all I saw under the dim, after-hours lighting were boxes stacked up and down the halls next to the lab. I looked around and spotted a few open boxes, tape hanging, and some of those neat dissolvable packing peanuts that smelled like Corn Pops scattered on the floor.

      /Bingo!/ I grinned.

      I snuck out of the elevator and, spying no one, I crept down the hall to get a look in the lab. The lab on this floor was in the exact same place, so I knew where to look. I felt an increasing flutter of excitement in my stomach. A big blue guy had to be interesting, right?

      The door to the lab was partially open and the lights were off, but I could see from the glow of the monitors that a couple of computers had been set up and were running. I looked carefully, and saw no one in the darkened lab, heard only the faint whirr of the new refrigerators.

      As happened all too often, my curiosity got the best of me. The door was open and I had to have a look. On cat feet, I entered the lab, turning a bit so as not to disturb the angle of the partially-opened door. I looked around a bit, noting that not much had been unpacked yet out in the lab, but I could see more open boxes back near the office door. I could make out a soft glow reflecting on the partially open door.

      I knew that I shouldn�t be doing this, but I couldn�t resist. I moved to the office as quietly as I could. Stopping just outside the doorway, I leaned through. I had to look around a filing cabinet to directly see the computer. The room was quite dark, and no one was at the desk.

      I snorted in disappointment and started to turn back when I saw giant fangs appear out of the darkness just inches from my face. My brain stuttered as I realized that whatever it was, it wasn�t standing - the giant mass was _hanging from the ceiling_.

      Teeth. Lots of big white, teeth. Bright blue and white eyes opened below. Long whiskers.

      �Snnakta�� the creature exhaled softly, blowing my hair back, as it came to life.

      I froze for a moment, just a moment, then did the only thing I could think to do.

      I screamed like a little girl.


      The creatures� eyes widened in what I would later recall as shock, but all I saw at the time was the great big mouth open with a loud, deep, �Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh�,� that held a definite edge of surprise.

      My air ran out and I drew another breath. Still couldn�t move, couldn�t take my eyes from the big red tongue between the double row of big white teeth, so I did what came naturally.


      The big dark thing stopped screaming before my second breath ran out, and I watched with amazement as the big dark mass detached itself from the ceiling and landed softly on the floor in from of me, turning upright as he came down. My mouth and eyeballs were the only things that seemed to work until he straightened up to full height. The shock of the sheer size of the dark figure snapped me out of my paralysis, and as my second breath ran out, I turned and fled from the lab as fast as I could move.

      * * *
      I had almost made it back to my room, when Jean thoughts reached out to me, apparently sensing my panic.

      *Bobby, what�s wrong?*

      Still not coherent, I mentally sputtered, *Lab� blue� teeth� monster�*

      I noted with an odd detachment that my real tongue still wasn�t working.

      Her mental laughter physically stopped me cold on the stairs.

      /Oh, God�/

      *Bobby did you run into Hank?* Amusement colored her thoughts.

      /Oh, God�/

      *Dr. Henry McCoy. Biochemist. Big, blue guy. Ring a bell?*

      /Oh, God�/

      *Henry is an old friend, one of the first X-Men. He left just before you arrived to work for Charles at Xanthon Biomedical. He�s back to work here because it�s becoming more dangerous for those of us that can�t hide our mutations. He one of the nicest people I�ve ever met. And one of the smartest.*

      /Oh, God�/

      *You didn�t do anything to hurt his feelings, did you?* She knew. Now I know.

      /Oh, God�/

      *He likes sweets, Bobby. Snack foods are good.* She paused, hint of concern. *Apologize soon.*

      /Oh, my God�/

      * * *
      I knew that I had royally screwed up.

      First I freaked out, then I got it together, then I freaked out again.

      /I can�t believe I�m that stupid!/

      From Jean�s tone, I could tell Dr. McCoy must be a little sensitive about his appearance. I groaned as I thought about it. The trench coat. The hat. Not coming to meals. Not being on the student floors during classes.

      /Damn, damn, damn!/

      Jean had said that he was smart and nice, so I figured the direct approach would work � apologize and bribe. Hey, it works for me.

      Forgetting my homework and just about everything else, I got cleaned up and planned my coma-inducing sugar enriched mea culpa.

      ********************* End of Part 2 - feedback - Tarchannon@... ***********************

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