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Fic: "Through The Ages We Love" R (1/2) [Logan/Rogue, Methos/Alexa, Scott/Or oro]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Through The Ages We Love By Nadja Lee 28/02/02 English is not my native language. Please forgive me my mistakes. Disclaimer: “X-men” and all the characters
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      Through The Ages We Love
      By Nadja Lee 28/02/02

      English is not my native language. Please forgive me my mistakes.

      Disclaimer: “X-men” and all the characters here belong to Marvel, 20 Century Fox and I intend no infringement, this is a piece of amateur fan fiction, and I make no money of it.

      Disclaimer: “Highlander” and all the characters here belong to Davis/Panzer and I intend no infringement, this is a piece of amateur fan fiction, and I make no money of it.

      Only the original idea contained within this work is the property of the author. Please do not copy this story to any website or archive without permission of the author.

      Timeline: Set after the X-men movie and after the Highlander episode Methuselah’s Gift.

      Universe: Set in the X-men movie universe and Highlander series universe.

      Pairing: Logan/Rogue, Methos/Alexa, Methos/Cassandra, Scott/Ororo,

      Summary: Methos’s past comes back to haunt him. When Alexa is kidnapped and Methos see no other choice than rejoin his old ‘friend’ Kronos…….is his hope that Logan can save the woman he love if not himself justified?

      Archiving: Want, ASK, take, have.

      Feedback: Yes, please. My e-mail address is nadjalee@...

      Rating: R

      Series/sequel: This story is a sequel to “Through The Ages We Change”. Part 4 in “Through The Ages….” series.

      Dedicated to: Sorcieré with love.

      Special thanks to Bani for the Cherokee. I’m so sorry you never got to see me use it. Never forgotten; always close in thought. Rest in peace, lov.

      Note: This is a crossover between X-men movie universe and the Highlander series universe…Like you hadn’t figured that out already *LOL*. You don’t need to know anything at all about Highlander to follow this story.

      Things in //mmmmmmm// means flashback.

      Part 1:

      ”I’m home,” Methos announced cheerfully as he entered the house he had brought for himself and his wife through 14 years now. A few months ago they had moved to Spain, close to the shoreline, as Alexa loved the ocean. It was wonderful after so many years to be able to come home to someone, to feel loved. It was a rare thing and just the fact that she was near him could make him smile if he didn’t catch himself.

      “Alexa?” he asked again when she didn’t come to great him like she normally did. He had brought flowers to her on his way home from work and had looked forth to seeing her face light up in a smile and receiving the kiss he was sure she’ll award him with. He frowned. Where was she? Beginning to worry he went towards the kitchen. His heart almost stilled when he saw broken pieces of plates and glasses on the floor. The mess in the kitchen clearly suggested a fight had taken place. Oh, God. He had left her here thinking she was safe. What if she was…no, he wouldn’t even think it. Alexa was alive. She had to be. There was no reason to kidnap her if all his enemy wanted was her death. Neither Alexa nor Adam Pierson had any enemies so his opponent had to be Immortal. Cassandra? No, it wasn’t her style. Cautious, Methos scanned the room for any uninvited guests but couldn’t see or feel anyone. He laid the flowers he had brought for Alexa on the kitchen table and went towards the phone. He knew a few people who might be willing to help him and if not…he had to get her back one way or another. Suddenly, he felt the familiar tingling in his brain indicating another Immortal was near. Quickly Methos drew his sword and scanned the room.

      “Show yourself,” he demanded, his sword at the ready as he went into the livingroom. Suddenly, out from nowhere a shot was fired, hitting Methos in the chest. He looked shocked around. He had to stay awake; he had to live…for Alexa’s sake. If he died now he’ll be valuable and his opponent could easily take his head. His breaths came in deep, painful gasps and he was losing hold on reality.

      “Greetings…brother,” a tall man with a long scar down his face said, a deadly smile on his face as he appeared from the shadows, the gun he had fired in one hand and a sword in the other.

      “Kronos,” Methos gashed surprised. He had thought he was dead. He was supposed to be dead. If he had Alexa…he remembered Cassandra and how she’ll rather die a 1000th deaths than stay with them. Please, don’t let him have her, Methos thought desperately before the pain became too intense and he fell to his knees. He couldn’t die. He had to…had to…without warning and against his will darkness claimed him and he died.

      “I’ve missed you too, brother,” Kronos said deadly.

      Part 2:

      Methos fought the darkness back to consciousness. What had happened? Where was he?

      “Alexa?” he mumbled and opened his eyes to see an abandoned warehouse. Suddenly the day’s events all came floating back to him. Alexa was in danger. He tried to sit up but flinched in pain.

      “Finally awake,” Kronos said and kneeled down besides him so he could see his face. “How do you feel?”

      “Like I was shot through the heart. How do you think I feel?” Methos snapped and forced himself to sit up and with the support of a nearby wall came to his feet. Kronos stood and walked around him.

      “I think you’ve not used to pain anymore. What happened? You’ve gotten soft, brother?” Kronos asked with a leer, a dangerous gleam in his eyes.

      “I just passed through my angry adolescence phase a little quicker than you, Kronos,” Methos answered darkly, his eyes scanning the building for signs of Alexa. Maybe Kronos didn’t have her but if he didn’t…then there was another Immortal out there.

      “For a long time I thought you were dead. I didn’t bother to look for you. Then I heard rumours: Methos, the world’s oldest man. You slipped up there, old friend. You got sloppy,” Kronos taunted. Methos shot daggers at him with his eyes. How dared he call him friend? Why couldn’t the past ever die?

      “Well, none of us is perfect,” Methos merely answered, having finally gotten his breath and posture back so he stood a little away from the wall to indicate he wasn’t as weak as Kronos might think. This beating around the bush was beginning to strain on his nerves; all he wanted to know was if Alexa was safe.

      “I shouldn't be surprised you're still alive. You were always the one I counted on. You weren't the strongest or the toughest, but you were the survivor. It's what you do best,” Kronos walked around Methos who purposely didn’t follow him with his eyes. He knew this technique well, had been on both the giving and receiving end of it and refused to be baited.

      “Only the good die young,” Methos remarked, his thoughts on Immortals and mortals alike he had known who had had a strong sense of honour…..and who had all died for their effects.

      “Or did,” Kronos added as if Methos hadn’t spoken and stopped before him. Oh, great…who needs enemies with friends like these? Methos thought darkly.

      “So you’ve come to kill me,” Methos guessed. Who in their right minds would search for you for 3000 years and then kill you when they finally found you? Talk about obsession.

      Kronos laughed mercilessly.

      “It's what I do best!” he said with a big grin and Methos nodded grimly. Yeah, he knew all about it.

      “I don’t suppose you have a reason for wanting me dead?” Methos asked, trying to gain time to figure out a plan. Should he mention Alexa? If Kronos had taken her he’ll use her against him and if not…. he’ll find her and then use her against him. It was a losing game either way.

      “When did I ever need a reason?” Kronos asked surprised but then his eyes narrowed. “But if you insist how about betrayal, disobeying me… trying to kill me. Take a pick,” Kronos stopped before Methos, their eyes meeting.

      “Is there a door number two?”

      “Yes, you do have a choice,” Kronos admitted and Methos drew a relived breath. Dying wasn’t on his ‘to do’ list for a great many years to come.

      “Oh, I'm all for choices.”

      “Well, you can either lose your head, or you can join me,” Kronos offered. Methos didn’t have to think long about that. He forced a smile.

      “Well, since you put it that way, welcome back, brother,” Methos tried to pretend the word ‘brother’ didn’t bring a bitter taste to his tongue.

      “You don’t seem eager to take up the old ways,” Kronos remarked and went to a nearly table in the building, his back turned to Methos as he studied some maps and charts. Methos followed quietly, taking his sword forth.

      “You take a risk trusting me,” Methos remarked casually, coming closer to Kronos’s turned back, his sword raised.

      “A lot of time has passed since we rode together. I have to be sure if I can trust you,” Kronos said, his back still turned. Methos drew closer and swung his sword at Kronos’s back. Kronos turned quickly, years of battle experience making Methos an easy foe to overpower. He drew a dagger and held it to Methos’s throat, forcing him to drop his sword to the ground. Kronos smiled.

      “And now I am,” Kronos remarked, sounding glad that his old friend had tried to kill him. Methos shook his head.

      “Don't you understand?! I'm not like that anymore,” he denied. He thought of Alexa, of her beauty, her innocence and her goodness. “I've changed,” he added softly.

      “No, you pretended to. Maybe you even convinced yourself you had. But inside you're still there, Methos. You're like me,” Kronos insisted, forcing Methos backwards before he removed the blade from his throat.

      “Not anymore,” Methos insisted. He wasn’t like that. He wasn’t. Not anymore. He couldn’t be.

      “No? Tell me you haven't missed it,” Kronos’s eyes were alight with fire and gleamed of madness.

      “The killing?!” Methos asked disbelieving.

      “The freedom! The power! Riding out of the sun knowing that you're the most terrifying thing that they've ever seen. Knowing that their weapons and their gods are useless against you. That you're the last thing they'll ever see. That's what you were meant to be, Methos. Don't fight it. Feel it,” Kronos demanded, walking around him again. Methos drew a deep breath……he saw them now, their fear, their screams…….the power souring through his veins. He could do anything, nothing could stop him. He was all powerful, he was………..suddenly Alexa’s image broke through. Her smile, her faith in him, her love, her goodness……and her forgiveness.

      “I’m not like that anymore,” Methos denied, his voice sure now.

      “Is it because of that woman you have?” Kronos asked, his eyes narrowed.

      Please, please, don’t let her be dead, Methos wished.

      “Alexa? Is she here?” Methos tried to pretend the answer didn’t matter to him. Don’t get attached, Kronos had always said for if you did…he’ll use it against you like he had Cassandra.

      “She’s here. She’s very different from Cassandra but beautiful all the same. Though I expected nothing less from you,” Kronos grinned and Methos tried to fight his fear for Alexa’s safety.

      “Is she….well?” he forced out. In other words…had he touched her? Tortured her, raped her…..killed her? His mind and thoughts was an ocean of fear, need and memories.

      “She’s well…….” Kronos said and saw Methos’s relived sigh. “For now,” he added and Methos looked guarded at him.

      “And?” Methos asked softly, knowing he’ll have a prize for her life. Kronos had a prize for everything.

      “I'm going to do you a favour. You know Cassandra is in town,” Kronos remarked.

      “I know,” Methos lied, not wanting to show ignorance or weakness in front of Kronos.

      “Then you know that she'll kill you if she gets the chance.”

      Methos nodded. Oh, he was sure she would.

      “You never could bring yourself to take her head, could you? So I'm going to do it for you,” Kronos made it sound like he had just offered to buy basketball tickets for him and not murder a woman.

      “And Alexa?” Methos pressed.

      “She’ll stay here. What was that phase you used on Cassandra? She’ll live as long as you please me,” Kronos laughed at Methos’s disgusted look at having his own words from 3000 years ago thrown back at him.

      “And in return?” Methos forced himself to ask. What if Kronos asked for his head? He couldn’t count on Kronos keeping his promise and he wasn’t sure it’d help if he did anyway. Cassandra had chosen death to their company…Alexa would probably choose the same.

      “You’ll do whatever I say, be whatever I ask you to be. It’ll be like it was,” Kronos demanded, his voice hard but glowing with joy and anticipation. “And…you’ll find Cassandra’s whereabouts for me,” he added, seeing the instant denial in Methos’s eyes at that command.

      “But…she’s nothing to you. Why?” Methos wanted to know. Why not just leave her? Why couldn’t he let the past die?

      “Why?! Because she meant something to you then and may still mean something to you now. Because you still have to prove yourself. And because YOU OWE ME!” Kronos yelled the last words, anger in his voice. Methos had been the one who had left the Horsemen, forcing them to break up. Kronos hadn’t wanted to let him go…..not even close…

      //The Bronze Age, 10 years after Cassandra’s escape//

      Methos looked out at the battlefield from his tent, seeing all the dead, all the destruction. He had tried to come to theme with it all, with whom and what he was and the more years that passed the surer he became; this life wasn’t him. He wanted more out of life than constant fighting.

      “Methos the scholar? That's a good one, brother,” Kronos laughed, forcing Methos’s attention back on him. Methos closed the canvas and returned to Kronos's side. He should have known Kronos wouldn’t understand his need for knowledge. Knowledge was power; ignorance was failure and Methos began to realise he knew far too little for someone having lived as long as he had.

      “I'm serious. It's what I want to do. Study and learn.”

      “What for? What have you got to learn?” Kronos asked disbelieving.

      “Almost everything, it seems. About the world. About myself. About who we are,” Methos tried to explain, his voice passionate for his plan.

      “I can tell you who we are,” Kronos said coldly. He didn’t need to study for that.

      “Can you?” Methos asked sceptically. Could he really?

      “ I'm Kronos. I always have been, and I always will be. And you're just like me. We are who we are, and that's more than enough,” Kronos said, his voice sure, hoping to end this foolish discussion.

      “Not for me. Those who don't learn from their mistakes, repeat them,” his voice was soft. He had repeated his mistake for ten years now, Cassandra’s escape had been a turning point in his life, her spirit and the fact that she’ll rather die a 1000th deaths than stay with him…. with them…. made it clear to him just what he had become.

      “We don't make mistakes. We make history. Pour me another drink and have one yourself. You're getting too damned serious for your own good,” Kronos said darkly, pointing towards the bottle of wine. Methos went to the small table with wine and glasses and poured Kronos a glass. This was his chance, now or never. Kronos would never understand and would never let him go. His heart beating wildly in his chest Methos slipped some poison from one of his rings into Kronos’s glass. Taking a deep breath he turned around and handed Kronos the glass. As Methos had expected Kronos drank it all at once. Methos watched him closely. This poison better be as fast and as good as I was told, Methos thought darkly. If not he had a little score to settle with a ‘businessman’…. if he lived so long.

      “Just don't forget what you really are,” Kronos warned.

      “ I never forget what I am. I can’t change the past but I can change the future,” Methos said and noticing Kronos fighting a yawn, he took the chance and turned towards the entrance of the tent.

      “Where do you think you are going?” Kronos demanded to know.

      Methos sighed.

      “That's what I've been trying to tell you. I'm finished riding with you.”

      “The hell you are! Sit down!” Kronos demanded hotly. Methos remained standing, not moving, his arms crossed over his chest.

      “Don't make me say it again,” Kronos warned, his eyes blazing. Just who did he think he was?

      “You don't need me,” Methos protested.

      “There are four Horsemen. There always will be.”

      “Find another to take my place,” Methos suggested. He didn’t need him but he wanted to control him.

      “Impossible. We are four brothers. The blood we spill binds us; only blood can separate us,” Kronos protested. He saw Methos wasn’t impressed. “Don't you understand, Methos? The only way to leave the Horsemen... is by leaving your head,” his voice was cold now. Methos shook his head sadly. Why was violence always the only way for Kronos?

      “I was afraid you might see it that way.”

      “I do,” Kronos hissed and stood up, drawing his sword. Methos drew back, drawing his sword as well. Any minute now…any minute now…….

      “Fight me, and don't think you'll live to learn anything from it,” Kronos warned, the anger at Methos’s betrayal making his voice hard and cold. He stepped forth to take a swing at Methos when his vision became blurry and his feet unsteady. He dropped his sword, sinking to the floor. What? What was happening? Methos bent down over him. Of course…..

      ”The wine…” Kronos forced out. That cheating, double-crossing…….snake! He’ll pay for this. If it was then the last thing he did; Methos would pay for his treason!

      “A little something I came across. That poison would kill most people. It will stop even you,” Methos revealed. Kronos tried to reach for his sword but was too weak.

      “Your head…. is mine! Your…. life is mine,” Kronos got out, his voice hissed and weak but the determination and hate in it clear. With a last look of utter hate at Methos, Kronos lay still; dead. Methos stood over him, his sword touching Kronos’s neck. Should he kill him? One part of him wanted to. Wanted revenge for the things Kronos had forced him to do, wanted revenge for the things Kronos had made him into…but he couldn’t. They had been brothers and if he played judge and jury, judging Kronos worthy of death…how could he judge himself any different?

      With a last look at Kronos’s still body, Methos existed the tent, packed a few belongings and rode off, hoping never to see him again.


      When he had finally found Methos again many years later in Jerusalem Methos had been married to a mortal woman and Kronos had used her to try and blackmail Methos into helping him gather information on other Immortals so he could easier kill them. But things hadn’t turned out the way Kronos had planned. Methos’s wife, Ruth, reminded him of Cassandra in her fire and spirit and she had called for help from her people. Kronos had been imprisoned in a tomb for more than a thousand years thanks to Methos’s weakness for mortals. Oh, how he owned him and Kronos would make sure the debt was paid in full.

      Kronos took out a knife from his belt and cut a fine line in his hand, the blood dripping to the floor. Methos frowned at the sight of blood. Kronos gave the knife to Methos who for a split second considered trying to either cut Kronos’s throat or stick it into his heart but Kronos watched him carefully and his chance of succeeding wasn’t promising.

      “Now, swear you’ll bring me Cassandra and do what I ask; never disobey me again,” Kronos demanded. Methos looked from Kronos to the knife. Then he cut a fine line in his palm, droving blood. He winced at the pain before he lifted his hand and put it against Kronos’s; blood meeting blood.

      “I swear,” Methos said quietly and Kronos nodded in satisfaction, going back to his plans and maps lying on the table. Methos studied the warehouse more closely. There wasn’t much in it and he was sure Alexa wasn’t here. But where was she then? He had to find her but he couldn’t seem too eager, couldn’t show weakness.

      “Go find Cassandra and bring her to the Red Castle,” Kronos demanded, his back turned to him, indicating he thought Methos no threat. The Red Castle was a nickname for a big, old castle in the other end of town. Alexa had to be there. “Oh, and Methos….” Kronos added, turning to face him, a deadly smile on his face. “If you’re not there in two hours with Cassandra I’ll kill your woman. If I find the woman gone I’ll search for you till the end of time and you know I will kill you. Both of you,” Kronos added and Methos nodded grimly. Oh, he had no doubt he would.

      “I’ll be there,” Methos promised and quickly left the warehouse. Damn, damn…. bloody Hell. Things had been so perfect just a few hours ago, now his life lay in ruins. He didn’t know what he’ll do without Alexa, couldn’t bear the thought of losing her. He had never been a man of chivalry or principles, blood oath or not he had to save Alexa. He didn’t like it but what if he was forced to make a decision…would he sacrifice Cassandra for Alexa? It was a choice he hoped he wouldn’t have to face. For now all he could do was play the game. He would find Cassandra and bring her to the castle and then…

      Methos had walked for twenty minutes back to town from the warehouse, which had been isolated and was just outside the city limits. He looked around but couldn’t see anyone nor feel any Immortals. He had to take a chance, he couldn’t do this alone. He needed help but from who? Kronos would sense Immortals so mortals were the best choice. Someone with a more than 50% chance of actually doing more than just dying…providing they chose to help. But who? Of course! He went to a phone booth and dialled in a number.

      “Xavier’s School. How can I help you?” Ororo’ sweet and lightly accented voice came through.

      “It’s Methos. Alexa is in danger. We’re…” Methos began but then he felt the familiar tingling in his brain. An Immortal was near. It could be Kronos or it could be someone just passing through but with Alexa’s life on the line Methos didn’t dare to take any chances and quickly hang up, walking with fast steps away from the phone.

      Now, the only question was…would Logan help him? And if yes, would he arrive in time?

      Part 3:

      “Xavier’s School. How can I help you?” Ororo asked as she picked up the phone in the kitchen, holding it between her shoulder and cheek so she could talk and still have her hands free. It was seven in the morning and the kitchen were filled with children of all ages. She carried some pancakes to the table and the some of the youngest boys threw themselves over them like they hadn’t eaten in days.

      “It’s Methos. Alexa is in danger. We’re…” the voice on the other end said and then the phone went dead.

      “Methos? Methos, are you there?” Ororo asked worried. Confused by what had happened she hung up.

      “What did Methos want?” Scott asked as he tried unsuccessfully to dry his son, John’s, hands from all the strawberry marmalade he had all over. John was his and Ororo’s youngest child and he had just turned three a few months ago.

      “I’m not sure but it sounded like he was in trouble. He suddenly hung up,” Ororo explained worried and put more cereal on the table for the students.

      “That doesn’t sound like him,” Logan agreed, having just entered the kitchen with Rogue just as Ororo had answered the phone.

      “Is Alexa alright?” Rogue asked worried. The women had over the years grown close and Rogue felt a special bond between Alexa and herself. Not only because they had both fallen in love with more or less Immortal men but also because none of them could have children. Rogue because of her poisonous skin and Alexa because Methos as an Immortal was unable to father children.

      “He said she was in danger,” Ororo said concerned.

      “Maybe an Immortal found them?” Scott suggested.

      “Dad, what’s an Immo….Im….Morry?” Alexa, Scott and Ororo’s oldest child at four asked him from where she sat to his right side. Ororo and Scott had named their daughter Alexa Marie Summers in Alexa and Rogue’s honour so that some part of their friends would always live on even after their death. She was the daughter Alexa and Rogue could never have.

      “An Immortal. I’ll explain it when you’re older, princess,” Scott said warmly and kissed the top of her head. Alexa was a lot like her mother; her skin was light brown, her hair almost as white as her mother’s and she had a calmness to her that Scott had only seen in Ororo. John on the other hand…he was like his dad. His eyes were deep blue, his hair deep brown, his skin a little darker than Scott’s but his temper matched Scott’s from when he had been younger.

      “Cancel our classes for today, Scott,” Logan said and frowned. “We have to find out what happened.”

      “Will do. We’ll meet in the library at 8 when the kids go to class,” Scott instructed and the others all nodded. The mood was grim as they eat breakfast and sent the kids off to their classes save those who should have had Scott for mathematics who then had no classes then till later that day. Since it was a nice autumn day Ororo sent the kids who didn’t have class outside to play.

      The four friends went into the library, Scott carrying Alexa on his shoulders and Ororo carried John in her arms. Scott told Alexa to go play with her dolls in the other end of the room while he talked with Logan, Rogue and her mother. Alexa was happy to play as long as she could still see her parents. Scott helped Ororo sit down in one of the easy chairs, John on her lap. Scott sat next to her and Logan and Rogue sat opposite them, in typical manner Rogue sat in Logan’s lap though there were chairs enough.

      “Okay. So, any ideas?” Scott began, looking around at the others. “First of all we have to agree how far we’ll pursue this. How much we’ll do to help.”

      “All the way,” Ororo said softly and Logan nodded.
      ”I agree with ‘Ro,” Logan said and Rogue nodded her consent.

      “It’s agreed then. Now comes the hard part; where shall we start looking for Methos and Alexa?”

      “Their home,” Rogue said. It was a good place to start.

      “They have moved from Italy. Do any of you know where they moved to?” Scott asked and for the first time got annoyed at Methos’s caution and inability to trust anyone. Alexa or Methos would tell them when they moved but unless it was really important or necessary they wouldn’t say where they had moved to.

      “It doesn’t make it easier that the Prof. and all the other telepaths are away for at least another week,” Logan said grimly. Xavier was with the other telepaths to a Congress meeting in Washington.

      “We can’t wait a week,” Ororo voiced what they all knew was the truth. For Methos to seek their help something had to have gone very wrong.

      “Someone has to know where they live. They can’t just have disappeared,” Scott said frustrated.

      “Let’s narrow our search down then. We know they’ll be in Europe,” Ororo began and the others nodded.

      “We know Methos will use the name Adam in some form should he have changed alias,” Scott added.

      “We know Alexa never changes her first name,” Rogue said, thinking hard for any other clues.

      “So, we’re looking for a couple named Alexa something married to a Adam something or something Adams. Yeah, I can see how that narrows it down,” Logan said sarcastically.

      “Wait a minute. For the 12 years I’ve known Alexa and Methos never once have they moved back to countries where they have already been,” Scott realised.

      “Yes, that’s true. Alexa said it was because Methos wanted to show her the world. All of the world,” Rogue explained.

      “They have lived in Italy, France, England, Ireland, Sweden and Germany. When we visited them in Italy they had just recently moved there so they can only have moved once and that’s where they live now,” Ororo summered up.

      “So, we have the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland….” Scott began.

      “They wouldn’t move to Switzerland because it reminds Methos of when he nearly lost Alexa,” Logan interrupted.

      “How do you know that?” Scott asked. Methos rarely spoke of his feelings so openly.

      “Because that is what I’ll feel,” Logan said softly and pulled Rogue close to him.

      “Okay, so we have Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain….” Scott thought about what other countries were possibilities.

      “I doubt they’ll go to Russia, Poland, Finland or other cold countries. Methos doesn’t seem to like winter or the cold,” Ororo said and remembered how Methos would always wear a long coat, his hands in his pockets whenever he went outside in weather just below 14C.

      “The best guess would then be Spain,” Scott said and looked around to see if the others agreed.

      “I agree, darling,” Ororo said softly and smiled down at John who had gotten hold of some of her long white hair and begun to play with it.

      “Sounds right,” Logan added his vote and Rogue nodded her agreement.

      “Spain is still a big place,” Rogue warned.

      “I remember when I was in ‘Nam I met this guy at the hospital……Joe Dawson. He kept mumbling about some dead guy saving his life after a mine had blown off his legs. I thought he was just going crazy….Hell, we’re all going crazy,” his voice was low and grim as he remembered the terror, the blood, the screams and the despair. Young boys were shipped over in the dozens…and sent home in plastic bags, numbered corpses, often unrecognisable, blown to pieces. Even those who survived and returned home were destroyed, coming home to a country that couldn’t and wouldn’t understand them. Never had he been in a war that had been so dirty as that one. Oh, yeah…it hadn’t been a war but a ‘conflict’. It sure was the bloodiest conflict he had ever been in. “Anyway, a few days later he saw me heal remarkably fast and asked if I was Immortal. I denied it of course and left as fast as I could.”

      “You think this Joe might know where Methos lives?” Scott asked disbelieving. Logan thought about it. Joe did seem to have gotten something…a kind of certainty when he had asked if he was Immortal, like he was sure it was possible but…

      “Nah, you’re right. I was grabbing at straws. Besides I don’t know what happened to him after the war anyway. He could be dead by now,” Logan dismissed the idea. It had been a hunch anyway…no, it was impossible that he could know anything.

      “Methos has a car, has he not?” Ororo asked and looked from John to Scott.

      “Of course. We can break into Spain’s Motor register and find every driver’s license issued within the last year to a person named Adam as a first name or Adams as a last name. It can’t be many since it’s not a Spanish name,” Scott said excited. “Lov, you’re a Goddess,” Scott added happily and kissed Ororo on the lips. She smiled warmly.

      “I know,” she teased, her tone regal.

      “Kitty is great with computers. I’ll ask her to help us,” Rogue said and left to find her friend. Logan went to the computer in the library and turned it on. Now they were getting somewhere. Now they had a chance.

      Part 4:

      The last four hours had been a nightmare for Methos. His worry for Alexa hadn’t lessened and in his mind he kept seeing her broken body, dead and alone, hearing her scream for help, a scream he couldn’t answer.

      It hadn’t been too hard to find Cassandra. It was a small town, Cassandra’s beauty was unusual and, like Duncan MacLeod, she still used the same name. Cassandra had never been all that good at swordfight though that hadn’t mattered. Methos had found her in her hotel room and before she could recover from the shock of seeing him again and make a grab for her sword he had shot her through the heart, killing her. The look of hurt, hate and disbelief in her eyes as the light left them was heartbreaking and something he hoped never to see again but he had no choice. Alexa’s life was at the balance and he’ll do anything to save her. He had went to Cassandra and held her in his arms as she died, whispering calming words to her though he knew it didn’t help. He had betrayed her; again. Her last action before she died was desperately trying to reach for her sword to kill him. As she lay still in his arms, he carried her out to the car he had rented for the purpose and drove to the Red Castle, his heart in his throat. It was now he was going to know if Alexa was still alive. He didn’t even want to think about the possibility of her being dead but the image of her death plagued his thoughts all the same. The Red Castle was built like any other old European castle in the baroque period, the façade of the castle bearing evidence to decay that indicated that Kronos had probably gotten the house pretty cheap. When he stopped before the entrance to the house he could feel another Immortal; Kronos. Carefully, Methos carried the still unconscious Cassandra from the backseat of his car and into one of the living rooms, practice making it easier for him to open doors with her still in his arms. He lay her down on an old sofa in the livingroom, making sure she lay somewhat comfortably.

      “You did as I asked, I see,” Kronos remarked as he entered the room. If looks could kill…Methos thought darkly as he turned to face his old friend.

      “What did you expect me to do? Run and hide?” Methos asked but the words made him think. If Alexa’s life hadn’t been on the line…. would he had run? Why not?

      “No. You knew I’ll find you and kill you,” Kronos said, his voice casual. He neared Cassandra and Methos instantly stood between them. If he had to choose…. could he let Cassandra die? Could he let Alexa die? No, never. He would do anything to save Alexa. He looked down at Cassandra, still out of it, his eyes sad. Sorry, Cass. So sorry for everything.

      “Alexa?” Methos couldn’t keep from asked, forcing his voice to be calm and steady.

      “Do you concern yourself with her safety because she’s your property or because you’re attached to her?” Kronos’s voice was hard and cold as were his eyes.

      “You’ve known me for years. What do you think?” Methos blocked the question. Kronos smiled dangerously and took out his sword, the point of it meeting Cassandra’s soft and blotted neck. Methos hid the alarm he felt.

      “I think you wouldn’t mind if I killed her. That was our deal, was it not?” as he spoke the blade came close to Cassandra’s neck.

      “It was but she would be more useful to us if she stayed alive. For the moment,” Methos added as he saw Kronos’s grimace. Then Kronos smiled and removed the sword.

      “You’re right. Now I remember why I kept you around for so long,” their eyes met and Methos held his stare until finally, more from old habit, he lowered his eyes. “Your woman is downstairs. Third room on the right,” Kronos told him, satisfied with how things were processing so far. Methos looked from Cassandra’s still form to Kronos and back again. Would Kronos kill her when he left? Maybe. Could he stop him? No. Methos turned on his heels and walked down the stairs, forcing Cassandra out of his mind. Walking quickly he found the locked door but halted as his hand lay on the door handle. What would he find behind the door? What if she was…No, she was well, she was alive. He refused to believe anything else for...the alternative was unthinkable. He turned the key in the big, heavy metal door and opened it. The room was small, having been used as a storage supply for dry food. There was a small bared window, an empty shelf and a few empty bags that had probably been used for potatoes. And there……there by the window, standing as she heard the key turn stood Alexa.

      “Methos! Oh, God,” Alexa cried and threw herself into his embrace and he held her close, never wanting to let go.

      “It’s alright, aquatseliadanvdo[1]. It’s alright,” he whispered softly, stroking her hair. He drew a little back from her and he saw tears on her cheeks. Gently he wiped them away with his thumb.

      “What is going on? Is…that man who grabbed me…he’s an Immortal, isn’t he?” Alexa asked, her voice filled with concern yet still strong.

      “Yes,” Methos said grimly, holding her hands in his.

      “Did he want to fight you? Have you killed him?” she tried to look behind him to see if she could see her attacker anywhere.

      “No. Beloved…the man who took you…. his name’s Kronos,” Methos explained and Alexa drew a deep breath. They hadn’t talked of Kronos, the four horsemen or that part of his past again since the day he had told her but though Methos hadn’t said it with words she had clearly understood that Kronos was dangerous. Very dangerous.

      “Alexa…….did he hurt you in any way?” Methos demanded to know, knowing the kind of fear for Kronos that she was showing very well. Gods, if Kronos had harmed her……

      She turned her head away from him, blushing in shame.

      “I’m sorry. I should have been more careful,” she mumbled. There was something in her voice…if only the light wasn’t so bad down here but the only light was from the small window and it was almost sundown now.

      “It wasn’t your fault,” he said softly and reached out and turned her head back to face him and up towards the beam of light from the window. He drew a deep breath as he saw the angry red welt on her right cheek. “He did this, didn’t he?” It wasn’t a question. Her eyes finally met his.

      “It’s not important.”
      ”It is to me,” he whispered and softly stroked her abused cheek. She laid her hand over his.

      “Please, don’t get killed over this. I’m all right, really. He didn’t hurt me anywhere else,” Alexa insisted. Methos searched for signs of injury on her but found none.

      “Don’t worry, I don’t intend to die. And neither shall you,” Methos promised and drew her into another embrace.

      “Do you have a plan?” she whispered against his shoulder, seeking strength in his nearness and love.

      “He wants me to help him,” Alexa drew back from him in shock. “He says he’ll let you live if I do.”

      “Help him; how?” Alexa asked suspiciously. Methos’s look gave him away. “He wants you to do what you did then. He wants to remake the four horsemen.”

      “Most likely,” Methos agreed, reaching for her but she drew back.

      “You can’t do this. You know better than anyone what kind of man he is. Millions of lives…..Millions of people,” she shook her head in disbelief. He reached for her hands and she let them stay in his.

      “You don’t understand. I don’t care about millions of people, just you,” he whispered softly. Tears formed in the corners of her eyes as she reached up a hand and stroked his cheek.

      “How can I live if I know my life has cost millions theirs? How can my life be worth that much and theirs that little?”

      “Because…I love you; not them,” Methos tried to explain but he knew how hard it would be for her to understand.

      “Don’t do this. You have changed. You’re not him, you’re not like that anymore,” Alexa protested, tears in her voice and on her cheeks. Gently, he wiped her tears away.

      “You are the reason I’ve changed. I’ll do what I can to stop this but your life is more important than anything,” he drew her closer and into a kiss. “Anything at all,” he added, their lips close and their breaths as one. They lay all their love, passion, fear and desire into that one kiss until Alexa had to draw back for breath.

      “I trust you and I love you. Whatever you do, whatever happens……I’ll always love you,” Alexa promised, love shinning in her eyes. “And…….I’ll always forgive you,” she added so softly he barely heard her.

      “I love you, Alexa. More than anything,” he drew her into another kiss but drew back as he felt two Immortals nearly. Cassandra must have awoken.

      “Let me go,” Cassandra’s voice reached him. Strange, he hadn’t heard it for 1000th of years yet he would have recognized it anywhere.

      “Come on,” Kronos demanded and as Methos turned from Alexa he saw Kronos pushing a handcuffed Cassandra in front of him towards where Methos stood. Methos automatically pushed Alexa behind him.

      “You!” Cassandra screamed, her voice twisted with hate and underneath it…. an old tingle of fear.

      “You’re a memorable man, Methos,” Kronos said with an evil gleam in his eyes and Methos briefly closed his eyes, forcing down memories of all what he had done to her, all he had made her do and all he had turned her into.

      “Get in there,” Kronos demanded and pushed Cassandra into the room where Alexa also was. Then he turned to Methos. “Come, my friend. We have a lot to discuss.”

      Methos looked from Cassandra’s hate filled eyes to Alexa’s concerned and loved filled ones.

      “I wish to take Alexa with me,” Methos made the request sound as casual as possible.

      “And I wish you’ll stop wasting my time. One more remark about that woman and she dies,” Kronos promised, his eyes narrowed as he waited for Methos to follow him. Methos turned to face Alexa, giving her a quick kiss which was more demanding than loving as Methos was very aware of Kronos’s eyes on him.

      “Stay here, woman,” the words were harsh as was his tone but his eyes were soft.

      “Be careful,” she whispered in his ear before she reluctantly let go of his hands and drew back from him. Methos nodded and forced himself to step back from her and close the door, turning the key and locking his beloved wife inside with one of his greatest mistakes………one of his thousands of mistakes.

      Part 5:

      “This should be it,” Scott announced as he, Ororo, Logan and Rogue drove to a stop in the car they had rented in front of a big house. There were trees and the last flowers of the year in the garden. Scott turned off the engine and they all went to the front door. Thank God for Kitty and her computer abilities or they’ll never have found the right place. The name Adam or Adams married to a woman with Alexa as her first name was so unusual in Spain than they had only one candidate and this was it.

      “Dr. Adams and Alexa Adams,” Ororo read on the post box.

      “Sounds like the right place,” Logan agreed. They reached the door and Rogue reached for the door handle. Logan caught her hand. “No. Let me go in first. We don’t know who’s in there.”

      Rogue nodded and moved back. Scott moved to stand before Rogue and Ororo, his right hand going to his glasses.

      “Now,” Scott ordered and Logan opened the door, extracting his claws.

      “Alexa? Methos?” Ororo called out. No answer. Carefully Scott and Logan moved further into the house, Rogue and Ororo behind them.

      “Stay here,” Logan turned to his wife and asked. Rogue smiled sweetly at him and went further into the house.
      ”Ah’m no chica doll, sugah. Ah can take care of myself,” she insisted. Scott looked to Ororo.

      “Don’t even start. I’m more than able to take care of myself as well,” Ororo insisted and Scott looked to Logan.
      ”Women,” Logan mumbled and Scott nodded.
      ”Women,” he agreed.
      ”What was that?” Ororo and Rogue asked at the same time.

      “’Nothin’,” both men insisted simultaneously.

      “We’ll take the kitchen and the garden. You take the livingroom and upstairs,” Ororo said and went to the garden while Rogue went towards the kitchen.

      “You take upstairs. I’ll take the livingroom,” Scott said to Logan and he nodded, going up the stairs.

      “Guys, Ah have somethin’ here,“ Rogue’s voice came to them, her shock making her southern accent come forth more clearly. Fearing the worst Logan all but ran to her.

      “You all right, darlin’?” he asked concerned, his eyes on Rogue, scanning her for injuries and relived to find none.

      “Ah’m fine but look at this mess,” Rogue pointed to the broken glass on the floor and general mess, clear signs of a fight.

      “By the Goddess,” Ororo mumbled as she saw it and Scott lay his arms around her, pulling her into his embrace.

      “I’ll guess Alexa was taken from here,” Scott said, his voice grim as he looked over Ororo’s head at Logan. Logan nodded.

      “Whoever took her was bigger and stronger than her, probably a man,” Logan sniffed the air. “Definitely a man,” he added.

      “Methos wasn’t here when Alexa was kidnapped,” Rogue said as she looked around in the kitchen.
      ”Because he’ll have protected her?” Scott asked.

      “No, because those flowers…” Rogue pointed to the bouquet of flowers lying on the kitchen table, now looking flat since it had been long since they had been watered. Ororo spotted them too and went from Scott’s embrace and picked the flowers up. White lilies, Alexa’s favourite.

      “…were meant for her,” Logan finished for her, always able to guess what his wife wanted to say. His eyes followed Ororo as she found a vase in the kitchen cupboard and carefully put the flowers in it, filled it with water and placed them on the kitchen table, with her hand waving pieces of glass to the floor to make room for the flowers.

      “Alexa is home alone. She’s making dinner. Suddenly a man comes…from where? The front door wasn’t broken up, merely open,” Scott wondered.

      “There’re more doors than the front door. He probably came from one of those,” Ororo said and went to see if any other doors had been broken in.

      “Why not force the front door up? Why go through the trouble to break in another place?” Rogue wondered.

      “Because our intruder didn’t want Methos to know something was wrong, didn’t want to give him time to seek help,” Scott said slowly, trying to see through the intruder’s eyes.

      “He was after Methos, Alexa was a mean to an end,” Logan agreed, anger in his voice. Coward, to hide behind an innocent woman.

      “He broke open the garden door. The door is hidden from view, you can’t see it from the front of the house,” Ororo told them as she returned to the kitchen. “There’s no other sign anywhere of disturbance.”

      “So, we’re looking for a man who’s after Methos…. why?” Scott asked, looking at the others.

      “To kill him,” Logan answered.

      “Yes, but why?” Scott asked again; they needed a motive.

      “For his head?” Ororo suggested.

      “For revenge? We know he has a past to say the least,” Logan remarked. Then a thought occurred to him. “Cassandra? He held her as his slave, used her, killed her…beat her into obedience. If that’s not your motive, Scooter, I don’t know what is,” Logan said. Revenge he could understand and it was a reason and an excuse for almost anything.

      “No. She won’t harm Alexa. She may hate Methos and want him dead but not at the price of an innocent woman,” Ororo protested. Or did she?
      ”We talked with her for only a few hours because Cassandra had figured out Logan had known Methos. Who’s to say she wouldn’t want revenge at that price?” Scott said softly, taking Ororo’s hand in his.

      “I’m still not sure she would do something like this,” Ororo insisted.

      “Okay but I still say we look for her,” Logan said stubbornly.

      “I agree with Logan,” Scott began and Ororo threw him a wounded look. He smiled at her. “We look for her but we should still look for another attacker.”

      “Thanks, dear,” Ororo smiled at him and kissed his cheek.

      “Who else would be after Methos?” Rogue asked, frowning in concentration.

      “We know Methos began to stay away from other Immortals,” Ororo began.

      “But we agree that the attacker is Immortal?” Scott interrupted.

      “Of course. No mortal would have reason to attack them,” Rogue agreed and the others nodded.

      “How about other Immortals during his days as a horseman?” Logan suggested.

      “I think you’re on to something, Logan. Our attacker must have something to do with the horsemen,” Scott said in agreement.

      “Either an old friend…or an old enemy,” Ororo said softly, thinking.

      “But like you said he generally stayed away from other Immortals. Cassandra was as far as I could tell a rare case,” Scott said, lost in thought.

      “Except….” Logan began and Scott nodded.

      “Of course. Except his fellow horsemen,” Scott finished for him.

      “What were their names?” Rogue couldn’t recall.

      “Kronos, Caspian and Silas,” Ororo answered; such unusual names were hard to forget.

      “You’re amazing,” Scott said with a smile and kissed her. She blushed prettily and smiled back.


      “Let’s go then,” Logan said and began to go to the front door.

      “Let’s go back to the hotel and find out where Cassandra is. Then you and Rogue can pay her a visit and see if she’s involved. I’ll call Kitty and work with her on my laptop to try and find out what happened to Kronos, Caspian and Silas to see if they should be involved,” Scott suggested as he walked to the door, holding Ororo’s hand. They walked out and Ororo carefully closed the front door, trying not to cry by the gesture. Please, please, dear Goddess, let us reach them in time, Ororo prayed. Scott must have sensed her dark mood for he squeezed her hand before he let go of it to put his arm around her shoulder, holding her tight against him.

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