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Fic: Territorial Disputes (R, S/J)

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  • Deineira
    Title: Territorial Disputes Author: Lisea@glasstemple.com Author s website: Http://www.angelfire.com/de2/TTO Pairing: S/J (Fixated? Me?! You re kidding
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      Title: Territorial Disputes
      Author: Lisea@...
      Author's website: Http://www.angelfire.com/de2/TTO
      Pairing: S/J (Fixated? Me?! You're kidding me....:-)
      Rating: R for language
      Summary: Someone else has eyes for Scott. And something else, too...
      Notes: Sappy. Sappy, sappy, sappy. You've been warned.
      Ths hasn't been beta-read yet.


      I curse the day she came here.

      Oh, excuse me. Her name is Betsy, a young mutant, in her mid-twenties.
      Long blond her all the way down to her waist. Which is funny, Scott
      doesn't like blonds. Or so he said.

      About a week ago she came here with Scott and Storm. When she was
      playing a good little guinea pig while I was running my tests on her,
      she was looking at Scott, who was standing behind my shoulder. The
      little bitchette was giving him a hard-on.

      I walked towards his office one day, hoping she wouldn't be there. She
      had made a hobby out of hanging around in Scott's office, and she
      never had a reason for it. So I opened the door.

      They were fucking each other on his desk like there was no tomorrow.
      Scott saw me by the door, and pushed himself off her. "Jean, I..."

      I could have sworn I saw a grin of victory on her face.

      I stepped out of the doorway and into the hallway, slamming the door
      as hard as I could, with a little help of my telekinesis.

      Scott found me in our room later, sitting in an over-stuffed chair by
      the window. I had my knees drawn up against my chest, and my arms
      around me. I was rocking myself back and forth, almost automatically.

      Scott knelt in front of me. "Jean, I'm sorry. I don't know what came
      over me. I didn't mean to have sex with her. I don't know what

      I was quiet, turning the ring in my finger. "You're not getting it
      back" I told him. He looked at the ring. "I'm keeping the ring. You're
      not getting it."

      It wasn't the ring itself that mattered. Come to think of it, it's a
      very boring ring. Standard gold band with a standard diamond.

      It's the inscription inside that mattered. 'Property of Scott

      It's a joke between us. It was adorable. He was nervous when he gave
      it to me, didn't know what I would think of it. I loved it on the
      spot. I had shown him how much, too.

      "I don't want it back. It's yours. *I'm* yours" he looked so honest,
      so I burst into laughter.

      Two weeks after he had knelt in front of me in our bedroom, he started
      sleeping in her room over the nights. He came be our room in the
      mornings, just to take a shower and change his clothes. He didn't say
      a word to me anymore, 'I'm sorry' had long since worn out.

      The whole situation was weird. Scott still loved me, I *felt* it in
      him. But somehow, that conniving bitch upstairs had lured him into her
      bed every night for the past week. I tried to probe her once, but she
      had a shield bigger than the Berlin wall. So had Scott every time she
      was with her.


      *Jean, the team is back. Scott's hurt, we need you in the medlab* the
      Professor's voice echoed in my head, shaking me out of my reverie.

      *I'll be right there.*

      I took off towards the medlab, glancing at the Blackbird setting down
      in the hangar through the basketball court. The wooden floor under my
      feet was shaking slightly.

      Logan was laying Scott down on the biobed in the medlab when I got
      there. He was unconcious, with a bad wound on his side, another on his
      forehead, just above his visor. "What happened?"

      "Sabertooth was there waiting for us" Logan said. About an hour
      earlier, he had probably looked even worse than Scott. Now he didn't
      have a mark on him.

      "Get out of here. I need room" I told everyone, and started to work on

      As the team was leaving the lab, Betsy came in. "What happened? Is he
      okay?" She was hovering over Scott, and in my way.

      "Betsy, get out!"

      Betsy just sat by the bed, leaned over him and just stared at him.

      Pissed off, I grabbed her arm, yanked her up from the bed and slapped
      her face. "Get out. I'm trying to work."

      Betsy prepared to return the blow, when Logan hauled her over his
      shoulder. "Save the kid, Jeannie. She won't bother you, I promise"
      Logan said, walking out of the medlab with a violently kicking woman
      over his shoulder.

      Scott was unconcious for three days. I sat with him constantly, alone,
      occasionally reminding myself to thank Logan for keeping Betsy out.
      Sometimes I can hear them yelling at each other behind the lab door.

      "Jean" Scott said weakly, with a little points of red light in his

      "Hey. How are you feeling?"

      "Like I had a run-in with Sabertooth. What happened?"

      "You had a run-in with Sabertooth" I said with a smile. Scott tried to
      laugh, but all he could manage was to give himself a coughing fit.

      After a few silent minutes, he spoke up again. "I'm sorry. I never
      meant to hurt you. I love you."

      I looked up at him. " You've been telling me that a lot lately."

      "I mean it. I don't want to hurt you. I just can't help it. I keep
      ending up in her bed. It's like my heart is telling me one thing, and
      my cock another" he said softly, stroking my cheek. I pressed my hand
      over his.

      I gently pushed myself into his mind, and he let me. I looked around
      the feeling in his mind, and noticed he really did meant what he had
      said. He loved *me*. He didn't love Betsy. Didn't feel a thing for
      her, actually. I don't get it.

      "Am I interrupting something?" the Professor said. He had just wheeled
      in the medlab. I smiled up at him, felt Scott do the same.

      "How did you get past Betsy and Logan?" I asked.

      "He clubbed unconcious, after getting tired of her yelling at him. He
      assured me he didn't do any permanent damage."

      "Shame" I muttered under my breath.

      "How are you feeling, Scott?" the Professor wheeled in closer.

      "I'm better" he said, while I felt him cross his fingers on the hand
      against my cheek, unnoticed by the professor. That made me giggle.

      Betsy came rushing in. She stopped between Scott's bed and the door,
      giving me an icy glance. Then I felt it.

      While I was still in Scott's mind, I felt her snake her way in, too.
      Changing how he felt about me, turning it towards her. She was
      *making* him lust after her!

      "You're an empath. You're a *Fucking* empath!" I screamed at her,
      throwing at her the first thing I could get my hands on. A metal tray
      of test tubes and needles.

      "Jean?" the Professor asked me, clearly confused.

      "She worms her way into his head and brainwashes him to sleep with
      her!" I was so angry I couldn't see straight.

      "Is this true?" the Professor asked Betsy.

      "No! She's crazy!"

      "Scott?" the Professor asked for a permission to scan his mind. While
      Scott nodded, I felt Betsy pull back from Scott's mind. But the
      Professor could still sense her effects, even it was done a month ago.
      Psychic attacks always leave trails behind. And the Professor knows
      one when he sees one. He pulled himself out of Scott's mind, and
      looked at Betsy. And boy, was he pissed off.

      "I want you to leave the mansion as quickly as possible. I never want
      to see you again. Logan, will you help her pack?" the Professor's
      voice was shaking with anger. Logan grabbed her by her arm and hauled
      her out of the room. I still felt her pressing against Scott's mind,
      trying to convince him to come with her.

      But now that I knew what I was up against, I blocked her from him.
      *Get away from him. He's mine!* I sent her, hoping the message was
      strong enough to fry her brain. Cliché, I know, but it told her
      exactly how I felt.

      "She made me sleep with her?" Scott asked, shaken. He didn't like the
      thought of loosing control of himself.

      "Don't worry. It wasn't your fault. It won't happen again" I kissed
      his forehead for emphasis. I gently tried to pull back from his mind,
      now that the threat had passed.

      "Don't" Scott said, touching my face, "I like it. Stay."

      I didn't object, because I had started to feel comfortable in his
      mind, completely blended.


      One week later we were sitting outside, Scott leaning his back against
      my chest. We had an old wool blanket over our feet, and were watching
      the kids playing soccer. Scott was more quiet than usual.

      "Get over it, Summers" I whisper in his ear, "it wasn't your fault."

      "That's not what I was thinking" he said.

      "Oh, yes it was," I said to him, tapping his temple with my finger,
      "You've done enough guilt tripping for a lifetime."

      He chuckled. "Alright, maybe I was thinking about her. But something
      else, too."

      I waited him to continue for a few seconds. "You gonna tell me?"

      "I want us to set a date."

      If I'd been eating something, I'd be choking on it. "You want to get

      "Yes. If you'll still have me."

      "Yes, Mr. Summers, I will have you" I said to him, kissed his ear
      because it was the only part of him I could reach from where I was
      sitting. He turned around and kissed me on the lips, not noticing that
      the kids had been distracted from their soccer game and were
      applauding and whistling at us.

      And some weird voice in the back of my mind told me I should invite
      Betsy to the wedding, just to rub it in. He was mine, and was going to
      be mine for a very long time to come.
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