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Sorrow After Sins :4: Will You Help Me When I Stumble?

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  • Chrissy Synth
    Title: Will You Help Me When I Stumble? Series: Sorrow After Sins, Part 4 Author: Whipblade E-mail : whipblade@yahoo.com Disclaimers: See splash. Summary :
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      Title: Will You Help Me When I Stumble?

      Series: Sorrow After Sins, Part 4

      Author: Whipblade

      E-mail : whipblade@...

      Disclaimers: See splash.

      Summary : Kitty remembers his name. No one is a happy

      [ Translations ]
      ~telepathic dialogue~
      � thoughts �

      Sorrow After Sins :
      Part 4
      Will You Help Me When I Stumble?

      Kitty laid in his bed. Blackness all around as he
      tried to fall asleep. Hushed voices danced about
      his bed as the sounds of people moving things softly
      echoed. Kitty began to slip into the zone
      between awake and asleep, where everything never seems
      real but never seems false either.
      Something touched the back of Kitty�s head, like a
      stream of water floating up his neck and into
      his skull.

      ~Kitty~ The tall red head's voice echoed over his

      ~Kitty, it's me. I came to see what they did to you.
      Alright?~ The red head with perfect hair

      ~No! NO!~ Kitty screamed at her as he felt the light
      water creep further into his mind.

      "RRAAAHH! Stay out o' my head Frail!" Kitty snarled as
      he bolted upright his few claws slashing
      at the nearest person, his mind�s barriers shot up as
      quickly as he opened his black eyes alert and
      fully aware of the blanket in his lap. The red head
      screamed as she covered her temples with her

      Kitty growled as large furry hands grabbed his arms
      and forced him to back down on the bed.
      Kitty noticed the activity around himself. People who
      he half recognized came to the red heads
      aid as she bled, some mulled around curious and
      anxious to help, but needed direction, and one
      short, dark haired man with long silver claws growled,
      snarling, ready to attack. Kitty recognized
      him, Wolverine..., Logan..., enemy or friend, Kitty
      wasn't sure which. They all left once the
      winded speech escaped the long blue furred mutant who
      still kept his large hands pressed firmly
      on Kitty�s own chest. After the others left, the blue
      one did as well, taking large furry hands with

      Kitty stayed alert as he was left alone. Hours had to
      have passed, voices trickled from the hallway
      along with footsteps. Familiar voices once again came
      to Kitty's ears.


      Walking down the hall passing the infirmary Wolverine
      talked to Cyclops. "How�s Jeannie?"

      "Fine, the cuts aren't too deep, she's a little
      disoriented, but is going to be normal in a few
      Cyclops replied.

      "Good ta know." Wolverine replied.


      Kitty felt eyes on him at all times since he was moved
      out of intensive care and into a different
      part of the medical center. The smaller white washed
      room looked more like a doctor�s clinic with
      his bed against a wall, equipment that beeped and
      buzzed surrounded Kitty. Kitty finally dozed

      Blackness surrounded the voices that echoed around.
      "Creed, CREED! Dammit, Sabretooth pay attention!"
      Magneto's voice raged.

      "Tell Raven ta keep her clothes on then." Sabretooth

      "Its not like you haven't seen it before, Creed."
      Mystiques voice sneered.

      "Oh sure! Ya realize that now after the strip tease.
      Enjoy the show Toad?" Sabretooth growled

      "Uh huh, more, more..," Toad groveled as he drooled.

      "Stop that wart face!" Mystique growled.

      "Are we ready?" Magneto snapped.

      "Oh yeah plenty ready." Sabretooth snarled.

      The whole dream shifted into a wavy distorted bar

      "Get me another drink frail, I mean NOW!" Sabretooth

      "Whoa check out what walked in!" Toad whispered.

      "Looks government. Sabretooth, working behind our
      backs?" Mystique sarcastically sneered.

      "Not a chance." Sniff, sniff. "Heads up, it�s about ta
      get messy. Guy�s got a gun, and a lot more
      guys with guns outside and on the roof. They ain't
      quiet enough." Sabretooth growled.

      "Creed, don't do anything stupid." Magneto warned.

      "Do I ever?" Sabretooth snarled.

      Kitty stirred in bed, a weak smile crept over his
      sleeping lips.

      They bounced off the wall. Bullets flew hitting other
      people in the bar. A flash of white light
      dotted his vision.

      Growling he mauled the first person he got his hands
      on. Some kid wearing leather and chains.
      Discarding the body, he jumped on top of the bar
      counter to more or less, attract attention to

      Mystique punched Magneto in the face. Did she just do

      Blinding red filled his vision as the bullets started
      to tear into his side. He leapt towards them.
      Taking a bunch in the gut, then slashed the uniform
      man into ribbons of meat.

      Toad screamed.

      Toad was in the middle of the floor, sprawled out with
      a metal thing around his neck. Five
      uniforms were around him. White sparks flew as the
      uniforms hit Toad with stun lasers.

      Sabretooth lunged at them. Kicking, snarling, and
      killing. Toad could barley move, he was hit
      too hard, too long.
      Sabertooth stood up watching the melee, and what he
      seriously thought Mystique was actually
      slapping Magneto. Slapping? Out of all the things...,

      Toad moaned.

      Sabretooth looked down, as more uniforms entered the
      war zone bar.
      Sabretooth kicked the barely conscience Toad out of
      his way. The green man flew through the air
      before landing behind the bar.

      Leaping back on top a table Sabretooth roared as he
      tackled five uniformed men, and a few kids
      to boot.
      The Calvary of uniforms started to rush the mauling
      mutant, just as Sabertooth disemboweled
      four of their friends.

      The scent of fresh blood and fear made Sabretooth
      salivate, he roared as wooden shrapnel from
      tables and chairs, exploded in the air. Impaling
      themselves into the flesh of various teenagers
      struggling out the door jams and the various uniforms
      trying to rush up on Sabretooth with
      round shiny things in their hands.

      Sabretooth smashed a fifth table into a uniforms face.
      Sabretooth growled as he kicked over
      chairs and flung the disembowel bodies into the live
      moving bodies.

      Guns, stun lasers, sharp biting pain hit Sabretooth
      from all directions. He reared while roaring
      in pain and anger. Snarling Sabretooth clawed at
      approaching uniforms. All too aware that he
      was surrounded.

      The snap of cold metal around Sabretooth's neck made
      the mutant once more let out an ear
      shattering roar. He twisted around grabbing the
      uniform who dared collared him, and ripped the
      uniforms head off like so many beer caps. The collar
      gave Sabretooth a disadvantage to the fire
      fight, he couldn't heal and it only increased his
      Sabretooth didn't care about the collar, these
      uniforms were going to be road kill soon enough.

      Sabretooth dipped his claws into blood as he killed
      more, while taking hits from
      stun guns, stun lasers and other various non-lethal
      weapons only pissed
      Sabretooth off more.

      The sound of a tin can rolling across the floor seemed
      to drowned out the barks from the guns as
      dark smoke soon filled the bar. The choking smoke
      started. Tears welled up in Sabretooth's eyes.
      Smoke, tear gas. Coughing Sabretooth dropped to his
      knees, only to find the gas just as
      suffocating. More hits from something. Coughing,
      choking, Blackness threatened to take over,
      finally with three chairs crashed over his head. It

      Sabretooth passed out, the last one to be taken in, or
      maybe just the last one not to get out fast

      Kitty awoke to the brightness once more. Alone and
      surrounded by cleanness, Kitty shook his
      "Kitty?" The man grunted as he turned his head towards
      a tray with some slimly looking yellow
      and green stuff on it.
      "They think I gonna eat Mew Mix for the rest of my
      life?" He growled as he turned his head away
      from the tray with hospital food on it.


      Creed rested in the smaller infirmary room. He stared
      up at the ceiling, his thoughts a jumbled
      mess. Reflecting on the dreams he recently had, as
      well as piecing together what memories he

      'He knew he got careless in the battle, resulting in
      his capture. So he lost a few years of his life, no
      biggie, but he still couldn't remember a whole lot,
      and some things he did, made less sense than
      anything Weapon X did.'

      'That was Mystique that was throwing a hissy fit in
      the middle of the melee, wasn't it? And that
      was Toad he had saved, right?

      'Magneto and Mystique still dead? Wolverine, that damn
      runt, enemy or friend now? '

      'Was any of the plan worth all this frustrating

      'HELL NO!' Creed seemed to scream to himself.

      Letting out an audible growl, Creed swore that 'when
      he got his hands on Magneto, or who ever
      was running the Brotherhood now, he was gonna show
      them just what it�s like ta be beat up, held
      down, cut up an raped.'

      Creed grunted. 'Naw, just'll kill them, slowly.'

      Creed closed his eyes and sighed deeply trying to calm
      down some. The pain between his legs
      burned too much for him to start moving around and
      biting things.

      A dark shape shifted the light.

      Upon opening his eyes, Creed saw the big blue mutant.

      "Ahh, so the injured Kitty is awake. How do you feel
      oh violent one?" Beast teased his patient.

      "GRRRRRR" was all Creed, said in reply.

      Beast sat down beside his enemy and leaned into the
      man's view. "What happened?" Beast

      "Ain't tellin' ya shit." Creed spat.

      "Do you know what happened to you?" Beast asked, his
      voice low and concerned.

      Creed paused. "Don't call me Kitty."

      "It's either Kitty, or I call you Sabretooth, and
      everyone will know who you are and come
      knocking on the door." Beast gloated.

      Creed wrinkled his nose, not fully understanding, but
      getting the drift. "Fine."

      "Now, do you remember what happened to you?" Beast
      asked a little more pleasant.

      "Ya, kinda." Kitty Creed growled.

      Beast paused. "Do you remember them performing any
      surgery on you?"

      Creed looked away from the hairy blue doctor. "It
      wasn't surgery." He muttered.

      "I take that as a yes." Hank said.

      "Get the collar off o' me." Creed muttered.

      "It already is off, Creed. It has been off for 4
      months. You have been in and out of consciousness
      since you arrived here."

      Creed turned his head away. He slowly moved his left

      Hank watched as his fierce patient test his joints. He
      watched Creed biting his bottom lip and
      growling then rested his leg back down.

      "How.. bad is it?" Creed asked not looking at the

      "Bad?" Hank paused. "Well, the vas deferens has been
      drastically severed, while the urethra is
      untouched the seminal vesicle has been damaged, you
      may also have side effects with the
      medication I have given you. Weak bladder is also
      going to be an obstacle for a while. From mid
      thigh to mid thigh has been almost sawed open, Skin
      had to be removed due to infections
      and .. other.. various things. As well as the scrotum
      has been fully removed by what ever means
      they used." Hank finished after stumbling over a few

      Creed's head lolled over looking at Beast. "How bad?"
      he repeated, then added. "Laymen terms"

      Hank sighed. "They cauterized you brutally, as well as
      raped you. From mid inner thigh, to mid
      inner thigh has been ripped apart and your testicles
      have been removed, as well."

      Creed had turned away flinching.

      Instinctively as a doctor Hank placed a hand on
      Creed's shoulder.

      Creed shook him off.
      "Wha' ya saying is, basically I ain't gonna have kids
      or sex again and I�m gonna be wetting the
      bed?" Creed asked disgusted.

      "You will be able to have sex, but you won't be able
      to have an erection." Hank said.

      "Any of the others know?..." Creed asked, suddenly
      feeling ashamed, and degraded.

      "No. I shall keep it that way, unless you say

      Creed looked back at the doc, black eyes looked into
      brown. "Not gonna..why ain�t I healin'?"

      "Honestly I don't know. It might be due to the
      extended period of wearing the collar. Some of the
      other patient have had the same effect."

      "Don't like that answer."

      "Neither do I, Kitty." Hank admitted.

      "Don�t call me that." Creed muttered as he shut his
      eyes turning his head back away from the blue
      hairy mutant.

      "The good news, however is that they didn't surgically
      cut you anywhere else. Other than broken
      bones, bruises, and scrapes, You'll be fine." Hank
      finished with a hopeful note.

      "Yeah.., wonderful. Meanwhile, I�m gonna be wetting
      myself." Creed groaned.

      "Not necessarily, if you feel strong enough, I can
      help you to the washroom, however if you wish
      I can always install a cassader"


      Hank poured bottled water into a paper cup. "Try to
      drink." He encouraged.

      Creed lifted his hand, his band-aid fingers reaching
      for the cup. Creed looked around as he
      grasped the cup. He was the only one left down here.
      Slowly, Creed sipped at the water. The cool
      liquid ran down his throat, refreshing him. Then he
      felt the urge, groaning to himself Creed looked
      at Hank, crumpling the cup he asked. "Where's the


      A guitar strummed. It was faint and outside the room.
      An Irish accent sang like a quail in the
      Creed opened his eyes slowly listening to the song.

      "They say mother earth is breathing, With each wave
      that finds the shore, Her soul rises in the
      evening, For to open twilight�s door."

      Creed grunted as a female, he recognized the
      voice..what was her name? Weather bitch? Weather
      rider? something weathery , she started into the song.

      "Her eyes are the stars in the heaven, Watching o'er
      us all the while, And her heart it is in Ireland,
      Deep with in the Emerald Isle."

      Creed cocked a brow, she could sing pretty good, even
      with a fake Irish accent.

      He yawned, stretching his mouth muscles and letting
      the stale medical air brush over his white
      fangs and red slimy tongue.

      He sniffed, he stunk. Where�s the shower? He stopped
      listening to the song being played as he
      looked at the equipment he was attached to. His
      healing factor hadn't kicked back in, that pissed
      him off, he hurt like a son o' a bitch.

      Creed propped himself up by his elbows and looked
      around. He was alone, he knew the bathroom
      was just across the room complete with a bathtub.
      Creed examined the stuff he was hooked up to
      and into again.

      He didn't know what it was called. He wasn't a medic,
      Hell he�d never even been in a hospital
      before, there was a needle stuck into his vein on the
      back of his left hand and bandaged in place,
      an IV. Gently peeling the tape off the back of his
      hand Creed growled as he pulled some hairs,
      then slowly pulled out the needle. He sighed, it
      wasn't that painful.

      Now he had to get off the table and stand up, sounds
      easy enough. Keeping his legs together,
      Creed slid painfully over the side of the steel bed.
      His bare feet connecting to the incredibly cold
      floor. He shivered grabbing his blanket and wrapping
      himself in it. Slowly, awkwardly he stood,
      leaning a hip against the stationary steel bed.

      "Ok, now to walk from here to there." He grunted to
      himself, his low voice echoing slightly in the
      empty room. The singing drowned it out.

      Creed slowly made his way across the cold floor. Step
      by painful step, he couldn't move his legs
      too far apart at anyone time, it just hurt too much.
      Creed made it to the bathroom door, he
      wanted to do a small happy dance of victory, but
      refrained as he closed the door and dropped his

      Creed stared at the step he had to get over in order
      to have a shower. He groaned wondering how
      to get over that. Lifting his knee that height never
      was a trouble before, and it was only a foot
      maybe less.

      "Damn son o' a bitch who ever invented bath tubs ought
      ta be dragged out and shot in the street."
      Creed growled to himself.

      He slowly reached and turned on the luke-warm water.
      "For nothing.," Creed sighed to himself as he hopped
      on to the bathtub side.

      He gripped the walls almost losing his balance. He
      slid himself down not letting go of the walls,
      black claws dragged along the tub�s surround tiles
      leaving deep divots. His feet landing in the
      puddle created by splashing down water from the shower
      head. Closing the flimsy pink see-
      through shower curtain. Creed sighed as he grabbed a
      bar of soap and started to wash himself up,
      relieving his skin of the dried blood, sweat, smell,
      and filth he had collected in Genosha for the
      years he had been there. He slowly delicately dabbed
      at his inner thigh. Running his hand along his
      cock�s length, he sighed sadly, knowing it would be
      very unlikely he would ever be able to have a
      hard on again till his Healing Factor kicked back in.
      Creed hurried up and finished washing himself
      then grabbing the shampoo conditioner combined, he
      proceeded to wash his tangled hair.

      Beast walked into the Infirmary "Oh my." He stated to
      himself as he noticed his patient had
      seemed to have fled. Beast quickly scanned around the
      large room. He gave a small breath of
      relief as he saw the bathroom door closed but not
      locked. Walking to the door, he raised a big
      blue hairy paw and banged.

      Creed growled as he let water splash over his chest.
      �I haven�t ran. Go away!" He hollered
      knowing it would be Beast.


      Beast smiled. "Are you alright? Need anything?" Beast
      said not about to enter the bathroom as he
      heard the water running.

      "Fine. NO! Go away!" Came the quick angry reply. Beast
      chuckled again as he walked away from
      the door and headed to do some various tasks.


      Creed stood in the bathtub. His water stopped and the
      curtain pulled back. He had a new
      problem. How the fuck to get out of there now. Creed
      laughed at himself for such a stupid thing.
      He looked at the sink beside the bathtub then smiled.
      Grabbing onto the sink he braced his upper body and
      jumped praying he won't slip and fall. Creed
      landed heavily on the other side of the bathtub. He
      swore loudly as the pain ricocheted up his legs
      and burned into his stitches.
      Creed slowly toweled himself off giving up on the
      dripping blood.


      Beast turned his head as the bathroom door opened.
      With a towel wrapped around his waist and a blanket
      wrapped around the rest of him Creed
      limped out of the bathroom. Blood dripping down from
      between his legs.
      Hank cursed as he rushed to Creed.

      Creed accepted the help walking across the floor.
      Beast sighed hearing the large man grinding his
      teeth together.

      Once Creed was back on his bed Hank hooked him back up
      to the Morphine with a new IV. Then
      proceeded to re-stitch him. A hiss and several
      growls escaped from Creed as Beast gently ran
      the needle and thread to and fro in and out of Creed's


      Logan strolled down the silver hallway. He wanted to
      know when he could kick Creed's ass again.
      Upon entering the Infirmary he peeked around. Creed,
      nice and shinny with still dripping wet hair
      seemed to be asleep on his bed.

      "Any change?" Logan grunted as he watch Hank discarded
      some bloody surgical gloves into a
      medical waste trash can.

      "Not yet, Logan." Hank replied.

      Logan sat beside Creed on a chair that was next to the
      bed. "Awake ugly?"

      "Hell you want?" Creed growled.

      "About time you woke up." Logan chuckled.

      Creed turned his head looking at Logan dressed in
      jeans and a blue button up top. "Well?"

      "Think anyone be lookin' for ya?" Logan asked.

      "Fuck you." Creed snarled.

      "Fine, Kitty" Logan sneered as he stood up, then
      turned to McCoy. Knowing he shouldn�t but
      unable to resist, Logan decided to put fear in Creed
      to hopefully get the blond kitty to talk.
      "Hank, when Kitty is ready to be transported, notify
      me. I'm to restrain Creed and escort him to
      the detention cell."

      "Is that wise so soon Logan?" Hank inquired stunned at
      the blunt coldness. Seeing the corner of
      Logan�s mouth twitch upwards. That was cruel and
      uncalled for in Hank�s mind. Hank also saw
      Creed missed the small body language play.

      "Yes." Logan said coldly as he turned and sauntered
      out of the room.

      Creed watched Logan leave and sighed. He didn't want
      to be caged again, they couldn't, he
      wouldn't let them. Fear gripped Creed's chest.

      Beast could see the fear in Creed's face. "Don�t worry
      Creed, he won�t.� Hank said with a smile.
      �The professor isn�t that kind of man, and even Logan
      won�t be so cruel.�

      Creed growled. "Not worried. I'll be fine soon, maul
      you all"

      Beast sighed turning away from Creed. Someone so
      injured, being hostile to his saviors, he didn't
      understand it. Heading for the cabinet Hank reached
      for the bottle of Advil to help ward off the
      Sabretooth induced headache.


      Xavier sat in his office. Wolverine had expressed his
      feelings for Sabretooth quite colorfully. Six
      long deep slashes in Xavier�s desk were the result of
      Wolverine's lost argument.

      Xavier sighed. Sabretooth, according to Hank was in
      no condition to be walking too far. Putting
      him in a cage would make it worse. And from the
      reports of Banshee and Storm, Sabretooth
      made no attempt to go beyond his bed or the bathroom.

      Nightcrawler suddenly appeared in Xavier's office with
      a Bampf surrounded by a black and white
      smoke cloud.
      "You wanted to see me?" Kurt with his German accented
      voice asked.

      "Indeed Kurt. I need you to do a solo mission." Xavier
      informed his blue furry X-Men.

      "Ja? Where?" Nightcrawler enthusiastically asked.

      "Right here in the mansion"

      "Don't sound like much. What I do?"

      "Well, I need you to.... occupy someone�s time, and
      perhaps... sway them over to our cause."
      Xavier said leaning forward.

      Nightcrawler tilted his head. "What do you wish me to

      "It would be nice for him to believe in something,
      hence why I am sending you, Kurt."

      Nightcrawler nodded. "Who?"

      "He is in the infirmary. Only one there." Xavier

      Nightcrawler nodded. Bampf! a black and white cloud of
      smoke appeared as Kurt disappeared.


      BAMPF! Kurt appeared at the infirmary door in the
      midst of a black and white smoke cloud.

      Creed growled as he winced trying to retrieve a pillow
      on the floor with out moving his legs or
      losing his blanket.

      Nightcrawler walked over to the bed and picked up the
      pillow. He handed it to the only occupant
      in the room.

      Creed snatched the pillow and put it behind his head.
      "I woulda got it sometime." He growled.

      "Before or after you fell?" Kurt asked bemused.

      Creed growled again.

      Kurt sat down beside the bed. "How are you feeling?"
      He asked not sure how to do what Xavier
      had assigned him to.

      "Like fucking hell,.." Creed paused looking at the
      blue, fur covered X-Man, with black hair and a
      tail. "What you doin' here fuzzy?"

      Kurt took a leather bound used book of the Holy Bible.
      He waved it beside Creed. "A little help
      with recovery."

      "Rrrrrah! Who needs help?!" Creed snapped. He was
      lonely for company, Beast had hardly been
      around since the last stitching. "No one cares if I
      die or not. They would all rejoice when I kick

      Nightcrawler didn't press his preaching. He knew why
      he was here, he was compassionate and
      knew his enemy.
      "God does" Kurt muttered testing Creed.

      "God does what!?" Creed snapped.

      "Cares, cares if you live and grieves if you die."
      Kurt slowly stated.

      Creed's mouth opened and closed slowly, wordlessly. He
      wasn't sure how to respond.
      "He don't show it." Creed finally said after several
      seconds. He was really floored with the mere

      "He has, many a time. But ignorance is best left to
      those who do not understand or know what to
      look for." Nightcrawler said, book waving in his three
      fingers as he talked.

      "Yeah? When?!?" Creed snapped.

      "Now for one. You are in good hands. You are
      surrounded by good people taking care of you."
      Kurt said soothingly with his German accented voice.

      Creed blinked looking at the blue fuzzy mutant. "Give
      me that book!" He snapped snatching the
      leather book out of Nightcrawler�s white gloved hand.

      Kurt looked at Creed who only titled his head and
      uninterestedly flipped the books flimsy pages.

      "I don't see any answers." Creed finally said setting
      the book on the monitor beside him, away
      from Kurt.

      Nightcrawler allowed himself a small victory. "You
      must find your own answers. " Kurt paused
      he noticed Creed eyeing the book.

      Nightcrawler smiled. "I will be back later." With a
      Bampf and a cloud of smoke containing a
      sulphuric smell, the blue fuzzy was gone.

      Creed picked up the book and started to read, flipping
      over a few chapters .. books with in the


      Creed hadn't eaten or drank too much for two days. He
      tried to avoid all possible things that
      could possibly make him move his legs. Beast had left
      him alone most of the day. Creed read and
      slept... that was all he could do.

      Bored, Creed counted the dots in the ceiling tiles
      after finishing a thing about Israel, "Let my
      people go" and Moses crossing a red sea, he was at one
      thousand, three hundred and fifty five
      when BAMPF! Smoke and Brimstone filled the spot that
      was previously vacant before,
      Nightcrawler appeared.

      Creed jumped and looked at Kurt, then back at the
      ceiling. "Fuck" he muttered then looked at
      Kurt again.
      "Lousy timing, Fuzzy, I was almost done the damn

      Kurt blinked as he held a shopping bag in each hand.
      "Ja?" He started slowly. "Doing what to the tile?
      Breathing on it?"

      "Counting the dots, Fluff ball!" Creed snapped back.

      Nightcrawler blinked "Why were you counting the dots
      on a ceiling tile?"

      "Because I am bored!" Creed snarled then noticed the
      bags. "Whatchya got?"

      Nightcrawler shook his head. "Clothes, thought you
      might like some."

      "Well..., my ass is kinda cold." Creed grinned.

      Nightcrawler dug into the bags. Pulling out some
      cotton sweat pants he took off the tags and
      folded them on the chair beside Creed.

      "Should be the right size." Creed raised an eyebrow.
      Most of the pants were a gray or black. The
      shirts on the other hand, one red flannel, one green
      flannel, a black tank top, All of them looked
      pretty comfortable. "No jeans?" Creed growled annoyed.

      "Hank said not to pick you up any." Kurt admitted.

      "They look like they will... fit." Creed said slowly.
      Rather liking them sort of. "I give, how ya pick

      Nightcrawler was silent for a second. "Logan" He
      finally muttered.

      Creed burst out laughing.

      One bag was just fold over and put on top of the
      others. Creed didn't bother to ask, he knew.

      "Fuzzy can ya get me something?" Creed asked.

      "Ja, what it be?"

      "Darts. A bunch o' darts."

      Kurt shrugged. "Ja, be back." With that and a Bampf!
      Creed was left coughing in the smoke.

      In a matter of minutes Kurt was back with a Bampf! 16
      colorful darts were set beside Creed.
      Kurt then noticed the red tassel hanging out from the
      bible. He smiled. "I have to report to
      Cyclops. I'll be back." Kurt said.

      "Anytime." Creed said sorting out the darts, his voice

      Kurt walked out this time. The big steel door closing
      behind him.

      Creed hummed. "Danger room on this level I bet."

      A blast of cold air hurled into the room from over
      head air conditioners.
      "HEY! Don't ya know enough NOT ta freeze a naked
      man!?!" Creed shouted to the ceiling. No
      one heard him.
      "Gawd dammed." Creed growled as he looked at the stuff
      beside him.
      "He's doin' that on purpose." Creed mused deciding to
      blame it on Kurt. Awkwardly Creed sat up
      and slid his legs over the side of the bed. He reached
      for the clothes. He got everything on then
      laid back down and slept.


      Beast walked into the infirmary after spending a few
      days in his lab. He noticed the darts around
      the door and in the walls. Then the pile of clothing
      on the chair by Creed along with a stack of
      novels and more darts.

      "Keeping busy, Kitty?" Beast asked walking up to

      Creed yawned "Ya, Fuzzy been dropping in now and
      then." then turned his head as Beast came up
      beside the bed.

      "I am afraid I am going to have to examine you." Hank

      "Gonna be kinda hard." Kitty muttered sleepily.

      "Why�s that?" Beast asked gathering up the discarded
      blanket off the floor.

      "I am too damn cold to get undressed now." Creed
      growled. "N' yer not doing it either."

      "If you are going to be this difficult I am going to
      have to up the morphine." Beast said as he went
      to reach for Creed's pants elastic.

      Creed swatted Beasts hands away. "Ain't gonna let ya"
      He growled.

      "Alright." Beast said backing up. "Think about it."
      With that Henry McCoy left the infirmary once

      Beast walked down the shinny steel hallway when he ran
      into Logan.

      "Logan. May I have a word with you?" Beast asked.

      "Sure Hank." Wolverine cheerfully said. His costume
      torn and drenched in sweat. He just came
      out of the danger room.

      "I need you to help me hold down Kitty." Beast said
      turning on a heel walking to the infirmary

      "Why? He not letting you near him?" Logan asked

      "I need to undress him, Logan. To check his wounds."
      Beast said standing at the door.

      Logan froze. "No way Beast. I help friends, and I help
      friends move bodies, but be damned if I am
      helping with stripping anyone!" Logan stalked past
      Beast and down the hallway.

      Beast hollered after Logan "I will let you continue
      your feud if you do."

      Logan stopped in his tracks, he walked back to Beast.


      The two entered the infirmary.

      Creed tossed a dart at Logan. "What ya doing here?"

      Logan batted the dart aside, and popped his claws.
      "Stripping you."

      Creed went pale. His eyes widen, the scent of fear
      filled the room.

      Logan stopped. There was gripping fear in Creed's

      "Aww, come off it Logan.., I ain�t..." Creed started
      to plead.

      Logan grabbed Creed's wrists and laid down across
      Creed's chest. "Don't make me hurt you. Yer
      still without yer healing factor" Logan whispered to
      Creed didn�t respond just looked wild and scared as he
      felt Beasts hands touch him. Logan
      smelled the fear and felt Creeds' heart rate increased
      to a rapid pace. Creed started to thrash
      around. Logan did his best to hold the large man down.

      A loud snap sounded. Logan couldn't turn his head to
      see what Beast was doing, but the way
      Creed started to whimper gave him a clue it was

      A second snap sounded. Creed closed his eyes and
      whimpered rather then growled.
      Logan swallowed. "Beast what are you doing?"

      "I am putting some staples in, Logan." Hank replied

      A third snap.

      Creed started to squirm.
      "Jesus Christ Hank, hurry the hell up." Logan said,
      then turned his attention to Creed.

      A forth snap. Logan and Creed both flinched that time.
      "Hey, almost done... come on Kitty ya been through
      worse.� Logan started to sooth.

      Creed rested his head on his shoulder. His oily hair
      falling in his face. Logan didn't let go of
      Creed�s arms, but lessened the weight off his chest.

      Beast moved back from Creed and discarded string and a
      blood dotted cloth. He then dressed
      Creed again.
      "Let him go Logan." Hank said.

      Logan released Creed who didn�t even look up as Hank
      started to rub his hair. Logan turned
      around and walked out.

      In the hall where Logan leaned his back against a wall
      and took out a cigar from his costume's
      belt. He snapped off the end and lit it with a strike
      of his only match. Logan looked at the floor, a
      cold shiver ran over him as he realized just where
      Hank was working on Creed. Logan walked
      weakly down the hall heading for the elevator to take
      him to his room for a hot shower.

      Whoever got Creed down to do what ever to him..
      there.. had ta of been ... Logan shook his head
      not even wanting to think about it.


      Banshee walked into the infirmary. As soon as the door
      open a dart struck him in the leg.
      "AH! Lad what the?!?" Sean Cassidy started to yell as
      he pulled the dart out of his leg. The
      shallow puncture wound bleed.

      "Knock next time, Irish." Creed snapped. He was
      sitting up in his bed, back against the wall. The
      wall in front of him was full of darts. Golden wavy
      hair brushed Creed's shoulder.

      "Boyo, been six months." Banshee said as he walked
      past Creed.

      "Six eh? Get me out of here and it won�t be any
      longer." Creed growled.

      Banshee opened a cabinet door and took out a packet of
      band-aids. He took one out and then
      rolled up his pant legging.

      "No can do, Boyo." Cassidy chimed as he knew the
      band-aid he just put on himself was going to
      sting when it came off. Rolling down his pant leg
      Banshee picked up the box of Band-aids and
      strolled out.

      "Irish, Get me more darts." Creed ordered.

      "Pluck them off the wall." Banshee said as he neared
      the door.

      "Can't! Just get me more!" Creed hollered as the big
      door closed. Creed sighed. He slowly got
      down from the table and hobbled over to the wall.
      Plucking the darts out of the wall he returned
      to his cozy, cold bed.


      Kitty had heard the argument clear as a bell. The loud
      shouting voices raged between Wolverine
      and the one with laser eyes.

      Creed chuckled as Wolverine growled, walking and
      slamming every door possible, even doors not
      made to be slammed. Laser eyes kept shouting
      obscenities long after Wolverine had left. Creed
      wished he still had his heighten hearing, He was
      positive Wolverine had muttered things that laser
      eyes couldn't hear.

      After a few minutes the tall, brown haired man with
      wrap around red shades walked into the

      "Hey shade boy, got anything decent to eat?" Creed
      asked as laser eyes stopped just a few feet
      from the bed.

      "No, I came to tell you, that Xavier and Beast have
      agreed to place you somewhere else."
      Cyclops said.

      "Long as it isn't a jail cell, laser eyes." Creed

      "The name�s Cyclops, Kitty." Cyclops snapped.

      "Fine, fine, Cyclops. Where am I going?" Creed asked.

      "Upstairs." Cyclops said simply.

      "Uh, you carrying me?" Creed muttered thinking of

      "Kurt will come an get you. Till then, Xavier wanted
      you to mention anything on Magneto and
      the Brotherhood to me." Cyclops said.

      "Right, even if Magneto wasn't dead, like I would tell
      a snot nose baby boy who still needs his
      daddy to kiss his ass, like you. I don�t think so."
      Creed growled.

      Cyclops shook his head as he turned and walked back
      out of the infirmary.


      Kurt had set up a bedroom in the X-Men hallway. It was
      the last one at the very end of the
      hallway, away from everyone else with no one on either
      side. It was also small, a two by two foot
      closet was directly behind the door, The only way to
      get into it was if the door was closed. The
      double bed was shoved in a niche under the window,
      between the closet and the wall. A
      few inches from the foot of the bed was a long
      dresser. It took up the length of the other wall. At
      the other end of the dresser, housed less then a foot
      away, the bathroom door. It swung inside to
      the bathroom. The bathroom was the length of the
      bedroom, but only 1/4 the size. Inside the
      brightly lit bathroom, white tiled floor and ceramic
      tile walls glowed. The bathtub took up the
      length of the same wall the dresser was on. From there
      a foot from the tub, was the sink. Beside
      the sink, the can, and a closet kitty corner from
      there. There was no door on the bathroom closet,
      just a bunch of shelves with towels and linen.

      Kurt fluffed a navy blue bed spread on the double bed.
      The gray walls didn't comfort him any, the
      floor space would have been decent, but with the
      treadmill in the middle of the room, made the
      would-of-been more apparent. You had to walk around
      the big black thing. Some dumb bell
      weights where in the corner of the room by the door,
      you saw them once you walked in. Also on
      the brown nylon carpet by the door was a folded up
      stair master, leaning against the wall.

      Kurt hung up some shirts in the closet and folded
      Pants, putting them away in the dresser
      drawers. Keeping the black curtains drawn,
      Nightcrawler left the soon to be occupied room.


      BAMPF! Smoke and an acidic smell flashed in the
      infirmary. Nightcrawler appeared.

      "DUCK!" Creed shouted.

      Nightcrawler ducked just in time as something whooshed
      above his head and landed in the wall
      with a Thunk. Nightcrawler stood up slowly and looked
      at Creed.

      "Shouldn't do dat Fuzzy. I almost got ya." Creed said.

      Night Crawler turned around to see what he was almost
      hit with.

      In the wall right in front of Sabretooth�s bed, in
      hundreds of dark pin holes in the white plaster


      The explanation mark was made out of red, blue, green
      and yellow darts. Kurt chuckled as he
      looked back at Creed.
      "Bored I take it?"

      "Ya think?! What ya bring me today? Pop? Chocolates?
      Candy?... porn mags?" Creed anxiously

      "HAHAHAHHA! None of the above. Here to take you
      someplace else." Kurt smiled. Creed
      looked warily at him.

      "You'll enjoy this." Kurt smiled as he already stole
      everything of Creed's from here. Including the
      rest of the darts that were not in the wall.

      Creed slowly got down from his bed. His legs still
      unable to be moved far apart, as the healing
      skin was now tight and itchy, as scars crept onto
      Creed's body.

      Kurt Wagner took Creed by the wrist, "Hang tight.".

      Beast walked in just in time to see, BAMPF! Creed and
      Wagner disappeared in a smoke cloud.
      Beast coughed as the lingering sulphur smell annoyed
      him, as did the fact that Creed had to be
      examined again.

      Creed felt like his body was turned inside out,
      twisted then put all back together twice as cold and

      Nightcrawler took a hold of Creed's arm keeping the
      large man balance.

      "Never do that to me again Fuzzy." Creed woozily

      "Ja, No problem." Nightcrawler smirked. "Ja new room.
      Warmer than a jail cell, but not as nice

      Creed looked around. "This?" He asked a little

      "Ja, You asked for a warm place to sleep. It�s warm,
      it�s dark, and it�s not damp."

      Creed looked down at the soft yellow eyes of
      Nightcrawlers. "Thanks fuzzy. Ain't ya gonna get
      inta trouble?"

      "Kitty getting a conscience now?" Kurt joked. "Na,
      Professor picked da room."

      Creed nodded. "Nice digs." He looked around and
      noticed the treadmill. "What�s that?" He asked.

      "It�s a Treadmill. " Kurt said.

      Creed rolled his eyes. "I know that, but why is it

      "Beast wanted you to walk, but not wander in the
      mansion." Kurt admitted.

      "Oh," Creed muttered as he noticed the dumb bells
      beside the stair master. "Trying to tell me
      something fuzzy?"

      Nightcrawler turned to look where Creed was. Blue lips
      parted into a genuinely amused grin.

      Creed stopped smiling for a second and batted
      Nightcrawler up side the head lightly in a playful
      way. Blueish black hair fluffed up. The two smirked.

      "I be back. Lunch time. Ja hungry?" Nightcrawler

      "Soup." Creed ordered.

      Bampf! Nightcrawler was gone.


      Nightcrawler walked into the kitchen. It was packed
      with the X-Men team all but Jean, Xavier
      and Beast were present.

      "I caught him reading the Bible." Bobby Drake laughed.
      Logan laughed as he made a meat sandwich.

      Banshee, Storm, and Cyclops stood around the stove as
      they dished out the chicken noddle soup.
      "The Professor wishes us to run a level 4 simulation
      in the Danger room after lunch." Cyclops
      said taking a bowl from Kurt.

      "Us?" Banshee questioned watching Cyclops fill Kurt�s
      bowl with soup.

      "As a team." Cyclopes muttered giving the hot bowl to

      Logan turned his head watching Kurt make his own lunch
      with a bowl of hot soup placed on a
      plate, crackers, a spoon, and a slice of bread around
      the bowl. "Extra hungry, Elf?" Logan asked
      walking up beside his friend.

      "No." Nightcrawler replied low.

      Logan could smell Creed's scent on Kurt.

      Before anyone could question Nightcrawler was gone
      with a BAMPF!

      Creed jumped when Kurt appeared in his room. "Dammit!
      Use a door would ya?" Creed

      "Couldn't knock." Nightcrawler smirked as he placed
      the lunches on the dresser edge.

      Creed sat down on the edge of his new warm bed and
      started to eat. Nightcrawler sat on the
      The two ate in silence, once done Creed tilted his
      head looking at the X-Man.

      "Ya know, I keep wondering why ya doin' this? Ain�t no
      one been this nice ta me since some
      broad thought I was loaded."

      "Loaded?" Kurt questioned.

      "Rich." Creed corrected himself.

      "Aren't you?"

      "That�s beside the point. I am asking you why."

      Nightcrawler shrugged.

      Creed tilted his head. "I want an answer sometime. Ya
      think I could get a TV in here?" He asked.

      "I'll check." Nightcrawler said. "I'll be back." With
      a Bampf! Kurt left taking the empty dishes
      with him.


      Creed found a new activity, reading the leather book
      while walking on the treadmill. It became
      rather difficult to concentrate as he squinted at the
      words on the page.

      A knock sounded at his door. It had been a day since
      Kurt brought him lunch.

      Marking his place, he closed the book and slid off the
      treadmill. He opened to door only to see,
      Beast with medical supplies in his arms. The large
      blue mutants face told Creed of his mood and

      Creed went to open his mouth to say something but only
      to be beaten to the vocabulary by Beast
      as he shoved his way in.

      "Take your clothes off and try not to scream." Hank
      snapped as Creed shut the room door.

      Creed growled but complied, he slowly peeled off his
      new clothes as Hank unrolled a plastic
      painting tarp in front of the dresser.

      "Stand on the tarp." Beast instructed.

      Creed growled as he braced himself against the
      dresser, gripping the top.

      Beast with surgical gloves on started to force Creed
      to spread his legs. With each hiss the blond
      man gave Hank pressed on, till blood started to drop
      onto the tarp.

      Creed cursed then bit his bottom lip feeling the knife
      sinking into his skin, followed by the needle
      and thread.

      Creed lay on his bed and cried when it was over, Beast
      gone along with any evidence.

      Creed collected himself then proceeded into the
      shower. He thought to himself as he ran his
      fingers through his cream rinse filled hair,
      untangling the knots.

      'How long has it been? Months? Years? Weeks? Screech
      boy said months, but how many days
      passed since then?'

      'I ain�t over it. I want to be. I am going to be, I
      always am over everything. Why can't this slip
      away like the rest?'

      Creed stood under the shower-head, letting the soapy
      substance wash out of his hair.

      'And why the fuck am I liking it here so much!?
      Wolverine is around here. I know it. I can hear
      him growling at night. He can kill me so easily now.
      Yet he hasn't.... what the fuck is

      A knock sounded on the bathroom door. Creed jumped,
      his head clunked the shower head.
      "OW FUCK!" Creed swore.

      "Kitty in the water?" A voice called from the other
      side of the door.

      "The hell?" Creed snarled as he awkwardly got out of
      the bathtub shutting the water off.
      "Logan?" Creed growled as he wrapped a towel around
      his waist and grabbed a smaller one
      drying his hair.

      The bathroom door opened and a dripping wet Creed
      stood in the door way. "The hell you want?!
      How the hell did you get in!?" He demanded.

      Logan smirked as he eyed Creed deliberately and taking
      notice of Creed's bruised legs. "Cut the
      lock, your Tv's here. Just ta let you know." He mused.

      Creed tilted his head slightly then looked beyond
      Logan, there on a portable stand sat a TV with a
      VCR and movies. "What movies?" Creed asked curious.
      Logan smirked. "Find our yourself." There was a pause.
      "Nightcrawler wasn't kidding. You have

      Creed's head snapped looking down at Wolverine. Their
      eyes locked. Fire burned in both of
      theirs, but Logan found the intense flame that once
      danced in Creed's black eyes were now over
      shadowed with a new something he couldn't quite put a
      claw on it.

      "I haven�t changed!" Creed snarled as he slammed the
      door on Logan's face.

      Wolverine stared at the door. "You realize I can open
      it can't you?" He said blankly.

      There was a click, Creed locked the door. Logan
      laughed as he walked out of the room, shutting
      the door that could no longer lock.

      Creed wandered out of the bathroom dressed in black
      sweats after Logan left. He snarled and
      looked at the lock on the room�s door.


      Bobby Drake wandered down the hallway. The very end
      was lit up like a Christmas tree. Every
      light was on and three flash lights were shining at
      one door. Soft swearing rang down the empty
      noon day hall.

      Bobby walked up to the door. "Need anymore lights?" He
      asked meekly trying to see who was
      working on the other side of the door. Bobby could see
      the someone was kneeled on the ground
      holding a door knob in place while trying to screw it
      into the wood of the door.

      There was a grunt then "No. Just the right fucking
      screw driver!" Creed spat.

      Bobby looked at the scattered tools then the screws,
      he picked up the Phillips and handed it to the

      "This help?" Bobby asked shyly not seeing who face was
      on the other side. A hand with long
      pinkie and thumb nails snatched the screw driver,
      after some slipping he finally said. "Works.
      Good one.. uhm" Creed peered around the wooden door.
      Looking Bobby up and down he
      furrowed his brows then went back to work. "Whoever ya
      are." Creed muttered finishing the one

      "I'm Bobby Drake." Bobby said slowly recognizing the
      face but not placing it.

      "Well Drake, care to help out or stand there and gawk
      like some two bit pansy?" Creed growled.

      "I'll help." Bobby said picking up the other new knob
      and a screw driver.

      Bobby sat there helping the larger man work on the
      door. They were done in a half an hour.
      Creed cleaned up the mess while Drake put all the
      lights away.

      "You want anything to eat?" Drake asked as he stood
      there watching the large man play with the
      door, locking and unlocking it.

      "Only if you bring it to me." Creed simply stated.

      "Be back." Bobby said walking away.

      When Drake returned with some tuna sandwiches and a
      can of coke each, the hall way was
      empty. He knocked on the door.

      "Yeah, it�s open." Creed called as he uncurled himself
      from the pillow he was hugging and sat up
      on the bed.

      Bobby walked in to see the man all cozy with the TV on
      in front of him. Bobby sat down beside
      "What�s your name any ways?" Bobby asked.

      Creed thought for a moment, hell not like anyone
      didn't know.

      "Kitty." Creed said simply grabbing the plate of food.

      Bobby took half of a tuna sandwich before it was
      whisked away.

      Kitty handed Bobby the clicker. "Find something good
      on. I can't find anything." He said before
      taking a bit into a sandwich and chewing nosily.

      Bobby got a sudden flash of Wolverine in his mind.
      "You like chocolate?" Bobby asked. Kitty just
      bobbed his head licking his fingers freeing them of
      the mayo.

      "I think I know you, but I can't place where." Bobby
      said as he paused the channel on a
      M*A*S*H rerun.

      "That'll do." Kitty said, tuna and bread muffling his

      Bobby waited for the man to swallow. "Ever been to
      LA?" The young boy asked, his blue eyes
      wandering over the large man.

      "Not in the last five years." Kitty admitted as he
      smirked at Klinger wearing a pink dress.

      "You like that kind of thing?" Bobby asked noticing
      who Kitty was smirking at.

      "Nope. Just reminds me of the runt." Kitty said
      finished the last sandwich.



      "Really? The dark hair, right?" Bobby asked a little

      "Yeah, and hell, ain�t ya ever seen Wolverine dressed
      up in pink before?" Kitty chuckled, as he
      remember one of his earlier hallucinations, while in
      the infirmary heavily drugged.

      "I didn't think he liked pink." Bobby muttered

      "Hell boy, Ya ain�t missing anything." Kitty said
      watching the show.

      "I miss a lot of things, Wolverine naked in the shower
      would be one of them." Bobby said.

      Kitty froze then looked at Bobby. "Pansy, don't make
      me hurt ya."

      "You ever fantasize about Wolverine?" Bobby asked

      Kitty, taking a sip of coke, choked, trying not to
      spit it out. "That�s disgusting! I think about
      ripping his guts out, cracking his head open, maybe
      even stuffing him with high powered
      explosives, but naked in the shower!!?!.. GET OUT!"
      Creed roared as he picked up the empty
      sandwich plate. "That's disturbing! And I killed more
      people than you know!"

      Bobby jumped up and ran out slamming the door as a
      plate crashed against it, shattering the once
      fine china.

      Jean Grey walked up the stairs as Bobby flew past her.

      ~Bobby? What�s wrong?~ She asked him telepathically.

      "Big angry mutant with claws!" Bobby shouted as he
      found his way downstairs and into his class

      Jean tilted her head, red hair flipping to one side.
      'I wonder what he did to get Wolverine mad.' she
      thought to herself walking to Scott�s room.


      "This is what I was taking about Winchester, get your
      rear in gear." Colonel Potter said in his
      commanding voice from the glow of the TV.

      "Colonel, I appreciate your need for speed, but I like
      too get.. " The doctor Winchester tried to
      exclaimed as he was bent over a patient on the ground.

      "Let me put it this way. MOVE!" Potter snapped.

      "You do have a way with words", Winchester muttered.

      The show continued on with interruptions of

      Creed laid back in his bed, momentarily forgetting
      about the glass by the recently fixed door. He
      closed his eyes.

      Darkness, pain, body feels like it�s on fire. Pain is
      my soul, eyes burning with smoke. Can't
      smell, nothing smells right, it�s all blood, breathe
      through my mouth. Arms numb, cold.., legs ,
      feet numb, pain, fire, cold dark.. water drips along
      the walls..., can�t drink, not water.., Fire,
      burning.., more pain, sounds, boots clipping the
      cement floor in rhythm. Drops of wetness falling
      from the black ceiling, squealing of a rusty metal
      object. Eight of them in view. More behind,
      twelve in all, hands, cold brutal hands, metal full of
      rust against my skin., Fear, gripping fear
      panic, pain of the rusty object affectionately being
      dragged up and down both legs and flat
      stomach. They start, grab my legs..., touch.. harsh
      touches.. no.. it�s coming and it�s not pretty..

      "Useless Kitty, never please a girl again" They

      "He never could, useless Mutant fag, just a kitty."
      They boast�

      "Going to make sure you never please anyone, female or
      male alike!" They warn.

      Then they swear. No! It�s open, no! They have me
      pinned, they have it placed, no! I scream, I
      scream like I never have before, Pain, blood, Pain...,
      , no! No! NO!!!

      Creed jolted straight up,
      his eyes wide, his claws gripping the wall and side of
      the bed, his breathing rapid and uneven, his
      heart races faster than an Indy500 car revs, fear
      grips at his brain, his eyes unseeing anything but
      the darkness, his body vibrating with the un forgotten

      Wolverine jumped, falling out of his bed with a thud.
      "What the fuck!?" He shouted, getting to his feet and
      running out of his room not caring that he
      was only in his boxers.

      Nightcrawler opened his door alert, Bobby in the room
      next to him peeked out the door as the
      screaming stopped. Cyclops bolted down the hall,
      Wolverine following.

      "CREED! CREED!" Wolverine snarled slamming his fist
      against the splintering wooden door, no
      one answered.
      Wolverine turned the knob, the door swung open,
      ignoring the pain in his feet, Logan charged in,
      Cyclops followed.

      Creed didn't move, he just sat there in shock shaking,
      still dressed. "Get Beast!" Wolverine
      ordered Scott, who didn't argue, he just turned and
      ran out.

      Wolverine touched Creed's shoulder. "Creed? Ya hearin�

      Creed started to shake more, his body covered in
      sweat, Logan could smell the fear in him, yet
      Creed didn't respond.

      Nightcrawler walked up beside Logan and looked at
      Creed. "Kitty?" He softly whispered in his
      German accent.

      Beast ran into the room in time. His boxers not fully
      buttoned up in the front. "Out." Beast
      ordered everyone. Wolverine and Nightcrawler
      reluctantly backed away.

      "Both of you stay.. if you can stomach what�s about to
      happen." Beast softly said to the two.
      Wolverine walked over to the door and shut it.

      "Get it over with Hank." Logan muttered standing by
      the door.

      "Kurt, sit beside Creed, if you don't mind." Beast
      said going into the bathroom, he brought out
      two towels. "He will either break down, or try and
      kill something."

      "Have fun." Wolverine muttered as he turned and walked
      out. Before he reached his room�s door,
      he heard Kitty's sobs. They didn't let up for two
      hours, and Wolverine laid awake listening,
      wondering, actually caring. Finally cursing his over
      sensitive hearing, he put a pillow over his
      black hair, and fell asleep.


      Kurt woke up late in the day. Slowly he opened his
      eyes, only to see a neck, tilting his head up
      slightly, he stared at Creed's peaceful slumbering

      Nightcrawler flicked his tail only to find it trapped
      under Kitty's leg, along with one if his own
      feet, the two were entangled. Sighing, the blue furred
      mutant put his head back on Creed's
      shoulder, unable to move his arm that was now under
      Creed's back, even though it felt like pins
      and needles, it was pinned good.

      Nightcrawler sighed reflecting the past, light drifted
      under the black curtains over the window,
      possibly 8 hours now.

      He been in the circus, he�d seen mobs against mutants,
      but never had Kurt seen such a big, vicious
      man brought down to a sobbing child before. Yet that
      was what happened last night, Creed cried,
      hugged Kurt like a teddy bear and cried. Kurt wondered
      if Creed had ever done that before. Such
      a mean S.O.B, yet what he changed into a helpless
      kitty cat frightened Kurt. To have someone
      bring down a killer, with out deadly force, it was
      just a chilling thought. Wolverine had problems
      with Weapon X, yet Creed only went insane with it, why
      now? Why, Kurt�s thoughts were
      interrupted when Creed rolled over on his side. Before
      the crushing rib cage fell back on his arm,
      Kurt moved his arm, along with his tail, but his leg
      remained now... between Creeds legs.

      "Creed?" Kurt muttered in the room�s dark stillness.
      "Kitty you awake?"

      "Mmfffph" Creed muttered, but his breathing remained
      constant, he was still asleep.

      "Wunderbar" Kurt sighed as he rested his head on the
      corner of a pillow.


      Wolverine wandered up to Creed's room. Beast had left
      Kurt alone, and no one had seen anything
      or heard anything all day. As the mid afternoon sun
      started to slip behind clouds, Logan started to
      worry. Creed wasn't stable, not mentally at least, and
      now, hell who knows how he was mentally.
      He could of hurt Kurt by now and no one would have

      Wolverine knocked on the door that hid Creed and
      Nightcrawler behind it.

      Creed slowly opened his eyes. All he could see was
      blue. Shifting slightly Creed realized he was
      looking at Nightcrawler then noticed Fuzzy cuddled up
      to him, in his underwear. Creed blinked in

      Wolverine knocked again.

      "Uhhhhh," Creed grunted looking over Kurt puzzled.
      "Uhm who is it?" Creed blinked back the
      sleep, looking at the blurry room.

      "Guess, you decent?" Wolverines voice called through
      the door.

      "Am I ever?" Creed snarled looking at the blanket that
      was covering his legs, grabbing the edge
      he flipped it over Kurt. His cotton covered legs
      relieved of the extra heat bearing down on them.
      "What you want Runt?" Creed snarled.

      Wolverine turned the unlocked door knob and walked
      into the dark room, flicking on the light he
      looked down hearing the crunch under foot. "Well I did
      come here to see if you had killed
      Nightcrawler or not." he muttered.

      "I don't think I did. But beyond that... don't ask."
      Creed muttered.

      Wolverine's gaze wandered to the bed and then to Kurt
      cuddled up to Creed. "I won�t."
      Wolverine grunted then looked at the pieces of glass
      on the floor. "What did you do?"

      "Threw a plate at Bobby." Creed said trying to move
      Kurt away from him, it didn't help, Kurt only
      muttered then cuddled closer to Creed.

      Wolverine cleared his throat as he watched Creed's
      puzzled face. "Why?"

      "Why what?" Creed asked looking back up at Logan and
      then the off TV set.

      "Why did you toss china at Bobby?"

      "He asked if I fantasized about you in the shower."
      Creed snarled, but it sounded less then an
      animal, and more like a man�s poor imitation of a

      Wolverine blinked. "Do you?"

      A pillow hit Logan in the face. "Fuck no, I rather
      kill you, or die myself!"

      "That can be arranged." Logan growled like an animal
      as he dropped the pillow on Creed�s head.

      "Don't expect any miracles." Creed snarled, then
      rubbed his eyes.


      "Eyes hurt."

      "How long?"

      "A while."

      "I'll get Hank to check you out."

      "NO! Anyone but him! I'll be nice to that red head!
      Just not him!" Creed snapped much too

      "Ok, ok..., I'll see what I can do." Wolverine said as
      he walked out turning out the light.

      As Wolverine walked away he heard a loud THUMP, then
      soft German curses followed by an
      angry Creed snarling.

      "Don't cuddle with me, or next time I rip your head
      off. How did ya get in my room any ways?"


      Jean sat on a chair in her sub-level laboratory. She
      set a pair of feather weights into thin gold
      frames. Putting them in a hard blue case, she picked
      up a hard green case that held half moon
      black frame bi-focal and a pair of scissors, Jean
      headed up to her patient.


      In a lavish Victorian style room, complete with
      ancient oriental rugs, decorations, and tapestries.
      Three people sat around a small antique wooden table
      with matching chairs.

      "It took you long enough to return Mystique. Any
      word?" A man who fancied himself as a realist
      and savior to all mutant kind asked one of his

      "None Magneto, Genosha doesn't have any records of
      Sabretooth what so ever. The only record
      they had remotely close to Creed, was a mutant named
      Kitty, who was rescued by the X-Men."
      Replied Mystique, a blue skinned, red head who could
      shape shift into any form.

      "Kitty? Where you get this info, Mystique?" Toad, a
      man with well formed legs for leaping large
      distances asked.

      "Where else? Zeekieal�s office." Mystique snarled as
      she took a sip from the rippled edge tea cup.

      "How is he for any type of a pawn?" Magneto asked
      lifting the long spouted tea pot.

      "Unless you�re tall, thin, blond, and brainless with
      "blow jobs" as the top skill on your resume, he
      won�t look at you." Mystique said as she watched her
      employer fill Toad�s cup.

      "Wow a blond blow job? Would I love to be a fly on
      that wall." Toad joked nodding his thanks to

      "Shut up Toad. I was a fly on that wall." Mystique

      "Really? How you taste?" Toad asked thinking about the
      flies he had for lunch.

      Mystique reached over with tea cup in hand. Politely
      she dumped the hot contents into Toads lap.

      "AHH!!!!!" Toad screamed pushing back his chair, he
      leapt for the door. With a *WHAMP* the
      door slammed shut.

      "Wonderful tea, Erik." Mystique complimented as he
      filled her cup back up.

      "Thank you, Raven." Magneto said as he put the tea pot
      down once more. "Raven, you realize
      that without Sabretooth...."

      "I know Magneto, I know."

      "It�s been three years now. I put my plans off for
      three years because of him. Everything was fine
      until we went to that damn bar to celebrate our plan
      and now..." Magneto let his voice trail as he
      stared at the cups light brown contents.

      "Yes, but you have gained so much and accomplished far
      more than you would have with him.
      Look at all the new Mutants you recruited."

      "Yes, I suppose. You are right Mystique, but my one
      plan still calls for that brute�s rages, the
      perfect distraction to keep the X-Men off my back."

      "Have you thought of using someone else?"

      "Of course, I may just have you fill in that blank
      spot. Everyone else has already been appointed
      and far too in-depth with their projects to be hauled

      "If I must I must, but I demand a baby sitter!"
      Mystique snapped putting her cup down.

      "Yes of course, you wouldn't want your.... darling...,
      little monster to fall into the wrong hands,
      now would you?"

      "No we wouldn't"

      "Why we?"

      "I shall be decorating the halls with your balls if
      she falls into the wrong hands."

      "What a pleasant picture for the holiday Mystique,
      thank you."

      "My pleasure." She sneered.


      End Part 4
      TBC Part 5

      Whipblade 2002

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