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Sorrow After Sins : 2 : Do You Care If I bleed -R-

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  • Chrissy Synth
    Title: Do You Care If I Bleed? Series: Sorrow After Sins, Part 2 Author: Whipblade - Crissy Synth E-mail : whipblade@yahoo.com Disclaimers: See Splash-#1
    Message 1 of 1 , May 18, 2002
      Title: Do You Care If I Bleed?

      Series: Sorrow After Sins, Part 2

      Author: Whipblade - Crissy Synth

      E-mail : whipblade@...

      Disclaimers: See Splash-#1

      Summary : Kitty? finds out just how much mutants are
      hated and how far humans will go to vent
      their hatred.

      ...Continued directly from previous story.

      Sorrow After Sins
      Part 2
      Do You Care If I Bleed?


      A bright cheery office sat a top the 25th floor,
      windows all around the room letting the sunny
      daylight shine into the blinding fluffy white shag
      carpeted room. Gold trim pine chairs shined to a
      horrifying glare with black leather cushions tied on
      to the seats, as well as an equally bright wood
      Commander Zeekieal, dressed in a dark suit with a
      white collared top underneath wearing dark
      framed glasses that perched on the brim of his nose,
      he sat behind the only desk in the room. The
      glass door that lead out of his office opened with a
      gentle swish. The elaborate Genosha
      Headquarters for its military outfit was no more than
      an expensive front for the world that lived
      and breathed outside of the nation.
      A slim model like blond stepped into the office. Her
      short pink miniskirt clung to her rounded hips
      like plastic food wrap. Her enlarged breasts barely
      kept themselves contained in an angora pink
      tube top. "Sir, there's a man on the phone claiming to
      be Sad-a-me Hue-in-sane on line three. He
      claims the matter is of the apt most importance
      concerning the rescued Turkeys?" She half hardly
      relayed most of the message to her boss.
      "Thank you Tabitha, I'll take the call." Commander
      Zeekieal nodded.
      With a shrug of indifference she turned and left the
      door swishing closed. Zeekieal was once again
      On the corner of his polished desk, among papers and a
      laptop, Zeekieal picked up the phone.

      "Commander Stantley Zeekieal here." Zeekieal spoke
      into the phone. "Ahh, Yes, well I can assure
      you they are all safe and sound sir."..."No no, We
      only picked up ten alive."..."Bodies included?
      There would of been 13."..."Mutants? two and one
      body."...."When ever you are ready to pick
      them up."..."The Mutants will be unable to be returned
      to you."..."I assure you sir, It is imperative
      that they not be returned to you."..."No,
      no."..."Genosha is an independent nation. We strive
      the rights and freedom of Mutants. The condition of
      the two we recovered from the crash site
      have been subjected to abuse."..."Well., yes" "Three
      days. Yes sir."..."Viewing of the Mutants?
      Not likely. They are traumatized, they are both in
      separate hospitals, sir." Zeekieal continued to lie
      to the other party on the phone.
      "Your men? Taken care of by the Genosha Government. Do
      not worry, they have been well
      treated."..."That is fine."..."Three days
      sir."..."Good bye." Commander Zeekieal hung up the
      phone and sighed.

      "Can't anyone just die in plane crashes?" He muttered
      to no one but him self in the cheery office.
      Commander Zeekieal, a cunning man who knows that when
      ever Genosha comes into question,
      they must mask their crimes against mutants, crimes
      and enslavement.


      Sabretooth couldn't remembered how many days he had
      been a captive to the first party. He was
      abducted from a night club he had visited once. Many
      innocents died that night, not like anyone
      was about to take Victor Creed peacefully. From there,
      to the volcano, a few nights with
      Magneto and Raven, then all hell. Lava, recovery,
      escape, crash, capture now standing in
      darkness, alone with the red head across from him
      chained up just like himself, Deja vou. struck,
      he had been in situations similar to this before, AND
      got out of them with all his many body parts
      intact and attached.
      Twisting his wrist slightly Sabretooth scratched a
      seven into the cement wall, then one line after
      that. The seven stood as his rough estimate as to how
      long he was in the F.O.H.'s custody, the
      one represented the damn day he been near, on and in

      Time passed, a lot of time, six wall scratches amount
      of time. They came, from the dark, the
      slapping of their hard sole shoes on the cold concrete
      floor, Eight of them entered. Five from the
      Iraqi plane crash. Sabretooth was positive now, that
      they were not Friends of Humanity, they just
      didn't act like it only looked the part. The eight
      gathered around then unchained the red head.
      Sabretooth was forced to witness the rape of the red
      head, he growled and pulled at his restraints
      still secured into the stone walls, as one by one the
      strange men fucked her, sometimes three
      going down on her at once. Sabretooth snarled
      infuriated at his inability to escape while the
      guards were occupied. He pulled harder on his
      restraints, twisted his wrists, trying to slip his

      "What's a matter? Big bad Mutant likes her?" Sanjeev
      taunted Sabretooth.

      Sabretooth roared glaring down at the human.

      Sanjeev walked towards the male mutant. "Well, maybe
      your just jealous. You want part of the
      action too don't you?"

      Sabretooth growled low, 'aw fuck.' the thought to
      himself. 'I trying to escape and they think I give
      a damn about her.' He rolled his eyes, catching the
      glint of something shiny in Sanjeev's hand.
      Sabretooth couldn�t' make it out right away.
      Until a cold hard piece of metal struck Sabretooth up
      side the head. Sanjeev proceeded to beat on
      Sabretooth, all the while taunting him about his love
      for the red head.
      Attention to the sex object was quickly diverted as
      one of them tossed her into the floor. Chained,
      but alive.
      Surrounding Sabretooth, the men proceeded to beat him
      brutally. Sabretooth roared and slashed
      out, finally he caught the one he needed out of the
      way. Sanjeev was dead. The others, more
      angered than before slammed objects into Sabretooth
      until blackness engulfed him.

      Three marks she had placed upon the wall beside her
      cur. She knew that every 24 hours made a
      mark. The red head ran her tongue along Sabretooth's
      lips. she was offering what little moisture
      she had. Sabretooth moaned then took her tongue into
      his mouth. The two kissed in necessity.
      Opening his eyes fully she backed away smiling
      tenderly. Her orange eyes reflecting joy, even in
      the darkest hour of their hell.
      Groggily Sabretooth observed the darken cell, the two
      once again had been left alone.
      "Can you get me out of these things?" Sabretooth
      whispered as he noticed that they had left the
      red head chained but free from the wall.
      Slinking down Sabretooth's body she tried the locks on
      his feet, but to no avail. Then slinking
      back up along his body, she tried the ones around his
      wrists fruitlessly. With little hope she tried
      to pry the inhibitor collar off his neck. It didn�t'
      do any good either. She leaned against
      Sabretooth's stretched body.
      Her cur was helplessly chained up. She looked at him
      intently. Long straggly blond hair and rough
      whiskers that slowly were becoming a beard, strange
      dark eyes filled with hate, and scruffy
      clothing, or what was left. He had burnt leggings that
      could have been pants at one time. A ripped
      blood splattered brown top also burnt. He didn't have
      a coat, but he did have long black nails. The
      appearance of her cell mate screamed vagabond, but she
      didn't know if he was truly homeless, cur
      fit him much better. A wanderer and stray, like a dog
      rather than a human, he was her cur.


      The weather turned from bright and sunny to miserable
      and rainy over night.
      Genosha's air traffic, along with much of the road
      traffic had been delayed until the storm passed,
      much to the displeasure of travelers, vacationers and
      incoming government planes.

      Water splashed down on nine men concealed in the
      shadows, as they ran from a long row of hotel
      units to another row of hotel units. Their military
      boots slapped the wet pavement, then gravel as
      they made their way from the rooms to the prison
      compound. The dash left them all soaking wet
      and slightly chilled.
      The men stopped as they came to a darken wet wall of
      the prison building.

      "Imbecile, they will never let us in." A harsh voice
      whispered from one of the men.

      "Shut up, Ali. We are political guests, they have to."
      A second harsh voice snapped.

      The tallest shadow, a man with broad shoulders marched
      directly to the prisons front guard both,
      made of wood, with holes for windows but no panes of
      glass, not twenty feet from the wall where
      the nine had paused against.
      Each one walked like they knew what they were doing.
      The guard looked at the nine.
      "Halt!" He shouted as he stood up and opened the door.
      "Who are you?" The guard asked
      grumpily as he started to get rained on.
      "We are the unit from Iraq. Political guests of
      Genosha. We are here to interrogate mutants that
      had been brought here from our downed plane." The tall
      one said tilting his head up slightly. It all
      gave him a more authoritative look.

      The guard nodded. "Go on ahead." He said buzzing them
      into a steel door.

      The nine men disappeared.


      Sabretooth still hanging on the wall had dozed off.
      The red head stayed awake. The two kept
      sleeping in shifts, in case someone came. And indeed
      footsteps sounded from down the hall. The
      red head moved to her cur, she rubbed against him,
      then kissed him fully on the lips. Her tender
      red lips that matched her hair pressed against his
      chapped dry lips.
      Sabretooth growled as he awoke to the moist kiss.
      Frowning briefly he looked at the girl, she
      smiled back blushing. Sabretooth heard the foot falls,
      and almost like someone eating. Keeping
      silent he glared down at the girl, planning on giving
      her hell once they were alone again. He didn't
      like the idea of a frail trying anything while he

      The cell door opened with a squeak.
      Eight men filed into the room. Stan, due to his bad
      leg, opted to stay on the outside of the cell and
      open the door when they wanted out.

      "Hey big bad mutant. Your not going to scream now are
      you?" Jim, now dressed in a Genosha
      military uniform sneered at Sabretooth, as he roughly
      grabbed the red head's arm and dragged her
      to her feet.
      Sabretooth growled and shook his head no, even though
      he wanted to swear and rip each of the
      fucking bastards apart.

      Above her, they laughed. In her they pounded. Around
      her they called her a slut and mutant bitch.
      She knew that the cur of hers was watching. She knew
      he had no choice in the matter, she hoped
      he would be taking notes. She knew, like the little
      girl with the metal over her fingers, he was
      fated to this world as well, he just didn't know it
      She let out a sound that she hadn't uttered for 77
      days, she screamed.

      Sabretooth jumped. He smelt the blood, her voice
      pierced the cell like a hot sword slicing threw
      warm butter, the sound of snapping bones, then they
      gagged her. One of them, Sabretooth
      thought it was Ali, stuffed his swelled cock down her
      throat to silence her screams. It worked. In
      suffocating the poor frail to death.
      They didn't stop until each one had a turn inside the
      dead girls body.

      "Stan," One of them yelled from the black cell.

      Stan turned around and opened the door. "Done?"

      "Yes, all finished. Got the keys? Need to make it look
      like the big guy did it." The same voice
      stated from the dark.

      Sabretooth was slightly shocked as strong cold
      callused hands started to caress him, his top was
      torn off, what was left of his burned shorts ripped
      apart, a warm liquid was smeared all over his
      legs, belly and..
      Sabretooth moaned as someone started to suck on him.
      Hot breath against his manhood, wet lips
      sealed around his ever hardening shaft, and a mouth
      that sucked on him like a hoover.
      Sabretooth�s subconscious snapped 'What the hell they
      planning hu?' Sabretooth snorted, trying to
      keep his body in control, to no avail.

      "I think he's liking it." One of the men commented.

      "He won't for long!" Someone else snapped the sound of
      a steel bar being picked up off the
      cement floor echoed.

      Sabretooth roared as cold hard metal crashed against
      his head, again and again, then his body.
      Each blow stung, finally the last pop came just near
      the temple, Sabretooth was out.

      Sabretooth groaned as he started to come aware of his
      surroundings. He hurt, his head hurt, to
      him even the very tip of his hair hurt. He moaned
      again, then coughed. Blood trickled from his
      mouth. The smell of death surrounded him. Slowly
      testing each joint, Sabretooth sat up, he
      realized someone had taken him off the wall. He leaned
      against the wall and slowly let his eyes
      focus on the blurry objects on the floor with him.

      In the back corner a can, full of urine and feces was
      tipped over, the smell emitting was putrid.
      Black furry objects scurried to and fro squeaking.
      Sabretooth curled back his lips in a silent snarl
      as he watched the movement of the rats. They all fed
      noisily on something near the cell door.
      Sabretooth realized that the red head wasn't around.
      Then as he watched a rat tug on something, a
      ripping noise echoed in the cell. A long red tassel of
      hair stripped off of the dead girls carcass
      complete with scalp and blood dangled in the rats
      bloody maw.
      Sabretooth growled as he realized what they, who they
      fed off of. Sabretooth watched the rats
      scurry back and forth. Reaching out Sabretooth
      snatched a squealing furry object, then bit into its
      back. He spit out the black fur then dug in. Snarling
      he tossed the half eaten carcass at the mass
      feeding off the dead girl. The rats didn't even budge
      as the carcass landed on top of a few, they
      started to finish gnawing on the dead rat. Sabretooth
      felt oddly sick, his gut grumbled. Rats tasted
      like shit, he didn't want to eat anymore, no matter
      how fucking hungry he was. With a roar he
      banged the back of his head hard against the cement
      wall, only to succumb to the blackness of
      unconsciousness once more.


      "Bloody bastard!"

      "WAKE UP!!"

      "Filthy animal!"

      "Gawd damn ugly freak of nature!"

      Sabretooth awoke again to pain, and noise. On the
      verge of passing out again, Sabretooth realized
      he was chained up again, but not against a wall, he
      was standing, his aching arms over his head,
      his toes hardly touched the ground. Around him voices
      loud and angry, soon objects found
      themselves against his skin.
      Sabretooth growled shaking his head, wanting to pass
      out again.
      Water, but, it wasn�t' water, splashed on his face.

      Shaking his head, Sabretooth growled as he became
      fully aware.
      He not only dangled in the middle of a larger cell
      with electric bars all around him, but he was
      encased in blue shimmering light, the only light
      around him. It was completely dark except for the
      electric bars.
      Men, lots of them shouted at him, kicking him,
      punching him. He listened trying to get a baring as
      to was happening.

      "Mutants don't care who they kill. They even rape
      their own kind."

      "Sick fucking bastard!"

      "Likes young girls do you?"

      "You filthy animal!"

      "Gonna get what you deserve!"

      "Sick moth'a fuka!"

      Sabretooth stopped listening, they were accusing him
      of murdering that red head not just
      murdering, but raping. He couldn't believe them, he
      knew he hadn't, he knew who did. Damn
      Homo Sapiens, Sabretooth hated to be referred as one.
      He jumped, something just hit him, almost
      like a blade.


      "Diplomatic disputes between Genosha and Iraq have
      once again hit the news. The dictator of
      war torn Iraq, Nehaw Ohamma, successor to Saddam
      Hassan, and the dictator of picturesque
      Genosha, Stantley Zeekieal have once again agreed to
      sit down at the table to settle disputes that
      have been brought up since the crash of an Iraqi plane
      just of the coast of Genosha, some few..."

      "Hey! I was watching that." A strong voice of a woman
      in her mid 30's complained to someone.

      "Ya? Well guess what 'Ro, The world ain't gonna end if
      you don't watch tha news for ten
      minutes." A strong gruff male voice growled.

      "Just what is it you would like, Wolverine?" Ororo
      asked somewhat annoyed.

      "Not me darlin', Chuck." Wolverine gruffly said. "In
      his office."

      "The way you say that Logan, reminds me of being sent
      to the principal's office back in
      elementary school." Ororo laughed as she stood up from
      a chair.

      "You mean there's a difference?" Wolverine snorted
      following Ororo out of the den.


      Blackness had became all that Sabretooth knew. He
      couldn't see, not only did they never give him
      enough light, but now they had wrapped duct tape
      around his eyes. Unable to see he couldn't
      mark up any wall, Sabretooth kept track of how many
      weeks it had been. 30 long weeks since the
      red head had died, not counting the times he spent
      A chain, leading from the floor attached to his
      inhibitor collar, restricted Sabretooth's movements.
      They, men, Genoshains, moved him from the larger cage,
      back to his original cell. The body of the
      red head had been removed, and a steel spike in the
      center of the cells floor had been added, but
      that was all that changed.
      He heard them coming, he couldn't smell them, not with
      the busted nose he had, nor the fact that
      he could only breath threw his mouth now. He counted
      about seven sets of boots slapping the
      cement floor. Needless to say, being blind and forced
      to only crawl within a meter diameter, left
      little cleanness in the cage.
      The door opened, he knew it was in front of him.
      Sabretooth tried to back up, only to find himself
      at the end of his rope, so to say.
      Sabretooth's stomach rumbled demanding food.
      "You want something to eat?" One of the captors asked
      in a pleasant tone.
      Sabretooth nodded.
      "Kneel, I'll give you something to eat." He said.
      Sabretooth kneeled, he stopped fighting months ago,
      there wasn't much use. He tried to escape, it
      didn't work. Sabretooth lowered his head as he heard
      the crackle of a zipper.
      "Suck it, bitch boy." The man snapped.
      Sabretooth wrinkled his nose then turned his head.
      "What are you doing, Rex?" Someone else called from
      the back.
      "Getting kicks." The first guard, Rex replied. "Well,
      suck me bitch!" Rex snapped at Sabretooth.
      Sabretooth shook his head no.
      With a howl, Sabretooth screamed as the duct tape was
      harshly removed from his dry skin.
      Blinking adjusting to the sudden change Sabretooth
      looked at the ten men around him. Keeping
      his head turned from the zipper with his face full of
      Reaching out, Rex took hold of Sabretooth's oily limp
      blond hair. Twisting hard, Sabretooth was
      forced to look at Rex's awaiting cock. "I said put it
      in your mouth!" Rex growled kneeing
      Sabretooth in the chin.
      Sabretooth's head snapped up with the sudden clunk,
      looking back at the cock, he shifted his jaw
      then slowly opened his mouth. Before he could
      reconsider, IT was shoved down his throat.
      "Close your lips around it!"Rex ordered. Sabretooth
      obeyed, his lips closed around the cock,
      along with his teeth.
      "FUCK!" Rex screamed slapping Sabretooth's face. "No
      Sabretooth looked up at Rex, he didn�t really try to
      keep his teeth off the mans cock, he bit down
      just a little bit harder instead.
      "OW! Gawdamnit!" Rex yelled pushing Sabretooth off of
      him. Sabretooth watched frightened as
      someone handed the guard Rex something silver.
      Creeds eyes widen in horror. It'd been life times ago
      that he had to sustain such a horror. Whether
      it really happened or just a Weapon X implanted
      memory, Sabretooth didn't know. But he could
      recall being stuck alone in a dark basement for years
      being called a monster, an animal, having to
      submit to beating by his own father, and the pliers.
      If there was one thing that could get
      Sabretooth to back up and whimper, it was the very
      thought of being beaten down and have his
      own father pull each claw from his hands, his feet and
      each sharp tooth out of his mouth, with
      those pliers, again and again. But those who tried it,
      usually didn't live to see tomorrow, usually.

      "Hey, what�s happening?" Someone asked from the back,
      they couldn't see.
      Rex returned to Sabretooth with a pair of pliers in
      hand. "Open your fucking mouth bitch!" Rex
      Sabretooth pressed against the wall, his chain taunt
      and mouth closed.
      "Give me a hand!" Rex ordered as he waved the pliers
      in the air.
      Several men surrounded Sabretooth.
      Sabretooth growled as he was grabbed then hauled down
      onto the floor. It took all of them to
      hold Sabretooth down, open his mouth, then Rex applied
      the pliers onto his bottom fang. The
      fang was ripped out. Sabretooth roared as the blood
      flowed and pain burned.
      They all laughed.
      "He howls like some fucking house cat." A man
      Naked, alone, Sabretooth whimpered sucking on the
      blood that flowed out of the tooths old spot
      in his jaw for nourishment. Some of it dripped out
      over his chapped lips, he was unable to feel it
      due to the swelling.

      From then on, Sabretooth was referred to as Kitty. Not
      like he enjoyed the name, but it started to
      become what he was.

      Time slowly trudged on, it'd been 60 days since he got
      labeled Kitty, a hundred and one scratches
      in total lined the wall.
      Men would enter Sabretooth's cell, beat him then
      leave. Very few tried to rape Sabretooth. Next
      to Sabretooth being able to fend off attackers, along
      with everyone thinking that there was
      something morally wrong with gayness. Which was
      completely fine by Sabretooth, he didn't want
      them doing that. But then, someone, or maybe a lot of
      them started to change their minds.
      Five men came into Sabretooth's cage attempting to
      have their way with the large mutant, five
      men left Sabretooth's cage in body bags.
      His captors changed tactics, beating Sabretooth
      unmercifully for hours before hand. Sabretooth
      didn't have much strength left to fend off the hand
      full of men and their twisted ideas.
      On this hands and knees, Sabretooth snarled as he dug
      his claws into the filthy cold ground. They
      thrusted into him, he was held down by several of
      them, each one just as desperate for a screw
      than the one in Sabretooth.

      "Kitty, Kitty like this don't you Kitty?" Someone

      Sabretooth roared then slashed out at the men. They
      all laughed as they dodged easily. By the
      time it was over, Sabretooth was bleeding, again.


      "Push against my thrust not with it!" Rex ordered as a
      spiked club found its way against
      Sabretooth's rib cage. "That's a good kitty."
      On his hands and knees again, Sabretooth listened to
      every word. Rex took it upon himself to
      teach the 'Kitty' to be a good fuck. Not that
      Sabretooth could try and kill Rex, but the man kept a
      muzzle over Sabretooth's maw, as well as the shackles
      that so long ago held Sabretooth's ankles
      to the wall, now held Sabretooth's hands. The spiked
      billy club found its way against his side once
      more, and it hurt like hell. One long year and three
      weeks had passed. Happy New Year,
      Sabretooth snorted.
      Kitty moved his hips against every thrust Rex made
      into his ass. The pain of rape still lingered, but
      sickly enough, Sabretooth was getting used to it.
      "Miles, try him." Rex said as he pulled out of Kitty.
      Miles unzipped then shoved his manhood unceremoniously
      into Kitty's ass.
      Kitty, grunted with the dry insert. Practicing what he
      was taught, Sabretooth rocked his hips
      against Miles's thrust.
      "Damn, he's good, ugh!" Miles panted, then moaned as
      he came. Pulling out Miles cupped the
      mutants jaw, looking at Kitty's face he remarked
      "That's a good ass bitch." Patting Kitty's greasy
      matted hair.

      Being taught to be a good ass bitch was one thing, but
      Rex wanted Kitty to be a good slut period.
      Kitty was forced to blow the ones brave enough to put
      their cocks in his fanged maw, but those
      far and few between upset Rex. It changed both Rex's
      mood and Sabretooth's health when Miles
      demanded a new service from Kitty.

      "RIM ME!" Miles ordered.
      Kitty snarled, his face free from the muzzle.
      "You'll do as I say Kitty!" Miles snapped punching
      Kitty in the face. "RIM ME!"
      Miles grabbed the pliers. "Rim me or I take the other
      fang out!"
      "Fuck you." Kitty growled, but didn't look to see if
      that threat was serious or not.
      "Rex, Bob, Craig, Get over here." Miles demanded.
      The guards took a hold of Kitty, forcing him on his
      back on the floor more easily than before,
      Miles took the pliers as Rex and Bob held open his
      The other bottom fang was yanked out. Blood poured out
      of the new wound.
      Later that evening, Kitty with a face full of disgust
      and eyes shut, was running his tongue along
      Miles ass. He was rimming Miles, not liking it one
      bit, nope not a teeny bit, but Miles sure was
      enjoying it.


      Eighty wall scratches after, Kitty took Bob into his
      mouth once more. Kneeled down Kitty sucked
      on the cock, lapping at the pre-cum and dragging his
      tongue along the bottom. Kitty's hands ran
      along the man's legs and balls. "My ass." Bob ordered.
      Slowly Kitty let his now, gloveless hands slip up to
      Bob's ass. Caressing the cheeks, he trailed his
      fingers along the crack, then with a disgusted sloppy
      grunt, Kitty inserted his finger into the mans
      puckered ass. "Yess" Bob moaned.
      As Bob rocked his hip, furthering his cock down
      Kitty's throat, Kitty pushed his finger further into
      Bob's ass, then two fingers.
      "OW!"Bob screamed.
      Kitty stopped.
      "God damn Kitty! I'm going to take care of those
      fucking claws of yours!" Bob snapped.
      Kitty's black eyes widened slightly, they all moved
      around him and with the pair of pliers, one by
      one pulled the claws out of the mutants hands. All but
      the two stubborn thumb claws and one
      pinky claw.

      Within days the smell of male sex, sweat, urine, blood
      and the stench of rotting feces
      overwhelmed the stale air of Kitty's cell. Few came
      around to see Kitty. Kitty was unable to kill,
      then finally after begging for a scrap of meat that he
      never got, Kitty was able to sink his two top
      fangs into flesh.

      Sabretooth lunged at Miles, the man went down with a
      sharp cry. His dead body falling to into the
      corner of the cell with a squish, as the shit
      splattered all over the walls and the corpse. The
      started to become unbearable, for Kitty and worse more
      for the men who had to at least feed
      Kitty. Bowl of warm water, stale moldy bread slices
      and a chunk of some type of unidentifiable
      jerky type meat.

      "A VACATION!?!" Jubilee excitedly gibbered as her big
      chocolate eyes lit up as bright as the
      yellow jacket she wore.
      "No Jubilee, a mission." Storm assured the young one.
      The two stood before the black bird in the X-Men's
      hanger. Each one of them had a duffle bag in
      hand. Gambit strolled in.
      "A mission on a beach, how hard can it be Storm?"
      Jubilee asked with her puppy eyes.
      "Petite�s right, mon ami. 'ow 'ard can a trip to de
      beach be?" Gambit asked as he strolled past the
      two ladies, selecting a decent ride, he popped the
      trunk to a red convertible.
      "A vacation at the beautiful Genosha beach. What are
      you worried about Storm?" Jubilee asked as
      she jumped into the back seat of the car.
      "A lot, young one." Storm replied taking the wheel.


      More marks found themselves on the wall when Kitty had
      heard something about X MEN
      vacationing on Genosha, he faintly wondered if they
      knew what was going on. Being held in the
      dark and cold underground cell, he guessed it was
      summer time again. Foot steps of people
      approaching sounded from the hall.
      "Grab his legs!" A males voice shouted.
      "Get the other arm!" A second male voice shouted.
      "Bloody bastard needs a bath! What a stench!" Some
      other male commented.
      Snapping and growling, Kitty was dragged out of the
      cell. He was hung up once again in the
      middle of the hall way. Naked and on display, they
      took a bucket of water and splashed it on his
      dirty skin. The shower was finished in minutes.
      "That's it? What, no soap? No bubble bath ? Not even a
      brick? How the hell can you ass holes
      wash me if you don't have anything to clean me with?"
      Kitty grumbled.
      "Shut up freak! The only brick you will ever see is
      the one I will smash into your thick skull."
      Someone behind Kitty snapped picking up a brick off
      the floor.

      Kitty laid on the floor sprawled out, too tired and
      sore to move he held onto the last strings of
      what was left of his sanity. Kitty whimpered, couldn't
      talk, couldn't cuss, he was kicked in the
      throat every time. He didn't care sometimes, but after
      the brick slammed into his jugular, he
      started to care just a little. He didn't want to die,
      just to piss these asses off he was determined to
      live, come back here and slaughter everyone in the
      fucking place.
      "Kitty hungry?" The voice of Rex echoed in the
      Kitty nodded as he laid sprawled out on the cold wet
      "Aww, they beat you again? They rape you again?" Rex
      asked with mock concern.
      Kitty nodded.
      "Well suck my dick, and then maybe, just maybe I won't
      beat you." Rex sneered. "You are hungry
      Kitty nodded.
      "Show me!" Rex demanded.
      Kitty slowly weakly got up on all fours, trying to
      steady himself, he managed to sit up. Blood,
      water and sweat dripped off of him. Tipping his face
      up, he started to lap the cloth of the man's
      Rex moaned as he undid his fly. "..yeah, oh ya.... mmm
      suck... ya.. uhg... good... uhhhh.... harder
      baby.., ya that's it. harder,...oooooooooooo ya. ugh
      ugh" Rex groaned then came, shooting his
      sperm down Kitty's accepting throat.
      "Bitch cat!" Rex snapped as he came off of his sex
      Kitty winced as he was kicked in the face, then
      punched. Before the last blow was delivered, Kitty
      passed out falling hard against the floor.


      Jubilee sat pouting at the mansion's supper table.
      "That was the worst vacation I have ever been on." She
      spitefully spat. Her fork jabbed
      unrelentingly at the escaping peas on her dinner
      "It wasn't a vacation, it was a mission." Storm
      "She's right kiddo'. There will be other times to go
      on a real vacation." Wolverine said trying to
      calm the youngest X-Men in training down.
      "Yeah? Like when?" Jubilee snapped, her arms crossing.
      "How about tomorrow Jubilation?" Storm asked.
      "I am sorry to disrupt your to be plans, Ororo, but I
      have to send you on a mission tomorrow." A
      new voice added into the conversation. It was Charles
      Xavier, founder of the X-Men.


      The body of Miles was finally found.

      "You want to kill us, hu kitty?" A tall bulky Genosha
      guard snarled. "We ain't going to let you
      die, not so soon. Your going to suffer, and pay for
      what you did!" He growled.
      A butter knife and a pair of gardening hedge clippers
      appeared in two of the twelve surrounding
      guards hands. Kitty tilted his head as he was
      unchained, then dragged down the dark hallway, to
      where the weeks garbage had been piled.
      Forced to the floor, arms pinned under his back. Three
      men on each side spread his legs and held
      them fast as two men sat on his chest one of them held
      his cock in a filthy hand.
      "Do it now Dave." One laughed while gripping the
      Kitty's right leg firmer.
      Kitty looked at the one holding the butter knife. The
      knife went down between his legs then to his
      thigh. Wielding the butter knife, rubbing the slight
      ridged edge against the inner thigh skin, Dave
      talked to Kitty.
      "You going to see just how much we like you now Kitty.
      All this time wasted on you. Keeping
      you caged, when a dam had to be built. All this time
      letting strangers dress up like guards and
      fuck you, train you. Now you will see just what we
      think of our Commander Zeekieal now."
      Pain burned as the knife drew blood. Cutting the wound
      open more with the butter knife, Dave
      started to separate the flesh higher and higher,
      Kitty closed his eyes tightly.

      Pain of the rusty object affectionately being dragged
      up and down both legs and flat stomach,
      frightened Kitty.
      He couldn't smell what the object was, he was too
      terrified to open his eyes and watch, he
      couldn't he had a feeling he knew what was going to
      happen. Cold hands gripped him all over,
      metal full of rust rubbed against his skin.
      Fear gripped Kitty in his chest. His breaths came in
      short scared pants.

      Suddenly the hedge clippers opened.
      "RRRRRAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kitty
      screamed like never before
      then darkness once again consumed all.
      "Man, talk about your wailing cat in heat." Dave

      When Kitty awoke, he was sure it was more than just
      one day that had passed. His inner thighs
      were on fire. The pain under his cock burned like lava
      on his legs. He slowly sat up, opening his
      tired eyes he saw the blood covered the floor in a
      haze. A massive pool of blood sat in the center
      of the hallway, then a wide trail all the way to where
      he sat now. Kitty looked down at the large
      dark spots on his legs and chest.
      "He�s awake." Someone's voice muttered in the
      "Good, he�s a lousy fuck when he�s unconscious." Dave
      "He's lost a lot of blood." Someone else observed.
      "Who cares." Dave said.
      Counting the blurry objects, there was only seven men
      left to guard him.
      Kitty closed his eyes. He opened his eyes again when a
      hand fell onto his chest. The blurry figure
      brushed a hand over Kitty's mouth. Kitty turned his
      head away, it lulled against his own shoulder.
      "He�s useless." Dave yawned.

      Kitty blinked in and out of consciousness. It barley
      registered to him that he was dressed in a
      baggy ripped tee and shorts , the same clothing they
      had taken off of him, unknowingly years ago.


      "My X-Men prepare for immediate departure." The voice
      of Charles Xavier carried over
      everyone's com link.


      End of part 2.
      TBC, in part 3.


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