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Poem: Broken

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  • Autumn Biggins
    Title: Broken Author: Autumn Disclaimer: Not mine at all, how sad....... Author s Notes: Too much NIN on the brain......
    Message 1 of 1 , May 16, 2002
      Title: Broken

      Author: Autumn

      Disclaimer: Not mine at all, how sad.......

      Author's Notes: Too much NIN on the brain......


      the climax

      the savior


      to someone else

      No heart to hold

      keep, protect

      Only metal

      thin, silver, sterile

      like myself

      A substitute

      for something unknown


      Twinkle, twinkle

      says the star

      how I hate

      what you are

      Up above the world so high

      despising, everything in the sky

      Twinkle twinkle

      mocks the star

      shining down, on who you are

      Hiding no flaw, no doubt, no shame

      exposing sin, and all that remains

      Wish upon the sky

      watch your dream slowly die


      I have become

      destructive, evil, a killer

      I am the devil


      No hope unturned,

      no stone to offer strength

      Sucking, draining


      Responsible for it all

      the hurt, the pain, their sorrow

      I am,

      their own worst enemy

      Help me I am in Hell:


      the final fall


      There are no words

      No secrets to be told

      he knows intrinsicly

      Anger, loathing, disgust

      none mean anything

      Dissapointing the one

      you love

      Is inevitably

      a worse fate

      By far

      Memories of mistakes

      burned into his eyes

      Not accusing,

      but ever present

      I cannot see it

      I refuse to believe

      Help me

      Happiness in Slavery:


      a sacred promise

      Delivered to those

      who could not face

      what their truth held

      I know it well

      I can live with it

      I am not to blame


      The truth is

      for all intents, subjective

      Those in my head

      are inclined to agree

      However much persuasion

      it may take


      drained from my body

      A headache

      from so much work

      To create

      a distorted reality

      Gave Up:

      I quit

      this game,

      this torture

      this life

      They can live

      in my head

      Why can't I?

      Nothing ever to worry me

      not his looks, his presence

      his determination

      To save me

      from myself

      I gave up on me

      long ago


      can't he?


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