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FIC: No Choice #7 - Realizations (NC-17 W/R)

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  • xxtheroguexx
    Title: Realizations Author: Kristine Email: xxtheroguexx@webtv.net Rated: NC-17 Summary: Rogue s POV on events from The Hunter and the Hunted Series: No
    Message 1 of 1 , May 14, 2002
      Title: Realizations
      Author: Kristine
      Email: xxtheroguexx@...
      Rated: NC-17
      Summary: Rogue's POV on events from "The Hunter and the Hunted"
      Series: No Choice #7
      Disclaimer: Me no own....Marvel and Fox does....nuff said.
      Feedback: Better than se...um...yes please! Love it, hate it...I want to hear it:)
      Archive: DDFH (http://dreamwater.org/ddfh/) has automatic rights. Everyone else...sure...just let me know where it's headed.
      Website: Agony & Exstasy ~ http://wtv-zone.com/xxtheroguexx/index.html
      Thanks to: Helena for the encouragment, Jennifer for being a "grammar nazi"....LoL and Autumn for the great suggestions. Thanks bunches ladies:)
      Notes: Been awhile I know....Sorry about that. RL is being a b*tch....'sigh' Thanks to everyone who kept asking me (*cough*nagging*cough*..lol) for more of this series....Thanks for your patience:) One more chapter to go and I'll try not to take so long to get it done this time:) On with the fic!



      Her mind whirled as she tried to assimilate what she had absorbed. She kept running. Trying to escape his hideous memories that kept flashing through her mind. Emotions that weren't her own, frighteningly real - pain, despair, loneliness - so vivid that they brought tears to her eyes. Still she ran, trying to escape his wrath when he regained consciousness. She didn't think the pathetic note she left would appease him. A faint growl rumbling through her mind agreed with that sentiment.

      She understood now. Man and beast residing in the same body. The Logan in her mind was horrified at what had happened - repeating his apologies over and over again. The Wolverine was angry, not at her for touching him but for running from him and he made it clear to her that she could run, but never hide. He would be coming for her.

      She stopped to catch her breath at that revelation, her fear kicking up a notch as she noted night approaching. She had no desire to be in the middle of a forest when darkness came, but she had no idea where to go. She began to tremble as the severity of the situation came crashing down on her.


      She turned, his voice startling her, making her stumble. His hands on her arms sent a shiver of desire coursing through her as she felt her body being pushed to the ground. Relief washed over her as she realized he hadn't been permanently harmed from her touch.

      "Lo - Logan?" The growl that emerged in response told her in no uncertain terms who she was dealing with. "Wol-Wolv.."

      His mouth crushing down upon hers, tongue thrusting between her lips cut off her words abruptly. Surprised, she felt an overwhelming urge to wrap herself around him, then she felt his erection grinding against her, she realized that he was reasserting his claim of her. She tilted her head, exposing her jugular to him to show her trust, his loud growl vibrating through her body as he licked and nipped at her neck.

      She watched as he rose up above and ripped her shirt open. Couldn't help the whimper that escaped her lips as he bit into the side of her breast, knowing he was marking her as his. She hadn't really thought before about how that made her feel and she was surprised at the realization that she was right where she wanted to be. With him. She wanted him. Only him.


      She raised her hips up into his, letting her body speak for her for now, words could come later. She felt the cold night air rush over her fevered skin as her pants were torn from her body. Coherent thought fled when he flipped her over and in one fluid movement, sheathed himself inside her.

      His hand in her hair, the sting of his teeth on her neck, his fingertips upon her clit, the combination sent her careening over the edge. She could feel his almost frantic movements as with a groan, he pushed deep inside her. She could feel him throbbing as he came, his heat filling her.

      To soon, he withdrew and turned her to face him, locking his eyes upon hers, he snarled.


      Despite the heated anger in his eyes, she wasn't afraid. She reached out her hand, laying it over his heart as she said the words he'd been longing to hear.

      "And you're mine."
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