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Sorrow After Sins 1 : Did you knotice I was gone?

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  • Chrissy Synth
     Title: Did You Notice I was Gone? Series: Sorrow After Sins, Part one, A. Author: (chrissy synth) Whipblade E-mail : whipblade@yahoo.com Disclaimers: Most
    Message 1 of 2 , May 13, 2002
      Title: Did You Notice I was Gone?

      Series: Sorrow After Sins, Part one, A.

      Author: (chrissy synth) Whipblade

      E-mail : whipblade@...

      Disclaimers: Most of these are Marvel's characters, I
      am making no profit from these works nor
      any other. If you really feel you must put your very
      bored lawyers into action and attempt to
      A)Track me down across the world wide web, then B)
      find true grounds to charge me with
      something, feel free to. Warning, I have no money with
      the exception of three pennies I found in a
      parking lot.
      Other characters and situations are mine that I really
      do not want to lay claim to, with the
      Exception of Sasha Blair and Pinky who are MINE!
      muahahahah! Mine...yessssssssssss

      Summary : Sabretooth, Mystique, Magneto and The Blob
      are captured, tortured and.. killed?
      -Character death : But you wouldn't really care.

      Era: Cartoon Movie Cross over. Mostly cartoon.

      Rating: NC-17, to be safe R! - This is for Language,
      graphic violence and adult situations that are
      not bleeped out with fuzzy spots.

      Character exploration, Mind games, Rape.. lots of it.
      Male on male situations, death, blood,
      bondage, slavery. Extreme situations, do not try this
      at home. Totally NOT for the faint of heart.
      ADULT CONTENT. If you are not mature enough to deal
      with this, head back now. Last
      warning, you asked for it. Good luck. Please send
      feedback, but no flames, YOU HAVE BEEN

      -Special thanks to Andrea for her timeless patience in
      beta-ing this sucker, as well as her help
      with the Sabretooth persona. and Angela, for her input
      and wisdom. Jeannie for her mastertry, to
      Moirae, for her Beta-ing help.
      Also a big thanks to Justin and Gray Heart for putting
      up with my wicket mind and hounding
      me to continue on.
      - and a Final thank you to Storm Keeper, who without
      her story X-Men Friends of Humanity,
      I never would have been inspired.
      -To All involved and not, A heart felt thank you for
      making this fic (series) possible.

      Sorrow After Sins :
      Part 1 a
      Did You Notice I Was Gone?

      The long dark tunnel was asphyxiating. The magna
      formed rocks created millions of years ago
      beaded with sweat, how condensation could sustain the
      suffocating heat was beyond Victor
      Creed's understanding. Steam vented off from various
      cracks in the volcanos walls. A sudden
      vented heat blast burned into his neck, twisting and
      tangling the blond hair, whipping it around
      into his face. Sabretooth snarled as he jerked his
      head back, flipping the burned hair behind him.
      Wham ! A guard slammed Sabretooth square in the back
      with the butt of his high power laser
      rifle. The tall mutant growled, wanting to gut them
      all right then and there, but no. Victor Creed
      knew when to fight and right now, walking down this
      hallway with thirty five guards and only
      three mutants, this was not the time to fight. Not to
      mention being inside a volcano. Another bead
      of sweat trickled down Sabretooth's forehead.
      Furrowing his brow the best he could, he moved
      the droplet from its course that would of put it in
      his eye, to running down the bridge of his nose,
      then over the metal muzzle that covered his face.
      Sabretooth's senses hampered by the steel
      muzzle annoyed the man. So did the fact that he had
      blunt ended metal gloves covering his claws,
      shackled tight behind him.
      Creed hadn't been able to sniff at any of the guards
      around him. They wore dark brown to light
      brown army uniforms, not any United States militia.
      Each uniform had a vivid logo on the back
      and shoulder, for the Anti Mutant faction, F.O.H.
      Friends of Humanity. 'These "men", he used
      the word loosely, " are no better than the Nazi's of
      World War II." ' he thought.
      Up ahead Sabretooth caught a glimpse of Magneto
      jerking sideways as his shoulder got blasted
      by one of the annoying steam vents. The guards
      surrounding Sabretooth's former employer, pistol
      whipped Magneto back into line. They all continued
      Sabretooth didn't get dragged here willingly. Not even
      after someone slapped a genetic inhibitor
      collar around his neck. His keen sense of smell had
      remained even with the loss of his mutated
      healing factor. Sabretooth had been taken down,
      muzzled and then gloved by a whole army of
      what seemed to be F.O.H soldiers.

      It had only been a week, but the F.O.H had flown
      Sabretooth, locked up in a electric cage with
      the inhibitor collar that he still wore around his
      neck, out of America and over the ocean. It was a
      long trip, Magneto had also been on that flight. But
      the man remained mute for the whole trip, as
      well as now. Sabretooth wanted nothing more than to
      sniff at that Magneto, he was out of
      character, as was the six months pregnant Mystique.
      For the woman who was carrying her
      second child of Sabretooth's in a selfish last ditch
      effort to "raise" something, she certainly didn't
      look at him too much. Just cried and looked pathetic.
      Which made Sabretooth think, and think
      hard. If they weren't who they appeared to be, who
      were they? Not many shape shifters out there,
      and once Sabretooth saw the vast opening at the end of
      the dark tunnel, he started to wonder.
      Did they know their fate, or did the F.O.H have that
      convincing of a story to any shape shifting
      mutant ? Die willingly, or be killed by thousands of
      bullets and lasers. Thrilling choice.
      A choice Sabretooth could do without. He stopped dead
      in his tracks. Sabretooth saw how the
      volcano walls opened up, allowing guards ability to
      watch mutants be casted off into the center
      of the volcano.
      Sabretooth growled as he took a step back. Three stun
      guns shot into his back, courtesy of the
      guards behind him.
      A guard, using the butt of his high power laser rifle
      hit Sabretooth square in the back. He knew
      the odds were against him. Him against possibly 30
      with maybe no back up, not to mention being
      in side of a volcano and he didn't know the way out
      of. Sabretooth no longer cared, knowing
      these bastards were planning to kill him. He had to
      die sometime, and right now he wanted to be
      out of the suffocating heat.
      Sabretooth roared as he brought his elbows up behind
      him, the guard behind him howled in pain
      as he crashed to the floor, jaw already swelling.
      Twisting further rotating his shoulders near out of
      their sockets, Sabretooth brought his cuffed hands to
      his front. A guard behind him charged,
      slamming his laser riffle into the large mutants back.

      Sabretooth growled spinning, his cuffed hands locked
      around the muzzle of the riffle snatching it
      from the guard. A second guard jumped Sabretooth from
      behind. Sabretooth flipped the man off
      his back and into the guard in front of him, the two
      crashed to the floor. Shouting and now laser
      fire directed at the raging Sabretooth filled the
      chaotic hallway.
      Sabretooth roared loud and long behind his muzzle as
      he used the blunt ended metal claws on his
      hands to rip across the eyes of a guard, blinding him,
      then break the neck of another. Five men
      piled onto Sabretooth's back, to be crushed back
      against a stone wall. A laser blast tore into
      Sabretooth's femur, blood poured out of the wound, but
      he ignored it. Sabretooth leapt over the
      heads of nearby guards, landing heavily on one, bones
      crushing underneath. Quickly they
      surrounded him, only to become mince meat to the
      awkwardly held laser in Sabretooth�s hands.
      The ones who started to fire into Sabretooth�s back,
      soon found themselves in the same prone
      position on the floor as the eight before. More
      guards stormed down the hallway towards the
      Sabretooth caught a glimpse of Mystique and Magneto,
      standing with one guard each watching
      but not attempting to join in. Sabretooth didn't stop
      to wonder what they knew that he didn't. A
      riffle butt cracked him over the head, interrupting
      any thoughts he had. Momentarily dazed, the
      guards attacked Sabretooth and forced him down.
      Tackled to the ground, thick chains soon
      became attached to the inhibitor collar and muzzle, as
      well as his ankles chained together.
      Multiple guards now held each chain. Sabretooth,
      slowly stumbled to his feet growling, weak
      from the laser and bullet wounds.
      Growling in defiance, the guards dragged him along
      back down the tunnel. 50 more surrounding
      the 20. They all soon caught up with the two guards
      holding back the other two mutants.
      Sabretooth twisted and turned, testing for any sign of
      weakness, but it was no use. He was as
      good as stuck. He limped along, burning in pain from
      each wound.

      Sabretooth's amber eyes watched as Magneto was the
      first one thrusted over the edge. Millions
      of miles away from civilization in a place
      undetectable by any type of radar, Magneto gave them
      the satisfaction of screaming.
      Erik Magnus Lensher was dead, Mystique wept for him.
      She locked eyes with Sabretooth, then
      she too was forced over the edge. The seeping sulfur
      smell followed as she and the unborn child
      of his, both gone. The gathered must of have been a
      hundred F.O.H members, shouted and
      hollered happily, it was like a big celebration,
      without the confetti, drinks and food.

      The guards behind Sabretooth, shoved their last
      captive forward. Sabretooth looked down from
      the ledge into the red bubbly lava. Evidence of any
      bodies shoved into the lava was non existent.
      The guards pushed Sabretooth forward, but didn't move
      the large mutant. Sabretooth dug his
      heels into the floor and pressed back against the
      resistance. Be damned if he was going to die this
      The 20 guards holding onto Sabretooth�s chains all
      jumped off the cliff, their sacrifice will be all
      worth it once Sabretooth died then and there. Digging
      his heals further into the dirt ground, he
      couldn't hold them all up. Over the edge he plunged
      down. Past sleek walls centuries of activity
      had built, falling further into the dormant beasts red
      belly. The weight pulling him down, then
      finally lessened as the 20 guards all let go,
      screaming as they hit the lava.
      Sabretooth's feet became fire itself, burning as he
      neared the lava, twisting Sabretooth brought his
      metal gloved claws over his head and dug them into the
      wall the best he could, kicking his feet
      against the rock, Sabretooth slid down the side of the
      volcano, determined to stop. His long
      brown over coat flipped up covering his head.
      Finally he stopped. Tilting his head back, the coat
      tails flipped off his head. Sabretooth looked
      down and saw he had stopped just inches above the
      lava. Peering up Sabretooth noticed the
      crater had a small lip around it, The mass trying to
      look over the lip from where they dropped
      their hated mutant foes. Sabretooth thanked his stars
      that they had been stupid enough not to
      drop the mutants from the top of the volcanos cap.
      From above he heard the F.O.H swearing.
      "I didn't see it."
      "I heard it"
      "He�s dead. Lets go."
      It felt like an eternity before they all left, but not
      one of them saw him.
      Suddenly Sabretooth caught a faint whiff of smoke as
      his back started to feel hotter than his feet.
      Sabretooth grumbled as his coat burned creeping up
      past his knees. Squirming slightly
      Sabretooth�s boots suddenly slipped, with a sharp cry
      Sabretooth fell with a roared as his legs
      swung down dipping into the lava. Swiftly twisting,
      Sabretooth got them both out. Clinging to the
      wall higher above the lava now, Sabretooth let out a
      shaky breath as he realized that the inhibitor
      collar was still around his neck. He couldn't remove
      it, not in his current wall hanging position.
      His legs, burning and being eaten by the lava, if he
      looked down he would see that up to mid
      shine, was bare bone, minus the feet. He looked at
      the lava, then up. Taking a breath Sabretooth
      slid down, The lavas heat burning, threatening to set
      more clothing on fire. Sabretooth dipped the
      back of his neck into the lava. Screaming out in pain
      the collar and his skin burned, melting away.
      Sabretooth quickly pulled away as the muzzle burned
      He whimpered between low snarls as he clawed his way
      up by inch by suffocating inch with his
      still burning coat upon his back and blood pouring
      from the wounds that once had been where his
      legs were, all the way up to the to the rim of the
      volcano. Dragging himself painfully over the
      edge, he tumbled down the steep rocky slop 40 meters,
      putting out the fire that had consumed
      most of his clothing.
      Sabretooth laid against a broken tree that broke his
      fall. He stayed there moaning, awaiting, either
      for the lava to finish off him, for his healing factor
      to kick in, or for the F.O.H to find him and
      finish him off. Sabretooth let darkness consume him.


      Far away in Westchester, New York, United States. A
      natural occurrence of strong winds swept
      the area. At the Xavier School For Gifted Children,
      they dealt with the disturbance, and many

      The large office with oak paneling covering the walls,
      hard wood flooring done in a cherry stain,
      matched the red curtains with gold leaf embroidery,
      was crowded. In front of the curtains sat a
      large maple desk. Seated at the desk with the chilly
      night wind at his back was Professor Charles
      Xavier. His X-Men gathered around the front of the
      desk. This particular night each one of them
      held a flash light as candles flickered illuminating
      very little.

      "Before the power outage, Cerebro had picked up
      several distress calls from some where over
      seas." Charles Xavier explained to his students.
      "Power outage Chuck? I thought this was a self
      sufficient school. What happened to the
      Generators?" Wolverine asked a little confused.
      "They blew up." Storm calmly replied. "Thus is the
      reason why we are standing around in the
      dark. Our personal power supply has been temporarily
      "Diverted to where sugah?" Rouge asked.
      "To the hanger, and the laboratories." Jean replied.
      "Why we're here again?" Nightcrawler asked curiously.
      "Because Cerebro had picked up distress calls from
      over seas." Cyclops answered the blue furry
      mutant with a tail.
      "Ja? Where?" Nightcrawler once again asked.
      "Some where in the Iran, Iraq area. The system crashed
      before I was able to pin point it exactly."
      Xavier explained.
      "What are we waiting for? Lets go get them!" Wolverine
      hastily stated.
      "We don't know where they are Logan." Jean said
      "We won't know where they are unless we look."
      Wolverine pointed out.
      Cyclops nodded. "Hank, Bobby and Nightcrawler stay
      here until you can pin point their locations.
      The rest of you, if your willing, will go on a reckon
      rescue mission." The leader of the X-Men
      ordered as he turned on a heel and walked out.
      Wolverine nodded, then followed Cyclops out. Storm,
      Jean and Rouge also walked out of the
      dark office, dull yellow light floating in front of
      them as they pointed their flashlights at various


      It was bright as mid day when Sabretooth opened his
      eye lids. He didn't know how much time had
      passed by, the sun was noon high, but had it been
      hours? Days? Or even weeks? He just didn't
      know. He slowly sat up checking himself over. Good,
      he was fully healed, a little light headed,
      but healed none the less. Sabretooth couldn't recall
      ever being that bad off before, then healing.
      Stiffly getting to his feet he limped working out the
      kinks in his legs, he stood there looking
      around in the bright daylight. No one was around,
      craning his neck he popped the stiffness out
      and then twisted his back, checking each muscle and
      working all the aches and pains out. Walking
      away from the tree and his landing site, Sabretooth
      looked around the vast area. It was barren,
      not warm but not too chilly. Blue sky brown rocky
      ground with very little vegetation. Rocks,
      ferns and a few scattered trees. Sabretooth stubbed
      his toe and cursed. He limped slightly "Fuck."
      He swore as his healing factor quickly went back to
      Sabretooth looked at the gloves on his hands, with a
      mighty roar he ripped them off and toss
      them over his shoulder.
      The sound of mechanical whirl filled the air.
      Sabretooth took cover behind some ferns and rocks.
      Spotting the chopper a distance a ways, Sabretooth
      watched as uniformed F.O.H men stepped out
      of a large helicopters with three mutants. Sabretooth
      couldn't make them all out, but he knew one
      of them. The Blob was literally dragged into the
      compound that was a small building and steel
      door from the out side. Sabretooth suspected the Blob
      was heading for the same fate as Magneto
      and Mystique.
      The F.O.H men walked out of the building, but with
      different uniforms on. Dark brown uniforms
      that looked strikingly like an Iraq army uniform, but
      with alterations. Sabretooth furrowed his
      brows. The nearest volcano to Iraq was in the Taurus
      mountains of Turkey, Sabretooth's
      puzzlement vanished quickly as the chopper took off.
      Sabretooth laid and waited as a new sound filled the
      A white jet with a yellow stripe painted along the
      side, in the center was an eagle that faded from
      the top red to blue on the bottom, Sabretooth could
      just make out the white letters F.O.H in the
      center of the eagle. Sabretooth watched as he counted
      17 F.O.H uniformed men getting off the jet
      dragging along five mutant prisoners, none of them he
      recognized. As the men walked away ,
      Sabretooth scampered behind the jet unnoticed.
      Sliding along the jets side, he disappeared inside
      the shutting doors.
      Sabretooth growled as he looked at the small cockpit
      of the jet. He growled again punching
      buttons till he was frustrated then finally he got it.
      The autopilot was programmed to fly towards
      America, with no exact location.

      "Mister?" A small weak girls voice whimpered in

      Sabretooth whipped around and looked at the two beaten
      girls, both sickly thin, one with long red
      hair and big orange eyes, the other had metal gloves,
      just like he'd had, over her hands.
      "Twenty seconds to lift off" The computer chimed in
      Sabretooth looked from the console then to the girls.
      "Fuck!" He cursed as he heard voices
      approaching. Sabretooth slid behind the cockpit door
      trying to conceal himself from any ones

      "Get that one." A tall muscular man ordered in broken
      English. 13 others walked aboard, all
      talking drowning out the count down. Suddenly the
      doors shut and sealed.

      "Auto programed take off initiated." The computer
      chimed again as the jet started to climb.

      "THE HELL!?" One of them, the pilot shouted in a
      foreign language, as he ran to the controls.
      Sabretooth growled. The F.O.H pilot turned his head,
      only to get his throat torn out by huge

      Sabretooth jumped over the falling corpse as three men
      wheeling stun guns shot at Sabretooth.
      Sabretooth was knocked back against the jets dash, as
      the three started to advance. Sabretooth
      roared as he kicked at one and then flipped forward,
      slashing at an other. The guards however
      were too many in the small quarters, they quickly over
      powered Sabretooth with stun weapons,
      then finally with spiked billy clubs and batons.
      Sabretooth roared as he sprang up against the clubs
      and stun guns force, swinging a fist
      attempting to punch the nearest one, Sabretooth found
      himself cornered. Cursing at himself for
      not spinning fast enough to slash at the someone who
      snapped a new inhibitor around his neck
      from behind. Chains clamped down around his ankles.
      Before Sabretooth could fully turn to face
      his attackers, six stun guns burned their way into
      Sabretooth's side, then metal gloves once again
      found their selves covering his hands.

      "Beat that mother fucker to shit!" A shorter chubby
      middle east F.O.H guard snapped as he
      pushed the dead pilot off the dash and onto the floor.
      "Turn this junk around." Someone demanded.

      Snarling and watching them Sabretooth was forced into
      a small cubby hole that he barely fit into.
      The two girls looked at him frightened.
      "I can't, Yen was the only one who could by pass the
      systems, now he�s fucking dead, and the
      other three pilots are back at the volcano!" One
      snapped as he fiddled with the buttons." The
      console is trashed, we have no control over the
      steering. I may be able to fix it." He continued.
      "Fucking wonderful. Where are we headed? Sanjeev."
      Someone close to Sabretooth asked.
      Sanjeev, the new pilot sighed as he sat in one of the
      blood splattered seats. "We are heading full
      speed towards America."
      "Dammit! No good mutant!" A man snapped pistol
      whipping Sabretooth with the stun gun.
      "Rrrrah!" Sabretooth snarled pulling at his chains.
      "Forget him Jim, we got bigger problems" Sanjeev
      Sitting there staring at the two frail�s in the
      corner, Sabretooth started to wonder what everyone
      was saying. He could speak french, some German,
      Chinese, Japanese, but this was rather new to
      him. Although the accent did sound very close to the
      one he heard from TV on a CNN news cast
      from Iran. But Sabretooth wasn't a complete moron.
      Just because he didn't understand word for
      word what each one said, he got the hints from body
      language, voice tones and facial expressions.
      He also picked out names. Sanjeev, the new pilot had
      to die before he turned the small air craft


      In the Taurus mountains of Turkey, bordering Iraq the
      underground secrete headquarters of a
      world wide terrorist organization, in unison with
      Friends Of Humanity scrambled around for the
      radar readings of the missing jet and crew.

      In a control room, not much different than United
      States of America's NASA control room.
      "Sir," A Turkish voice called from the melee of
      panicked personal and blinking buttons.
      "What is it?" The commander barked in no real
      "The jet has vanished, sir." The same voice said from
      the depth of army men and women, others
      gasped at the news.
      "WHAT!?" The commander snapped getting to his feet.
      "The crew is AWOL, they deserted with two mutants." A
      third voice slowly concluded.
      commander screamed, his words
      echoing over the now mute personal.

      A growl, almost like a thunder clap far off in the
      distant rolled along at a low altitude. With the
      cover of thick gray fog, the stealth X-Jet code named
      The Black Bird flew. Its inability to be
      picked up by any radar what so ever gave the X-Men an
      advantage, as well as made the Black
      Bird an invaluable piece of hardware.
      Rumbling, the Black Bird swept over Iran. Its scanners
      on full as well as a crew member scanning
      with her mind. Together, mutant and machinery tried to
      locate Mutants in distress.
      From inside the Black Bird the X Men assessed their
      current position. Cyclops sat in the co-pilots
      seat looking over the geological charts, while
      Wolverine concentrated on flying the plane. The
      cockpit didn't differ too much from an ordinary Black
      Bird SR-71, except it had more seats to
      carry the full team around, as well as heavy armory
      equipment when needed.
      "Anything, Jean?" Cyclops asked over his shoulder at
      his wife as she mentally reached out to any
      and all mutants below.
      "Nothing, Cyclops." Jean replied her eyes closed, and
      her hands near her head. She focused on
      trying to find the source.


      The two slumbering mutants awoke with a start.
      Sabretooth only continued to look curiously on.

      Sanjeev screamed over the sparking static filled
      WE ARE GOING DOWN!!!!!!!"
      The 12 crew member rushed around dawning on life
      Sabretooth sat up to see out of the Jets windows. He
      expected to see water, but instead the tops
      of trees were rushing up trying to greet the plane.
      Sabretooth wrapped his arms around the red head. The
      two jammed themselves into the corner
      and waited. Much as he didn't want to, he thought it
      best to save this stupid red head. She wasn't
      much to look at but she seemed to keep the stupid
      humans occupied. He knew he could figure the
      best way out while they amused themselves with her.
      The little German girl, who was on the other side
      cried. Sabretooth knew she was going to die
      soon, either by a plane crash, or starvation.

      It was like a blur of images from a movie. Everything
      in slow motion yet not. The trees reached
      up and grabbed the out of fuel jet plane. Whipping
      branches and thick palm trunks slammed
      against the white object nosily. The plane was ripped
      apart, wing by wing, tail fin by tail fin,
      Shattering window by shattering window. The jet
      creaked and cracked. Then finally snapped in
      two as it landed heavily into the rocky ground.

      Sabretooth moaned as he came too. His brain felt
      scrambled, along with every inch of his body
      that felt like pain itself. Slowly opening his eyes,
      Sabretooth stared at a very bleak image, he
      realized he was looking down. Below him laid the
      upside down wreckage of the plane, the crew
      scattered, all looking pretty much alive. The small
      girl he had been holding onto slipped out of his
      arms on the way down. He could see her red hair
      blowing softly in the light breeze. From this
      height, Sabretooth couldn't tell if she was alive or
      Grabbing the tree branch tightly, Sabretooth carefully
      hoisted himself up onto it. Sitting up
      perched, Sabretooth looked around. As far as he could.
      A mass of water was on three sides of
      him. He figured it was the ocean they had been
      crossing. A body was floating face down in the
      water, it bobbed up and down with each wave.
      Grunting, Sabretooth maneuvered himself on the branch
      then slid closer to the tree trunk, till he
      finally rested against it. Winching Sabretooth growled
      looking at the tree he leaned against. It
      was some sort of leafy tree. Blood dripped down
      Sabretooth's forehead, whipping it away he
      grabbed on to the rough bark.

      Sanjeev looked up at the blue sky. White clouds danced
      around above the black smoke from the
      burning and broken trees around the crash site.
      Movement caught his eyes, the large mutant was
      climbing down from 15 feet above. Slowly getting to
      his knees, Sanjeev hobbled up holding his

      Stan stood against a tree trunk, a bone stuck out from
      his shin. He winced and muttered. What
      looked like a part of an arm laid in the sand not far
      from him. Grunting, Stan shifted again as he
      took the weight off of his broken leg.

      She had no name she could think of, she was young and
      only 16 when they kidnaped her from her
      home in Ireland. That was nearly a year ago, she was
      still afraid, now alone and tired of it all. She
      didn't want to be alone anymore, She was almost
      rescued by a cur mutant but now.., the cur that
      was about to save her maybe dead. She wanted to weep
      for him, but she didn't seem to have the
      strength left. All she wanted was to see her brothers
      and sisters back in her little home on Ireland.
      She stayed where she was, her side a flash of burning
      pain. She stared up at the sky waiting...
      Hoping maybe death would take her from the hell, maybe
      even she could go where ever the
      snarling mutant outcast that tried to save her went
      to, her snarling sexy mutant outcast, her cur.

      His name was Omaha, the leader of this small group of
      soldiers. The last thing he remembered he
      was buckling up in the co-pilots seat, now he was
      curdled up in a ball along a shore line. The trail
      of debris and small fires stretched on both sides of
      him. He muttered in coherently, waiting for
      someone to find him. Blood splatted his face and
      chest. He didn't move, he couldn't of even if he

      Sabretooth set his feet painfully onto the hot sand.
      Limping he headed towards where he saw the
      red head from 15 feet above.
      Walking up to her still form Sabretooth kneeled. "Hey
      ya girlie?"
      She looked at the mutant who tried to rescue her and
      the little German girl. She didn't talk, she
      knew better than to talk, she only smiled.
      Sabretooth looked her over. "Ya look fine."
      She shook her head no, stiffly she moved her right arm
      and pointed to her left side.
      Sabretooth touched her side gently, she flinched.
      "Hurt hu?"
      She nodded.
      "Wanna die?" Sabretooth snarled.
      She shook her head no. Sabretooth frowned.
      "Lifting your shirt frail." He warned. She nodded as
      he lifted the rag of a top strewn over her.
      Sabretooth sighed. By the look of her side, she either
      had cracked or broken ribs.. or just one hell
      of a bruise. There was no swelling or signs of
      internal bleeding. Being a homicidal maniac, you
      tend to know what things look like.
      "You'll be fine ." Sabretooth said to her pulling down
      her shirt.
      Once again she smiled.
      Sabretooth caught a glimpse of something moving.
      Squinting, he spotted hair, and a hand poking
      up from the sand. Above the plane rested.
      "The other kid didn't make it." He told the red head.
      She nodded understanding.

      Sanjeev walked over to Stan with the medical supplies
      salvaged from the wreck.
      "That looks bad." Sanjeev commented.
      "Try feeling it!" Stan snapped.
      Sanjeev studied it. "Who was near you?"
      Stan thought for a moment. "I think Ohamn. Why?"
      Sanjeev pulled out the bone sticking from Stan's
      leg."Because I think Ohamn may be dead."
      Stan passed out without even a scream.

      It took most of the day for the body count to finally
      come in. Out of the 13, 2 were dead. Out of
      the mutants one dead, one was injured one was very
      pissed off.

      Sabretooth and the girl hobbled only a few feet once
      she was able to move, only to be stopped by
      five guys wheeling stun guns and rifles.


      The Black Bird landed back at its hanger shining like
      a freshly washed car in the bright lights. The
      crew, low on spirt exited the low on fuel jet.
      "We couldn�t' find a thing professor." Cyclops said as
      he walked down the steps of the Black
      "I haven�t found a trace of the distress call either.
      Perhaps it is already too late." Professor X
      "Nonsense Professor. We just need to get Cerebro and
      the power back on and...." Jean smiled.
      "News flash Jeanie." Wolverine started as he cut her
      off. "The power is back on."


      On the banks of a country known as Genosha, a guard
      through a pair of high-tech binoculars,
      spotted the distressed plane go down on one of
      Genosha's islands. From his perch in the guard
      tower high above the labor camps, he radioed to the
      ground, alerting the rescue team that he
      thought he saw the F.O.H logo.
      The Rescue & Retrieval unit team dispatched within

      The guard watched as the AS 332 Super Puma disappeared
      on the other side of the island then
      appeared back in view within minutes.


      Charles Xavier pressed the joy stick on the arm of his
      wheel chair, the automatic chair rolled
      forward. Dark shimmering steel surrounded the man as
      he exited the Cerebro unit.

      His awaiting students greeted him with curious and
      worried eyes.

      "Any sign Professor?" Cyclops asked readily.
      Charles lowered his bald head, Scott Summers always
      ready for action for the good of the
      universe. "None what so ever. Either the Cerebro unit
      had flawed during the power shortage, or
      worse. Whatever happened., has ended."

      "I am sure they have just been brought to a place
      where Cerebro can not reach them, Professor."
      Jean tried to comfort her teacher.

      Charles Xavier nodded, knowing that maybe that ray of
      hope his students hung onto, would one
      day brake through. Charles himself had his doubts, but
      also hoped.

      Out of sight, out of mind. The distress call Cerebro
      picked up, was well forgotten by the end of
      the next mission only days later.


      The AS 332 Super Puma landed among several other
      helicopters, the SH-2 Sea sprite, and BO
      105 along with some Genosha military adapted Apache,
      to name a few. The crew unloaded
      helping the Iraqi soldiers in F.O.H uniforms and then
      the two restrained Mutant prisoners.
      A short man in a gray suit and tie strolled towards
      the Rescue & Retrieval unit. Two body guards
      in black suits carrying high power laser rifles walked
      on either side of the short man.

      "Welcome to Genosha!!" The short man greeted the
      foreign crew. "My name is Commander
      Zeekieal, the mutants you have brought here will be
      taken into the Genosha government custody
      until further notice." Zeekieal said formally.

      "Well that�s all fine and dandy, but what are we going
      to do here? Mister Zeekie?" Sanjeev
      snapped his broken English filled with annoyance and
      frustration from the days event.

      "You are free to move about and relax at a resort free
      of charge. Shop with in the stores, no
      worry of money. If you feel you need to contact your
      government please do so. The phone lines
      are clear and un tapped out side of the miliary
      complexes. And the name is Commander Zeekieal."
      Zeekieal stated coldly.

      "Shut up Sanjeev." One of Sabretooth's original
      captives snapped in Turkish. "We thank you for
      your hospitality, could we see the mutants restrained
      first? Then be shown to our hotel?" He
      finished in English.

      "Certainly, Follow me." Zeekieal nodded not smiling at
      all. He turned on his heal, two body
      guards in tow. The injured and disoriented Iraqi or
      Turkish crew behind him, and five armed men
      from the Genosha unit, surrounding the mutants who
      both grumbled about being poked with the
      muzzle of rifles.

      Sabretooth snarled as they were paraded down dimly lit
      hallways with flickering flourescent lights
      jammed into the ceiling. Sabretooth glared at the
      Genosha guards around him and the red head
      who limped due to her side injury. The original guards
      that Sabretooth had tried to escape twice
      now, walked ahead of him. He still hadn't figured out
      what terrorist organization, if any, they
      belonged to. They looked like all of them could of
      been born in Iraq, but they spoke enough
      English to understand and communicate with the
      Genoshians.. Yet the uniforms also screamed of
      Iran, Iraq, but Sabretooth knew the only volcano close
      enough, active or otherwise is in the
      Taurus Mountains in Turkey. They certainly didn't act
      like the F.O.H, only appeared like them in
      the uniforms. Obviously to put blame on the wrong
      hands, and hide what they are really doing and
      planning. Sabretooth started to wonder just what they
      were hiding.

      Finally they all stopped. Sabretooth was roughly
      shoved into a small cell. Once again shackled and
      his collar removed, then replaced with a much heavier
      Genosha inhibitor collar. A red blinking
      light flashed under Sabretooth's chin. The red head
      was chained across from Sabretooth. Both of
      them had the same collars on, both of them chained up
      like crucified rag dolls. The cold walls
      slick with condensation that put a bitter chill in the
      air, the whole place reeked like a basement
      long abandoned, filled with mold and musk The two
      nations guards left through the only door, a
      steel barred prison one. The cell was hardly big
      enough to fit five men in.
      Sabretooth growled as he pulled on his new restraints.
      "Damn people who keep using
      adamantium!" Sabretooth snarled loudly.
      The red head looked at him, then giggled.
      Sabretooth tilted his head. "You think it's funny hu,
      frail?" He snapped.
      She just nodded smiling, her orange eyes dancing as
      they looked up and down Sabretooth's body.

      End part 1
      tbc part 2.



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