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Sorrow After Sins Splash -Heads up for series-

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  • Chrissy Synth
    This is a little heads up for a series I plan to post May 12 or 13 2002. Warnings and lables and what nots you might wanna check out before reading Sorrow
    Message 1 of 1 , May 12, 2002
      This is a little heads up for a series I plan to post
      May 12 or 13 2002. Warnings and lables and what nots
      you might wanna check out before reading Sorrow After

      -Sorry if your getting this multiple times-

      Title: (In Order are:)
      Splash (your reading it)
      1: Did you notice I was gone?
      2: Do you care if I bleed?
      3: Do you laugh when I fall?
      5: Will you help me when I stumble?
      6: Are you even aware that I am here?
      7: Static X
      8: Turning Tides
      9: Don�t Cross what you can�t handle!

      Series: Sorrow After Sins, - 10 parts in total-

      Author: (Chrissy Synth) Whipblade

      E-mail : whipblade@...

      Web page: http://whipblade.cjb.net

      Archives: To those who ask only. (Likely not to say
      no. But I really want to know where my
      pride and joy is going to be living)

      Rating: NC-17, to be safe a hard R.
      This is for course language, extreme graphic violence,
      Rape. Male on Male situations and Slavery.

      Era: AU with aspects from the Cartoon, Movie and a
      little from comics.

      Summary : Sabretooth finds himself in trouble even he
      can�t handle. Being abducted, nearly killed,
      then escaping was bad enough the first time. But to go
      through it again in the arms of sadistic
      mutant haters was worse! Help from an unlikely foe
      gives Sabretooth the chance he needs to heal
      and retaliate against a nation. Only thing is, can
      Sabretooth survive these so called friends?

      Pairings: Sabretooth/ Males Jean/Scott Wolverine/???
      and Mystique�s hinted relationships.

      Character deaths: A few, but nothing to worry about.

      Disclaimers: Most of these are Marvel's characters, I
      am making no profit from these works nor
      any other. If you really feel you must put your very
      bored lawyers into action and attempt to
      A)Track me down across the world wide web, then B)
      find true grounds to charge me with
      something, feel free to. Warning, I have no money with
      the exception of three pennies I found in a
      parking lot.
      Other characters and situations are mine that I really
      do not want to lay claim to, with the
      Exception of Sasha Blair and Pinky who are MINE!
      muahahahah! Mine...yessssssssssss

      Feed Back: Only positive feed back, or criticism with
      reasons and quotes as to why you didn�t like
      it. Flames will and shall be shot down with the sender
      being sent to Genosha with special
      detachments ^_~

      BIG Thank You to: Andrea for her timeless beta-ing and
      wonderful input. As well as putting up
      with me.
      StormKeeper, Who without this series would have never
      been inspired. X-Men: Friends of
      Humanity & Freedom were a big help!
      JJ n� G.H. for spurring me on along with Sabie and the
      rest of CreedFicsEct.
      Alas the many names who contributed to this series,
      You know who You are, A big warm heart
      felt hug and Thank you for helping make this possible.

      And now, those who wish to further read the series as
      it is posted, by all means your free to.
      Those who have read these warning and do not whish to,
      just ignore and delete. And to those
      who will read and realize they skipped the well placed
      warning, Don�t bother to flame your own
      ignorance :-P


      My life is a puzzle. Picking up the pieces is simple, trying to fit those pieces together is a diffrent matter all together.

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