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Fic: Students roasting around the campfire (PG-13, Students,S/J)

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  • Deineira
    Title: Students roasting around the campfire Author: Lisea@glasstemple.com (glowing feedback and marriage proposals welcomed) Author s website:
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2002
      Title: Students roasting around the campfire
      Author: Lisea@... (glowing feedback and marriage proposals
      Author's website: http://www.angelfire.com/de2/TTO
      Rating: PG-13 for discussions around a campfire during a sugar rush
      at 3 in the morning.
      Starring: The usual suspects, but you know me, S&J are in here
      Summary: You read the title, right?
      Archiving: Ask nicely, and you may be the lucky winner.
      Disclaimer: I own only myself and the weird ideas in my head.
      Thanks to: My beta, Henrietta.
      Notes: Despite the title, no students were harmed in making of this


      "God. Someone please tell me why classes start so early?" Jubilee said
      as she sat down next to Kitty in the big classroom at 8.57 on a
      Thursday morning.

      "Did you have to stay up till midnight?" Kitty asked, nose buried in
      her math book. "When did you read for the test?"

      "What test?"

      Kitty sighed, shut her book and put it on the table. "Mr. Summers's
      math test, which starts in about..." she glanced the clock on the
      wall, "...two minutes."

      "Damn! I forgot all about it! What am I gonna do?"

      "There's not much to read, anyway" St. John said, and turned to face
      her, "It's just numbers."

      "Says you. I don't have a clue what I'm doing if I don't have the

      John shrugged. "Well, guess you're toast then. Mr. Summers is coming."

      Both Kitty and Jubilee turned to the door, seeing Mr. Summers walking
      in the hallway. He stepped through the door the second the clock
      turned 9.


      "Jubilee? Everything alright?" Scott said, overhearing her words.

      "Uhm... No, actually. I'm not feeling well. I think I'm gonna pass

      Not far from the truth.

      In the front row, John made a face. She couldn't come up with anything
      better? 'I'm not feeling well' never works. He should know.

      And yes, Scott had his suspicions. Fortunately, his responsibility
      came first. "Jean's downstairs. Go see her, and I'll let you take the
      test later tonight."

      "Huh?" Jubilee never expected that to pass, but it didn't take her
      long to recover. "Yeah, okay. Later!" She bolted from her seat, and
      took off.

      "The rest of you, take out your pencils and calculators. I'm sure
      you're anxious to get this over with" Scott said with a grin, starting
      to hand out the test sheets. "And remember what I've told you about


      Later that day, the kids were scattered on the sunny front lawn.
      Bobby, Kitty, Rogue and John were eating sandwiches and reading their
      homework. Jubilee sat down between Kitty and Bobby and grabbed a
      sandwich for herself.

      "So how did it go with Ms. Grey?" Rogue asked.

      "It was terrible. She had convinced herself that I had some kind of
      virus, and kept sticking needles in my arm. Of all the days, she
      picked today to be in a Mean Bitch Mode" Jubilee said.

      "Let that be a lesson. 'Remember what I told you about cheating!'"
      Kitty said, in Summers imitation, shaking her finger at her. "Karma at

      "Hey! It was an emergency."

      "Yeah, right" Rogue said, "But you still have to take the test today."

      "I know. I've studied" Jubilee said, showing her the palm of her hand,
      and the math formulaes scribbled in black all over it. "See?"

      "You're hopeless, Jubes."

      "And I'm sorry for changing the subject, but any ideas what we're
      gonna do tomorrow?" Bobby asked, arm around Rogue. "Last weekend
      before summer, remember? Let's celebrate."

      "Let's go camping!" John said and took a bite of his sandwich. A slice
      of tomato dropped on his shirt. He took in his fingers and threw it at

      "Cut it out! That's so gross!" Kitty said and smacked him on the head.

      "Good idea, but Xavier would never let us go by ourselves" Bobby said.

      "We could ask Mr. Summers to come along?" Kitty said, watching Scott
      play basketball with some of the younger kids.

      "There's no way in hell we'll ask him to come along! Not before he
      looses that iron bar that crawled up his ass and died!" Jubilee said.

      "Yeah, I can see it"John said, "We'd be learning algebra around the
      camp fire and go to bed at nine. Thanks, but no thanks."

      "That's not true. He can be nice if you give him a chance!"

      "That from

      "Have not!"

      "Have too" the rest of the collective said in unison.

      "We could ask Xavier to let us go by ourselves. It never hurts to ask.
      We'd just hop in a van and go" John said, staring at the blue sky.
      Some gulls were flying over their heads.

      "One problem, genius. None of us have a licence."

      "Let's not get technical, Mr. Detail. Besides, you drive the car, not
      the licence."

      *I am sorry to interrupt your discussion, but were any of you thinking
      of attending to physics today?* The Professor said in their heads. The
      group glanced at their watches.

      "Ooops. Let's go, people!" Bobby said.


      "Ah, how nice of you to join us" the Professor said from behind his

      "Sorry, Professor. Guess we lost track of time" Kitty said, putting
      her bag in its familiar place on the back of the chair.

      "That's quite alright, as long as you do not make a habit of it. Now,
      take out your books, please..."


      About 45 minutes later...

      "...and we shall have a quiz on this tomorrow" the Professor finished
      and watched them gather their books and pencils. "Any questions?"

      "Can we go camping tomorrow?" John asked. The Professor leaned back in
      his chair.

      "If you wish. Should I ask Mr. Summers if he's made any plans?"

      "No!" they said in unison, except Kitty, who threw her bag over her
      shoulder. "Um, what they mean is, we'd like to do this on our own. No

      The professor smiled at them, gesturing them to sit back down. "Where
      were you thinking of going?"

      "Maybe the woods north from here? Where Mr. Summers took us last
      summer" Bobby said looking at the others, who nodded in agreement.

      "You'll need someone to drive you there, do you not?"

      "I guess."


      "I don't think this is a good idea" Scott said, pacing back and forth
      in the Professor's office.

      "The children need to work as a team. Even you have to agree."

      "I do, but..."Scott stopped and sat down. "What if something happens?
      What if they get hurt? What if they get attacked?"

      "By whom? Squirrels? I'm sure they can handle that. They'll be fine,
      Scott, you'll have to trust them that much."

      "I'm not letting them go unless I can keep an eye on them" Scott said,

      "I've made up my mind, Scott. You will not stay with them."

      "That's not what I meant" Scott said, with a sly grin.


      Late evening...

      "Scott? Where on earth have you been?" Jean asked the soaked figure
      that emerged from their bedroom door.

      "Outside. Was that natural or is Ro pissed at me for something?" Scott
      said, pointing at the pouring rain outside.

      "Natural, I think. Oh, my poor puppy. Let's get you dried up" Jean
      said, taking his jacket off and throwing it on the floor. "I forgot
      how sexy you look soaking wet."

      Scott chuckled, pressed his face in her hair. "What I really need is a
      long, hot shower. Wanna join me, Ms. Grey?"

      "I'd be more than happy to, Mr. Summers" she pulled his shirt over his
      head, threw it on the floor behind her. "But not until you tell me
      what you were doing out at this time of the night."

      "Some of the kids want to go camping for the weekend. I just wanted
      to get something ready."

      "And you're not going to tell me?"

      "Nope. Surprise."


      The next afternoon...

      "You packed and ready?" Scott asked the five kids heading out the
      door, towards the van.


      "We're ready!"

      "Let's go already!"

      Scott rolled his eyes behind his glasses. Grabbing the van keys, he
      followed the herd outside.


      "So, have a nice weekend. I'll be back to pick you up on Sunday" Scott
      said, as he dropped off the kids, and their impressive array of Coke
      and marshmellows, at the end of the road in the middle of the forest.

      "Thanks, Mr. Summers!"

      "See you later!"

      Scott couldn't help but grin as the noisy goup of teenagers disappear
      into the woods. If they only knew...


      "Here we are, kiddies. Put up your tents, and the last one with the
      marshmellows gets to get more wood" John said, as he threw some
      branches on the ground, where the campfire had been the summer before.
      The sun had set, and it was starting to get dark. He took out his
      lighter, and a fire was burning within seconds.

      Kitty, Rogue and Jubilee were the first to have their tent up, and
      they sat around the campfire while Bobby and John were gathering some
      more firewoods. The boys came back a few minutes later, and dropped
      the firewoods on the ground.

      "That's all?" Jubilee teased.

      "Hey! Feel free to go get some more, if you want!" Bobby said, sitting
      down next to her, and taking some marshmellows from the bag she was

      "So?" Rogue asked, looking at them.

      "So?" Boby asked, confused.

      "So who's gonna start the mud slinging?"

      "I was wondering when we'd get to that" John said, eating a sticky
      marshmellow. "And we've already been here for an hour."

      "Since Mr. Summers isn't here, we should make the most of it."


      Meanwhile in the mansion...

      Scott sat in a dark room in the sub-basement, with his feet on the
      table and a popcorn bowl on his lap. Jean came in and Scott offered
      her the popcorn. "You want?"

      Jean took a handful of popcorn and sat down next to him. "Is this

      "Looking after our kids?" Scott grinned at her, "Hell yeah."

      Jean resumed staring at the television screen and took another handful
      of popcorn from the bowl on Scott's lap. On the screen was a picture
      from a high-tech surveillance camera, hidden in a tree just above the
      camp site.


      And let's return to the happy campers...

      Two bags of marshmellows and a bottle of coke per person later, the
      youngsters were conveniently sugared up to play...

      "Truth or Dare, Jubes?"


      "Come on, Jubes, that's so boring!" John said. "But okay, truth. Um,
      Name the top 3 most annoying things about school."

      "Damn. Okay. Number three... would have to be... Every time Mr.
      Summers assigns homework on Fridays."

      "Exactly! Who the hell would give five pages of homework on
      _Friday_?!" Rogue said.

      "And two?" Bobby asked.

      "When Logan walks in shirtless on our coffee break. I always worry I
      might get his chest hair in my coffee."

      "Ewww!! That's so gross!" Kitty, John and Bobby doubled over,

      "Is not! He's sexy!" Rogue argued.

      When Kitty had collected herself, she sat up again, wiping tears from
      her eyes. "And number one?"

      "The noices coming from Mr. Summers and Dr. Grey's room at two in the
      morning. I swear, they're going at it like bunnies."

      At the mansion, Jean's face turned red and Scott snorted coffee from
      his nose.


      2.35 am, the woods...

      "Rogue, the only way you're gonna get Logan in your bed and do THAT is
      to drug him and tie him up."

      "No, you've got it all wrong, Jubes! HIS bed, no drugs, and the tieing
      him up I wouldn't mind" Rogue said, throwing pinecones in the fire.
      She was sitting on the ground, with her back on the log usually used
      as a bench. Next to her was Bobby, who had his arm around her, other
      arm around a sleeping Kitty. Because the night was chilly, everyone
      was covered up in clothes. Rogue fit right in.

      "Girl talk. Gotta love it" Bobby winked at John, sitting at the
      opposite side with Jubilee under his arm.

      "You're just jealous, Bobs."

      "Yeah. And I dream about having wild sex with Mr. Summers, too."

      "If anyone's having wild sex with Scott, it'll be me" Kitty said,
      half asleep.

      And in the room in the sub-basement, Scott Summers stared the tv
      screen in shock.


      In the morning...

      "Rise and shine, girlies! Second day and we haven't even eaten anybody

      "Shut up and get the hell out of our tent, John-boy" Jubilee groaned.
      She turned her side to escape the evil rays of sunlight that came in
      behind John.

      "Get up, sloths, breakfast's ready."

      The female population slowly dug their way out of the tent, and
      dragged themselves around the fire.

      "I think I have a hangover" Jubilee said, as she took the plate of
      unidentifiable can food that Bobby offered her.

      "From marshmellows and Coke?" Kitty asked. Jubilee just shrugged.
      "Could happen."

      "Where did Rogue go?" Bobby asked, looking around.

      "That way" Jubilee and Kitty said in chorus, pointing towards the
      bushes. "Bathroom."

      "Hey guys, get over here! There's something you should see!" came
      Rogue's voice behind the bushes.

      "Um, no thanks... Rogue" John said, returning to his food.

      "Kitty, Jubes, come take a look at this. There's a bunny over here. I
      think it's in trouble!"

      Kitty and Jubilee took a look at each other, them sprinted in Rogue's

      "Watch them go" John chuckled. "What is it about furry creatures and

      "Ask Rogue. She might have an idea."


      "She might, huh?" Logan asked, sneering at the tv screen. He had taken
      over for Scott at five in the morning, and having his third beer
      already. "Should talk to her 'bout that."

      Scott came back, with a steaming cup of coffee. "Did I miss anything


      "Rogue. Where's the bunny?" Kitty asked, coming along the trail and
      looking under bushes. Rogue put her finger on her lips to keep them
      quiet and pointed at the camera up in the tree. "Over there."

      "Oh. My. God" Jubilee said. Kitty, beside her, was showing off her
      tomato impersonation.

      "Bobby, John, you have to come see this. We need some help" Jubilee
      shouted at the boys, who put down their empty plates and headed
      towards them. After the boys saw the camera, Rogue picked up a stick
      and wrote on the soft sand on the trail.

      "Logan might be there too. Everyone shut up."

      Kitty took the stick. "That's Mr. Summers's camera."

      Bobby's turn. "Son of a bitch."

      They all dissolved into giggles at the last remark.

      "I think it's okay. Just got it's paw between some rocks" Rogue said,
      winked at the others.

      Bobby returned to the sand. "Jubes, get ready for some fireworks.
      John, climb up there and turn off the video" he waited until
      everyone's read it and then wiped the sand clear, started over, "not
      the audio, only video. It's payback time."


      "What's that noice?" Scott asked Logan, only to find him gone. "Great.
      Just when you need him."

      He listened to the sound for a full minute. Then there were distinct
      paffing sounds and fireworks on the screen. Then the screen went

      "Jubes, what the hell are you doing?!" Bobby's voice. From a distance.
      Nothing to worry about.

      "Sorry, Bobby, thought I saw a snake."

      "Sheesh, Jubes. Why do we bother getting firewood when you could just
      blast us a few trees?"

      "Funny, Kitty. So funny. I'm cracking up."

      Scott listened to the sounds coming from the camp. They apparently
      were putting more wood in the fire.

      "So, girls, what were you gonna do today?" Bobby asked.

      "We were thinking of sunbathing" Rogue said.

      "I thought you said you didn't bring your bikinis?" John asked.

      "We didn't. But ain't nothing there you haven't seen before" Jubilee
      said. "Right, Johnny?"

      And Scott Summers nearly had a heart attack.


      "I'm telling you, Popsicle, that's too big! It'll never fit!"

      "It will, Jubes. Just relax and sit down. I promise not to hurt you."

      "Wouldn't it be easier if I'd just stand?"

      "No. Trust me, I can reach you better."

      "Rogue, come here. What do you think, is his too big?"

      "Not now, Jubes. I got my hands full with John's."

      "Kitty. Opinions?"

      "She can't help you either. She's got her mouth full."

      Scott and Jean listened in shock to the voices the videocamera was
      still transmitting. Little did they know the kids were trying to get
      worms in their hooks so they could go catch some fish, while Kitty was
      finishing whatever was left of the marshmellows.


      The next morning, Scott took out his cellphone and dialed the number
      to the cellphone he'd given the students. Kitty picked it up. "Hello?"

      "Kitty, it's Scott. How are you guys doing over there?"

      "We're fine, Mr. Summers. Just a little tired after last night" Kitty
      said, yawning.

      "Really? What happened?" he was really curious what the noices in
      their tents had been.

      "Just stayed up real late and just had fun" Kitty's shrug came over
      the phonelines.

      "Aha. Listen, I want you guys to start getting ready. I'll come by and
      get you in an hour or two."

      "Okeydey, Mr. Summers. Can't wait. Bye!"

      Scott put the cellphone back in it's belt-holder and resumed his
      attentions on the tv screen. Or rather, the voices on it.


      "Was that Mr. Summers?" Rogue's voice asked.

      "Yeah. He'll be coming for us in an hour or two, told us to get

      "Still leaves some time to have fun, girlies" Bobby's cheerful voice
      came over. "Maybe he can join us, later."

      "Sounds like a plan, sugah."

      Scott stared at the snowstorm on the tv screen. Then he heard Logan
      laughing behind him. "What's so funny?"

      "They're on to you, Cyke. They've found the camera."

      "You sure?"

      "Yeah. Marie sure as hell didn't sound like that two days ago."


      "You guys had fun?" Scott asked the kids when they got in the back of
      the van.

      "It didn't suck" Bobby said, and winked at the girls.

      Scott sighed. "Alright. I confess. I hid a surveillance camera in one
      of the trees."

      "You did?" they all said in unison.

      "I'm sorry. I should've trusted you. And you managed to scare the hell
      out of me."

      "That was the point" Bobby said.

      "If you're really, truly sorry, does that mean you'll be taking us for
      icecream?" Kitty asked.

      "Fine. Lesson learnt. I'll take you guys for icecream."


      A few minutes later, the kids were sitting side-by-side on a bench by
      a ice-cream stand, while Scott was paying for their treats.

      "The best camping trip I've ever had" John said.

      "Mine too" Kitty said.

      "Same here" Bobby said. "Again next weekend?"

      "Remind me to buy a new camera" Scott said, sitting down with the
      kids. Seeing the collective glare, he smiled. "Don't worry. Just

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