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fan-fic I LIKE MY CHILDREN MED/RARE pt3 (brotherhood) PG-13

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  • sabretooth_purrs_in_his_sleep
    DISCLAIMER: IT S ALL IN PT1 RATED: PG-13 Simon, the boy s father, and Eric s friend, was the last to exit the bird. He was a nerdy-looking guy with dark rimmed
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 17, 2002
      RATED: PG-13

      Simon, the boy's father, and Eric's friend, was the last to exit the
      bird. He was a nerdy-looking guy with dark rimmed galsses and a
      serious case of male pattern baldness. He akwardly balanced a baby
      carrier in one arm, and a diaper bag in the other but quickly tried
      to pass them off to his son, who was still frozen by Creed's
      intimidating appearance.
      Simon was the next to get a close look at the giant mutant. Without
      hesitation, he took Lehnsherr by the arm and pulled him aside,
      nervously questioning his friend about his choice in baby-sitters.
      Victor, knew exactly what was happening and he was quite pleased with
      "Are...Are you going to be watching us tonight, sir?" The child's
      show of respect impressed Victor enough there was no way he was about
      to return the favor. 'Sir. Hmmm...I like that. Least the kid's got
      "Are you absolutely sure about this?" Simon kept repeating. "Trust
      me; my associate may look ferocious, but he is quite tame." This
      wasn't the first time Eric lied to a friend.
      Simon, reluctantly agreed and went to give Victor some basic
      "S...Sabretooth, is it? This is my son Roy, he's seven, and Hannah is
      only four months old." Simon's voice was sounding a bit shaky. He
      couldn't help but feel uneasy leaving his two very young children
      with a man who's clawed hands were the size of pizza-pans. "If...if
      she starts to cry, Roy, can take care of her, alright?"
      "Don't get yer bowels in an up-roar, pops." Vic snorted. "I know ma
      orders; I ain't gonna do nothin' ta yer kids I wouldn't do to ma
      own." For whatever reason, Eric took this as some kind of threat. "A-
      hem!" He faked a cough and gave Sabretooth a *How dare you!* look; to
      which Victor returned a *What? What did I say wrong?* look of his
      It took every bit of self-control Creed had not to start growling
      again. "There better be a bonus in ma next check, Mags." If he was
      going to have his dignity striped away, the least he could do in
      retaliation, is run this *Mags* thing into the ground. Now it was
      Magneto's turn to hold in a growl of his own.
      "I think enough time as been wasted on introductions. Come this way
      Simon." With that, Eric began draging Simon by the arm towards the
      elevator. Then just as the elevator doors were about to close, Simon
      remembered something important. 'The note. I forgot to tell him about
      the fucking note.' "Roy!" his father shouted from inside the
      elevator, "Remember your mother's no..." the door closed on him
      before he could finish.
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