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fan-fic I LIKE MY CHILDREN MED/RARE pt2 (brotherhood) PG-13

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  • sabretooth_purrs_in_his_sleep
    DISCLAIMER: all info. is in pt1. RATED: PG-13 (language) I WILL BE MAKING NO MONEY FROM THIS. (Darn shame! I would love to make a living doing this!)
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 16, 2002
      DISCLAIMER: all info. is in pt1.
      RATED: PG-13 (language)
      (Darn shame! I would love to make a living doing this!)

      Sabretooth spent most of the day sulking in his room. When the
      chopper arrived, reluctantly he went to the landing pad. 'Yeah, just
      can't wait ta meet t'night's prey...er...um guests. It was a genuine
      Freudian slip. He knew better than to harm a guest of Magneto's.
      However, that didn't mean he couldn't have a little fun at their
      The first one to leave the chopper was Toad. He was grinning from ear
      to ear. As soon as he was close enough for Victor to hear him, he
      shouted a teasing remark. " 'ear you've got a 'ot date t'night with a
      real babe. Watch it mate, she's got a big brother to make sure you
      keep 'er respectable."
      If only that little green man had been close enough to swing a claw
      at. "So just how the hell did you get out of this, Wart?" Sabretooth
      asked suspiciously. "I reminded our fearless leader 'ow much a better
      pilot I am." Mort spoke ever so smugly. Then as if a light bulb lit
      up over Victor's head, he thought of one more question. "Hey Wart;
      What does Mags want you flyin' fer t'night any ways?" "Trust me mate.
      I'll find something the chap can't live without."
      The next to exit the bird was a young boy who stood about 4'2". A
      true frail if Vic ever saw. His hair was light brown, cut very short,
      and he wore wire framed glasses that appeared to be bent out of
      shape. Creed noticed that his left eye was nicely bruised. The first
      thought Sabretooth had when he saw the boy was, 'I've crapped bigger
      piles of shit than this brat.' The boy was completely awe-stricken by
      the sight of Sabretooth. He had to take a couple of steps back just
      to get a look at Victor's head. "Whoa..." he gasped.
      Victor gave a very hard, grimacing look at Lehnsherr and began
      growling once more. Eric leaned toward the felinoid and calmly
      said, "I expecting you to be on your best, meaning most civilized,
      behavior this evening. If you so much as harm a hair on their heads,
      by tomarrow morning, I will have two more balls bouncing around on my
      desk, but they won't be made of metal. Do I make myself clear?"
      Instantly, Creed's growling stopped. "Fine. Then its settled." Eric
      cheerfully said, to perk up the atmosphere.
      'Fine.' Sabretooth mocked to himself. He then grinned like the
      Cheshire Cat, and spoke in a sickening sweet tone of voice. "Don't
      cha worry 'bout them brats, boss. I'll be a regular santee-claus.
      I'll make 'em so happy, they won't wanna leave." Lehnsherr gave him a
      strange look. There was something very odd, even down right spooky
      hearing his faithful felinoid spoke so. "Yes. Yes, just keep them out
      of trouble."
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