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fan-fic I LIKE MY CHILDREN MED/RARE pt1 (brotherhood) PG-13

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  • sabretooth_purrs_in_his_sleep
    This is a light-hearted story. (No body dies or anything.) The main marvel character is Sabretooth. He has the humiliating task of babysitting for one of Eric
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 14, 2002
      This is a light-hearted story. (No body dies or anything.) The main
      marvel character is Sabretooth. He has the humiliating task of
      babysitting for one of Eric Lehnsherr's friends.

      FROM IT.
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      "Frankly, my brutish friend, you're not my first choice for this
      task; but Mystique's assignment is far too important to pull her away
      and I need Toad to fly the helicopter tonight, so..." Eric sighed
      deeply and hesitated a moment before he continued. "...I supose
      you'll have to do."
      The giant mutant felinoid, known as Sabretooth, stood apparently
      unharmed by his superoir's insensitive remark. 'Well, my self-esteem
      just hit a all time low.' he joked to himself. He brushed off the
      remark without another thought. "So whatcha got fer me, boss? A grab-
      n-nab or a slice-n-dice?" Lehnsherr, rolled his eyes at his
      uncultured colleague's sheer lack for tact, and began to explain. "A
      very close and trusted friend of mine has promised to help me on
      this "mutation machine" I've been working on. In order to have it up
      and running in time for the summit meeting, we must begin working on
      it right away." Eric then huffed and waved his hand in
      frustration. "So naturally there would be a problem." Sabretooth
      tilted his head a bit, trying to understand why Eric was taking so
      long to explain tonight assignment. "My friend has two children
      and..." Eric paused and gave the gaint a very serious look. "... we
      need you to watch them this evening."
      Victor Creed's throat had mutated in such a way that it was painfull
      for him to laugh, but when something was THIS funny, he couldn't help
      himself. "HA-HA-HA!!" His laughter sounded like a tiger panting for
      its breath. "I didn't even think ya knew what a joke was, Mags! HA-HA-
      HA!" Tears were beginning to swell up in Victor's eyes, he was
      laughing so hard. Maybe now he could relax a little around the 'man
      of magnetism'. However, Eric, who was taken back by the sudden and
      unexpected display of emotion, cocked his eyebrow in surprise. "This
      is NO laughing matter!" His voice was more serious than a heart-
      attack. "Their regular babysitter had an emergency and cancelled at
      the last minute. Simon, my friend, has no other coarse of action but
      to bring his children along." Then Lehnsherr, reminded his loyal
      attack-dog of a very important rule within the brotherhood. "Haven't
      we already discused that it is improper to call me *Mags*?"
      Sabre's face slowly returned to its usual scowl, as he realized that
      his superior was not kidding after all. "Yer right!" He spoke proudly
      of himself. "This ain't no job fer the 'Tooth!" Sabretooth then began
      to growl slow and angerily.
      Normally, just one of his growls would send fear into the heart of
      anyone. Anyone, that is except for Magneto, who responded to the
      felinoid's noise with nothing more than a cold, stern parental glare.
      The alpha-wolf would be getting his way.
      Creed huffed and turned away to look out the window. "Really." Eric
      tried to cheer up the dejected thug. "This shouldn't be that hard,
      even for you. Just keep in mind these are my guests and all will run
      smoothly." The pep talk wasn't helping. Sabretooth shot the old man a
      dirty look. Lehnsherr went on. "The older child is a shy boy and the
      baby should be asleep most of the time they are here." "Baby!?!"
      Victor nearly chocked on the word. "Ah, now this is goin' too far!!
      Can't you guys do this some other time?" "Out of the question!" Eric
      stood his ground. "It's now or never." "But.." Victor
      insisted. "You're not getting out of this, Sabretooth! This
      discussion has ended." Creed bit his lower lip to keep from going
      *psycho* on the only man he both respected and feared. He whispered
      under his breath. "I hardly ever see ma own kids, what the hell am I
      goin' do with somebody else's?" Victor's remark went
      unreguarded. "You will come out to the landing platform as soon as
      this evenings guests arrive, understood?" Sabretooth's growling this
      time was every bit a plea for mercy as it was one last
      protest. "UNDERSTOOD!?"
      Sabre gave up and deeply sighed. "Whatever ya say, MAGS!" With that,
      Sabretooth stormed out of the room.
      -Linda J.
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